Best Dog Bowl in 2023 – Dog Bowl Reviews and Ratings

Best Dog Bowl in 2023 – Dog Bowl Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 25 hours researching and testing 20 different types of dog bowls and found that materials, special features, and design were most important. The PetFusion Dog Bowl scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. The design of this unique dog bowl contains spills and separates spilled food from spilled water to minimize messes. The bowls are made from long lasting stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The raised design of the dog bowls are much healthier for tall dogs and put less strain on joints.

1. PetFusion

Best Overall Dog Bowl

5/5 Product Rating
Make your pet’s mealtime more comfortable with the PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder. This attractive pet feeder is made of solid pine so not only is it functional, it’s attractive and looks great in any home as well. The actual bowl inserts are made from long lasting and durable stainless steel.

The anti-slip feet keep the dog bowl in place while your dog is eating. The finish of the wood is water resistant so it keeps its attractive look for a long time to come. Pet Fusion has a version that works for tall dogs as well that measures 10” high.

It has been proven through different studies that having an elevated food bowl helps improve digestive health. You may have noticed your large or extra large dog looking very uncomfortable trying to eat their food out of a regular dish on the floor.

In some cases it gets so uncomfortable that they will lie down. Having an elevated bowl eliminates these problems and enables your dog to digest their food easier and enjoy it without strain on their shoulders and neck as well.

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2. Crown

Best Overall Dog Bowl – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This unique dog bowl appeals to the techie dog owners with its automatic feeder feature that provides both a dry food dispenser and water dispenser in the same unit. Dogs and cats can use this innovative food bowl and waterer. It holds up to 4.4 pounds of dry food at a time.

In addition to holding the food and dispensing it automatically, pet owners can record a 12 second message that will let their beloved pet know when it’s feeding time and the food is in the bowl.

The environmentally safe ABS construction is long lasting and durable so your pet can use it for a long time.

You can schedule up to 4 automatic feedings each day which is great for younger dogs that need to eat more often. The display is easy to see with a backlit LCD that shows the time and also the number of ¼ cups being dispensed at each feeding.

This convenient and fun dog bowl takes 4AA batteries and also has an AC6v adapter included as well. The low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries so you won’t have the batteries die while you are away. You can program the Crown Majestic feeder to dispense ¼, ½, ¾, 1 and 2 cup amounts depending on the needs of your pet.

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3. Neater

Best Budget Dog Bowl

4.5/5 Product Rating
If your dog tends to be a messy eater, you will love this dog bowl. The Neater Feeder is designed to contain spills and even separates water spilled from food that is spilled; an excellent choice for the exuberant eater.

If you’re using one side for water and the water gets spilled, it drains into the reservoir that is below the bowl.

If the dog spills food it stays in the food bowl and surrounding area rather than ending up all over the floor.

If you have a dog that weighs between 30-100 pounds you will find this to be the perfect dog bowl. The standard size of the Neater Feeder is 8” which works well for large dogs. If you have a dog that is taller, there are leg extensions available that can be purchased separately. Those legs raise the bowl to a height of 11”.

The bowls ate dishwasher safe and are made from recyclable polypropylene. Having your dogs’ bowls elevated help aid in digestion and are also good for not putting stress on the joints by eating off the floor.

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Dog Bowl Buying Guide

Dog Bowl Reviews

Types of Dog Bowls

Dog Bowl1There are many different types of dog bowls on the market for pet owners to choose from. While it may seem like all dog bowls are created equal, there are benefits and drawbacks to each type. You will also find that certain types of bowls work better for specific breeds or sized dogs. Each of the different types is outlined below so you can narrow down the choices that are best for your dog and situation.

Stainless Steel – This type of dog bowl is the most durable of all the styles and will not break or crack. In fact they are pretty much indestructible unless you are trying to ruin one and then you can only achieve it if you dent it somehow.

They are safe to wash in the dishwasher and are also easy to sanitize as well. Some styles of stainless steel dog bowls have non skid bottoms to prevent them from sliding all over the floor while the dog eats. Some of the elevated dog bowls use stainless steel inserts for the food and water to go in.

Another benefit to using stainless is that even if you have a younger dog that chews, they won’t get very far trying to chew on stainless steel. You also will not have to worry about the dog bowls rusting even if they are outside. Most animals will not have any allergic reaction to stainless steel so even super sensitive dogs can use them.

Ceramic – There are many different designs, colors and styles available in ceramic, making this a great choice for those who want something unique. You can even find them with names and some are even handmade. They are made with a protective glaze that ensures they are easy to clean. Some may not be dishwasher safe, so be sure to check before running them through the dishwasher cycle.

One of the drawbacks to using ceramic dog bowls is that they can crack and break. Even some of the small hairline cracks can be a problem by harboring bacteria. If you use ceramic, be sure to check it regularly for cracks or breakage. If there are cracks present, it is safer for the dog to replace the bowl with another one to reduce the chance of illness from bacteria settling into the crevices and cracks.

Plastic Bowls – Plastic dog bowls come in many different colors and they are extremely lightweight. They are also very inexpensive. Although they are one of the most economical choices, price wise, they don’t always work for many reasons.

If your dog is a chewer, they can ruin a bowl in one sitting. Feeding your dog in a plastic bowl that has been chewed or scratched is not safe due to the fact that bacteria can build up in those cracks and cause illness. Some dogs may even be allergic to plastic which can cause a skin rash on the chin or face.

They are dishwasher safe and unbreakable, even if they are dropped. They can hold odors and stain easily depending on the plastic.

Elevated Bowls – Elevated dog bowls have two bowls, usually made of stainless steel, plastic or ceramic that is raised off the ground by being inserted into some kind of a stand. Most elevated dog bowl stands are made of metal, wood or plastic. These types of dog bowls are used for large and extra large dogs to help reduce any strain on the neck and shoulders.

Dog Bowl2It has also been proven to help digestion as well. If you have a dog that likes to paw at their dog bowl, make sure the elevated stand is up against a flat wall which will prevent it from tipping over. Ensuring that you have the correct height for your dog is important.

The best way to determine the right height is to measure you dog in a standing position from the floor to the top of the shoulders. Once you have this measurement, subtract 6 inches from it and that should be the correct height that will not cause strain.

Even though elevated dog bowls are more expensive, their benefits make them worth the money spent. Not only will your dog be more comfortable while he eats, he will feel better after the meal, make less of a mess and swallow easier while chewing which can help a “gulper” slow down.

Automatic Feeders – If you have to be away for long periods of time but want to ensure your dog can still get something to eat if they get hungry, an automatic dog bowl is a perfect solution for you. Another great use for them is to provide clean, fresh water for the dog whenever they need it. This is especially important on hot days.

An automatic bowl is usually a plastic bowl that is attached to the container in some way. Automatic feeding dog bowls can be very simple, such as a gravity feeder or they can be much more detailed and can have features that include programming them to feed at certain times of the day or night.

If your dog is very young and requires several feedings a day, this can be the ideal solution, especially if you are not home during the day. They are not good for dogs that tend to overeat, as they can cause the dog to gain unhealthy amounts of weight and even eat until they’re sick. One thing that you need to be sure of is that the automatic feeding dog bowls are “break in” proof or your dog could help themselves to all the food in the reservoir!

What is the Right Size for an Elevated Dog Bowl?

Below we’ve included a simple list of dog height ranges and the correct elevation that you should use for your dog’s bowl. The idea is to make sure the dog is not stretching up to reach the bowl or having to lower their heads way down to get to it. Having it at about chest level is ideal.

  • If your dog is 8-11 inches high elevation should be approximately 4” high.
  • If your dog is 12-15 inches high elevation should be approximately 8” high.
  • If your dog is 16-19 inches high elevation should be approximately 12” high.
  • If your dog is over 19 inches high elevation should be approximately 16” high.

Is Your Dog a “Gulper”?

Dog Bowl3Some dogs act like every meal is their last. They will wolf down the food without even chewing which can cause all kinds of stomach upset and digestive problems. It can also cause bloat which is a very serious and often deadly condition. You may notice this behavior in households where there is more than one dog. They may try to “beat” each other to the food and feel like they have to inhale it to prevent the other dogs from getting it.

There is a special dog bowl designed for dogs that inhale their food called a slow feed dog bowl. Slow feed dog bowls have one or more obstacles that are a part of the design of the bowl. These obstacles prevent the dog from wolfing down their food. They will have to slow down long enough to navigate around the obstacles which improve digestion and protect them from choking and other problems.


Even though it may seem like something to not even give a second thought to, as you can see from the information in this buyer’s guide, choosing the right dog bowl IS important for your dog for many reasons.

By having the right information on the types of dog bowls available and the specifics of each, you will be able to look at your own dog and your own situation at home and make a choice that will work for your dog or dogs for a long time to come.

Any one of the three top rated dog bowls here are perfect choices if you are looking for an elevated dog bowl or even an automatic feeding dog bowl. Whichever you choose, you are now armed with the knowledge that will ensure a great purchase you AND your dog will be pleased with.


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