Best Wall Clock in 2023 – Wall Clock Reviews and Ratings

Best Wall Clock in 2023 – Wall Clock Reviews and Ratings
Wall clocks are popular due to the fact that they do not take up any floor space. With all of the hundreds of wall clock styles available, they can add a lot to a space as well as being a functional and easy means of keeping track of the time. The best wall clock is made from quality materials that are designed to enhance the look of your home while fulfilling a necessary role of keeping time for your household. Our pick, KI Store Wall Clock, is an unusual, modern style wall clock that has an interesting design.

1. KI Store

Best Overall Wall Clock

5/5 Product Rating
The premium quality, quiet Quartz movement in this decorative wall clock is just one of the examples of the fine craftsmanship and quality you get when you purchase this item.

The sweeping second hand is completely silent. This striking wall clock keeps perfect time so you never have to worry about being late to any appointments.

It has a vintage, almost distressed look with Roman numerals for each hour. This vintage design goes well with any home that favors the traditional style of decorating.

This clock is made from extra thick wooden MDF along with art paper that is coated with BOPP film, separating it from most other wall clocks that are similar in nature. The BOPP film is moisture resistant and provides tensile strength and superior optical clarity. The face and overall appearance of this pretty clock will last through years of use.

The KI store silent wall clock runs on 1 – AA heavy duty or carbon zinc battery that is not included. Do not use Alkaline batteries in this clock. The company takes care to ship the clock carefully, protecting the delicate hands with a plastic cover, Styrofoam and plenty of bubble wrap that will protect the clock face from getting scratched. It comes with 2 hooks for easy mounting on the wall.

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2. Umbra

Best Overall Wall Clock – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Umbra presents consumers with a modern style clock that will be certain to draw attention. This copper ribbon style clock is modern and contemporary with copper colored steel ribbons, one for each hour of the day.

This unique wall clock measures 12” in diameter and is perfect for your living room or den wall.

The bent copper finish “ribbons” are made of durable and long lasting stainless steel. The clock hands including a second hand are black for striking contrast against the copper.

This is a perfect functional and decorative wall clock for any modern or contemporary home.

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3. Timekeeper

Best Budget Wall Clock

4.5/5 Product Rating
This simply designed yet very elegant wall clock measures 11” in diameter and features a beautiful Espresso Brown finish. The dark wood frame has a raised glass cover along with silver posts for contrast.

There are silver dash lines where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hours are. This battery operated wall clock adds elegance to any room you put it in but it is very well suited for an office, den or living room.

Other features include a brushed metal center disk and a floating glass dial on chrome posts. The black metal hands contrast well with the rest of the clock making this a very attractive piece that works well in almost any type of décor.

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Wall Clock Buying Guide

Best Wall Clock
There are many styles of wall clocks on the market but only three main categories that all wall clocks will fall into despite their style. These categories have been listed below along with the benefits and different features of each one.

  • Traditional Pendulum Wall Clock – A pendulum wall clock regulates the time with the pendulum. This weight that hangs inside the clock, usually below it, swings at a steady pace to indicate the time. A true pendulum clock does not use batteries and requires winding with a key. These clocks are expensive and considered heirlooms. There will usually be holes in the dial of a true pendulum wall clock where the key goes to wind it. Some pendulum clocks use chain driven movement. The winding of this kind of clock is done by opening the door and pulling the chain down that is responsible for powering the clock. This type of clock is used to decorate and enhance formal spaces such as a living room or family room, sometimes even a dining room. A popular type of pendulum wall clock is the cuckoo clock. Even though these types of clocks are very expensive, this does not lessen their appeal.
  • Quartz Wall Clock – A quartz wall clock is a common type of low maintenance wall clock. They do not require weights or springs to keep the time and instead use the response of quartz crystals to the electrical fields to tell the time. They are available in a large variety of styles and designs from contemporary to classic. Some clock companies design clocks they have the look of a pendulum clock but they use quartz movement to keep time. The pendulum –look wall clocks run on batteries and are much easier to maintain than the older, traditional pendulum clocks. Some of the features a quartz wall clock may have include a chiming function, stylish bezel made from wood, wrought iron or some other metal, and a clock face that is covered by glass or plastic.
  • Digital Wall Clock – The digital varieties of wall clocks tell time through the numbers that are displayed on a screen. Digital wall clocks run on batteries or electrical power cords. This type of wall clock also has a lot of variety when it comes to colors and shapes. They are not usually as ornate as quartz movement wall clocks. A form of a digital wall clock is an atomic wall clock. This type of clock is considered the most accurate of all clocks when it comes to telling the time. They will automatically reset themselves to official time and can adjust automatically to Daylight Savings Time as well.

Wall Clock Considerations to Think About

There are several purchase considerations you will want to think about before spending your money. We have listed these considerations so you know exactly what to look out for and compare when looking at different models.

  • Size – When you are looking for the right wall clock, size will play a factor in your decision. You want to choose a wall clock that fills the space you have decided to put the clock. It doesn’t have to be huge, but due to the fact that it can be used as a means of decorating, it can be larger with no problem. Decide where you are going to put the clock and measure the space you have to ensure that the clocks you are considering will fit.
  • Readability – A wall clock is usually not used for crucial time keeping the way an alarm clock is but you still want to be able to read the time fairly easily. Wall clocks are much more decorative in nature so depending on the style and design, some will be easier to read than others. Overall, one can usually figure out what time it is, even if they have to look for a minute or two. Most wall clocks make reading the time fairly easy and add some really striking details to the clock with colored hands and n umber variations.
  • Easy Care – Most wall clocks will not require a large amount of care. Regular dusting is a must to keep the clock looking fresh but other than that, you shouldn’t have to do any other maintenance other than a battery change when needed.
  • Power Source – Most wall clocks will be powered by battery. Some wall clocks that are specialty items may have power cords but over all you will need to plan on using batteries to keep your clock running unless the wall clock is a traditional pendulum wall clock.
  • Sounds – Most wall clocks will not have any real sounds other than operating sounds unless it is a cuckoo clock or traditional pendulum wall clock. If you have chosen a clock that makes a sound, ensure that you like the sound it makes since you will be hearing it a lot.
  • Materials – Wall clocks can be made of many different types of materials from wood to wrought iron to plastic or steel. Patterns and finishes will vary as well. With all of the choices available you will have some unique, interesting styles to sort through.


Before you start researching the different wall clocks on the market, make sure that you know what purpose the wall clock will serve and where it will go. These two pieces of information will affect the type of wall clock you choose as well as the design. You want to choose a wall clock that will match your décor, fulfill your time keeping needs and enhance the spot that you will be mounting it.

The three top rated wall clocks that we have featured above are all unique and stylish clocks that will add a lot to any décor. All three are durable and long lasting, made from materials that look great in any room. Whether you are looking for the perfect wall clock for your office or want to add elegance and style to your den, any one of these three wall clocks will fit the bill.


  1. Umbra –
  2. KI Store –
  3. Timekeeper

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