Best Wrestling Shoes in 2023 – Wrestling Shoes Reviews and Ratings

Best Wrestling Shoes in 2023 – Wrestling Shoes Reviews and Ratings
Whether you’re a professional wrestler or just a newbie, the quality of your wrestling shoes can’t be underestimated. There are tons of wrestling shoes on the market, and that’s why it’s vital that you know about these shoes and what the proper fit is for you. Wrestling shoes are not like normal shoes, and the fit should definitely be different than your average athletic shoes.
Best Wrestling Shoe

1. Adizero

Best Overall Wrestling Shoes

5/5 Product Rating
These mesh wrestling shoes are just what you need to help you to do your best during any wrestling match. They’re made from the highest quality imported materials, and they feature a rubber sole that adds to overall comfort and stability. With these wrestling shoes, you’re going to see that you’re comfier than ever, and you’re going to be amazed by how much easier your wrestling matches are.

There’s nothing more important than getting a good grip on the mats while you’re wrestling, and that’s why it’s so important to have a great pair of shoes to help you to get the job done. These shoes are not only durable, but they also help to protect your feet and place you in the right alignment so that you’re using your body optimally.

Wearing wrestling shoes is an absolute must if you’re someone that engages in the sport, either for school or professionally. These shoes are great no matter what your skill level, so you can be sure that you’re getting the quality that you need, no matter how long you’ve been wrestling.

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2. Omniflex

Best Overall Wrestling Shoes – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
These synthetic wrestling shoes are made from the highest quality imported materials, and they feature rubber soles with a shaft that measures approximately 5.25” from the arch. There is a great ventilation system that helps to keep your feet breathing at all times, so you never deal with foot sweat and other pesky problems that make your feet feel like they’re suffocating.

ASICS makes some of the very highest quality wrestling shoes that you’ll find, and these are the best. The reason why this brand stands out from the rest is because their wrestling shoes are of the highest quality, and they come at a price that most wrestlers can afford.

Whether you’re buying a pair for yourself, or you’re getting many of them for your wrestling team, you’re going to see that you’re making the best possible choice to help enhance your performance on the mat. There are a number of styles and colors to choose from, so feel free to get something that suits your tastes or fits your team colors.

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3. Snapdown

Best Budget Wrestling Shoes

4.5/5 Product Rating
These leather and synthetic wrestling shoes are made from the highest quality imported materials. They feature rubber soles, with mesh and synthetic upper materials. You get the finest textile lining, so that the shoes are breathable and comfortable at all times.

Also, there are rubber outsoles with traction pods, so that you can get a great grip when you’re on the mats. There’s a sturdy lace entry that keeps your feet in place at all times, and there’s also a cushioned footbed. Wrestlers completely love these shoes because they not only offer you comfort, but they also help you to get your footing so that you can perform at the highest level possible.

When you’re ready to seriously improve your wrestling skills, then it’s fundamental that you have a high quality pair of wrestling shoes to help you get it done. There are a lot of wrestling shoes on the market, but these stand out from the rest because of their high performance, and they come from a brand name that we all can trust.

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Wrestling Shoes Buying Guide

Wrestling Shoe Reviews

What is a Wrestling Shoe

Wrestling Shoes1When you have the right pair of wrestling shoes, then you can see that your wrestling matches are going to be taken to a whole new level. Wrestling shoes are designed to maximize your performance on the wrestling mat, and they help you to accomplish more takedowns, throws, pins, and holds. They’re also going to help you to improve your flexibility and mobility while giving you plenty of traction and support. You need to keep your ankles stable, and wrestling shoes help you to do just that. There are so many things that you need to consider when you buy wrestling shoes. You want to ask yourself key questions about fit, ankle support, and what kinds of materials are going to give you the most traction.

Wrestling Shoe Fit

To get the very best performance, the shoes should fit like a sock that conforms to your foot, so that you have a snug fit without being too tight. When you have loose shoes they’re going to impede your mobility, as well as speed and traction. You also up your chances of sustaining an injury when they’re too large. What you’re looking for here is a barefoot feel so that the shoe is working with you instead of against you. Wrestling shoes are designed to fit tight, and because of this they’re going to run a half size smaller than your normal athletic shoe. The wrestling shoe is designed to stretch during the break-in period, so that’s why you want to get a pair that gives you a snug, conforming fit.

Should you be a heavyweight wrestler, then you’re going to need as tight a fit as possible because you’re going to depend more on your upper body strength for throws and holds, instead of using your legs and feet. But when you’re a lightweight wrestler, you need a tight fit for flexibility and freedom of movement, so that you can make quick, pivotal movements.

Ankle Support

Getting wrestling shoes with the right ankle support is key, because this is going to help you to prevent injury and give you more leverage during your wrestling match. When it comes to finding the wrestling shoes that give you the best ankle support, it may take a little experimentation to find something that works the best for you. Everyone’s ankles are different, so try on different shoes to find something that gives you a snug fit without being too constricting. If your ankles feel uncomfortable when you try the shoes on, then you know that it’s not a right fit. But, if they just feel a little snug, then this might be appropriate because you’re going to need to break the shoes in to achieve the perfect size. It’s best to consult with a retail assistant at your local sporting goods store, so that you can ask them any questions that you might have, assisting you in finding the shoes that provide the right fit.


Wrestling Shoes2The materials that your wrestling shoes are made of are incredibly important to their overall performance. You’re going to need something that is breathable, while also being comfortable to wear and durable. Your wrestling shoes also need to have great traction on the bottom so that you can have the best possible leverage. When your feet get moist because your shoes aren’t breathable, then you’re going to see that your feet get a little slippery and it’s hard to hold your ground. That’s why it’s so vital that you get the ventilation that you need. Look for materials such as mesh and leather, or even nylon. These are the materials that are going to provide you with the most speed, comfort, and mobility.

You’re also going to want to consider the quality of the materials. Even though leather is the most expensive, it is important to invest a bit more money in the highest quality so that you get the best performance on the mat. If you’re a novice wrestler then you might want to consider going with nylon shoes because they’re durable and high quality without being too expensive. They are also incredibly light and they promote quicker foot movements, so they’re great for wrestlers who are smaller and lighter in weight.


The soles of your wrestling shoes should be a consideration as well, and you’re going to need to choose between uni-soles and split soles. With a uni-sole, you get a single piece of rubber that runs the full length of your shoe. This type of sole is the most beneficial for heavyweight wrestlers whose feet mostly remain in a straight, flat stance. You need to get yourself firmly planted on the mat, and these shoes help you to do just that. With a split sole you get two separate pieces of rubber. The lower piece supports the heel, and the piece at the top supports the ball of your foot.

Wrestling Shoe Designs and Traction

There are so many different kinds of wrestling shoes out there, and they come in various different styles with different traction patterns. Consider getting a pair of shoes that are the color of your wrestling team, or simply choose something that suits your particular taste and style. When it comes to traction pattern, you absolutely need something that is going to give you the best grip on the mat. There are tons of different kinds of traction patterns out there, so what’s going to work best for you is largely going to come down to what you have found through experimentation. It’s a great idea to read reviews online so that you can learn from other customers what really does provide the best grip. You can be sure that when you go with the name brands, you’re most likely going to get a shoe that will give you a nice grip, but again, what the shoes do for you is largely going to depend upon your weight and wrestling style.

Where to Buy Wrestling Shoes

There are tons of places where you can find wrestling shoes. Whether you shop online or go to your local sporting goods store, you’re going to see that there is a lot to choose from, and starting by reading reviews online is going to help you to narrow your search so that you can begin with the shoes that you know customers find the most effective. If you’re going into your local store, then the benefit is that you get to try the shoes on so that you can see what the fit is going to be like.

Wrestling Shoes3Keep in mind that the shoes that are going to be best for you may seem a little tight at first, and that’s because you’re going to need to break them in so that they conform to your foot in the right way. When you go into a store, you can also ask the sales team about what is possibly the best choice for you. This is important for those who are new to wrestling and don’t understand how to find the right wrestling shoes for them.


Finding the right wrestling shoes is key to helping you improve your performance on the mat. When it comes to finding the right pair for you, there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account so that you get something that is going to meet your needs and standards. Wrestling shoes should not fit like other athletic shoes, and in fact, you’re going to need to find something that is a little small so that you get a very snug fit. There is a break-in period in which you want to stretch the shoes out a bit, and even after stretching them out, they should still be snug. That’s what most people don’t realize about wrestling shoes. Finding the right brand is just as important as the fit, and that’s why we highlighted the top rated wrestling shoes so that you can quickly make a great choice.



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