Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

There are many things that you can do to ensure that choosing Christmas presents does not become a frustration or stress.  Many people let the gift buying process get to them which can make the whole process feel tense and uncomfortable.

This time why not do things differently and plan ahead so purchasing gifts is a fun and stress free activity?  Sound impossible?  It isn’t and we’ll show you how.  There are several things that you need to remember when it comes to purchasing the perfect gift for your mom.

We have listed 10 fantastic gifts that moms will love below.  These gifts are all things that focus on her; her interests, her hobbies, etc. If none of these suggestions strike a chord with you, use the ideas to come up with your own ideas.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Customers love the large selection of crosswords with different variations. This isn’t your ordinary crossword book.

This book of crosswords is just for mom and features tons of novel variations so there are plenty of challenges.  The solutions to each crossword puzzle contained in the  book are in the back as well as instructions on how to do each puzzle type that are located in the front of the book.

There are many different subjects mom will have to choose from including such titles as jigsaw crosswords, star letter crosswords, half alphabet crosswords, ladder crosswords, anagram crosswords, double definition crosswords and many more.

This is an excellent addition to a homemade gift basket filled with coffee, a specialty mug, and other relaxing items.  It also makes a great stocking stuffer.

There are 100 crosswords in total for mom to enjoy on rainy days or a peaceful evening at home with some hot tea.  She will love the challenge and will look forward to working on a new crossword each week.

Customers love the beauty of these designs and the fact that they can be framed.

Adult coloring books are wildly popular these days with adults loving coloring almost as much as kids do if not more.  This coloring book is just for mom and is even called The Mom Coloring Book.

This book of beautiful black and white images is ready for her to start coloring.  It is perfect for de-stressing and relaxing at the end of a long day or any other time she feels inspired to grab her colored pencils or special coloring pens.

This is a perfect item to pair with a special set of pencils and pens so she has everything she needs to get started right away.

Each page is a full individual drawing with the back left blank in case she is particularly proud of a certain coloring page and wants to display or frame them.

Customers love the bronze finish and fun look of this photo frame. 

Moms love photos of their kids and grandkids so this bronzed, cast metal photo frame that spells out “Mom” will be at the top of her list.

Choose one of your favorite pictures to put in t he frame before you give it to her, such as her holding her grandchild for the first time or even a picture of the two of you together.

This special frame holds a photo that is about 4” x 4”.  It is the perfect gift to give that will provide her with a cherished memory to put on her mantle or wall.

There are other frames that match this “Mom” frame that would make a great collection including a “Dad” frame with the same type of finish and design. (Sold separately) “I heart you” is pressed into the base right below the little M.  She is going to love this!

Customers love the sentimental and beautiful words on this poem that is just for mom.

Tell Mom exactly how you feel with this incredible poem that has been double matted in dark green with burgundy backing.   The watercolor graphics enhance the poem even more.  The size is 8”x 10” and looks great hung up in any special spot she chooses.

The words in this poem will tell her all the things that you don’t get to say all the time so every time she looks at it, she will remember just how much she means to you.

Choose a coordinating frame to put the whole thing in so she has a beautiful keepsake to show off to anyone who comes over.  If the frame has a tripod back, she can set it on any table she chooses or decide to hang it in a prominent place.

Customers love the strong vanilla scent that fills the room without being overpowering.

Moms usually love candles and she is definitely going to love this one.  Encased in a reusable 16 ounce mason jar, this delicious vanilla essential oil candle will fill the room with a wonderful scent that soothes and relaxes.

This candle is made from 100% soy wax so it burns super clean; cleaner than almost every other type of candle on the market.

There is a high vanilla fragrance in each candle so you will never feel that you’re just burning wax.  The label on each jar is created in Victorian looking beige with flowers all around it.

There is an individual gift card included with every candle purchase that you can pen your own special message on.  Give this great candle individually or as part of a bigger gift.  She can use the Mason jar for other things after the candle is gone.

Customers love and trust the popular Burt’s Bees name that is known for exceptional quality.

Burts Bees is a popular brand name in beauty products. They carry a line of wonderful products that are designed to improve the condition of skin, hair, or whatever you have decided to work on by buying these products.

They also make a fantastic gift for mom that she will love and enjoy using.  This gift set includes several things including:

  • Lemon butter cuticle cream
  • Hand salve
  • Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Hand repair cream
  • Coconut foot cream
  • Res-Q  ointment

Your mom will love all of the soothing and healing products that are in this gift set. It is the perfect stocking stuffer.

As a gift this pendant is something always good for your loving mother as the customers say.

Give your mom something special to wear that will always remind her of how much you love her.  This engraved script ring has three rings that make up the pendant.

There is rose gold for love, white gold for friendship and yellow gold for fidelity.  Three very important elements of any relationship.

Engraved on the rings is “Mom I love You” and “Always be with you”.  The cascading rings provide a graceful and elegant look.

Each ring is cast from rose, white or yellow gold plating.  There is a single, center crystal at the center of the pendant that is made from cubic zirconia.

The entire necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and makes the perfect stocking stuffer or special gift for Christmas.  There is an official certificate card included to verify authenticity.

Customers who want to give an exclusive gift for their mom always come to choose this.

This is the perfect gift to give mom is she is a nut lover. There are more than two pounds of delicious nuts in this gift basket that are sure to please her.

The nuts for these baskets are hand selected and guaranteed for quality and freshness so you do not get stale nuts.  They are presented in a festive octagon container that has 7 sections, one for each type of nut.

Included in this yummy gift basket is:

  • Honey glazed pecans
  • Pistachios
  •  Mixed nuts
  • Roasted, salted macadamia nuts
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Raw walnuts

This makes a perfect standalone gift for mom or you can combine it with other treats for a fun and delicious treat basket.  Whichever you choose to do, one thing is certain; mom is going to love these nuts.

Customers love the unique way to display photos of the family. It makes a very striking conversation piece.

Another wonderful way to display your mom’s favorite photos of her children and grandchildren is with the fine metal, tree-shaped “Family Tree” stand that holds 10 photo frames.

Each frame will hold a 2” x 3” photo with a frame opening of 1 ½” x 2 ½”.  The entire tree with frames measures 20” high and 18” wide.

This makes a stunning decorating on a mantle, side table or bookshelf.

With 10 frames (and more available if needed)   you can hand photos of all her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.  She will absolutely love this unqiue way to show off her beautiful family.

Customers love the gorgeous design of this sterling silver heart pendant.

Take mom’s breath away and put tears in her eyes with this gorgeous sterling silver heart pendant necklace.  The chain is 45cm long and is a box chain with a lobster style clasp.

The heart features the words “love you mom” that is engraved on one side of the heart and crystals decorate the other half of the heart.

There is a crystal at the base of the heart as well.   This beautiful silver pendant necklace is perfect for Christmas and will remind mom every day how much she is loved and appreciated.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Mom

As you can see by the wonderful gifts listed above, choosing the perfect gift for your mom is not about spending a ton of money, it is about paying attention to the things she likes to do, likes to eat, and is interested in.

When you pay attention to those things, you are guaranteed to choose something she will love because it will be from your heart and show her that you have been listening when she talked about her interests and likes.

We have listed some important and helpful tips and pointers below that will ensure that the gift buying experience is one that is full of fun and enjoyment.  Christmas is about surprises and giving and making people happy.  Follow these tips and have a special Christmas with a lot of joy and happiness.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Look for things that you know mom loves to do.  Puzzles, drinking coffee, coloring… whatever activities she enjoys are the ones that you should be focusing on when it comes to gift ideas.  Don’t worry about finding new activities for her; just focus on whatever it is that she already likes to do and find great gifts that have to do with those interests.
  • Include gifts that feature her children and grandchildren.  Moms love to show off their families, especially their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Giving her gifts where she can do this will thrill her to no end.  Things like photo frames, photo albums, digital frames, etc are excellent gifts that she will love.
  • Have fun looking for just the right gift.  If you have given yourself plenty of time, you will be able to find the perfect gift or gifts for your mom that will make the holiday very special for her.  Moms usually love whatever their kids get, even if it isn’t what they want or like.  This is because they love their kids so much that any gift is perfect.  Imagine how excited she will be when you choose things she actually does love!


  • Give her gifts that focus on ailments, health issues, or getting older.  Gifts should be about living and being healthy.  If you can’t choose things that will encourage when it comes to health, look for other things altogether.
  • Worry about getting gifts that are practical. Sometimes impractical gifts are completely fun, like adult coloring books inside a gift basket full of colored pencils and pens.  Moms can like fun gifts too.  Use your imagination and you’ll come up with some great gifts.

The main thing to remember is to pay attention to the interests, hobbies, likes and even dislikes that your mom has.  Knowing these, even a just a few things, will give you a ton of potential gift ideas that you already know mom will love.  Christmas is fun and enjoyable and watching someone open a gift they will cherish and be ecstatic about is a lot of fun.

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