Best Tennis Bag in 2023 – Tennis Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Tennis Bag in 2023 – Tennis Bag Reviews and Ratings
I’m sure you can agree that the best tennis bag should have the right number of pockets, material, and racquet capacity.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best tennis bag.

If you are ready to get right to your match, Babolat 6 racquet bag scored high marks in every category and is our top pick.


1. Bablolat 6

Best Overall Tennis Bag

5/5 Product Rating
This Bablolat Club Line 6 Racket bag features ample storage space for not only your rackets, but also your gear, and it comes in a compact size that is easy to take on the go. This bag is convenient to carry with its comfortable shoulder strap that gives you ease of use.

This bag is a top pick due to its versatility which keeps all your items organized and protected at the same time. Some other features that you might enjoy include the two large racket compartments that will hold up to 6 rackets and gear, the padded shoulder strap, and the durable carry handle that makes taking this bag on a go a cinch.

With its ample size, you’re going to be able to squeeze everything that you need into this handy bag, for a great day out on the court. All in all, customers love this tennis bag because it looks great and gets the job done right.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Adidas 3

Best Overall Tennis Bag – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
This fine tennis bag is made from 100% polyester and high quality imported materials. Ample in size, the bag has a shoulder strap that makes it comfortable and easy to take on the go. This shoulder strap is adjustable so that you can change it to suit your unique size.

The handle also features a 2” drop and 7” length, making it comfortable for most hands. Not only is this bag highly functional but it’s also fashionable, with its sophisticated design and cool looking materials. You can be sure that when you purchase this bag you’re getting something that is going to last you out on the court for years to come.

Tennis players love this bag not only because it’s easy to take on the go, but also because it’s stylish, and made from durable materials that are sure to last on and off the court for years to come. We all know that adidas is a name that we can trust, and this bag proves yet again that they are one of the leading makers of sports equipment.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. HEAD 3R

Best Budget Tennis Bag

4.7/5 Product Rating
This tennis bag from Head Tour Team comes with a three racquet capacity and gives you a number of different padded carriage options. The mesh pocket is easy for taking things on the go, and its overall design looks great both on and off the court.

Customers love this item because it’s a Pro tennis bag, and accommodates the average amount of racquets that the typical player has. It features a solid construction that not only safely carries all your racquets, but also your sporting goods and gear as well, so that you can take everything on the go comfortably and securely.

This bag also comes in a number of different colors to choose from, so you can find something that suits your unique tastes. This is a top rated tennis bag because it’s going to stand the test of time, and look exceptional while it’s doing it. When you’re ready to look like a pro, then turn to Head Tour Team.

Jonathan Maxwell

Tennis Bag Buying Guide

Tennis Bag Reviews

What is a Tennis Bag?

Tennis Bag3Having the perfect tennis bag is an important thing for most tennis players, and an essential part of tennis gear. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid player or tournament pro, you’re going to want a functional tennis bag that is going to help you to carry everything that you need in style. This guide is meant to help you to find the right bag for you, and something that perfectly fits your needs. Once you choose the perfect bag, you’re going to see that carrying your gear around is easier and more pleasurable than it has ever been before. Lets start by looking at the kinds of bags that are out there.


This standard bag is for the occasional tennis player who plays at the neighborhood court a few times a month, or for the beginner that is just getting to know the game. You maybe own one or two racquets, and this kind of bag is going to help you to carry along everything that you need. This bag has one compartment that is big enough for three racquets, and if you don’t have this many racquets, you can use the remaining space for a change of clothes or a towel. If you do have 3 racquets, then there should still be enough room for carrying your gear and accessories. This bag will also have exterior compartments to carry your wallet, keys, etc.


If you’re a more advanced player then this is going to be the bag for you. It helps you to carry more racquets, as well as more tennis gear, all in one convenient size. You get one compartment that will hold 2-3 racquets, and then adjacent compartments for extra shoes, snacks, clothing, and the like.

8-Pack, 9-Pack, 10-Pack

To require one of these bags, you have to have a lot of gear. This is the kind of bag that tournament players love, and they usually feature three pockets that will hold up to nine racquets. One of the compartments will usually have ThermoGuard insulation that helps you to protect your racquets from the elements. The other two pockets are going to hold everything that you need to take on the go, as well as an exterior compartment for even more gear. There are many bags that even have a moisture-proof pocket for putting sweaty clothes in. Some of these will come with backpack straps that make it even easier to carry on the go.


If you’re a high-intensity player, then a 12 pack is going to serve your needs best. It’s known as the Supersix bag, giving you one compartment that is large enough to hold 3-4 tennis racquets. This is the perfect solution for those who travel a lot to tournaments, and it gives you fun features like shoe compartments, and multiple accessory pouches.


This bag is for players who are like a walking tennis supply store. Similar to the 12-pack, it gives you even more options, and comes in a golf bag-style that even has stand up legs. This is a top of the line bag, and it gives you many features and a high quality design that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a serious tennis player, then this is the Rolls Royce of tennis bags.

Bags with Wheels

If you like to take your tennis gear with you on long trips, then consider getting a bag with wheels. This kind of bag is going to give you enough room to store up to 12 racquets, and you can basically add as much gear as your heart desires. This kind of bag also comes with a telescopic handle and smooth-wheeling motion, making it incredibly easy to transport from place to place. You also get firm carrier straps that give you versatility when your wheeling isn’t working so well, or when you need to lift and carry your bag for any reason.

Tennis Backpack

Tennis Bag2This is another fine option if you hit the courts every now and again, but aren’t a pro player. Backpacks will give you enough room to fit one or two racquets inside, and they’re still comfortable enough to use most of the time. They easily hang on both shoulders, making them slightly more comfortable than a shoulder bag. They are compact carriers and they have compartments for tennis ball cans, water bottles, and some accessories.

Shoulder Tote

Similar to a backpack, this kind of bag offers you a decent amount of space while giving you an easy carrying option. If you want something that is simple and stylish then this is the way to go. It’s similar to a tennis tote bag, and it gives you fortified shoulder straps and a sophisticated design that makes it easy to transport your racquet, gear, and any personal items.

Tournament Bag

Tournament bags are basically the same size as a 6-pack tennis bag. This kind of bag will features 1-2 large compartments so that you can carry several racquets and some additional gear as well. This kind of bag is not going to have a backpack strap, but they do have carrying handles and a shoulder strap for portability.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is a great choice when you want to carry around extra gear. This kind of bag isn’t long enough to carry your racquets, but it will give you additional space to carry extra things.

Bump Racquet Covers

This is a neoprene sleeve that gives you a great way to protect your racquet against any dents, dings, and scratches when carrying it on the go. Sometimes the racquet can get jostled in the bag, and this kind of cover prevents signs of wear and tear. It’s a lightweight option that makes it easy to transport your sticks. They are stylish and simple covers, and they also help you to organize your racquets should you have them strung at multiple tensions.

Shoe Bag

In the game of tennis, even your shoes get their own bags. If you’ve ever pulled a shoe out of a bag and smelt that stinky smell, or it took forever to find its match, then you know the importance of a shoe bag. These help to keep your shoes separated from the rest of the gear, and you can put these in your main bag or in your duffel bag, helping to keep everything smelling fresh. Should you not choose to buy a shoe bag, then simply get a tennis bag that has a shoe compartment.


There is a huge range in price when it comes to getting a tennis bag. You can spend very little, all the way up to what seems a fortune. Really, what you spend should be a reflection of how much you play and how advanced your skill level is. If you’re someone that is a pro tournament player, then of course it makes sense to spend a fortune on a bag. However, if you’re just starting out, or play maybe a few times a month, then there’s really no sense in paying that much. Use your instincts, check your budget, and decide on an amount that makes sense for you.


Tennis Bag1When it comes to style, color, and materials, let your own taste be your guide. The great thing about tennis bags is that there are so many of them to choose from, so you can really choose the design and color that excites you. A cool tennis bag looks great out on the court, and you’re going to feel pride carrying it around, so do be sure to find something that suits your unique style. If your style happens to be modest, then go ahead and get a plain black tennis bag. If you like a little flare, then don’t be afraid to go with the leopard print. No one is going to judge you, because tennis players understand that your bag is your signature.


To be a serious tennis player, you need to own a cool tennis bag. Not only does it help you to carry everything that you need to carry with ease, it also helps you to feel sporty and sophisticated. The top rated tennis bags are popular among players because they’re made from the most durable materials, and have enough space for the average player to carry everything that they need. They’re also made by brands that customers trust. When you’re ready to buy a high quality bag then one of these is going to be a great selection for you. The buyer’s guide should help you to further narrow your search so that you can find the right bag for you.



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