Best Water Flosser in 2023 – Water Flosser Reviews and Ratings

Best Water Flosser in 2023 – Water Flosser Reviews and Ratings
The best water flosser will be easy to use and compact in size so it is not cumbersome or difficult to maneuver. Tank size and special features also determine which flosser is the best as well. Our pick, the Panasonic Dental Water Flosser, is a great example of a water flosser that is top of the line, providing the features that are most convenient for the user. The swiveling head on this flosser makes hard-to-reach places easy to clean, while the adjustable dial makes adjusting the water pressure a snap. One of the things we loved was the pulsating pressure that helped to remove plaque at the gum line. Using this water flosser gave our mouths a clean that was impossible for any toothbrush or flossing string to beat.
Best Water Flosser

1. Panasonic

Best Overall Water Flosser

5/5 Product Rating
Panasonic is a well known and trusted name in electronics. This water flosser gives customers another reason to like and trust them. It easily removes the food particles that can get between teeth and along the gum line and cause all kinds of problems.

There are three pressure settings to choose from: deep, targeted cleaning, normal mode for every day cleaning and a lower, pulsating speed that is perfect for children and those that have super sensitive teeth or gums.

The 1500 pulses per minute make fast work of getting rid of all the food particles and plaque that can ruin the look and health of your teeth.

The Panasonic water flosser is cordless and features a dishwasher safe tank that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The flosser is 100%waterproof. There is an AC charging stand and two nozzles.

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2. Waterpik

Best Overall Water Flosser – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Waterpik is the most well known name in water flossers, producing some of the best and well made models on the market. This Aquarius water flosser has a lot of features that make it one of the most popular and most often purchased flossers available.

Features that we loved included the quiet motor that was much quieter than others we had tried, the swiveling head that made it easy to get all areas of our teeth, the convenient adjustable dial and the large selection of tips that came with it.

Users will have 7 tips to use with this model including: toothbrush tip, orthodontic tip, pik pocket tip, 3 standard tips that are color coded and the plaque seeker tip. The orthodontic tip was terrific for people with braces and helps to get the food particles out of the braces with minimal discomfort. It has 10 different pressure settings and 90 seconds of water capacity for a great cleaning.

The compact design of the Aquarius works well on any countertop and won’t take up a lot of room. It has a convenient on/off switch located on the handle of the wand; push button power with an LED display that is easy to read. This product should only be used in North America due to the compatibility with North American 120vac/60Hz outlets. Using it anywhere else outside North America automatically voids the warranty.

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3. ToiletTree

Best Budget Water Flosser

4.5/5 Product Rating
Toilet Tree Products brings you the updated version of their Professional style oral irrigator. It features Universal Voltage that includes 100 to 240v and 50/60 Hz.

The water tank on this new and improved water flosser is easy to fill and rinse out thanks to the wide opening on the back that just pops open.

It has a quiet motor that is 68% quieter than the previous motor and won’t be loud and disturbing when using it and a tip release button that makes tip changes fast and efficient.

There are three modes of operation that this oral water flosser has: normal, soft and pulse. The pulse setting is perfect for getting rid of plaque along the gum line. There are two color tips included that can be for other users.

Toilet Tree Product’s water flosser uses lithium ion batteries that provide plenty of power and battery longevity. This water flosser is FDA approved and BPA free as well for maximum safety during use. Using this flosser promotes healthier gums and teeth by getting rid of the bacteria that causes problems.

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Water Flosser Buying Guide

Water Flosser Reviews

Advantages of Water Flosser

There are many advantages of using a water flosser rather than the traditional means of flossing and teeth cleaning. If you are unsure at all about whether you would like using one, keep reading the guide below.

  • Less gum bleeding – Have you ever brushed your teeth or used floss you may have noticed that your gums will bleed. Using a water flosser allows you to adjust the pressure to a setting that is comfortable for you. This reduces the amount of bleeding that you will experience.
  • Perfect for Brace-wearers – If you or someone in your family wears braces, they will love the water flosser. It makes getting food particles out of the spaces between the wires of braces super simple and pain free. Your mouth will be much cleaner than it could ever get with a standard floss string since string could not access all of the spaces that the water will be able to get through.
  • Super Easy to Use – It doesn’t get much easier to deep clean your teeth than turning on the water flosser and pointing the jets at the areas that you want to clean. Using a water flosser is so simple that it is perfect for children to use as well and starts them off on the right foot when it comes to getting the teeth and gums truly clean.
  • Reduces Gum disease – There have been studies conducted that are showing a 51% more effective result in reducing the chances of gum disease by using a water flosser in place of traditional means of flossing.

Types of Water Flossers

There are several different kinds of water flossers available to choose from. We have listed the different types below along with information about each type so you can see which one meets your preferences and needs the best.

Countertop Water Flosser – There are two different kinds of countertop water flossers available to choose from: the small countertop water flosser and the advanced countertop water flosser.

  1. Advanced – This type provides users with the largest selection of pressure settings, the moist advanced features and the largest water reservoirs. The reservoir in a large countertop model provides the user with 90 seconds or more of flossing time. Many of the large countertop models have a lid as well.

    Pressure settings are numerous, offering the user anywhere from 6 to 10 levels depending on the brand. The water pressure ranges from 10 to 100 PSI. Some models offer a water control dial on the handle of the water flosser in addition to the power switch to provide even more options and control over the flossing experience. The water flow can be controlled by either a push button or sliding on/off switch.

  2. Small – This water flosser is more compact in size and has a good balance of features. The smaller size and portable design make this the perfect water flosser for those who travel frequently but still want to take their flossers with them. Small countertop water flossers provide 60 seconds or more of flossing time.

    In some models the reservoir can be turned over and used as a cover. There are typically 3 different pressure levels with a pressure range that goes from 10 to 90 PSI. The small countertop water flossers have the on/off switch on the unit itself and not the handle. Depending on the model, some may be globally voltage compatible.

Cordless Water Flosser – Cordless water flossers are more convenient to use but they do have a smaller water reservoir and lower water pressure as well. Cordless water flossers are lightweight and very portable, making them perfect for heavy travelers.

Depending on the model, the flosser may either run on batteries (usually AA) or they may have a rechargeable battery along with a charging adapter. The water reservoir provides 30 to 45 seconds of water flossing time. If you need to floss longer, the reservoir is easy to refill. It can stay attached to the unit while it is filling up with more water.

Users will have 2 or 3 pressure settings to choose from. The pressure control is in the handle on the majority of models or sometimes there are special pressure tips. The water pressure ranges from 45 to 75 PSI.

The base of the cordless water flosser is smaller than the countertop models and it weighs less as well. Some models run on AA batteries which make it very easy to take with them when traveling. They can be used internationally as well since they do not require charging.

Most models that have a rechargeable battery can be used multiple times before having to recharge them. Some cordless models are waterproof, making them suitable for using in the shower.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Water Flosser

Keep the following factors in mind when you are researching different water flosser models. These points will help you choose the model that is going to work the best with your personal preferences and needs.

  • Who is using it? – If you are purchasing this for your children to use you will want to look for models that have adjustable pressure settings that can allow the intensity of the water to be lowered when they are using it. It is also a good idea to look for adjustable pressure models if you have sensitive gums or teeth. Who uses the water flosser will help you decide which features are the most important.
  • Warranties/Guarantees – Look for water flossers that have good warranties and guarantees to support the quality of their products. A common warranty is one year and some offer 30-90 days money back guarantees as well.
  • Do You Have a Budget? – If there is a certain dollar amount that you want to stay close to, make sure to take this into consideration when you start researching. Don’t make the mistake of simply looking for the cheapest water flosser. You want to purchase a model that is of excellent quality and that will last a long time with the right care and maintenance.


Water flossers make taking care of your teeth and gums much simpler and almost fun, especially for kids. You won’t think twice about using a water flosser each night before bed, especially after you have experienced how clean and good your teeth and gums feel after you have used this device once or twice.

With all of the choices available, take the time to sort through the models that match the preferences and needs you have so you and any other family members that will be using the water flosser will be happy with the one you decide on.


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