Best Tower Fan in 2023 – Tower Fan Reviews and Ratings

Best Tower Fan in 2023 – Tower Fan Reviews and Ratings
As much as it can be tempting to sit in air conditioning all day, sometimes life just gets in the way. Whether the air conditioner broke down, you’re experiencing a blackout or those electric bills just aren’t agreeing with your budget, it can be tempting to get yourself a nice tower fan to get you through the summer months. However, getting the right tower fan can mean the difference between a sticky night and a great eight hours of sleep. This review will point you in the direction of the very best tower fans on the market while illustrating the key differences between each. After getting through this review and buyer’s guide, finding the right fan will be a breeze.
Best Tower Fan

1. Lasko 2551

Best Overall Tower Fan

5/5 Product Rating
The Lasko 2551 is a tower fan which is most able to distinguish itself from others on the market not just through the sheer amount of quality it possesses, but through its list of innovative features which you just don’t see in most fans on the market. In fact, you might even consider the Lasko 2551 as being halfway in between a fan and an air filter. As such, you’ll find it has little in the way of fancy features which sound better in theory than they do in practice, as is the case with many fans sporting a high-end feel. You can be sure you’ll be able to make use of every feature in this fan at some point or another. This, of course, translates to large degree of value.

Through the use of ionization (a process which is commonly used in many of today’s more high-tech air filters), the Lasko 2551 will increase the quality of the air that it blows your way. It also comes with a few smaller features which seem to be centered primarily around increasing the overall level of convenience inherent in the unit. Its shutoff timer is a good example of such a feature. If you’re the type to go to bed hot and wake up cold, the shutoff timer in question will help you get to sleep without leaving you uncomfortably cold the following morning.

Lastly, the tower fan in question comes with three different speeds and an included remote control. While either feature on its own is already quite useful, the two brought together in conjunction allow for optimal air quality and temperature control from anywhere in the house. Once again, this makes it great for while you’re in bed, as you’ll be able to seamlessly adjust the Lasko 2551’s settings without having to go out of your way to do so. Through all of these features, as well as the fan’s ability to replace an air filter, the Lasko 2551 is easily one of the most convenient products of its type currently available on the market.

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2. Holmes 36

Best Overall Tower Fan – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Holmes 36-Inch is advertised as being a frugal alternative to many of the high-end fans currently dominating the market. As of the time of this writing, it can be had for roughly two thirds the price of the Lasko fan covered above. What’s interesting about this fan is that it sacrifices on added features to bring its price down so low in the first place. While this may not exactly sound like a good thing, it’s important to realize that you’re going to have to sacrifice something to get a fan of the frugal variety.

However, many fans within the Holmes 36-Inch’s price range will still come with a large variety of features, sacrificing on functionality instead. When ensuring your fan actually continues working over time is your highest priority in a frugally-priced fan, it just doesn’t get a whole lot better than the Holmes 36-Inch. Due to its high level of durability, you can not only expect it to save you money now, but you’ll find it keeps saving you money for quite some time through lasting a long time without needing to be replaced. If a durable, functional fan at a low price is what you’re after, look no further than the Holmes 36-Inch.

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3. Honeywell Comfort

Best Budget Tower Fan

4.6/5 Product Rating
On the basis of physical appearance alone, the Honeywell Fresh Breeze may come across as being the more high-end and advanced model on this list. The first thing you’ll likely notice about it is its LCD screen. While this may appear to be more of a luxury item than anything, you’ll come to find that it goes well in conjunction with a few of its features which demand some sort of representation of data to function optimally and with little hassle.

For example, the fan actually has its own programmable thermostat. With it, you’ll be able to choose a temperature which, when reached, will have your fan switch on automatically. Of course, you’ll be able to choose a temperature which has your fan shut off as well. This is easily its best and most heavily-advertised feature. This makes it great for saving money on air conditioning costs as well, being that you’ll be able to more closely replicate the use of an actual central air conditioner without incurring all of the additional costs that typically come along with using the real thing.

The Honeywell Fresh Breeze also comes with a built-in air filter, an included remote control, three different speed settings and a shutoff timer. These features alone make it one of the better tower fans on the market in terms of its technological advancement. Coupled with its thermostat and high degree of reliability, you may very well be looking at the best tower fan on the market.

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Tower Fan Buying Guide

Tower Fan Reviews

What is a Tower Fan?

Tower Fan1Perhaps you’re having a hard time deciding which of the above fans you feel would most cater to your needs. Or perhaps you feel something outside of the above list would more fit what you’re looking for. There are a multitude of reasons why you may begin to branch out of the above list and see what’s out there for yourself. While I may not be able to recommend any specific products outside of the three fans we just covered, I can certainly give you an idea of what to look for when shopping. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a new tower fan.

Is this a cost-saving measure?

If you’re picking up a fan in the hopes of using it as your primary cooling method (as opposed to using an air conditioner), there are two camps of thought as to what you should look for in a fan. The first camp says that, because you’re trying to save money, you should opt for the most basic fan you can possibly get your hands on that still proves to be effective and reliable. On the other hand, the second camp says that you should do everything you can to ensure transitioning from air conditioning to a tower fan is as easy as possible.

If you subscribe to the latter theory, getting a tower fan with a thermostat should be considered a must. While it may cost a bit more at first, any tower fan will pay for itself rather quickly when used in place of air conditioning. Plus, the comfort and convenience inherent in a fan with a thermostat may leave you more inclined to leave your air conditioner off, ensuring you keep saving money in the long run.

Will you be using it in bed?

If you are, and you prioritize comfort and ease of use above all else, getting a fan with shutoff settings, a remote control or all of the above is a great idea, as this will allow you to keep yourself cool at night without having to get up to mess around with your fan. Tower Fan2On the other hand, if you just plan on having the fan sitting beside you while you watch TV, specifically buying a fan for such features will likely leave you spending more in the end while simultaneously limiting the amount of product options at your disposal. It’s important to know where you’ll be using your fan before settling on any one unit.

Other Optional Tower Fan Features

There are several features you may expect to find in different tower fans which may range anywhere from being essential to being an unnecessary expense, depending on how you’ll end up using the fan. Take a moment to think about which features you truly need.

  • Air Purification – Everyone can use cleaner air. However, if you already have an air purifier, you may actually be better staying away from a fan with this feature, even if you like its other characteristics. Of all potential tower fan features, this has the potential to incur the largest price markup.
  • LED Lights – LED lights can be a great way of letting you check up on the status of your fan easily. However, these will likely prove to be a burden if you plan on sleeping with your fan. While same fans’ lights can turn off, most cannot.

Common Tower Fan Features

There are a few features you should always look for in a tower fan, as they will often come in handy and will reflect any given fan’s level of quality. Here are a few things to look out for when setting your sights on a tower fan.

  • Speed Settings – While this isn’t always true of other types of fans, speed settings have become standard in tower fans. A tower fan without speed settings is like a car whose windows can’t role down. Even if you never plan on using the feature, its absence says something about its overall degree of quality. Still, you’ll likely find yourself using this feature in the end anyways.
  • Tower Fan3

  • Oscillation – Tower fans don’t always cover a whole lot of area at any one time. However, this problem can be solved by opting for a unit which oscillates. It can be easy to assume that all tower fans oscillate, though you’ll find this to not always be the case.


The only conclusion I myself can come to in regards to what you need in a fan is that speed settings and oscillation capabilities are always a good idea. Outside of these features, you’ll need to decide which type of fan best suits your interests. However, by following all of the above advice, doing so should take a mere matter of minutes. With the technology available at our disposal in today’s age, finding the right fan for you should be a breeze.


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