Best Water Shoes in 2023 – Water Shoes Reviews and Ratings

Best Water Shoes in 2023 – Water Shoes Reviews and Ratings
There are many different types and styles of water shoes available to choose from. They have sizes and styles for men, women and children and some that are unisex and can be worn by men and women. With so many choices, it may be difficult to decide which ones to purchase. The best water shoes have thick, durable soles and breathable, mesh uppers that allow for quick drying. Our pick, Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes, are lightweight and long lasting.

1. Zhuanglin

Best Overall Water Shoes

5/5 Product Rating
The lightweight mesh used to make this shoe provide the wearer with plenty of air flow so it dries quickly and allows the foot to breathe.

This comfortable and functional water shoe is made from 90% fabric and features a durable rubber sole that protect the feet from sharp shells and hot sand. The midsole is super lightweight and provides all the bounce-back ability you need.

The ComforDry sockliner gives you plenty of cushioning that will create an environment for your feet that are healthier, drier and cooler as well. The flex grooves provide natural range of motion when walking and the fit is so superior it will almost feel like you’re not wearing anything at all on your feet. They are excellent for walking around rivers and oceans. These water shoes from Zhuanglin are available in many great colors.

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2. Aleader

Best Overall Water Shoes – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
These quick drying water shoes are made from Neoprene and feature a latex sole and an air mesh upper allows plenty of air to reach your feet while maintaining the durability.

The lightweight midsole is very tough and provides bounce back support that will make the wearer feel great.

These water shoes feature a Water Grip outsole that provides superior traction in slippery or wet conditions. The mesh on these shoes allows them to dry quickly so your feet don’t remain wet once you are out of the water.

These Aleader Women’s Water Shoes are perfect for many different water activities from river walking to boating to wakeboarding. They will protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells and other foreign objects that can cause walking barefoot to be painful or unsafe.

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Best Budget Water Shoes

4.5/5 Product Rating
The ultra lightweight of these water shoes make wearing them during water sports a real pleasure.

The materials used to make these water shoes are strong and durable, making them able to be used all four seasons for a number of water activities.

The purpose of a good quality water shoe is to protect the feet from sharp, pokey things that can really hurt and affect your enjoyment. They dry quickly which prevents your feet from having to stay wet longer than necessary.

These all purpose, Unisex water shoes features a removable cushions insole and a special treatment of Silicon spiderweb foam that is designed to make the shoes fit comfortably without getting distorted. Your water shoes will keep their attractive shape.

The liquid PU foaming method increases the strength and durability of the product and protects them from breaking down in sea water or otherwise being negatively affected. These water shoes come with a zipper bag for convenient carrying. There are many sizes available in kids, women’s and men’s.

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Water Shoes Buying Guide

Water Shoe Buying Guide

Benefits of Water Shoes

There are many notable benefits of water shoes that you will not find when it comes to other types of shoes. We have listed the different benefits below.

  • Safety – Water shoes are perfect for protecting your feet from sharp rocks, shells, crabs, and other sharp things that can really hurt when stepped on barefoot. They can also protect the soles of the feet from getting blistered by walking over hot pavement or sand.
  • Traction – If you are walking on wet or slippery surfaces, a good quality pair of water shoes with good tread can provide plenty of traction and can reduce the chances of trips, slips and falls. The unique tread pattern on the bottom of the shoes performs differently on wet surfaces, allowing you to have much better traction.
  • Lightweight – If you have ever worn sneakers into the water you are familiar with how heavy the shoes feel once they are wet. Water shoes are made with mesh material that is designed to get wet and drain so they feel lightweight and easy to walk in even after they are wet.
  • Comfort – Wet feet are uncomfortable feet and if they are allowed to remain wet for extended periods of time, problems can develop. Water shoes dry quickly thanks to their material which allows the feet to dry off also and get warm. Some types of water shoes come insulated which makes the drying process even faster.

Choosing The Right Water Shoes

Before you start researching different water shoes it is important to know what you are looking for so your investment is a good one. Look for the following features regardless of the different brands you are considering. These features are preferable regardless of the manufacturer of the water shoes.

  • Toe Guards– Toe guards are a standard feature in all types of water shoes. This toe guard is what makes the water shoe different from a standard summer sneaker. Toe guards are common but not all companies offer them so be sure that you look for this feature.
  • Thick Soles – Having thick, durable soles means that your feet will be protected no matter what you step on in the water. The thicker the water shoe’s sole is the better protected your foot is. A cheap, flimsy sole can allow sharp objects to penetrate right through so be sure this feature is at the top of your list. Thicker soled water shoes also have better traction.
  • Quality Materials – You want to look for water shoes that are made from quality, durable materials so your water shoes last. Make sure that the material is comfortable and that the whole foot is covered. Look for water shoes that state they are quick or fast drying as this makes you much more comfortable.

You want temperature balance, quick drying, durability, and comfort as well. The mesh that is most common in water shoes should be strong so it doesn’t tear. Do not waste money on water shoes that have leather materials. Leather is not a good water material and is known to hold and absorb water. This will only leave your feet feeling like lead. Water will also break leather down and cause it to crack.

Other Water Shoe Features

There are a few other things that you want to look for when shopping for the perfect water shoes. High quality water shoes contact quality materials and will state that in their descriptions. We have listed a few more features that can make a big difference in the quality of your water shoes.

  • Drainage and Ventilation – These two features are very important because poor drainage can cause squishy feet or painful blisters. Make sure that the shoes have drainage holes around the edges of the shoes to prevent them from taking water on and remaining soggy. Ventilation is also very important as this helps the shoes dry quickly, eliminating odor and foot problems.
  • Neoprene Heel Reinforcement – Heel reinforcements will keep the heel of the water shoe from rubbing against your foot. This rubbing can cause hot spots or bad blisters which are extremely uncomfortable and can affect the quality of your time.

    A panel made of neoprene can reduce the chances of this occurring due to the softness and flexibility. Neoprene material provides insulation against cold as well so your feet won’t be uncomfortably cold as they are drying.


There are many different reasons to wear good quality water shoes. The biggest reason is for the protection they provide the wearer when they are engaging in any number of water sports and activities. Sharp objects such as rocks can cause really nasty cuts, some so deep that they could require stitches.

Wearing quality, thick-soled water shoes will prevent the likelihood of these injuries from occurring. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the quality of the shoes you purchase. High quality water shoes are made to protect and last. Cheap water shoes can still allow sharp items to get right through the shoe and cause damage. They also wear out sooner.

The three top rated water shoes that we have featured above are great examples of high quality water shoes that have the features that are most beneficial to you. Any one of them will have your feet protected and give you the comfort, durability and safety you want.

The information in this guide has provided you with the different features that you need to look for and what type of water shoe is best. Quality water shoes come in all shapes and sizes from child sizes to adult men’s and women’s. You will have plenty of color choices available to choose from as well which means you can choose a different color for every member of the family.

Make sure that you know the right size to get for everyone as well. The right sized shoe is important for the best and most comfortable fit. Most water shoes will have a sizing chart that you can go buy when choosing your shoes. Using the information in this buyer’s guide will enable you to make an informed decision that will be everything you need in a water shoes.


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