Best Z Wave Controller in 2023 – Z Wave Controller Reviews and Ratings

Best Z Wave Controller in 2023 – Z Wave Controller Reviews and Ratings
Z wave controllers give us the latest innovations in home monitoring and control. There are so many factors that can be handled with your Z wave controller, such as home temperature, lighting, security system, appliances, and so much more. When you purchase one of these top rated Z wave controllers, you can be sure that you’re adding ease, peace of mind, and comfort to your home environment.
Best Z Wave Controller

1. Samsung

Best Overall Z Wave Controller

5/5 Product Rating
This Z wave controller from Samsung features a SmartThings Hub that allows for easy control and monitoring, so you can secure your home from anywhere, and stay connected to your loved ones. This device will help you to automate your home’s lighting and save money on energy costs.

This features simple set-up, and it can be controlled through your smart phone with the Smart Things app. It has a stunning 50ft. power range and an in-wall AC power source. Customers love this Z wave controller because it’s very easy to set up and maintain. You’re going to see that this takes all the guesswork out of controlling your home environment.

Samsung is a name that we can all trust, and this is one of the best Z wave controllers on the market. When you’re ready to have a hub in your home that allows you to control lighting and security with ease, then you can purchase this product from Samsung with confidence.

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2. Vera

Best Overall Z Wave Controller – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This Z wave controller from Vera is one of the top rated devices on the market because it is the most flexible, powerful, and affordable home controller that you can find. There are no monthly fees to use this Z wave controller, and it features a convenient user interface.

There is an easy-to-follow setup process that will have you up and running in no time. You can control this device from anywhere in the world, and you can access your Vera network for free from any internet browsing device including your PC, tablet, or Smartphone. This device also features Energy Monitoring, and its advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill so that you can start saving money.

This product also features universal compatibility, so you can customize your Vera network to fit your needs by choosing devices regardless of the manufacturer, and this includes all 650 certified Z-wave devices. You also get video monitoring, so you can stream live video from plug and play IP cameras even on your smartphone.

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3. GE

Best Budget Z Wave Controller

4.5/5 Product Rating
This Z Wave controller from GE helps you to easily control lighting with one mobile device or computer with the certified gateway, and you can also control lighting on location with a manual push-button control or certified remote. You can control white lighting blends with most home decor, and you can control in groups of multiple lights.

Turn lights one and off within ambient interior lighting scenes with ease. This Z Wave controller is space efficient, and features a side-plug design that does not block the lower outlet or obstruct placement of furniture. The remote features a one always-on pass through AC outlet and one Z Wave enabled outlet.

This is compatible with any Z wave certified gateway, and it provides remote access from many popular home automation systems and applications. All in all, this is a top rated Z wave remote because it helps you to have better control over the lights in your home with the ultimate in ease.

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Z Wave Controller Buying Guide

Z Wave Controller Reviews

What is a Z Wave Controller?

Z Wave Controller1With the help of a Z Wave controller you can finally make your home Smart and Intelligent. With use of the wireless wave, you can have the power of a motion detector that will light up when it fails to work, thus activating a security camera that will signal your home security system to notify you via an SMS to your smartphone. You’re going to be amazed by all the things that you can do when you automate your home with Z wave technology. This is a novel wireless communication system that can make any home smart in no time, and they’re also quite affordable for most home owners. It doesn’t matter whether or not your home is new or renovated, you’re going to see that you can get the system up and running fast.

In this buyer’s guide we’re going to discuss this amazing interoperable technology that makes wireless home control practical and simple for any household. You can choose from over 1000 compatible products manufactured by top brands that you can trust. You’re going to see that Z wave enabled products operate on a common platform of communication and they work well with one another, no matter what their purpose, type, or brand might be. Manufacturers deploy Z wave chips in their enabled products for easy connection to Z wave networks.

Each Z wave product must pass strict conformance tests to meet the Z wave standard for performance with other controls and gadgets that are Z wave enabled. That means that you’re going to have reliability with two-way control communication across your home, and there’s no need for wiring or complex setup.

Z-Wave: What to Expect

Z wave features mesh networking technology that uses a wireless radio frequency standard so that your home devices can communicate with one another. Every Z wave product is designed using affordable and efficient RF transceiver chips that are all alike, and this is why they’re able to communicate through a single, highly reliable protocol. Here are some interesting features that you’ll find with Z wave devices:

  • Devices will be signal repeaters so they can resend signals to more devices.
  • They never use the same frequency like other traditional wireless devices such as wireless phones.
  • They use the frequency as per the country bandwidth specifications. This ensures that there is no interference with other household devices.
  • Devices operate with a higher signal range, and this is determined by several factors, such as including the number of walls in the area. This standard range is from 100m outdoors to 30m indoors.
  • They allow increasing of their normal range when you add extra Z wave devices. Since these devices are repeaters, you get an extended 30 meters of distance when one device talks to another. You can use up to three more devices to increase the range.
  • Innovative mesh networking is used for routing two-way signals of commands from one device to another, and this helps to jump any hurdles or radio dead spots in the area. That means that you’re going to get reliable coverage and peace of mind knowing that the signal is going to stay strong.

Z-Wave Products: The Preferred Automation Technology Systems

There is a wonderful standardized technology that has been developed for automating light applications like security systems, lighting control, blinds, access control systems, thermostats, internet gateways, and PC apps. You’re going to see that Z wave products just make sense for today’s homes, and that’s why it’s the preferred technology for wireless control.

  • Lighting: With a single touch you are able to control interior and exterior lighting of your home, such as tubes and bulbs, and this is done with automated programming and custom ambient setup.
  • Z Wave Controller2

  • Safety and Security: With your Z wave control you can activate other Z wave gadgets so that they send you a notification when the security system fails.
  • Appliance Control: With your Z wave system you can facilitate the addition of appliances into your laundry room, kitchen, garden, or main room, and these can be added to your network easily and quickly so that you can control them remotely.
  • Home Entertainment: With very little effort you’re able to control several systems like your media player and PCs through floors and walls.
  • HVAC Control: You’re also able to automate your ventilation, air conditioning, heating system, and so much more, so that your home always feels comfortable.
  • Windows and Coverings: It’s possible to also control motorized blinds and coverings through a remote control or with Z wave device commands.

Once you own a Z wave system, you can enable several devices to communicate simultaneously so that you get smooth operation and security even when you are away from these devices. There’s also no need for significant upfront investment like with other traditional home control systems. A Z wave system is going to be a more affordable option using simpler, modular and scalar technology. You can add as little or as much control as you like to your home. When you purchase a device for your Z wave mesh network, you just need to make sure that the product is Z wave certified, then you’re good to go. That is because there are several manufacturers that offer products that belong to all home product categories.

How You Benefit

When you automate your home with Z wave, you’re getting state of the art technology, comfort, and peace of mind, knowing that you have a synced wireless network that gives you the security that you crave. To get instant control of your home appliances and devices, you can choose how, when, and where an appliance needs to respond. You can also choose the schedule on which they’re going to work, and this will provide some key benefits:

  • Convenience: You will have the power to control your home from any location, and even when you are traveling.
  • Savings: With home automation you can save money on your energy bills, as well as saving money on other devices thanks to the low cost chips.
  • Security: When you have home automation, then your wireless technology is always guarding your home and maintaining a secure environment through surveillance. You can peer through your home camera’s monitoring eye, or check the water sensor that alerts you when there’s a leak. This means that if there’s an unwanted problem in your home, you can take quick steps to fix it.
  • Fun: When you automate certain tasks in your home then it becomes fun being able to control everything with so much ease. You’re going to enjoy getting involved by specifying your own settings and preferences and then you’ll be able to relax and allow the system to take care of itself. Even though the technology seems complex, it’s actually quite user friendly and tremendously versatile.

Other Considerations

Z Wave Controller3Z wave is quickly becoming the most sought after frequency standard when it comes to remotely controlling your home devices, and that’s due to its strong interoperability, handling capabilities, and the wide coverage that it provides that ensures a rich security and entertainment experience. When it comes time to find the right Z wave products for you, you need to begin by asking yourself key questions about your budget, what you’d like the Z wave system to specifically do for you, how large your home is, and how many people are going to be controlling the system. Once you know more of these details, you’re going to be better equipped to find the right Z wave products for your home.


A Z wave controller is going to help you to get the most out of your home, and setup is easier than you ever imagined possible. With so many Z wave products on the market, it can be tough when it comes time to find the right one for you. The buyers guide helps to explain which Z wave features you want to look out for, so that you can find a product that is tailor made for your needs. But you can skip all the guesswork by simply purchasing one of the top rated Z wave products mentioned above. These are the tried and true Z wave controllers that customers swear by, and they’re sure to give you the performance that you crave.



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