Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s Christmas time again! Emails pour in, ads proliferate on TV, and everywhere you look, it’s Christmas. All of this can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to buy for friends and family.

If you’ve found your way here wondering what to get the young ones in your life, we’ve got that figured out for you. Listed below are 10 great Christmas gifts the kids are bound to love.

Grab a beverage and get ready to read through these 10 great gifts for kids, and explore the path they take you on. Hopefully you’ll find a gift that’s right for you or be so inspired by our list that it sparks your own ideas.

Christmas shopping can be fun, we’ll show you how!

Customers love the quality of these generic building bricks and the hard to find colors that are included in the set.

These building bricks are just like the famous named brand building bricks and can be used along with the name brand as well.

There are 500 building bricks in this set with 10 different colors that are not usually included in other brick sets.  There are also 27 roof pieces included for even more building fun.

These building bricks are designed to let kids use their imagination and build whatever their minds can come up with.  They are recommended for ages 3 and up due to the small pieces.

Make sure your child is not still putting things in their mouths before you give them a gift like this.  They will love all the creations they can make with this huge set of bricks.

Customers love the variety of different dinosaurs that are in this bucket.

This is the perfect gift for the child with a lot of imagination. Many kids love to play with figurines and these dinosaurs fit the bill perfectly.

There are over 35 different dinosaurs in this bucket to provide your child with hours of imaginative fun.  The dinosaurs are large and are great for indoor or outdoor play.

Your child can easily take these dinosaurs into the bathtub, outside in the yard, into a sandbox or the beach and even when they go to their grandparent’s house.

There is a good variety of different types of dinosaurs. Your child can learn about the types of dinosaurs while they play.  There are also trees and a volcano as well.

Customers enjoy the happiness this pretty mermaid set brings to the little girl you give it to.

This watch set will thrill your little girl when she opens it.  Little girls usually love mermaids which are why she will love this watch set so much.

Included in the set is a mermaid watch with quartz movement, a mermaid pendant necklace and a mermaid charm bracelet.

All of the items are brightly colored and will appeal to her love for mermaids.  The length of the strap from end to end is 20 ½ cm.

These items come in a convenient Raven Little Gems presentation box for easy wrapping and giving.  The watch and other jewelry come with a manufacturer’s guarantee against defects.

Customers love this unique “piggy bank” that makes saving money and protecting their special items fun and not scary.

This fun money safe provides a unique and fun way for a child to save their money.  Not only can it hold their money, they can use it to keep other valuables and important items safe that they want to protect.

There are coin slots on the top of the safe so the money can be dropped into the safe just like a piggy bank.

It works just like an ATM when the child puts paper money (bills of different amounts) against the scroll mechanism.

It will roll into the machine automatically just like a real ATM. When opening the bank, just enter the password and the light will turn green.  Once the light is green the safe can be opened.

This item is powered by three AA batteries.  The default password is 0000 when the child first gets the safe but they can change it to any 4 digits they want.  If they forget the password, just take the batteries out, reset the safe and put in 4 new numbers. This is an excellent gift for ages 6 and up.

Customers love the safety of these chunky first “Legos” that their little ones can explore and create with.

Legos are wildly popular but they are too small for a young child to play with safely. For this reason, Mega Bloks created large, chunky, Lego style blocks that they can play with safely without fear of choking on the small pieces.

This First Builders Deluxe Building Bag contains 150 blocks in many different shapes, including some new ones and in the classic colors that are so appealing to little ones.

They are compatible with any of the other First Builder sets and come in a reusable, PVC-free bag for easy carrying and storage.  They can even cart them to grandma’s house with no problem. They can build tall towers, silly creatures, unique cars and anything else their creative minds can conjure up.  This first building block set will keep them entertained for hours.  It is perfect for ages 1 to 5 years old.

Customers love the hours of creative fun their children will have.

Walkie talkies were extremely popular for children decades ago and they are just as addictive to use nowadays.  These fun and simple to use walkie talkies for kids utilize push to talk operation that even a younger child can learn.

With the push of a button they are instantly transported to the world of secret agents, spies and other exciting characters.

This set of two walkie talkies is black and simple in design. They have LED indicators and can be clipped to the child’s belt easily for easy carrying. They have an impressive 2 mile range and 3 channels that they can be used on.

The batteries used in the walkie talkies last up to 9 hours on standby and 3 ½ hours of continuous use to provide plenty of time to truly enjoy using them.  They are perfect for the child with a vivid imagination to use with their siblings or friends to have hours of fun.

Customers who have kids or little bothers or sisters always buy this candy for them.

If your child loves baking, cooking and other kitchen chores and loves candy too we have the perfect gift for them.  This candy chemistry set helps them make a variety of delicious goodies including gummy bears, wintergreen candies, rock candy, chocolates and more.

Candies they make can be personalized according to their specific likes in the ingredients that they choose.

They will also have fun learning about important functions such as conversions and measurements, weight, volume, crystallization and specific temperatures and heat levels. Once their candies are finishes they can decorate them easily with colorful paper cups, wrappers and foils.  Included are 48 pages of suggestions that are in a full color manual.

Customers love the creative exploration that this K’NEX set provides their children.

K’Nex is a very popular and sought after building set by many kids of all different ages. It is recommended for 7 and up but children in their teens have enjoyed building complex and creative structures and models as well.

This 100 model set allows kids to build 1200 different models of animals, vehicles and more in varying skill levels.

They can also build their own creations as their creativity inspires them. There are 863 K’NEX parts including the connectors and classic rods that enable them to build a multitude of things.

They come in a convenient suitcase storage box that makes it very easy to carry them wherever they want.  This K’NEX set will provide years of entertainment.

Customers love this excellent first tablet for their children to play games and do all kinds of other things.

This makes a great first tablet for your child. It has a free screen protector that is pre-installed and supports any Bluetooth device.  A Contixo Kids Headphone set is available for separate purchase.

There are 20+ educational and game apps that are FREE and age appropriate.  There is also No. 1 Kids OS and KIDS PLACE Parental controls as well giving parents plenty of peace of mind.

The kid proof case protects the tablet against bumps and drops that are inevitable when children are playing.  This case is made of soft, high quality silicone that is environmentally friendly.

This quad core 4x 1.5 GHz A7 processor, 1 GB DDR and 8 GB of storage, your child will have fast boot ups of their favorite games.  This tablet is available in a large selection of bright, bold colors.

A 30 day money back guarantee and 24 hour, round the clock customer service and tech support is available if they need it.  There is also a 1 year worry free guarantee that covers accidental drops, spills and other issues.

Customers will love watching their children spend hours playing with this beautiful house.

Get your little girl’s dream gift with this incredible KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with plenty of furniture for her to play with as well.

There are two molded plastic staircases in this dream dollhouse and three levels of open space in which to play.

The windows open and close just like real windows and it is large enough that several children can play with it easily, together.

There are 17 pieces of furniture that add to the creativity and play even more.

She will have a wonderful time letting her imagination run while she plays with the furniture and people that fit perfectly inside this house.  This is the perfect dollhouse for the 4” size dolls.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Kids

Overall, kids are probably the easiest to buy gifts for at Christmastime.  Most of the time, they will be happy with anything as long as it is fun and interesting.  It is always nice though, to choose gifts that they have expressed an interest in getting.  Brand names and specific, expensive gifts don’t usually start becoming a part of the scene until they are older.

We have listed some tips and pointers to keep in mind when you start shopping for Christmas gift ideas for kids.  These tips will make the process of purchasing gifts much easier and less stressful.  Gift buying doesn’t have to be difficult and these tips will help make it everything you want it to be.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Get them to make a list. This can be in the form of a letter to Santa or if they are too old for Santa, just a list for you.  Explain to them ahead of time that the list does not mean that they get everything on it; it is a list from which to choose gifts from. If they know ahead of time that they will not be getting everything on that list, there is less room for disappointment.
  • Have them write the list in order of desire or importance.  You can get them to write down TWO (and only two) of their top gifts on their list.  This will give you a good idea of what they want the most and you can make the gift purchases for them accordingly.
  • Try to get one of their top two choices.   Unless they are extremely out of the realm of possibility, if you can get one of the two favorites on their list they are guaranteed to love the gift.  If it isn’t possible, don’t worry, there are still plenty of choices you can look at to make their Christmas special and memorable too.


  • Go overboard on the gift buying.  This is easier said than done, especially when it is your own child or children that you are buying for.   If you ensure that you are keeping things under control, your children will actually appreciate the gifts they open and take the time to really enjoy them rather than just looking for the next gift to open.
  • Stress if you can’t get the present they want the most.  There are ways to finance a large gift including seeing if other family members want to chip in with you to get the gift from the both of you.  Grandparents are really good to ask for this arrangement.
  • Forget to stress the importance of giving at the holidays and don’t make it ALL about the gifts. Exchanging presents is always fun but it not the only reason for the holidays.  There are plenty of opportunities around for you and your family to give back and do for others.  This is a very good experience for them.

Christmas gift ideas for kids will undoubtedly involve lots of fun toys and games.  There are so many choices out there that choosing something they won’t like is almost impossibility. Purchasing gifts should be fun and the excitement of hiding them and Santa can make the holidays really fun.  Leave the stress behind and have fun purchasing the gifts this year.  It will make a big difference.

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