Best Dog House in 2023 – Dog House Reviews and Ratings

Best Dog House in 2023 – Dog House Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 46 hours researching and testing 20 different dog houses and found that construction, durability, and design were most important. The Petsfit Dog House scored high above the other dog houses we tested and is our top pick. The design of this dog house is appealing to pet owners and their pets. It is made from cedar that has been kiln dried and then is stained for a beautiful finish. The lower room of the house is off the ground to keep them dry and warm, even in rainy or snowy weather. There is also a balcony with steps for little dogs that like to climb.

1. Petmate

Best Overall Dog House

5/5 Product Rating
Wind and rain won’t be a problem with this top of the line doghouse that has a design that is meant to keep rain and wind away from your dog.

The offset and extended doorway acts as additional protection from the elements. There are many things about this dog house from Petmate that make it an excellent choice for your dog’s outdoor home.

The structural foam that this model is made from insulates the dog house so it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The convenient air vent in the roof ensures continual air flow which is good for your pet’s health and comfort.

Another popular benefit to the Igloo dog house by Petmate is that it is made with Microban. This helps prevent stains and odor causing bacteria, mildew and mold that is not good for your dog at all. There are no tools required and this dog house is very easy to set up. The unique igloo shaped design handles all kinds of weather without becoming damaged. It is the perfect dog house for medium to large pets.

Jennifer Abel

2. Petsfit

Best Overall Dog House – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
With 15 years experience in creating well loved pet supplies, this attractive and functional dog house has been checked by strict quality control experts from the very first step of selecting the materials all the way to the packing and shipping. This attention to quality ensures an excellent product for you, the customer.

The Petsfit Dog House is made from kiln dried cedar, painted a beautiful green and white with water based paint for maximum safety for your dog.

The removable floor and hinged roof make cleaning the dog’s house super easy and convenient.

The design features a slanted roof and groove that aids in drainage so the roof stays in good shape for a long time. It’s easy to put this great dog house together, the process made much simpler with things like pre-drilled holes.

Thanks to the raised floor and plastic feet, the dog house won’t be on the ground and will help keep moisture away from your dog. The inside dimensions of this popular dog house are 29.5” l x 18.9” w x 21.1” h making it the perfect size for medium sized to small dogs.

If anything happens to the dog house or anything is broken upon shipping Petsfit will foot the bill for returning the product and getting a refund or they will send you the replacement parts as an alternative.

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3. Merry

Best Budget Dog House

4.5/5 Product Rating
This adorable dog house will give your pet a room with a view that is unbeatable. Made from kiln dried cedar and stained for an attractive finish, this is not your ordinary plain dog house.

It is the perfect size and design for small dogs. The lower room is raised off the ground to keep your dog dry in rainy or snowy weather.

For dogs that love to climb and sunbathe, the side steps that lead to a little balcony on top of the house is perfect.

You can put a cushion inside the house and another on top where the balcony is for maximum lounging comfort for your pet.

The top is removable so you can keep the house clean easily and the knock down bottom panels also make moving and cleaning easy. The Room with a View Dog House by Merry Pet is designed to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures. The lattice fencing, the cute side steps and the balcony, give this dog house character that everyone will love, especially your dog.

It can be used outdoors but can also be their indoor home if you prefer. The wood has natural stain on it, but it can be easily re-stained if desired. The wood scent is also very calming for dogs and provides a very soothing place to call their own. Assembly is easy, typically only taking about 20 minutes or so, and all hardware and instructions are included.

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Dog House Buying Guide

Dog House Reviews

What is a Dog House?

Dog House1When you have one or more dogs, chances are you either already have a dog house for them or will be getting one soon, especially if they will be spending any time outdoors. Not all dog houses are the same though, and some are better than others. The choices available in materials, designs, sizes and extra features can make choosing one a real challenge.

There are some questions that are good to ask yourself before you start the process of researching all the different dog houses that are on the market. When you know what your needs are, it’s much easier to make that choice.

Decide on Your Budget – How much you want to spend on a dog house matters because there are numerous price points available. By setting a budget range you will be able to eliminate the choices that fall outside your range.

What Size Dog House do You Need? – You will need to base the size dog house you get on the size dog you have. It’s always better to get a little bigger than what you need. Measuring your dog will be necessary to ensure you get a dog house that accommodates your dog.

What Material do You Want the Dog House Made of? – There are several different types of materials that are used for dog houses:

  • Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

What Style or Design do You Want? – Dog houses come in all kinds of styles. You can find ones that look like real little houses, like igloos, boxes and any number of other designs. Some have peaked roof lines and others have flat tops that the dogs can climb on top of if they choose to. If you have a preference on style, you can typically narrow your choices down by adding specific filters to your searches.

Types of Dog Houses

There are three basic types of dog houses: metal, wood and plastic. Each one has their pluses and minuses. We’ve outlined the basic types below with the features of each.

Metal This type of dog house is most often used for temporary housing such as at dog shows or sporting events but they are gaining popularity for use as year round dog houses as well. They are typically going to be made if aluminum or steel. You want to be sure that it is insulated or it will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

They do last longer than other types of dog houses, but they also tend to cost more as well. If they are made of aluminum, there is also a good chance of them rusting unless they have been treated with something that makes them resistant to it.

Wood – Dog houses made of wood are usually the most stylish of all the choices. In many cases they look like real little houses with roofs, doorways and even windows or steps up to a “deck”. They can be stained or painted or just left as natural wood and are by far the most unique and appealing. Dog houses made of wood are usually insulated well and are great protection against the elements. One drawback to wooden dog houses is that they can be prone to ticks or other bugs that can be a problem for your dog.

Plastic – Plastic dog houses are the easiest to clean, move around and are resistant to having ticks or fleas build nests. They are also usually the least expensive of all the types. Some people really like the simplicity of plastic dog houses but they can lack the style and charm that wooden dog houses have or the durability of metal. The can also crack and for a dog that loves to chew, they can easily become a snack if the dog gets bored.

Tips about Dog House Size

Dog House2As we mentioned above, making sure you choose the right size dog house for your dog is very important. If they are cramped or bump their heads or elbows trying to move around inside the dog house, they will stop trying to go into it at all. Follow these useful tips on dog house sizing.

  • Make sure that your dog can turn around and lie down completely stretched out inside the dog house. You don’t want them to have to stay curled up in a ball just to be inside their own house. Measure your dog when he is lying stretched out and make note of the measurement. You will need it later when determining the width you need.
  • It may sound simpler to just purchase a huge dog house regardless of the size of the dog because at least you know the dog will fit, right? No, that won’t work and here’s why. When you have a lot of space around your dog during the cold months, your dog will find it impossible to keep warm. Having a cozier and appropriately sized dog house means that their own body heat will be able to help keep them warm as well as insulation.
  • If you are purchasing a puppy or already have a puppy, you will need to get a dog house that will fit the dog when it is an adult. This will prevent you from wasting money on a dog house that will only fit them for a short time. Keep in mind what we mentioned above and if your puppy will be outdoors in colder weather in a larger dog house, you will need to make adjustments to ensure his warmth and comfort.
  • The doorways that lead into the doghouse are typically smaller for several reasons. By having the door smaller and not just an open wall, they are more protected from the elements and won’t experience heat loss. You don’t want a doorway the dog has to squeeze through just to get in. This is very uncomfortable for them will result in them refusing to enter the dog house.

Measuring Your Dog for the Right Dog House

This is a simple process that will help you choose the right size dog house for your dog. Make sure that you know his or her weight as well. Measure your dog’s length from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail with his tail extended. (Have someone hold it out straight if it’s down while you are measuring.)

Next, measure from the shoulder to the ground and from the top of his head to the ground. This will ensure that the dog house you choose will be big enough and tall enough for him to stand up in and turn around fully.

It’s fine for the top of the doorway to match the measurement from shoulder to the ground because many dogs will automatically lower their heads as they go through. If the doorway is taller than shoulder height, this is fine too and will not require them to lower their heads at all as they go through which is more comfortable for them.

Ideally the dog house you choose will be tall enough for him to stand in with his neck fully extended in its natural position and his or her head won’t touch the ceiling of the dog house.

Some Final Tips for the Best Results

    Dog House3

  • Look for dog houses that are insulated to help them stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Choose a model that is elevated off the ground so moisture will be kept away from the dog and the floor of the dog house.
  • Cedar shavings are a great choice for bedding because they are a natural repellent for ticks, and fleas. It will also prevent the growth of mildew and mold but you will need to make sure the bedding is changed regularly so it doesn’t become damp.
  • Make sure that the dog house has ventilation of some kind to keep air circulating through it. This is much healthier and comfortable for the dog.


If you take care to choose the right dog house for your dog, that is the right size as well, they will love being in it. Find a good location in your backyard for their house. Preferably in partial shade so they can benefit from the shade and still get the sun’s rays in the winter months as well.

The information we have shared with you will help you decide what your needs are and will make the process of choosing that perfect dog house much easier. With the right knowledge you will save time and money and not purchase something your dog will hate and you won’t like.

Dog houses are important for the health, comfort and safety of your dog. Doing your part to ensure it’s a great choice that will fit your needs and your dog’s natural preferences will give them a house they will use for years.


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