Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Many women worry that it is impossible to buy gifts for their boyfriends or husbands but this is not true at all.  Most men like similar things and their likes are very easy to find out and use as gift ideas.  Sports, Tools, Outdoor Activities, Eating, Watching TV and Movies are all common activities and interests that men have.  There are also Tech interests and a lot of men love gadget type stuff as well.

You will know what the men on your Christmas list like and you can use those interests and likes to choose their gifts.  Part of the reason that many women think men are so hard to buy for is because they look for gifts that are outside of their interests or hobbies.  This leads to men getting gifts they don’t want or won’t use.

If you follow the information that is in this guide and use the Christmas gift ideas for men that we have listed below, you will be among the appreciated group of people who know exactly how to shop for a man and how to ensure that you choose a gift he will love and also use.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Customers love the super absorbency of this unique microfiber towel.

If the man you are purchasing a gift for is a fitness enthusiast, they will like this workout sports towel a lot for drying off after a hard workout.  It is made from nylon polyester and measures 16” x 26 ½”.

This super absorbent towel is extra soft and made from micro suede that has anti bacterial properties to keep the towel sanitary.

This towel is created to absorb 4 times its weight in water and moisture.  Thanks to the 20% polyamide blend and 80% polyester this towel doesn’t stick to the user’s skin the way some microfiber towels will.

It is lint free and dries fast too.  This tiwel is perfect for having on hand during yoga or a hard workout and will help you dry off afterwards. It comes with a mesh bag that it can be stored in.

Customers love the steel eagle head design and ease of use of this item.

This sleep rechargeable lighter is flameless and can be charged easily with a USB charging cigarette lighter. It is eco friendly and requires no gas or fluid.

It gets fully charged in less than 2 hours and has an LED indicator light that is on to let users know wheb it is charging.  Once it is charged it will ignite 120 to 150 times.

Not only is this a stylish lighter it is also a key chain so it is dual function.  This is a terrific stocking stuffer for the man in your life that uses lighters.

He will love the look of it, the convenience of no flame and the easy recharging steps.

Keep your clubs clean and improve your game too with this great item.

If there is a golfer in your life, this handy golf club cleaner will be a great gift to stick in his stocking.  This cleaner makes sure that the face of the golf clubs are free of dirt which ensures better performance.

Dirt inside the grooves of your irons reduces the spin that the golf ball can get. Making sure these grooves stay dirt free will improve your game and help you get on the green faster and more often with less hits.

The handle of the cleaner is made from durable plastic that is long lasting and built for strength.  It is ergonomic and has rubber grips on it for comfortable use even if you have to scrub hard.

This high quality packaging this comes in makes this a great gift for any of the men in your life that love golf.

There is a divot tool that comes with the cleaning brush as well.  Buyers will get a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on this item if they don’t like it for some reason.

Customers love that their drinks stay cold longer and don’t get watered down for using the wrong thing.

If the men on your list are beer drinkers, this set of two beer coolers is sure to please.  This unusual item may not be very well known but those who use it will love it.  All they will need to do is freeze the chiller sticks in the freezer for about 45 minutes minimum.

They can leave it in for hours until they open a beer and then stick on in the beer.  It keeps the beer from warming up like bottled drinks can easily do.

These beer chillers are very easy to clean as well.  Hand wash them easily in the sink, dry them thoroughly and then put them in the freezer again until you need them. Their satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We’ll make sure it is.

Customers love the versatility and convenience of this multi-tool.

Pocket knives are a great choice for the man that does a lot of outdoor activities.  The 3 ¼” blade is within most state regulations for carrying in public.

It has a serrated lock back blade that  has a thumb button, allowing it to be opened with only one hand.  Te spring loaded pliers are heavy duty and strong and fold completely out of sight whenever they are not being used.

This knife is made out of stainless steel with a hardness rating of 56.  It keeps a good edge that also allows for sharpening when it needs it.

There are several tools on this handy knife that make it a real nice item to have around when you need it.  Included in the tool line up is a locking blade, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, regular pliers, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and a can opener. This item comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Customers are amazed at the tiny amount of space this camping blanket takes up and how easy it is to set up.

If you’re purchasing a gift for a man who loves to camp, this will be an excellent gift that fits right into the stocking.  This camping blanket folds up so small it can fit right into your pocket but it is large enough to cover two people with room to spare.

It is made from water repellent fabric and is waterproof, lightweight, easily cleaned, windproof, dries fast and is puncture resistant.

It sets up easily and has weighted corners. This terrific camping blanket is perfect for camping, hiking, going to the beach, outdoor festivals and concerts, going on a picnic and much more.  They will love the small amount of space this item takes up.

Customers love the quality, durability and style of these dry bags.

Another great outdoor item is a backpack or bag that can handle all kinds of inclement weather.  These bags are made of thick PVC so they can expect them to last a really long time.

A dry bag is perfect for keeping all your personal belongings from getting water logged in the event of bad weather.  These bags are not meant to be submerged under the water.

These bags are sleek and easy in design and are easy to clean as well.  All you have to do is wipe off the bag with a damp cloth and it’ll look good as new.

The strong material of these bags offers buyers a combination of light weight, great looks, superior function and water proofing as well.  He will love using these bags for his outings.

Customers love the great taste and variety of the different beef jerky that is included.

If the men on your list love to snack, chances are they will love this beef jerky sampler that will provide them with 12 different types of Buffalo Bills Jerky.

Included in this gift sampler is 7 packs of Country Cut Beef Jerky including: BBQ, Hickory Pepper, Spicy, Chipotle, Mild, Teriyaki, and Mesquite.

There are also 4 packs of Western Cut Beef Jerky including Sweet N Spicy,  Teriyaki, Black Pepper and Cajun.  There is also 1 pack of Turkey Jerky.

All of this delicious jerky comes packed in a camo and black cooler that holds 6 cans. The black front and camo trim is insulated and is made of nylon with a 24” carrying strap.

The zipper closure keeps the contents of the bag safely inside.  This is a great gift for hunters, campers and hikers.

Customers love the huge number of tools that they get in this long lasting stainless set.

This high quality stainless steel BBQ set is designed to handle every grilling need you have plus it has a case to keep all the tools together and protected.  The dual latches keep all the tools safely inside and make it great for storage as well.

The tools are easy to clean and long lasting.  They stay clean and looking like new with either hand washing or dishwashing since they are all dishwasher safe.

The long handles every tool features makes grilling food and taking it off the grill much safer, reducing the chances of getting burned. This large, stainless steel set comes with a 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee as well.

Customers love the usefulness of the items in the grilling gift set.

Here is another terrific gift set that he will really appreciate.  This BBQ basket has many things that he will sincerely enjoy.  Included in this unique gift basket is:

  • Long handled BBQ spatula
  • BBQ Grill Mitt
  • Long Handled BBQ Fork
  • A Portable Grill with racks and vents
  • Wine Aged Oak Wood Smoke Chips
  • BBQ Grill Towel
  • Blazing Blends Kansas City Style Rub
  • Blazing Blends Memphis Style Rub
  • Blazing Blends Steak Sauce
  • Blazing Blends New Orleans Style Rub
  • Long Handled BBQ Tongs
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce

He will certainly be ready to grill out with this gift that provides everything he needs including some terrific tasting sauces.

 Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Men

Choosing the right gift for the men on your Christmas gift list is not difficult if you look at a few things that will make gift buying much easier. When you pay attention too what someone is interested in, buying gifts is not hard at all.

We have listed some tips and pointers to think about and keep in mind when you are shopping for the men on your Christmas list.  These tips will help you narrow down the choices and decide on a gift that will really please him.  When people like the gifts they receive, they use them and that is what you want to happen with the gift you give them.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Think about the things HE likes and wants not the things you want him to want and like.  There is plenty of times throughout the year to introduce him to new ideas, his Christmas or birthday present is not the time.  Opening a gift that he has not expressed an interest in through hobbies or likes is frustrating even if he doesn’t show it.  You want to aim for the goal of giving gifts that they will always like.
  • Give a gift that reflects his hobbies and interests even if it is something you don’t like.  You may not be a sports enthusiast, but that shouldn’t mean you are not going to buy him any sports related gifts because you don’t like sports. Gift giving is about the person you are purchasing a gift for, not whether you like or agree with their interests.
  • Yourself plenty of time to find the right gift.  The good thing about this tip is that if you are following the other tips, it doesn’t take long at all to find the right gift because you will already have a head start on the types of gifts to look for.  You do want to make sure there is plenty of time to order the gift and have it shipped to you as well so it can be wrapped.


  • Forget who the gift is for.   Gift giving occasions are about the person you are buying a gift for.  Your personal likes, interests, hobbies, or even your opinions don’t enter into it.  Or at least they shouldn’t.  When you keep the focus on the person you are shopping for, it’s much easier to see the gifts through their eyes and decide on one that they will love.
  • Rule out work related gifts.  If the man you are purchasing a gift for is an executive, there are plenty of gifts you can choose that will  make work life easier or more enjoyable.  Just don’t purchase anything crude or inappropriate if it is intended to be a work related gift.

Purchasing gifts for men does not have to be the big difficult chore that many seem to think it is.  It is actually really easy to buy for men if you keep the pointers and tips we’ve listed above in mind.  We’re sure that if you do, when he opens his gift he will be surprised and thrilled with what you have chosen.  And that is the whole point of gift giving!

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