Best Vitamin D Supplement in 2023 – Vitamin D Supplement Reviews and Ratings

Best Vitamin D Supplement in 2023 – Vitamin D Supplement Reviews and Ratings
Vitamin D is found in the cells throughout your whole body. It’s a crucial vitamin for calcium absorption and phosphorus to keep your bones and teeth strong, for healthy muscle function and to provide immune system support. The best vitamin D supplement contains D3, the type of vitamin D that the body naturally produces. Our pick, NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU, contains this exceptional type of vitamin D and is one of the best companies you can purchase from.

1. NatureWise

Best Overall Vitamin D Supplement

5/5 Product Rating
NatureWise is made in the USA and is one of the best ways to get important vitamin D3. The vitamin D3 in this supplement is doctor formulated and is non-GMO and gluten free. NatureWise is a natural supplement company that has been NSF certified.

You get the same biologically active form of D3 that you would get from the sun but you don’t have to worry about skin cancer from being exposed to UVB rays.

The certified organic olive oil that is in the D3 helps maintain strong bones and teeth, provides exceptional immune support and supports healthy muscle function as well.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is very common but you don’t have to go without. This is the perfect supplement to get the needed D3 your body needs to operate at the optimal level.

Linda Krantz

2. Nutrigold

Best Overall Vitamin D Supplement – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This is truly the gold standard in vitamin D supplements that is sourced from Lanolin and not made in labs. It is a natural highly bio-available form of vitamin D3 that brings many health benefits to you such as improved immune health, bone health, breast health, muscle, prostate and dental health.

You get 3000IU of vitamin D3 per softgel. They are free from GMO and are also preservative and soy free. They are Free of milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, peanuts, and shellfish; They Do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, nor do they have sweeteners, sugar, salt, starch, or yeast.

These supplements are perfect for those who have a lot of allergies. They are also made in USA and are manufactured in a cGMP facility that has been NPA certified.

Linda Krantz

3. NOW

Best Budget Vitamin D Supplement

4.5/5 Product Rating
The Now vitamin D softgels provide this supplement in a highly absorbable liquid gel form that is easy to swallow and digest. It provides 5000IU of the highest potency possible.

Vitamin D helps support strong bones and teeth among other important functions and the only way you can get it is through supplements such as this one and by spending time outdoors in the sun.

Because so many people avoid sun exposure now due to fears of skin cancer, supplementing has become more important than ever. You only need to take these softgels once every two days to get the needed amount of vitamin D into your system.

This product is pure and contains no shellfish, starch, eggs, soy, milk, wheat, gluten, or other fillers and has no artificial preservatives or colors either.

Linda Krantz

Vitamin D Supplement Buying Guide

Vitamin D Supplement Buying Guide

Most people don’t have the right amount of vitamin D in their systems and not having enough can cause some problems that you don’t want. Some of the more serious potential problems are being at an increased risk of skin and prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes and there is a chance of having bone and muscle problems as well.

Currently the recommended amount of vitamin D that people should have is a little unclear. It used to be 600IU per day but updated information states that some people can take as much as 4000IU. The best way to get the right dosage that is good for your needs is to check with your doctor. He or she will give you the amount you should be taking and may do a test to determine what your vitamin D levels are.

Benefits of Vitamin D

There are many benefits that you will get from getting the right amount of vitamin D each day. We have listed these benefits below so you can see how important this vitamin is and why you should be taking it.

  • Strong bones – Calcium is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of having strong, healthy bones but vitamin D is also a key player in how healthy they are. Research has shown that vitamin D stimulates the deposit of calcium in your bones, improving their strength and health. When there is a deficiency present, the body slows down or stops depositing that calcium into your bones and eventually will start drawing it back out into the blood stream. When this is allowed to go on for an extended period of time you are at a high risk for weak bones and fractures.
  • Better Functioning Muscles– If you are trying to gain strength in the gym, having a vitamin D deficiency could be hampering that. Studies show that 70% of men between the ages of 20 and 29 had a deficiency. Increase your vitamin D intake and you will notice a difference in the gym for sure. Deficiencies can be common in athletes and can result in muscle atrophy and weakness.
  • Protects from Heart Disease – Not only does vitamin D help your bone health it helps your heart health as well. There is evidence recently that shows that people with a vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of heart failure, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It also appears that taking a good quality vitamin D supplement can help improve glycemic control, lower blood pressure and improve how elastic your arteries are.
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes can cause a lot of problems including eye damage, vision loss, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney failure and other problems. Vitamin D supplementation can play a major role in reducing your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Taking vitamin D can improve insulin sensitivity, inflammation in the body, and improvements in beta cell function.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer – Taking a vitamin D supplement in adulthood can drastically reduce the risk for breast, colon, ovarian and prostate cancers. It has been shown to be one of the strongest blocks to cancer-cell growth and increases the absorption of calcium as well as cell differentiation. It also reduces the spread of cancer from one place to another within the body.
  • Healthy, Happy Children – Even children can have vitamin D deficiencies so it is important that their intake is monitored as well. Studies have shown that children can benefit from vitamin D as a way to improve or eliminate asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases.
  • Healthy Pregnancies – Women who are pregnant and experiencing a deficiency in vitamin D have an increased risk of having to have a C-section and getting preeclampsia. You don’t want to take too much though due to studies that have shown that women who had too much vitamin D while pregnant resulted in children with a high food allergy during the first two years of their life.

Choosing the Right Vitamin D Supplement

There are several things that you need to consider when you are researching different supplements to see which vitamin D supplement you want. We have listed these helpful tips below that you can use while you are shopping.

  • Don’t overdo it – It is hard to get enough vitamin D from the sun, especially during the winter, but taking too much of this great supplement can be harmful for you as well. If you can. Get your levels tested before you start taking a supplement. It is recommended to avoid taking any more than 1000IU each day and if you experience any side effects like weakness or nausea, cut back even more and talk to your doctor.
  • 3rd party certifications are good – Check the bottles you are considering for a USP verification seal. This tells you that the supplement went through independent voluntary testing for quality. Pills that have this USP verification have listed the amounts of vitamin D contained accurately so you can trust what the bottle states.
  • Choose gel caps or liquid forms – If the pills you are taking don’t dissolve well, you won’t get the same benefits since the vitamin D won’t be absorbed as well. Capsules, liquids, powders and soft gels don’t have this worry since they dissolve or are already dissolved on contact with the stomach.
  • Choose the right form – There are two types of vitamin D on the market: D2 and D3. D3 is the supplement of choice since that is the type that is naturally produced by the skin. This makes it much easier for the body to absorb properly. If you are vegan, choose D2 which is manufactured using mushrooms or yeast rather than a derivative or sheep’s wool like D3 is.


Vitamin D is a very important supplement that can easily be forgotten in the huge selection of supplements on the market but the huge array of benefits warrants it being taken seriously as a vitamin to add to your daily routine. With all of the choices available, you can use the information in this buyer’s guide to sort through them and eliminate the ones that won’t work for your specific needs.

The three supplements we have reviewed above have taken the worry out of choosing with their high quality, reputable companies and proper forms of D that will benefit you the most. This information makes the decision process almost effortless and it could come down to just which company you prefer to buy from.

Don’t only look at cost when choosing your vitamin D supplement unless all the other factors have been met and the only thing left to look at is cost. Looking for a good deal is fine, but you don’t want to search for a supplement with “cheapest” in your mind. You tend to get what you pay for in supplements when you only look at the cost and you could end up with an inferior supplement that won’t benefit you well at all.

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