Best Tool Bag in 2023 – Tool Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Tool Bag in 2023 – Tool Bag Reviews and Ratings
Anyone who needs a great tool bag can agree that durability, number of pockets, and material used in construction are most important in choosing the right one.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best tool bag.

If you are ready to pack up and get working, the Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag scored high marks in all categories and is easily our top pick for your favorite handyman.


1. Veto Pro

Best Overall Tool Bag

5/5 Product Rating
This high quality tool bag has a huge storing capacity that makes it a great choice for anyone who uses tools on a regular basis in the professional sense. It can hold 100 or more hand tools which means you will always be prepared for the task at hand, whatever it is.

The bag features two storage bays that are the same size that open on each side of the tool bag. This makes it much more organized when it comes to finding the tool you need.

There is also a patented panel design that separates the two storage bays from each other and has mounted vertical pockets in it.

There are a total of 67 different sized pockets in this amazing bag. 61 of these pockets are for vertical tool storage. There are four smaller zipper pockets on t he outside that are great for storing extra accessories

The two main bags have zippers as well with very large tabs that are durable and can stand up to extreme use. The heavy duty, nylon stitching holds up to heavy use and will last a long time. Measurements of the Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag measures 9 ½” w x 18 ½” L x 13 ½” H. The body fabric is made from weatherproof 1800 PVC impregnated denier and all of the fastenings and zippers are heavy duty and built to last.

The ergonomic design features an over-molded grip and the extra wide, non-slip padded shoulder strap makes carrying the bag even more comfortable. This bag has a 5 year limited warranty.

Darius Spieth

2. Klein

Best Rolling Tool Bag

4.9/5 Product Rating
The Klein Tradesman Pro Organizer is a rolling tool bag that provides convenience and organization to those who use it. The 6” wheels can handle all types of terrain, even rough.

With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, distributed as 100 pounds inside and 100 pounds stacked on top of the bag, there is plenty of strength to carry the tools you want to transport.

The reinforced metal frame that is in the top opening helps it stay open, so loading and unloading the tools is easy. The molded kick plate will protect the bag from all types of weather.

With 24 pockets available, you will have plenty of room for all of your tools. The orange interior makes it very easy to spot the tool you want and grab it when you need it. The heavy-duty telescoping handle makes moving it from one place to another simple without outing a strain on the back.

If you have a business where you need to bring your tools along, this is the perfect bag to purchase. The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer will keep all your tools within reach and organized and the bag looks great too.

Darius Spieth

3. CLC L245

Best Budget Tool Bag

4.6/5 Product Rating
Custom Leathercraft raises the bar on quality with the Tech Gear bar handle lighted tool bag.

The integrated LED light swivels around so you can focus light onto the area you are working or into the bag so you can see the tools you need to grab for your projects and repairs.

The LED light is much better than fishing around for flashlights.

The CLC tool bag has three levels of light so users can adjust the light to cover a wide area or a close up one. You’ll have 39 lumens max to work with. You’ll need two AAA batteries to power the light which come with the tool bag. The 42 pockets inside the bag and 14 outside that are available for all of your tools and can even carry power tools.

The ergonomic handle reduces stress on your hands and wrists when you have long days of work to deal with. Carry your tools easily with the padded, adjustable shoulder strap so your hands are free to carry the larger tools that won’t fit into the bag. Reduce wear and tear on the bag and abrasion with the convenient feet that are on the bottom of it.

The dimensions of the Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag are 18” L x 10” w x 13” h. The mini compartment tray holds little accessories that you don’t want to misplace. Your tool bag comes with a 90 day limited warranty that protects users against any manufacturer’s defects in workmanship or materials.

Darius Spieth

Tool Bag Buying Guide

Tool Bag Reviews

What is a Tool Bag?

Tool Bag1Tool bags are a great way to carry your tools from worksite to worksite or anywhere else you need to take them. They come in all styles, shapes and sizes which can make choosing the right one overwhelming. This buyers guide will help you look for the features that you need and will help make the decision making process easy.

What to Consider?

There are several components that make up a tool bag. If you are picking and choosing components these are the basic ones that you will want to include.

  • Strong Tool Bag Material – Tool bags are made of multiple types of materials. The most common materials are canvas and nylon and some had hard sides that are made from molded plastic. The materials used for tool bags are designed to be durable and long lasting. Tools are very heavy so if the bag is made from a material that is flimsy or weak, the bag won’t last long at all. The stronger the material of the bag, the more durable it is and the longer it will last.
  • Heavy Duty Fasteners and Zippers – Many tool bags have zippered pockets but if the zippers are weak, they can just break off and make the zipper unusable. Make sure that the models you are looking at have heavy, durable fasteners and zippers that withstand extreme use.
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof – You want to be certain that the tool bags you are considering is waterproof and/or weatherproof. Your tool bag may be outside in the elements often and you want a bag that will stand up to those elements and not get ruined.
  • Multiple Pockets – Most tool bags have numerous pockets. Some can have pockets big enough for power tools and other bags might have a multitude of smaller vertical pockets that will hold the hand tools placed in them upright for easy grabbing. There are many different styles of bags on the market so you will have to decide ahead of time how many pockets you want.
  • Feet on the bottom– A good way to avoid the wear and tear that being on the ground can cause is to look for a tool bag that has feet on the bottom. These feet get the fabric off the ground so it is abrading against the ground or concrete surfaces.
  • Tool Bag2

  • Built in light – If you are working in low light conditions, having a ready light source is very beneficial as well as safer. You never want to use power tools in low light conditions without proper lighting. Some tool bags have lights built in that can be moved around to focus on the work area or the bag itself.
  • Padded, extra wide strap – Carrying a bag full of heavy tools can be really heavy so it is much better to have a sturdy, strong strap that can help support the weight of the tool bag. Sometimes the straps are removable.
  • Wheeled bags – Many tool bags have wheels to make transport much easier. With the weight that tools can add to the bag, sometimes carrying it around can be a real chore, not to mention strain on your body as well as you try to lug it around. Having wheels on the bag will definitely make moving the tool bag from place to place much easier.
  • Reinforced bottom panel – bags that have reinforced bottom panels are sturdier and easier to load up. The reinforced bottom panel prevents the tools from tearing out the bottom, and also keeps the bag more stable when you set it down.
  • Retractable handles – If your tool bag has wheels, chances are it has a retractable handle to make it more comfortable to move around. The handles are usually telescopic and can adjust to your height.
  • Wide Mouth Opening s – The openings of the bag will vary in size, but ideally, a wide mouth opening will be much easier to load and unload than a narrower one.
  • D Rings for Attaching Tools – Some models and styles of tool bag have D rings that you can attach various tools or other things to as needed. The D rings are typically stitched into the fabric of the bag with reinforced stitching.
  • Metal framed top flap – In many styles, there is a metal frame stitched into the fabric that allows the lid to stay up and open on its own while you load and unload the tools.
  • Different Sizes – Tool bags come in all sizes. You can get a smaller one that works well for short trips and jobs or you can get a large one with tons of pockets for all of your hand tools and some power tools too and just keep ALL of your tools in it for ease of use and convenience. The size bag you get depends on the amount of tools you have to carry and what you will be doing with the tool bag.
  • Zippered Compartments – In addition to the pockets the tool bag will have for all of your tools, many styles have smaller, zippered compartments for smaller items that are easy to lose or misplace. These zippered compartments prevent the loss of those items.
  • Tool Bag3

  • Hooks and Clips – Some items, like a tape measure, have clips on them to be carried on a belt. You want to make sure that the tool bags you are considering have a few places that you are able to.


When it comes to getting the right tool bag for your needs, you want to make sure that you fond the models and styles that fit your specifications. If you are a professional construction worker or repairman, having a large assortment of tools at your fingertips is going to be very important.

On the other hand, if you only use your tools when there is a repair to be made, you may want to go with a smaller tool bag that is just for occasional use.

The top rated tool bags that we reviewed here are at the top of the list in performance and storage capacity. All three have fantastic features that make the bags even more valuable. They are also by reputable, well known companies that have proven themselves in the automotive industry time and time again so you know that you’re in good hands when you purchase their products.

The information that we have included in the buyer’s guide lets you know what features to look for when you are comparing tool bags against each other. Knowledge is the best way to combat being overwhelmed.

We have armed you with the “tools” you will need to make a decision that you will get a lot of benefit from. The tool bag you choose will be one that meets all of your needs and it will last a long time as well and that is the purpose of our reviews and guides.

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