Best Tool Cabinet in 2023 – Tool Cabinet Reviews and Ratings

Best Tool Cabinet in 2023 – Tool Cabinet Reviews and Ratings

I’m sure you’ll agree that a tool cabinet must
have enough space, be the right height, and fit
your budget. That was our top criteria for selecting
the best tool cabinet. If you want to get your tools
put away immediately, the Homak has a combination
of all these features and was selected the
“Best Overall” pick from our editorial team.

Best Tool Cabinet

1. Homak

Best Overall Tool Cabinet

5/5 Product Rating
This durable tool cabinet from Homak features 250mm ball bearing slides that make it easy to move from place to place. The drawer liners and top mat are included so that you don’t need to purchase extra accessories to trick it out. There are four 5 inch x 2 inch casters for smooth gliding, and the two casters swivel so that you can make turns.

There’s also a wheel brake so that once you find the right place for the tool cabinet, you can securely set it. This is a six drawer rolling cabinet that allows you ample storage space for all your tools. It’s the ideal solution for someone who has a lot of items that they need to store, and they want to do it in the most convenient and easiest way possible.

Customers love this tool cabinet because it looks great in any shop or garage, and it’s constructed from durable materials that can seriously take a beating. When you’re ready to find a storage solution that will meet all your requirements for quality, then this cabinet from Homak will get the job done.

Darius Spieth

2. Excel

Best Overall Tool Cabinet – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This is a fine tool cabinet from Excel, and it has six ball bearing slide drawers and a lock with two keys. This helps to keep all your tools secure so that no one can get into the cabinet that is not allowed to. Perfect for those who want convenience and elegant construction, the tool cabinet features a slide handle, making it easy to get in and out of.

There are also full length aluminum drawer pulls that look elegant and are easy to use. The cabinet comes with a powder coat paint finish that ensures its durability and long life. Customers love this tool cabinet because it looks great in any garage, and it’s easy to move from place to place.

Whether you’re going to need to move this unit around a lot, or you plan to keep it in a fixed place, you’re going to see that this is a wonderful steel roller cabinet for all your tool storage needs. The vibrant red color also makes a great statement.

Darius Spieth

3. Craftsman

Best Budget Tool Cabinet

4.6/5 Product Rating
This tool cabinet from Craftsman is a wonderful addition to your shoppe or garage, and is made in the USA. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures that it will stand the test of time, and the tote tray comes included. The cabinet it black, so it will fit into almost any interior, and it has six drawers so that you have ample room to store everything that you need with ease.

When you’re seriously ready to take your tool chest to the next level, then making an investment in this piece is just a smart idea. You’re going to see that it helps you to get more organized than you’re ever been before, and you’re going to love the sophisticated exterior.

All in all, this ball-bearing tool chest is a product that customers love because it delivers high performance in a durable package, and it’s guaranteed to last you for years to come.

Darius Spieth

Tool Cabinet Buying Guide

Tool Cabinet Reviews

What is a Tool Cabinet?

Tool Cabinet1Tool chests and boxes are designed for storing tools and work supplies, and it’s important to find one that features rugged and durable construction because the chest is going to take some serious abuse over the years. Tool chests are meant to be stationary, rolling, or sometimes hand-carried. This guide is meant to highlight the different types of tool cabinets on the market, so that you can understand how they differ in terms of durability and construction. We’re also going to discuss the affordability of various different tool chests, and some advantages and disadvantages to various styles. You should always purchase something that satisfies your unique needs and budget. You’re going to see that there are lots of chests to choose from, and they can be found online, at hardware stores, home improvement stores, and even department stores.

Different Types of Tool Chests

When it comes to finding the right tool chest, there are a number of variables that come into play. Here we’re going to talk about the different styles of chests that are on the market, and how you use each type of chest. There are some popular brands out there that customers trust, and these are the ones that get consistently good reviews and last for years to come.

  • Stationary Tool Chests: This kind of tool chest is basically a tool box, but it is often too large to be moved around. It is going to have multiple cabinets and will also have drawers that can hold a vast selection of both large and small tools. This kind of chest can also have wheels on the bottom so that you can roll it from place to place. However, due to the size and weight of this chest, this is usually just for the purposes of being able to clean underneath it. Large stationary tool chests are perfect for workshops and garages, and you will often find them in automotive repair shops. The best kind of chest is going to come with a work surface and a small bench that allows you to work on jobs over the chest. This kind of chest is perfect for those who have differently sized tools, and are looking for something that is rugged enough to take a lot of abuse. You’re going to see that stationary chests are often made of painted metal cases, and they can get scratched, damaged, and dented over time.
  • Portable, Rolling Tool Chests: If you purchase a portable, rolling chest, you can take your tools almost anywhere that you need them. You’ll find that this kind of chest often has multiple tool boxes that are stacked on a rolling case that has a handle for maneuverability. There will be wheels on the bottom of this chest that allow you to pull it like a rolling suitcase. The bottom of this kind of chest is an open bucket that will hold larger tools and sometimes has a tray or shelf inside. The drawers that are on top of this are going to hold smaller tools and supplies. This is a very portable kind of tool chest, and it’s usually made from hard-case molded plastic with a rugged exterior. Even after taking a lot of abuse these chests are still going to stay in tact. This is the ideal choice for carpenters and plumbers who need flexibility and functionality in one. Because this chest is so portable, it’s easy to roll it from place to place. There are a number of name brands that make this kind of tool chest, and they can easily be found in stores or online.
  • Tool Cabinet2

  • Mobile, Truck-Mounted Tool Chests: This is the kind of chest that you’re going to find in the bed of a pickup truck, instead of the truck bed’s sides. This attaches to the inside walls of a van, as well. This is a kind of mobile tool chest that gets permanently attached to a vehicle, and they often feature locking cabinets for security, and there are cabinet doors that keep out the elements. These are very popular with construction workers, mobile mechanics, welders, and outside workers. This kind of chest is going to be bolted to the vehicle and they’re very rugged in construction. It’s possible for this kind of chest to get damaged in a vehicular accident, and of course, this would require replacement.
  • Hand-Carry Tool Chests: A hand-carry tool chest is the most common that you’ll find among home owners, and it’s great for those who do work around the home or in the yard. This is a traditional tool box that is easy to store in the garage or basement, and it can also be comfortably stowed under work benches. This kind of box is going to hold smaller tools and supplies, and they often have multiple sections that will hold small items like nuts and bolts. You’ll find that tool boxes come in various different sizes and styles. Some are more like tackle boxes, while others will resemble small tin boxes. This is the ideal solution for those who don’t have a lot of tools and they want something that will hold all their supplies for household repairs. It’s also great for keeping tools organized and easily accessible. Tool boxes can be made from metal, plastic, and sometimes even canvas materials, while they are most often rugged and are meant to take a beating. These are the most affordable tool chests on the market.


You’ll find that tool chests come in a wide variety of price ranges, and the highest end products will cost you up to thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for something more affordable, then the small, hand-carry chests are going to cost you as little as twenty dollars. Keep in mind whether or not you plan to expand your line of tools, in which case you’re going to want something that is large enough to grow as your inventory of tools grows. Sometimes it’s smart to invest in a large stationary chest if you have a lot of tools, and you’re planning to get more.

Other Considerations

It can seem overwhelming when you’re searching for the right tool chest for your home, but it need not be so. No matter whether you’re a professional or homeowner, you’re going to be able to find something that is just right for you. Each individual has their own needs and circumstances that will dictate which kind of chest is right for them. Some of the most popular models are a safe bet because customers swear by them, and the top rated chests mentioned above are sure to deliver the results that you crave. There are a number of places to buy a chest, so sometimes Tool Cabinet3it’s best to go into a store to see what’s available in person. That way you know exactly what you’re getting so that you can make the most sound decision. As always, you need to consider style as well. Tool chests come in a number of colors and styles, so you should get something that suits your tastes. If you’re placing the chest in your garage, then consider the interior design so that you can select something that works with the interior.


Owning a tool cabinet is a necessity if you’re someone that owns a lot of tools and you’re looking for a great way to stay organized. There are a number of tool cabinets out on the market, but by far the best ones are the top rated models that we mentioned above. These are the cabinets that are sure to stand the test of time and give you the performance that you need, whether you’re a professional or someone that just works at home. No matter which cabinet you choose, be sure to select something that is going to work with your budget and gives you the results that you crave.



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