Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Buying gifts for your mom doesn’t have to be difficult and those gifts don’t have to be things that remind her of her age or health issues. There are plenty of great gift ideas out there for mom.  All you need to do is take a little bit of time to make sure you know your mom’s hobbies, interests and preferences.   Also make sure you know what kind of décor her home has and the colors she likes.

We have listed 10 excellent Birthday gift ideas for mom below.  These gifts cover things for her personally such as gift baskets of her favorite things, things for the house and much more. If none of these suggestions appeal to you, use them as a springboard for your own ideas.

The main thing to remember is break out of the usual grab something quick and go mode.  Mom will love that you took the time to think about what SHE would really like.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Customers love the beautiful collection of artwork that is perfect for moms.

Adult coloring books have gotten really popular over the last couple of years. It has been found to be an excellent resource for de-stressing, relaxing and getting rid of anxiety.

This coloring book is just for moms with a collection of artwork that is beautifully drawn. The drawings are very artistic and provide plenty of hours of relaxation.

All drawings are full page illustrations with the reverse side of the page blank. This is so Mom can take them out of the book and frame them and display them.

There are 64 pages for mom to enjoy.  Pair it with a huge pack of colored pencils and gel pens for a wonderful gift that she will enjoy whenever she is looking for a way to unwind and de-stress.

Customers love the brightly colored design and humorous sentiments that can brighten anyone’s morning.

If your mom loves to drink coffee or hot tea on a regular basis, get her this brightly colored, fun mug.  It is made of high fired ceramic stoneware and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

It has a witty and humorous sentiment on it that is sure to make mom smile when she sees it.

This is the perfect coffee mug to enjoy her morning hot drink or evening soothing tea.  With all of the bright colors that are on this mug make it something that feels happy and enjoyable.

This bold collection is created by Lorrie Veasey and includes other sentiments.  Add this to a gift basket filled with different gourmet coffees, various teas and other fun things.

Customers always choose this gift set for their beloved mothers.

Burt’s Bees is a very popular brand for beauty products.  This hand repair gift set has 3 different classic products that she can use to have soft and hydrated skin on her hands.  This kit contains several terrific products that she will love.  These include:

  • 1 pair of cotton gloves
  • Lemon butter cuticle cream
  • Almond milk beeswax hand cream
  • Shea butter hand repair cream

This set is already put together in a great gift set that is all ready to give to her.  This hand repair kit contains natural ingredients that will soften cuticles and nourish both hands and nails.

The cotton gloves are excellent for holding in all the excellent benefits of these products so they penetrate and work the best.

Customers love the gorgeous construction and bright colors this butterfly has.

This incredible sun catcher will look beautiful hanging in her window and bringing color and sunshine into her home.

They are made of durable metal and hand painted glass and the sun shines through them providing a beautiful addition to any window.

Regal art has a large collection of sun catchers that transform a window into a work of art.

This blue butterfly has a pink flower at the head and light green and metal accents that will delight her with their beauty.

Customers love the sturdy construction and truly beautiful look of this candleholder.

Moms like pretty things and she will definitely love this beautiful heart candle holder that is made of glass and features a beautiful message on it.

There is a place behind the heart for a tea light that will illuminate the message when lit.

On the front of the heart there are beautiful painted roses and flowers that surround the sentiment.

This heart will look beautiful on a side table, dresser, bathroom vanity, mantle or anywhere else that it can be lit and enjoyed.

The sweet message will make her feel loved and cherished.  The heart measures almost 6” tall and has metal trim around the heart.  The whole candle holder is sturdy and exquisite.

Customers love the stronger scents and beautiful healing and relaxing benefits these bath bombs provide.

Give mom the gift that will allow her to relax and rejuvenate. These bath bombs are handmade and all natural as well as organic.  Each bath bomb is the size of a golf ball.

There are 8 bath bombs in this gift box each with a wonderful scent and ingredients that provide different benefits. The bath bombs in this set have two times the scent than other brands.

These terrific bath bombs are packages in a way that makes them look like wonderful jewels in a gift box.

The ingredients that they contain in things like shea butter, clays, essential oils, vitamins and much more.  They do not contain dyes or artificial colors.

Included in this set are 8 different “themes”, each with their own scent and benefit.  These include:

  • Relax – Vanilla and Lavender
  • Heal – Green Cloves and Aloe
  • Restore – Blue Lavender and Palma Rosa
  • Balance – Coriander, Sage and Cedarwood
  • Euphoria – Sandalwood, Wild Rose and Jasmine
  • Pink – Caramel, Lemon and Cotton Candy
  • Clarity – Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus and Ginger
  • Vitamin C – Orange, Bergamot and Tangerine

Customers love the unique and colorful bear and balloon light.

Give your mom this sweet, 3D illusion night light that will please anyone who sees it.  It is perfect for people of all ages from babies to adults.

The see through acrylic 3D effect does not require a lot of space and does not get hot so it is safe to put anywhere.  There are 7 different colors that she can choose from or it can rotate through all the different colors.

All it takes to change the color is the press of one button.  There are two forms of power that this 3D night light is powered: a USB cable and a regular plug.  There is very little energy consumption used with this device.

It is perfect for adding light to a dim area without having to leave lights on which do take more energy to run.  She will love the teddy bear and balloon design and it will thrill the grandchildren every time they come over as well.

Customers love the solidness of this sweet keepsake

This paperweight and keepsake will show your mom just how special she is to you.  This gorgeous Lucite has beveled edges and it has an engraved design on the front and will never rub off.

It measures 4” x 1” thick and does not require a stand to stay upright.  The sentiment that is engraved on the front is from Kate Posh and speaks of how special and irreplaceable mom is.

She will be touched when she sees this beautiful keepsake that will look wonderful on a side table, her desk, dresser, beside table, mantle or anywhere else she wants to show it off.  It comes in an attractive gift box all ready for gift-giving.

Customers always love this gift for their mom for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

If mom loves to try new fragrances, she will love this one.  From Philosophy, the Live Joyously Duo includes a spray fragrance and body lotion.

The scent of this wonderful fragrance has pink peony blossoms, a hint of patchouli and tangerine.  This light scent will please her and make her feel good as well.

Fragrances can sometimes be difficult to purchase for someone else, but the scents that Philosophy offers are not overpowering which makes them excellent choices to use for daytime, work, casual and even nighttime occasions.

Customers love the quality and uniqueness of this photo frame display.

This unique and incredible gift gives mom a way to display a lot of her family on this metal family tree.  It is made of fine metal and measures 20” high and 18” wide.

It comes with 10 mini photo frames that will hold 2” x 3” with a frame opening that is 1 ½” x 2 ½”.  More mini frames can be purchased.

This is a very striking way for mom to be able to proudly display photos of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

She will love sitting this stunning way to display photos on her mantle or side table. Her visitors will definitely take notice and comment about this unusual means of showing off her lovely family.

Choosing the Right Birthday Gift for Mom

Moms love their kids so much that even if she is given something that she really doesn’t like or want, you will never know it. She will Ooooh and Ahhhh about it simply because one of her kids gave her something.  This is fine when her kids are all young, but what about when they are older?

She should not still have to pretend to like the gifts she is given when her kids are older.  Purchasing gifts for mom that she will love is not difficult if you pay attention to a few tips and points that we will provide you.  Below we have listed valuable tips that will help make choosing a gift for mom easy and fun and she will truly love what you have gotten her.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take several things into consideration when you are looking for the right gift for mom. Things like her hobbies, interests, likes, color preferences, food preferences, etc are all excellent ways to find terrific gifts for her that she won’t have to pretend to like, she will sincerely like them. 
  • Give yourself the time to find something terrific for your mom. Waiting until the last minute is a guarantee that you will just be grabbing the first thing you can find rather than finding something that she will really use a lot and love receiving. 
  • Have fun searching for gifts that she will love and enjoy. Gift buying shouldn’t be a bother or frustrating.  When you consider the tips we’ve listed here, you will find that shopping feels relaxing and enjoyable and not stressful and worrisome. 


  • Take advantage of the fact that moms usually will love anything their kids give them simply because they are her kids. When a child is little, dad can play an instrumental part in teaching their children how to shop in a way that ensures enjoyment on the part of the shopper and the receiver.
  • Give gifts that have to do with medical issues. Giving her a special walker if she uses one, or something of that nature can be helpful but isn’t much in the way of a real gift.  Save medical items and health related stuff for NON gift giving occasions.  Look for gifts that give her something to be excited and happy about.

 Choosing that perfect gift that makes someone smile and be very happy is a great feeling.  By following the tips and points above, you will not have the trouble finding the right gifts the way some people have because they are not focused on the person they are purchasing a gift for.  When you sincerely take the time to pay attention to what mom really loves and you choose her gifts from things that represent those likes and interests, she is sure to love that gift.

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