Best Workbench in 2023 – Workbench Reviews and Ratings

Best Workbench in 2023 – Workbench Reviews and Ratings

The best workbench will be constructed from quality materials and put together in a sturdy and durable way so it can handle heavy use. Our pick, the Keter 17182239 Folding Compact Workbench, is an excellent choice for many reasons. This folding workbench is easy to move around wherever you need it so you are not stuck working in one place if you need to be working in another.

Workbench Reviews


1. Keter

Best Overall Workbench

5/5 Product Rating

Purchase the workbench that will provide you with a sturdy space for working on many different projects. This folding portable workbench from Keter is perfect for any number of projects around the house or shop.

It has two 12” clamps that are removable, and features strong, steel legs that provide a lot of support for heavier jobs. This terrific bench can hold as much as 1000 pounds on its surface which measures 33.46” x 21.65”.

One of the best things about this table is that it can fold down to only 4.4” high and stores easily in any number of places. The compactness of this item makes it super easy to take on the go as well, so if you routinely do a lot of projects in different places you will be able to easily bring your workbench with you. It is lightweight enough to be moved by only one person and assembles fully in less than one minute.

The material used to make the workbench is weather resistant so working out in the rain will not be a problem. The polypropylene resin is rugged and tough and will last a super long time with the proper care. It will not fade in the sunlight, dent or rust. The strong carrying handle makes it even more convenient to carry around.

– Darius Spieth


2. Black & Decker

Best Overall Workbench – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Black and Decker is a well known name in tools and equipment. This folding workbench can be folded up with one hand easily and moved to wherever you need to work.

The steel frame can handle up to 550 pounds. The large work surface is made from strong bamboo that measures 670 x 450 mm. It makes a great all purpose work surface.

The quick clamping mechanism has many different flexible clamping options to aid in any projects you are working on.

It can be folded up for easy and convenient storage and is so easy to move the taking it to different work sites is simple. The convenient quick release handle allows the user to fold the bench up with one hand.

– Darius Spieth


3. Goplus

4.7/5 Product Rating

This convenient and sturdy table can handle a whopping 2000 pounds making it a great table for DIY-ers that do a lot of larger projects. There is a 4’ x 2’ steel organization tray that conveniently runs along the length of the bench for storing needed items that you use a lot.

One of the best things about this terrific table is the 6 outlet power bar with a 6’ cord so you can plug in any power tools right there at the bench.

The feet of this workbench are adjustable if you need to stabilize it to allow for less than even flooring. You can choose a bamboo worktop or stainless steel, whichever you prefer.

It is even has a useful tablet stand. This table is full of features that make it one of the most popular workbenches on the market today.

– Darius Spieth

Workbench Buying Guide

Workbenches are used by many different people for a large variety of reasons. They can be used by gardeners for seeding, grooming and potting new plants, by technicians for repair work, and other uses too. Chefs have used workbenches for food prep and artists have used them for making crafts of all kinds. Whatever your reason and use for your workbench, you want to be sure to choose one that will meet all your needs and make the work you are doing on it much more convenient and comfortable.

Types of Workbenches

There are four basic types of workbenches on the market to choose from.  There are a lot more brands available that sell them, but with all the benches on the market, they will still fall into one of the four main categories:

  • Garage Workbench – This is a traditional style of workbench that is perfect for making minor home repairs and smaller carpentry projects. These benches oftentimes have shelving, backs made of pegboard, and drawers to keep everything organized.
  • Industrial Workbench – These workbenches have all the benefits of a traditional workbench but they offer those benefits on a larger scale to handle heavier projects. Industrial workbenches offer materials like steel in their construction.
  • Electronic Workbench – If you have an electronic repair business or you just enjoy fixing electronics on your own time, you want to choose an electronic workbench that is equipped with extra electrical outlets and electrical knockouts too.
  • Portable Workbench – Portable is just what the name implies. Users with this type of table are able to use the table anywhere they may have projects to work on.  They can be moved around where it will have the most benefit.

Consider the Size

Workbenches can measure anywhere from two feet in length to as much as 10 feet. There is a wide range in between that covers all different lengths and widths. Before you purchase your workbench you will want to measure the space that you will placing the bench so you are sure that it will fit properly.

Also make sure that you purchase the workbench that meets your needs. If you will only be working on small projects, a 10 foot table is not necessary and will just take up room unnecessarily. Also look for adjustable benches so they can accommodate people of all heights. You can move them either higher or lower to accommodate what you need.

Workbench top Materials

There are many different types of materials that are used to make the surface of a workbench. The major determining factor in choosing the material is knowing what type of projects you will be working on. We have listed the common surface materials used in workbench tops below with some characteristics of each material.

  • Wood Surfaces – This type of material is one of the strongest available.  It is built to withstand heat exposure, impacts, and marring from tools. Workbench surfaces made of wood are usually made from maple which is perfect for all purpose tasks like maintenance, repair and more.
  • Particle Board Surfaces – This is a very affordable choice that is well suited to light to medium jobs.  Particle board isn’t as strong as other surface options are.  The majority of particle board surfaced work benches are coated with melamine or laminate. This makes them very easy to clean up after the project is done.
  • Steel Surfaces- This is the toughest and longest lasting surface there is.  It can last through years of heavy use because of the welds and reinforcements that are used to increase weight capacity.  If you will using solvents or oil, steel is the best choice because cleanup is easy and the steel won’t get ruined.
  • Plastic or Laminate Surfaces – These lightweight and affordable workbenches that feature laminate or plastic tops are great for working on electrical projects and appliances. Plastic surfaced work benches have very durable coatings that protect the table top against stains and scratches.  If you will be doing package packing and other light duty projects, you will find this workbench surface sufficient.

Workbench Extras

There are some features and extras that some workbenches can offer or maybe you have purchased one of the top rated workbenches and want to deck it out with extras.  Whatever the reason is, the following extras may be of interest to you.

    • Plastic or Metal Tool Boxes – Tool boxes are critical in keeping your important tools and supplies organized and convenient. Metal tool boxes are good for the rough tools and projects while the lighter weight plastic tool boxes are better suited for casual use.
    • Parts Storage – Drawers for parts storage come in handy when there are a lot of little parts lying around. The small drawers help you stay much more organized and make the small parts and tools easy to grab as you need them.
    • Workbench Stool – this can be just as important as your workbench when you look at how many hours you could spend hunched over the bench. Having a good stool can make working on certain projects, especially more intricate, repair-based ones, much easier to manage. Look for a stool that is comfortable to sit on and that is the right height so you can work for longer periods of time without becoming tired.

  • Pegboard backdrops – Hanging pegboard above your workbench gives you plenty of space to hang a myriad of tools that you use often during your projects. It can add extra shelving as well.


When it comes to choosing the perfect workbench for your garage or shop, it all comes down to finding the one that works the best with the tasks you will be doing. Workbenches come in all shapes and sizes and have many different features that can make projects and repairs enjoyable to do rather than a chore.

The three top rated workbench choices we have featured above are all excellent for a multitude of projects. Any one of them would be a great choice for your workbench needs. If none of them appeal to you, the information in this buyer’s guide will give you the knowledge you need to determine your needs and then sort through the choices to find the one or ones that will be the right fit for what you need.


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