Best Vacuum Under 200 in 2023 – Vacuum Under 200 Reviews and Ratings

Best Vacuum Under 200 in 2023 – Vacuum Under 200 Reviews and Ratings

In the review, we’ll take a look at some great vacuums for under two hundred dollars and then go on to figure out just how cheap you can go without sacrificing the features you expect to see in your preferred model.

Introduction to the Vacuum Under 200

When saving money on a vacuum, the most important thing to figure out is just how far you can go in stripping a vacuum of features while still having it remain perfectly functional. For the average consumer; however, this may be a lot easier said than done. Luckily, that’s where this review comes in. In the review, we’ll take a look at some great vacuums for under two hundred dollars and then go on to figure out just how cheap you can go without sacrificing the features you expect to see in your preferred model. Believe it or not, a cheap vacuum can do a great job of meeting and exceeding your expectations, assuming you know what to look for.

Top Ranked Vacuums Under 200

Shark Rotator Professional

The Shark Rotator Professional is a vacuum whose sole priority seems to revolve around giving its owners the highest degree of practicality possible in a unit of its price. This is achieved through multiple characteristics found throughout the unit which make it more efficient overall. For example, the vacuum’s Amazon page lists one of its features as “Never Loses Suction Technology.” Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume this translates to “great suction power.” And, as you’ll come to find out rather quickly after first using the vacuum, its overall level of suction isn’t only one of the best in the vacuum’s price range, but is most definitely above average when compared to vacuums as a whole. Considering the Shark Rotator Professional’s price clocks in at under two hundred dollars, it’s nice to see that it’s able to compete with some of the bigger, more expensive names on the market.

What I personally like the most about the Shark Rotator Professional is its lack of advanced, fancy features. You heard that right – I like its lack of advanced features. After spending a substantial amount of time researching frugal vacuum solutions, you’ll eventually come to realize that fancy features aren’t as great in practice as they sound on the front of the package. This is because there’s always some level of give and take in frugal vacuums – if a brand gives one of its budget models an abundance of fancy features, you can be sure it’s taking away from the same model’s functionality so as to keep the price low. However, because the few features that the Shark Rotator Professional does have are all based around getting the job done efficiently, you’ll find it as capable of cleaning carpets as units selling for up to twice the price. The formula that Shark followed when making this model is the exact formula you want to see in a frugal vacuum purchase.

Hoover WindTunnel Max UH70600

Similar to the product covered above, the Hoover WindTunnel Max UH70600 is another vacuum whose goal seems to be offering its customers a very large degree of practicality and efficiency. While it does come with its own list of innovative features, these features are not physically apparent, but rather work to allow the vacuum to exert a large amount of power over a long period of time among other things. Once again, this focus on mastering all of the basic functionalities is exactly what you want to see in a vacuum when your main priority is walking away with a purchase that could be considered as being frugal in nature. While it does carry with it a rather sleek look, you’ll likely find it most impressive while it is actively being used due to its sheer amount of power. Simply put, you’ll very rarely find yourself going back for a second pass. Of course, this is great to see in any vacuum, frugal or otherwise.

Much like other products within the Hoover WindTunnel like, the UH70600 comes with a mechanism that separates large piece of debris from small pieces. What’s interesting is not the separation that takes place, but rather what happens to the debris in question after it has been separated. The small debris passes through the vacuum’s filter, as is the case with all vacuums. The larger chunks; however, bypass the filter entirely. Simply put, this allows you to run your vacuum for longer periods of time without having to worry about needing to mess around with the filter at all. While the Hoover WindTunnel Max UH70600’s level of power already makes it efficient, this particular feature makes the vacuum even more efficient if you plan on tackling large cleaning jobs in one fell swoop.

The Hoover WindTunnel Max UH70600 also comes with a few of the more “standard” features you might expect to find in vacuums of a significantly higher price, giving it a great degree of value through ensuring you get your money’s worth. One example of such a feature are the included heads that come with the vacuum, making it suitable for vacuuming the floor, cleaning furniture and dusting hard surfaces. It also comes with a somewhat longer-than-average extension cord as well as seven different floor settings which make it suitable for all types of surfaces, even delicate hardwood flooring. This makes the Hoover WindTunnel Max UH70600 the most versatile vacuum on this list by far.

Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet AS3401AX

The Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet AS3401AX is a vacuum whose list of features make a compromise between both cleaning efficiency and overall ease of use. As such, it’s great if you’re the type who prefers to simply get Sunday’s cleaning checklist out of the way as quick as possible. Its inner brush within the head of the vacuum comes equipped with a feature which actually has any hairs within the head untangle themselves upon the push of a button. This can certainly speed up your cleaning process and decrease the amount of annoyances you face while cleaning if you find that your head’s brush often gets tangled up in hairs it picks up while vacuuming. This also goes on to increase the Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet AS3401AX’s overall level of efficiency, being that it leaves the brush free to pick up any other hair or other debris that it may happen to come across.

Also, it terms of the sheer power it possesses, the Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet AS3401AX is certainly one of the best in its price range and is easily in the top third of vacuums as a whole. Because it has no maneuverability-centric features or a high-end outer appearance (two factors which often drive up a vacuum’s sell price), it still maintains a great deal of overall efficiency while being sold for a very agreeable price. Because its main feature fights against hair, you’ll likely find it to be most suitable if hair usually causes your grief while vacuuming. Although it will still prove useful if such an issue doesn’t apply to you, you’d likely find the features inherent in one of the two previously-covered vacuums to be more suited toward your needs.

Top Rated Vacuums Under 200 Summary

When stacked up to other products within their price range, the above three vacuums are about as efficient as it gets. However, this efficiency can be even further increased without spending a dime by picking the right product for you. For example, if you’re the type to get the week’s cleaning out of the way over the course of an afternoon in one long stint, the Hoover WindTunnel is likely to prove extremely useful due to its filter which can go an extremely long time without having to be cleaned.

If you find your vacuum’s brush always gets tangled up in hair (thus reducing the efficiency with which it is able to do its job), there’s no better model than the Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet whether or not you even have a pet to begin with. For sheer power and the ability to clean any given square foot of carpet over the shortest amount of time possible, the Shark Rotator Professional will always prove to impress. Because it has little in the way of added features, you can be sure every dollar you put into it will go toward increasing its overall level of power and efficiency.

Vacuum Under 200 Buyers Guide

What is a Vacuum Under 200?

Vacuums Under 2001As great as the above vacuums are, you may get the itch to go out and do some shopping for yourself. If this is the case, keep some of the below considerations in mind to ensure you’re able to walk away with a great product at an equally-great price.

What types of surfaces will you be vacuuming?

Unlike some vacuum price ranges, those below the two-hundred-dollar-mark are typically not sold for all purpose use, save for a few exceptions (such as one of the products we covered above). As such, it’s imperative that you check with the manufacturer’s product description to see what surfaces a vacuum is meant to clean.

How important are advanced features?

Typically, a higher amount of features translates to a higher overall price. However, because we have a set price that we’re willing to pay, this doesn’t apply here. However, you can be sure that added features will take away from other areas of the vacuum. Typically, a lower amount of fancy features will net you with a vacuum that is more able to tackle the basics in an efficient manner. When trying to save money on a vacuum, it’s important to decide which features you can live without.

Typical Price Markups

Vacuums Under 2002When in the business of saving money, it helps to know just what it is that drives up a product’s overall price to begin with. To get a cheap vacuum which is still highly functional, consider whether or not you truly need the following features.

  • A Sleek Look – Because your vacuum will likely be spending more time in your closet than anywhere else, this is a great feature to skip on to save some money. Physical appearance does not indicate a vacuum’s overall level of quality in the slightest.
  • All-Purpose Cleaning – If you were going to buy separate cleaning appliances for your different floors anyways, getting an all-purpose vacuum may very well save you some cash in the end. Otherwise, you’ll likely find such a feature to severely mark up a product’s price. Whether or not this is worth skipping on is truly up to you to decide.
  • Optional Heads – The vast majority of vacuums selling for around two hundred dollars will come with a variety of heads whose use is completely optional. But how many different heads do you truly need? While more is always merrier when focusing purely on the convenience these heads bring, it’s worth noting that, in abundance, they may mark up a vacuum’s price. Otherwise, all vacuums would come with hundreds of heads.

Common Vacuum Features

No matter what type of vacuum you’re after, there are a few features that are always nice to see. Try keeping an eye out for them when shopping.

  • A Warranty – If you’re reading this buyer’s guide, you’re likely interested in saving money on your next vacuum. As such, you really want to see some sort of assurance that it will stick around for some time. As you may already be aware, many “cheap” products end up being more expensive in the long run through a lack of said assurance.
  • Vacuums Under 2003

  • An Air Filter – Because the vacuums we’re looking at aren’t too low in price, you can get away with an air filter without sacrificing on your vacuum’s overall level of power. Such filters will actually increase your vacuum’s cleaning output. Both HEPA and carbon filters are fine.


The trick to getting a good vacuum for under two hundred dollars is finding a vacuum that has a few added features, but not so many that the manufacturer needs to cut corners in other areas to keep the price down. The three vacuums we covered at the beginning of the review are great examples of this. By keeping all of the above information in mind, you’ll find that a cheaper vacuum can perform just as well as some of the most expensive vacuums on the market. Simply know which features you can live without and do away with them to walk away with the most functional and durable vacuum you can get your hands on.



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