Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

One of the biggest complaints that many men have had over the years is the type of gifts they get from their kids, wives and mothers.  It gets difficult for them to be excited over the 10th or 11th tie that they’ve received.  Shopping for men doesn’t have to be a challenge at all if you keep several things in mind when you start shopping.

A man may not always be very forthcoming about emotional things, but get him talking about hobbies or activities he likes and you will unearth a slew of gift ideas you may have never even thought of.  We’ve got 10 great suggestions that will get your imagination headed in the right direction when it comes to gift buying.  If the suggestions below don’t work for the man you are buying a gift for, use the information in this article to steer your thinking in the right direction.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Customers love the masculine look and feel of this great stainless steel water bottle.  Perfect for workouts or camping and hiking.

This stainless steel water bottle is the perfect water bottle for him and works for all kinds of situations.  Hiking, at the gym, camping, fishing, sporting events or anywhere else that he wants a drink.

He can even pour his beer into it.  The double walled 18/8 stainless steel will keep his hot drinks hot and his cold drinks cold all day long.

This unique and masculine water bottle holds 17 ounces of any kind of drink and is BPA free and sweat proof too. This makes a great stand alone gift or you can combine it with other things like camping or hunting equipment.  He’ll love it.

Customers love the skin soothing and conditioning properties that these products offer.

This 5 product gift set for men is perfect as a gift for a brother, father, husband, son or any other man you are purchasing a birthday gift for.

All the products come in an attractive tin that he can use for other things later or give it to his wife for her to use.

Men need and use products for their skin as well, so this is a gift that will keep giving long after he opens it, as he uses the products inside.

Included in this great gift set is natural skin care for men aftershave, shaving cream, hand salve, lipbalm made from beeswax and body wash. These products contain coconut oil and sunflower oil so they provide plenty of conditioning and moisturizing for the skin.  He will love the close shave he gets and how his skin feels afterwards.

Customers love the identity theft prevention features this attractive wallet has.

This compact and attractive bifold wallet slots for 6 credit cards, a clear window for his ID, 2 dollar bill slots and 2 internal side pockets.  There is plenty of room for the things he wants to carry without the common bulk that many wallets have.

In addition to being a really attractive wallet with plenty of space, this wallet does something else too…it protects the holder from identity theft by having  a RFID blocking lining that will blocks RFID signals of 13.52 MHz and above.

This wallet comes in a velvet drawstring pouch that comes inside of a high quality gift box all ready to give to him.

Customers love the sleek and stylish look of this braided bracelet that does not look girly on men at all. 

This simple black braided bracelet will be one of his favorite pieces of jewelry to wear.

The metal parts of the bracelet are made of stainless steel and the rest of it is made of genuine black leather that has been braided into a bracelet.  The magnetic clasp makes it easy to take off and on.

Men don’t always wear a lot of jewelry which is why this bracelet is so nice.  It is masculione, simple in design yet striking as well.

He will enjoy wearing it and will not have to take it off to shower or do anything else unless he wants to.  When he does need to take it off, it comes off easily thanks to the magnetic clip.

Customers love the taste and freshness of these nuts as well as the freshness guarantee they come with.

It’s no secret that men love to snack.  They will be thrilled with this nuts gift basket that has a selection of different nuts that are all delicious.

He will have 7 different tastes to choose from to satisfy any craving.  The container is made of smooth plastic and has 7 different sections in it.   There are no added chemicals to these nuts and they are Kosher as well.

Included in this gift box is:

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Pistachios
  • Peanuts
  • Raw Walnuts
  • Honey Glazed Pecans
  • Mixed Nuts

He will definitely love receiving these delicious snacks for his birthday. They are the perfect snack for watching the game.

Customers love this elegant and fashionable valet to keep on the dresser.

Give him a place to put his spare change, keys, cell phone and other items that he has in his pockets with this attractive and elegant wooden dresser top valet from Mele and Co. Davin.

It offers two compartments that will keep more important items safe and can hold important papers or receipts. The coin slide will keep all his change in one place so he can easily grab it the next morning.

There is a covered compartment where he can put any rings he might have and open space that will nicely house his cufflinks, watch, tie pins and more.

There is one full width drawer that provides extra space for a passport, credit cards and other items he wants to keep safe.

The beautiful hand lined interior is made from ivory suede that will cushion his important belongings. The drawer pulls and hardware (hinges, etc) are durable and are silver tone.  They provide easy access to the items he has in the drawer.  The Mele and Co. Davin logo is featured on an attractive plate inside the valet.

He will love how this dark burlwood walnut finish valet looks sitting on his dresser and will appreciate the organization it provides so he never misplaces his important belongings.

Customers love the high quality of the Porter Cable brand as well as the reliability.

Tools are a wonderful gift for many men, especially if they love to do handy work around their home. Even men that aren’t very mechanically inclined will like having a few good quality tools around when they need them.

Porter-Cable’s 20 volt 2 tool combo provides him with a drill driver as well as an impact driver.  This kit provides him with everything he needs for any drilling job and also provides an impact driver when he one.

The drill driver is a ½” 2 speed driver that offers plenty of power in a compact body that is only 8 ¼” long.

The impact driver is only 6 and 9/10” long. Both tools weigh only 3 ½ pounds each.  He will enjoy the comfortable, ergonomic handles both tools feature as well as the convenient bit storage and LED lights.   Included in the kit is the impact driver, drill driver, two 20v batteries and a standard charger.  Each tool has a battery gauge that will let you know when they need to be recharged.

Both of these tools will provide him with longer runtime and more power, making them enjoyable tools to work with.  If he does a lot of drill work, he will love this gift and be truly shocked that you knew to get a high quality drill kit that will last a long time.

Customers love the quality of this Nike golf bag that has a convenient stand as well.

If the man that you are purchasing a gift for is a golf lover, this bag will certainly surprise him.  Nike Sport Lite Stand Golf Bag has an 8 ½” oval top and a 5-way too.

The 2 full length dividers keep the blubs separated and easy to grab. There is a putter well also.  The double strap system makes this bag easy to carry and the convenient stand prevents you from having to lay the bag down on the ground.

The blue and white color of this bag looks great on the course. It features the well known Nike Logo on the bag as well.  Other features he will enjoy include the GPS loop, glove patch and pen sleeve.

It has a water bottle sleeve and ball pocket that make getting these items convenient and easy. There is a large pocket for clothing or extra shoes and it has a rain hood that protects the clubs if you get caught out in the rain.

This durable and long lasting golf bag will have him looking forward to the next time he gets to go play.

Customers love the enjoyable cooking that they can do on this gas grill.

Many men love to grill out for get togethers or even just for cooking for the family.  Surprise the man in your life with this fantastic gas grill from Weber.

This is an excellent gift if the man you are buying a gift for is a husband, son, father or brother.  Weber is an excellent quality grill that will stand up to a lot of use.

The control panel of the grill has been moved to the front and is very convenient and easy to see and reach.  There are two fold down, stainless steel tables that make storing and moving the grill a lot easier.

This fold down feature makes this grill a perfect choice for a small patio or deck.

He will be shocked and excited to open this great gift and you will get to enjoy the rewards when he wants to cook most of the meals on it.

Customers love the features this gorgeous watch has that make it a superior choice.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your husband or father, this tops the list.  This beautiful watch comes with a higher price tag, but if you have a higher budget to work with, this is worth taking a hard look at.

The stainless steel body and display made from sapphire crystal is durable and strong, ready for any activity he engages in.

This Swiss-made full featured watch works for the office beautifully and is durable enough to wear for around the house, sports and other activities as well.

He will not have to remove it for showers, swimming, boating, or anything other activity. It can even handle scuba diving.  He will be speechless when he opens your gift and sees this gorgeous watch that is perfect for a super special occasion like His birthday or your anniversary.  It is available in several color combinations so finding one that is just His style will be easy to do.

Choosing the Right Gift for a Man

The suggestions above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possible birthday gift ideas for men.  Planning ahead and having some information about his hobbies, likes and dislikes are all you need to choose gifts that he won’t have to pretend to love.  He’ll be amazed at your good taste and will be telling his friends and coworkers about the great gift he received from you.

Make sure that the birthday gift you choose ia appropriate for the relationship you have with him. If it is a male co worker, boss, or friend you would normally spend less and also not purchase anything too personal.

If it is for your father, brother or uncle, and you have a close relationship with them, your options open up a little bit in both budget and type of gift that is appropriate. Husband gifts of course have no restrictions as this is the person you are married to.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take into consideration the relationship you have with him.  It’s never good to buy something too personal for a boss or co-worker, as that can give an impression you don’t want to give.
  • Adjust your budget according to who you are buying for.  If it is something super close and special to you, it would be logical to have a higher budget than if you were purchasing for a friend or co worker. Budgets are a good way to keep yourself in check so you don’t overspend.  There are great gift ideas for men even for those who have a very limited budget to work with. You just have to look for those great choices.
  • Give yourself time to find out a few things they have been wanting or that they are interested in.  If it’s someone close to you, chances are you already have a good idea of what they like, activities or hobbies they engage in, what they like to watch at the movies or on TV, etc. If you don’t know yet, it’s time to do some subtle questioning to find out a few important things about them. It will give you a direction to start with.
  • Pay attention to brand names if He mentions specific ones.  If he says he loves Porter Cable over DEWALT when it comes to tools and you’re purchasing tools, don’t buy a DEWALT.  Brand name is very important to some men, especially when it comes to things like tools and sporting equipment.


  • Purchase things that YOU want him to be interested in.  The purpose of a gift is to give them something that will appeal to what they already like.  Giving him something you like that you wish he would also like is buying a gift for yourself that you hope he will use.
  • Keep the private things to yourselves.  If you want to buy him silk, G-string underwear, you don’t want to give that to him at a birthday party with everyone else there.  That is the perfect type of present to give him later on when the two of you are alone and you want to give him something private and special.  The same applies for gifts like boudoir photos of yourself that you may have had made and so on.
  • Buy him things that have to do with chores you need or want done unless he has specifically asked for that item.  Purchasing a chore related item as a gift makes him feel that he is not really the person the gift is for.
  • Purchase clothing that is not in a style he likes. A gift is not the time or place to do an image change on him.  If he loves T shirts and jeans, purchasing dress pants and a button up shirt could just make him feel like you are trying to make him someone he is not.  He will appreciate it much more if you find those T shirts in his favorite sports team and buy those.  It may be a T shirt, but it is one that he really likes and wants, which means he will wear it.

Many women have decided that their husbands or the other men in their lives are impossible to buy for. This is actually a very big myth.  Men are very easy to purchase for if you have done your homework and find out what his interests, favorite things, and activities are. One you know those, there are dozens if not hundreds of potential gift ideas that you will have to choose from.

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