Custom Embroidered Shirts for Unique Staff Uniforms—You Need This

Custom Embroidered Shirts for Unique Staff Uniforms—You Need This

Custom Embroidered Shirts for Unique Staff Uniforms—You Need This

Think about some of the most recognizable brands in the world and the logos that accompany them. What comes to mind?

Coca Cola? Apple? McDonalds?

Chances are you came to recognize these brands thanks to strategic advertising. Through repetition their logo and branding made impact.

Best believe none of these companies let their staff walk around with unbranded uniforms. The benefits of custom embroidered staff shirts far outweigh the costs involved.

We encourage all small to medium business owners to consider investing in some as soon as possible. Here’s why.

Why Embroidery

Often the temptation to cut costs and settle on simple printed uniforms is strong.

The problem with printed, or heat-pressed, shirts is that they’re almost guaranteed to peel off over time. With enough washes the plastic used to print on uniforms becomes thinner and thinner until it flakes off; Usually in messy bits and pieces.

This isn’t a good way to present your company to the public eye.

Clip on name tags can be a good alternative to printing, however they are constantly at risk of being lost or broken. Having to replace them each time adds up.

Embroidered work shirts are a permanent solution to customized staff uniforms. It won’t flake off over time and cannot get lost by the staff member unless they happen to lose the entire shirt.

Embroidery is neat and delicate — which is always a good way to present your business to the public.

Psychology suggests that a potential customer draws the majority of their conclusions about your service within the first 30 seconds of simply analyzing aesthetic elements of your business. The quality of the uniforms of your staff plays a big role in this.


Any time your brand and logo are on display you execute a form of brand marketing. By weaving your logo into the shirts of your staff you’re essentially ensuring that anyone that staff member comes into contact with will see your brand.

Brand recognition is a big part of ensuing constant flow of business. When a customer finds themselves in need of a service you offer, you want your business to be the first to pop into their head.

Taking care in the way you present your employees is also a form of brand recognition. People are more likely to be inclined to work with you if it appears your staff are happy and well looked after. Custom embroidery on uniforms is an easy way to kickstart this process.

Team Building

Marketing aside, how your staff feels about their daily attire can also impact your business either positively and negatively.

Studies have shown that staff members work considerably harder when they feel valued and respected in the workplace. Providing your staff with custom embroidered work shirts is one way to show you value them.

Having one’s name and company logo neatly on display of their shirts is a good form of boosting personal morale. Matching embroidered shirts for all staff makes them feel as though they’re part of a team. This usually translates into happier, more productive staff.

Your staff should feel proud to show your business logo on their everyday attire so make sure it presents well.


When it comes to custom embroidery the options are endless.

Virtually any image, text or design can be embroidered onto any material. Embroidery comes in any color on the spectrum. There is essentially nothing manufacturers can’t do.

It will be up to you to decide the best way of reflecting your brand through this medium.

Custom Embroidered Shirts for Unique Staff Uniforms—You Need This

Most brands choose to embroider the left breast of staff shirts with a simple logo, business name and name of the staff member. This is the standard form of embroidery amongst most businesses.

Custom embroidery is in no way limited to this area of the shirt. In fact, you can embroider almost anywhere on the average T-shirt or golf shirt. The durability of embroidery isn’t dependent on any specific shirt location.

Perhaps you’ll find your business is better represented by an oversized logo across the entire back of your staff shirts, with just their name on the front breast zone. You may even consider collar based embroidery which isn’t seen as often in other business — definitely unique and unusual.

A fun way of getting staff involved is to invite them to give nick-names to be added to their own shirts or to have the staff nick-name one another. The given names will be the ones that get embroidered to their uniforms. This keeps the tone of your business light and enjoyable at all times & customers will take notice of the good team spirit.

The opportunities are endless and you’ll be able to get creative with your embroiderer to find the best for your staff.

Helpful hint: Usually when working with embroiderers on a bulk order you’ll be offered a far cheaper rate than a once off job.

Stitch Me Up

Custom embroidery for staff uniforms is a simple yet creative way to achieve better brand recognition and employee morale.

It shows you’re serious enough about your business to stitch your logo permanently.

And why stop at shirts? Hats, jackets, sweaters, lanyards — all pieces of uniform that can be custom embroidered for your staff to wear.

With so many options available, there’s no reason for your brand to go unrecognized much longer.

Get stitched today!

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