Best Utility Knife in 2023 – Utility Knife Reviews and Ratings

Best Utility Knife in 2023 – Utility Knife Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 18 hours researching and testing 20 different kinds of utility knives and found that knife blade length, warranty, and the type of utility knife it was were most important. The Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. There are a lot of features that this utility knife has that made it our favorite. The one blade storage that is in the handle is very convenient for carrying an extra blade around safely. Blade change is easy with its tool free design. The press and flip feature made opening this 7 ¼” knife one-handed, easy and safe.

1. Milwaukee 1902

Best Overall Utility Knife

5/5 Product Rating
The Fastback II Flip Utility Knife by Milwaukee has many great features that make it a perfect addition to your tool box.

Features of this great little tool include a magnetic blade storage that will hold one blade and folds up into the body of the knife.

The tool-free blade change makes for fast and efficient blade changes that won’t take away from productivity.

Another popular feature of the Fastback Flip II is the Press and Flip feature which allows for one-handed opening. No worries about this utility knife not being able to handle the rigors of the job.

The all metal body is durable and tough and made to last. Have this utility knife on hand when you need it with the wire belt clip that will keep the utility knife secure and close without tearing your clothing.

There is an integrated wire stripped that will strip up to 10 gauge wire easily and quickly. The gut hook cuts without even having to open the blade. This handy utility knife is 7 ¼” long and is an attractive and easy to see red color. You will get two of these fantastic utility knives when you purchase this package and have twice the work power so two of you can zip through trimming, cutting and stripping. It is the perfect utility knife for a multitude of jobs.

Darius Spieth

2. Stanley 819

Best Overall Utility Knife – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Stanley is a well known name in tools that is associated with quality. This Stanley utility knife is a retractable knife that comes in die-cast aluminum housing.

It is very lightweight yes has a massive amount of strength, making it suitable for a multitude of jobs.

The hand grip is extra large and has a diamond shaped texture that provides a secure grip in any condition. The Stanley Fatmax Aluminum Retractable knife can hold up to 15 blades or a dispenser that holds 10 so you always have refills ready. The dial that controls the width of the knife opening is large and easy to turn.

The knife opens wide quickly and easily for blade changes thanks to the spring loaded swivel and the magnetic nose keeps the blade in place while you are changing it to reduce the chances of injury.

This retractable utility knife is capable of performing all the jobs you usually need utility knives for including opening boxes, cutting down carpeting to fit a room and trimming wall paper among other things.

Darius Spieth

3. Seber

4.7/5 Product Rating
Seber Autoload Knife is a one hand operated utility knife that has many features that make it very useful for many everyday tasks. This long lasting and durable knife is the perfect tool to add to your collection to take care of those cutting jobs such as cutting carpeting and other similar cutting tasks.

The ergonomic, cast aluminum handle is equipped with a secure, anti-slip grip and thumb indent for maximum comfort.

Its compact size makes it very easy to handle and work with. The smooth slide mechanism makes opening and retracting the blade easy and efficient.

Users can store 5 blades in the handle and when one blade is removed, it automatically loads the new blade which makes blade changes super fast, especially with the quick blade change button.

Attach this useful utility knife to your belt loop with the Carabineer belt hook so you always have it close to you when you need it. The high quality of this utility knife goes along with all the tools in the Olympia Tools line so you know you have a reliable knife that will stand up to whatever workloads you have.

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Utility Knife Buying Guide

Utility Knife Reviews

What is an Utility Knife?

A utility knife is a special type of knife that is primarily used for jobs like cutting and trimming carpet or vinyl, opening or cutting down boxes, trimming wallpaper and much more. It can be one of the most indispensible tools in your tool box. For this reason it is important that you choose one that will have the features you need, a design and construction that will last, and a brand you can trust. There are utility knives on the market that are extremely cheap in price, but they are almost always cheap in quality and design as well and you won’t have it for long before you have to buy another one.

Utility Knife1Taking the time to sort through the choices available can save you the frustration and disappointment of purchasing one that is not up to par with your needs. It is much better to spend a little more money initially to ensure that you purchase a good quality, long lasting utility knife than to find out it doesn’t work when you go to complete a task and it falls apart in your hand.

Things to Consider

There are some questions you can ask yourself before you purchase a utility knife that will help direct your research efforts.

  • What are the available designs of utility knives?
  • What types of blades are available and do they each have different uses they are suited for?
  • Are there safety features in place to ensure less chance of injury?
  • What types of blade changing mechanisms are there?
  • What features are important to you when it comes to a utility knife?

All of these questions determine the type of utility knife that will be the best for your specific jobs and needs. Keep these above questions in mind as you start your research.

Types of Knives

Knives have changed a lot over the years, from the materials they are made of to the safety measures put in place to ensure safer usage. Utility knives are used to do a multitude of tasks. They can cut string and rope, sharpen pencils and score wallboard or ceiling tiles for further cutting.

They are even used in more casual settings such as retail stores to open boxes and then cut them down to throw away. The three main types of utility knives are retractable, fixed blade and breakaway blade. Each style has its benefits and drawbacks.

1. Retractable Utility Knives – This type of utility knife is well suited for every day or general use. The design of the retractable utility knife allows the sharpness and depth of the cutting blade to be adjusted quickly and easily, in many cases with one hand.

One of the big pluses of the retractable utility knife is that the blade can be retracted back into the handle fully when you are not using it. This is a very good safety feature to have and reduces the incidents of accidents by stepping on one lying around.

The blade of the knife is moved in and out by a slider or button that will determine how much of the blade is out. A retractable knife is usually able to be put into 3-5 different positions providing an increased level of control that is not attainable with other types of knives that just have one blade and one depth.
You will need to check to see if any retractable blade utility knife you consider can use specialty blades. Not all of them do, so checking ahead of time is always a good idea. There are some characteristics that most retractable utility knives have:

  • The blade is moved in and out of the housing with a thumb operated slider or button
  • The body of the knife may be straight or ergonomically go designed to fit your hand comfortably and naturally to reduce hand fatigue.
  • There are many different forms this utility knife will take. Whether it’s a flashlight keychain or something larger and more substantial, there is a utility knife that is designed for almost every cutting job you can imagine.

2. Fixed Blade Utility Knives – The blade of a fixed blade utility knife is locked into the on position which makes them a great choice for heavy duty cutting jobs where stability is important. Fixed blade utility knives don’t have the same problem with wobbling that retractable and breakaway utility knives can be known to have.
Since they come in all shapes and widths, you want to look for one that will fit in your hand comfortably. It is important to store fixed blade utility knives in a safe protected place since that blade isn’t retracted. Common characteristics of a fixed blade utility knife include:

  • More stability and security for tough jobs
  • Can be used with a larger variety of different blades which make it more versatile.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, making them perfect for hobbies.

Utility Knife33. Breakaway Blade Utility Knives – A breakaway blade utility knife is typically housed in brightly colored plastic cases and has blades that are connected and scored so they can just be snapped off whenever you need a sharper blade.

This type of utility knife is perfect for jobs that tend to dull the knife a lot such as cutting through materials with adhesives, since that will usually take the edge off the blade and require frequent changes. Characteristics of a breakaway blade utility knife include:

  • Suited for light to medium duty jobs that don’t require a lot of strength
  • Numerous segments for frequent, easy blade changes, usually 8-13 per set

Types of Blades

There are many different kinds of blades available for utility knives. Each blade type is suited for a specific kind of job or task. Not all utility knives work with specialized blades so be certain to check with the knife manufacturer before purchasing a special knife blade and buy a utility knife that works with different types of blades for the maximum flexibility.

  • Carpet Blade – This double edged blade is perfect for cutting and trimming carpet. It is often used by professional carpet installers as well as do-it-yourself-ers that install their own carpet.
  • Hobby/Craft Blade – The blade design on a hobby/craft utility knife has a low angle and is curved to be a good fit for the types of materials that it will be used to cut through. It is perfect for cutting, carving, modeling, scoring and whittling a number of different materials.
  • Hook Blade – Utility knives with hook blades are used for a multitude of tasks including cutting and trimming carpet and flooring, opening cartons and cutting and trimming roofing materials. It is good to use for these materials because the knife won’t damage anything below the cutting surface. If you are going to be cutting through tough materials, there are oversized blades available that make this task much easier.
  • Linoleum Blade – If you are laying linoleum, vinyl or similar material, a linoleum blade makes fast work of the trimming and cutting that is involved in laying a linoleum floor.
  • Round-Point Utility Blade – This is a general task blade that is good for basic cutting jobs. The blunt end of the blade prevents the user from stabbing themselves and helps to aid in getting through the cutting surface.
  • Scoring – A scoring blade is used to do what its namesake suggests, score materials such as acrylics, laminates and similar materials so they can be broken into smaller sections cleanly.
  • Utility – A general utility blade is used for general cutting tasks and also fort cutting sheet materials of different thicknesses. They are not designed for the tougher carpeting and roofing cuts and should not be used for these types of tasks.

Features to Look For

There are several features that a utility knife can come with that make it even more valuable as a regular tool. When you start researching utility knives, be sure to look for as many of these features as you are interested in.

  • Folding Fixed-Blade – This feature takes an otherwise less safe fixed blade knife and adds a safety element to it. The folding fixed blade utility knife folds up like a pocket knife, eliminating the danger of having an exposed blade lying around. This also enables them to be carried in your pocket safely.
  • Self Retracting Blade – The one drawback of as self retracting blade is that you must keep a button pressed down during the cutting process. Once the button is released, the blade will automatically retract. If you are doing a lot of cutting keeping the button pressed down can become tiresome. The benefit to using this type of feature is that it prevents the user from leaving a knife lying around that has been left open.
  • Blade Changes – A tool free blade changes are the feature you want to look for. This type of blade change only requires the body to rotate open. The old blade slides out and the new blade slides in easily. Sometimes the blade release will be a button that the user presses. Other styles will feature an automatic blade change. This saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Blade Storage – the utility knives that have storage in the handles make it super efficient to make the blade changes Knives with this feature have a magnet or guide that keep the stored blades in place so they don’t rattle inside the knife.
  • String Cutting – This feature does exactly what it says; allows the user to cut string and twine by inserting the piece to be cut in the small notch that us usually just behind the head of the blade.
  • Utility Knife2

  • Safety Shield – If you will be cutting material like insulation and other difficult jobs, getting a utility knife with a safety shield is a good way to protect your hands from these hazardous materials.


When it comes to ensuring that you have a well rounded tool box with all of the necessities, you want to make sure one of those necessities is a good quality utility knife. With all of the tasks it is capable of performing, you will find it to be one of the most often used tools you own.

The top rated utility knives reviewed here are all excellent quality knives with plenty of useful features. The buyer’s guide has provided you with even more information that can help you sort through all of the choices available and come up with the perfect choice for your needs.

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