Best Way to Unclog a Drain

Best Way to Unclog a Drain

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If you are dealing with clogged drain issues, you have most certainly noticed that it can take a toll on your family. It does make a difference if the clog is in the kitchen, bathroom, or the laundry room. But no matter where it is, a clogged drain is usually a big problem for everyone involved. Particularly, when it slows down the process of getting ready for school, work and other activities –
especially in the morning hours. Therefore, when you or someone else in the family discovers a clogged drain, its best to take action right away.

Typically, when you or another individual in the home sees the water slowly going down, you may look on the surface to find what kinds of obstacles are stopping the free flow of the water. The obstacles that stops your sink can vary from one room to another since the clog may consist of globs of hair in the bathroom and large particles of food in the kitchen. So, the first response for you is to make sure the clog is addressed by removing anything that’s easily seen. Otherwise, if the clog in the drain continues to persist and stops up the drain completely, your problems can graduate from a slow flow to a completely stopped up drain.

1. Run the Water

While you may think running water is too simple to consider, you would be surprised to know how many clogs can be removed when starting off with this basic solution. For instance, if the drain is only considered to be somewhat clogged, running a lot of water down the drain can create enough pressure to remove the clog down the pipes without restrictions. In fact, some homeowners recommend,removing a clog in the tub by filling it up with about 30 gallons of water. With this amount of water, a small clog will be released and flow freely down the drain without any further activity. Typically, if this solution does not work the first time, you may want to try it over again before moving on to a more aggressive solution.

2. Grab the Vinegar and the Baking Soda

Baking Soda Drain Cleaner

Apple Cider vinegar and white vinegar have been used over the years for so many things that most people may not be surprised at this option. This is because vinegar can be used as a quick fail proof remedy for indigestion, while helping you with shining up glass windows in your home so that they sparkle. So, why not use the all natural power of vinegar to remove a clog from a kitchen or a bathroom drain. Also, because most families will already have vinegar available in their kitchen cabinets, there is no real need to leave the home to waste time by going out of the home to buy it.

Another essential key to making sure this all natural mixture works effectively in removing a clog drain is getting out the baking soda. Since both (vinegar and baking soda products) are usually in most kitchen cabinets, you can try option out without a lot unnecessary fuss or hassles. So, if you want to try this alternative out after running gallons of water, the first thing that you will need to do is mix the vinegar with a bit of baking soda. This combination will not only help to remove the smaller clogs, but will also help to eliminate foul odor and make the drain itself smell so much fresher.

To try the vinegar and soda solution out, you should pour this mixture down the drain. After pouring this all natural plumbing remedy down your kitchen or bathroom drain, you will need to cover the top of the drain up with a towel. The towel is also a requirement because it will help to keep the mixture from coming back out. Most homeowners recommend waiting at least a half hour to make sure that it cuts down through the clog. Also, before the total steps can be completed, the next step in this process is to pour boiling hot water down. As a general rule, it is important to note that this all natural trick is a great solution for small to medium sized clogs.

3. Use the Plunger

Plunger to Clean Drain

Even though you may think of a plunger as the toilets friend, this is not the only area in a home that a plumber is needed. In fact, as time goes by, you may also find that a plunger is an excellent tool for unclogging kitchen and bathroom drains too. For in stance, if there is clog in the kitchen sink, you will need a smaller sized plunger to remove any clogs that you find. In many cases, these small plungers can do a great job on the tougher clogs that’s really hard to remove.

4. Go Get the Best Drain Cleaner

If the first three solutions do not work, you will need to find a more aggressive clog removing technique to get rid of a stubborn clog that refuses to remove. In fact, for most people, they may have already reached for the drain cleaner to remove the clog in their drain. Either way, drain cleaners have been designed for a number of different reasons. One of the most important is to remove stubborn clogs that want move without the added help.

As a general rule of thumb, a strong high strength drain cleaner can easily break up the clog in no time. The only thing that you are normally tasked with doing is finding the best drain cleaner on the market that you can take home. Also, many of these drain cleaners are chemically based so you must use them with care. Therefore, you will need to read the instructions thoroughly and follow every step that is given. Once the instructions have been followed correctly, the water will begin to flow down the drain freely without any interruptions.

If your drains are not flowing freely, you may have a clog that will need to be removed before the drain is completely stopped up. Fortunately, there are several different methods that can be used to remove a clog in a drain. From running gallons of water down the drain to getting out the best drain cleaner to remove the clog, each situation can vary based on the severity of the problem.

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