Celebrate a New Life with These Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Celebrate a New Life with These Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are a great time to give the parents-to-be some much needed supplies for their new baby. Even if this isn’t their first child, there are things that they will need for the new baby that the baby shower can help them with.   Baby shower gift ideas are easy to come up with because there are so many baby products on the market.

We have listed 10 great baby shower gift ideas below that would be good choices for a new baby.  If none of the suggestions we have listed appeal to you, or the parents already have similar items, use the suggestions to help you get some ideas on what to give them.

Baby showers are a lot of fun. It’s a time to celebrate a new life.  The gift you choose should echo that sentiment and be something that the parents will love and that helps make their life a little easier as well.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Customers love that all the hardware you need to install these straps is included. There is nothing else to buy.

Although a newborn doesn’t necessarily need the house to be baby proofed yet, soon enough it’ll be time for you to do this.  These furniture and TV straps help secure the TV and prevent it from becoming a tipping hazard.

This is not something that parents always think about, but falling furniture or TVs is actually a common occurrence. These straps will get rid of this danger and help keep your baby safe when they get old enough to crawl and start walking.

This kit contains everything you will need to secure the television.  You won’t need a professional installer. These are very easy to install and the detailed instructions will help you if there is anything you need help with.

Customers love the convenient plastic caddy that this great starter kit comes in.

Bathtime is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing times for a baby. This Johnson and Johnson Bathtime Gift Set has everything you need to give you little one a soothing, calming bath.  This kit has been specially designed to accommodate the needs of a newborn.

Included in the bathtime set is:

  • Johnsons Baby Shampoo
  • Johnsons Baby Lotion
  • Johnsons Baby Head to Toe Wash
  • Johnsons Baby Oil
  • Johnsons Baby Powder with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

This kit has full sized bottles of everything a new mom needs to make sure baby is clean and ready for the day or ready to go to sleep if they like to bathe them at night as a means of settling them down to bed.

Most parents who have this mobile state that it is the best mobile they have ever had.

Mobiles are a wonderful site to a new baby.  The movement, musical sounds and something lights if they have them can keep them occupied for a short time while mom gets other things done.

This Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is a travel mobile that works well with most travel cribs, infant car seats, bassinets, pack n plays and other travel beds.  It features 30 minutes of continuous music that the baby can listen to.

The mobile arm comes apart to make transport even easier.  This connector works for each type of use depending on which bed or item the mobile is attached to.  The baby will love the colorful and friendly faces of the sweet animals and the soft movement as the mobile spins them.  This makes a great baby shower gift.

Customers love how adorable this towel looks when it is being used. Plenty of room to get the baby dry while looking super cute.

This sweet and unique baby hooded towel is so cute mom will have to take some pictures.  This adorable terrycloth towel has a 3D lobster head and also has a tail and claws too. It’s the perfect way for baby to get dry after the bath.

The towel measures 30” and the deep lobster head is 6” deep which is plenty of room for the little one’s head to fit so their heads don’t get chilled.

It is machine washable and tumble dry capable as well.  This is a super cute choice for a baby shower gift that the mom will love every time she uses it to dry the baby.

Customers that purchased this baby back pack bag love the space it provides and the simple design.

Not every parent wants to carry a diaper bag. If this sounds like the parents to be, they may love this backpack diaper bag.

It is made from polyester and has adjustable shoulder straps that are padded for extra comfort.  A diaper changing pad is included in this backpack.

There are plenty of pockets and compartments for the baby’s supplies like diapers, wipes, lotions, formula, bottles and more. There are even pockets that work for the parents’ valuables as well.

The neutral black color goes with everything and is simple and easy to carry.  It is the perfect choice for the parent that values simplicity and function rather than focusing on design.

Customers love the reliability and peace of mind this audio monitor provides. Excellent reception so parents hear the baby clearly.

It’s not possible for the parent to be in the baby’s room at all times.  This safe and sound digital baby monitor is the perfect baby shower gift to provide peace of mind for the new parents.

There are many features that this monitor offers.  There is one parent and one baby unit included.  The 5 level sound indicator that is illustrated with graphic bars that shows up on the parent unit.

This enables the parents to visually see that there is noise in the nursery even if the parent can’t hear what is going on at that particular moment.

There are rechargeable batteries that will give the parent up to 18 hours of listening time on one charge. They can also choose to use 2 AAA batteries.  There is a convenient belt clip and an operating distance of up to 1000 feet outside and 150 feet inside.

This unit is offered in French, English and Spanish too.  The talk back intercom will be even more useful as the baby gets older.

Customers love this unique and cute tub for baby that is not like any other.

Parents may just have cuteness overload with this incredibly unique and adorable pink flower tub in bright hot pink.  This is one of the easiest and best ways to give a baby a bath.  It is becoming a more popular means of bathing the baby.

It is super soft, brightly colored and cuddly warm. The baby will love being wrapped up in this sweet flower tub. This unusual gift fits in most sinks and is a great traditional method that provides parents and baby with a great experience that will determine just how much they love or hate bath time.

This item is made from cuddly materials that will wrap the baby in warmth and brightness while keeping them safe in the sink. The baby’s bath time is a chance to calm the baby down, spend some time playing with them, and get him or her settled down so they can have a relaxing sleep.

Customers love the peaceful sleep that it enables them to get, even if their partner snores.

White noise can be a really good way for baby to relax and get a good night’s sleep. It can be ocean waves, wind, rain or other sounds.

This particular all natural white noise machine is a little different than normal. This machine has been named by the National Sleep Foundation, that this item is the official conditioner.

It has two speeds and features a soothing sound that sounds just like rushing air. This item is backed by a three year limited warranty.

It can be a gift that the mom uses for the baby to help insure uninterrupted sleep which is hard to get in those early days.  This will be a great baby shower gift to help both mom and baby sleep better.

Customers love the durability and quality of this great jogging stroller.

Jogging strollers are a fantastic baby shower gift, especially if the mom is a fitness enthusiast.  The large tires are bicycle like and roll over all types of surfaces with no trouble.  The swiveling front wheels can be locked into the forward only position when lighting.

When not locked into place, the swiveling features make maneuvering this jogging stroller super simple. This great stroller has a seat that reclines with a 5 point harness that keeps the baby securely strapped in.  There is also a tether for the stroller and a large canopy and storage basket as well.

Customers love the beauty of this crib that is worthy of being an heirloom.

This gorgeous crib is the perfect bed for a new baby. If the mom to be works in an office, the coworkers can get together and chip in or maybe this gift can be purchased by the grandparents of the new baby since it is a higher ticket item.

It is JPMA certified and meets all the safety standards it needs to. It has been made by New Zealand pine wood and has 4 adjustable mattress positions.

This beautiful baby bed can convert into a toddler bed, day bed and a full size bed.  There is a toddler conversion kit with the crib but the full size conversion kit can be purchased separately when needed. This crib has been screened for VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals and has been Greenguard gold certified, providing even more reassurance for the parents.

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Gift

Choosing the right baby shower gift should never cause any kind of stress or worry. Nor should it be something that you just grab with no thought whatsoever just so you have a gift to give.  Taking a little bit of time to think of a good gift will show the new parents that this event is something that you think is special too.

There are a few things to remember that we have listed below for your convenience. Before you start shopping for that baby shower gift, be sure to take a look at these tips so you can have a much easier time deciding what you’re going to purchase for this very important occasion.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Look at gifts that are going to be helpful or useful (or both) to the new parents. There is plenty of time to get the more lighthearted, emotional gifts like foot prints and photo frames.  In the beginning when the baby first comes home, you want them to have a gift that will make their lives a little easier and less stressful or tiring.
  • By gender specific if you know the baby’s sex but that doesn’t mean it has to be pink or blue specifically.  There are prints and colors that can work for the different sexes that give the baby something different to wear that isn’t just pink or blue.
  • Don’t force your views onto the new parents.  If you know for a fact the mother will be breastfeeding don’t purchase a gift that includes tons of bottles, formula and everything she needs to bottle feed.  She may need bottles at some point if she needs to be away, but overall, respect the choices the new parents have made about their own child; even if you don’t agree.
  • Don’t purchase generic.  This goes for diapers, bottles, blankets or anything else.  If the parents want to purchase generic products let that be their choice.  For the baby shower, you should look for the brand names and choose from that.  This is especially true with diapers.
  • Purchase several sizes if you purchase diapers or baby clothing.  If you want to take some of the cost off their shoulders in the early days and want to help them stockpile diapers, buy a few different sizes so as the baby gets older, there is something for the baby to wear.


  • Purchase anything that is second hand for a baby shower.  Far too many items end up with recalls and purchasing a second hand crib or high chair can end up being dangerous.  You are much better off purchasing new items and if furniture is out of your budget, stick to the smaller items that are equally as important and useful.
  • Choose items where there is a theme unless it can match the theme the parents already chose.  This would include items like baby books, bedding, lamps and other items.  If the parents have a registry take a look at the list to see what themes and colors they have chosen for the nursery.
  • Let on to the sex of the baby if that is something that the parents don’t want anyone to know.  That is up to them to tell others about so if they want it to be a secret, honor that.

Baby showers are a lot of fun with cute baby games, lots of refreshments and plenty of sweet gifts for the new baby.  If you are attending a baby shower, be sure to purchase a baby gift that will reflect your good taste and desire to be useful to the new parents.

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