Best Tanning Oil in 2023 – Tanning Oil Reviews and Ratings

Best Tanning Oil in 2023 – Tanning Oil Reviews and Ratings
Sun lovers can agree, the best tanning oil has to have the right SPF level, a pleasant scent, and quality ingredients.

Those three qualities were our top criteria for selecting the best tanning oil.

We loved Australian Gold Dark and it soared high above the competition in all categories as our top pick.


1. Australian Gold

Best Tanning Accelerator

5/5 Product Rating
This tanning oil is a customer favorite because it’s not only a tanning oil but it also has a bronzer as well. It is made from the finest native Australian oils, and is rich in vitamin E and A, so that it’s a tremendously hydrating formula that gives you the maximum tanning experience.

You can use this oil both indoors and outdoors, and it features a delicious cocodreams fragrance that customers love. You can be sure that when you use this oil you will get end up with a beautiful glow that makes it look like you’ve been lounging on the sands of Hawaii for a week.

The ample-size bottle will last you a long time, and you’ll quickly achieve that bronze color that you crave, whether you’re in the sun or not. You can be sure that with this tanning oil you’re not only bronzing your skin but you’re also making it more healthy and radiant. This top-rated tanning oil is #1 on the market for a reason, so when you’re ready to have sun-kissed skin, this is the product for you.

Linda Krantz

2. Banana Boat

Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This deep tanning oil comes from the brand name that we all love: Banana Boat. It has an SPF of 4 to help protect your skin, while also being infused with carrot and banana extracts to help nourish and hydrate you. With this oil you get deep, long-lasting color that is going to make it look like you’ve been on vacation in the tropics.

The oil is also water resistant, so you can enjoy all your favorite water sports without washing the oil away. Customers love this tanning oil because it’s easy to apply, and gives you that wash of bronze that makes your skin look healthy and radiant.

When you’re ready to have the best tan of your life, then this oil is going to help you to achieve just that. Most of us feel we need a bit of color during the wintertime, and this product is going to help you to revive your skin so that it looks golden and moisturized. With this 8 oz bottle, you will have plenty of product that will last you for months.

Linda Krantz

3. Hawaiian Tropic

Best Budget Tanning Oil

4.7/5 Product Rating
This tanning oil features a rare blend of nature’s rich tanning oils that effortlessly give you that bronze glow that customers love. The formula is a rich blend of fruit and nut extracts as well. The oil is enriched with cocoa butter and aloe vera to help protect and soothe your skin while also moisturizing and softening.

Customers love this product because it’s easy to apply, and gives you that soft glow in no time. You can be sure that when you use this tanning oil you’re treating your skin right. It smells like a dream, and taking just one whiff of it makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Hawaiian Tropic is a name that has become synonymous with having a golden tan, and being on vacation in an exotic location, and you can get this experience at home, without having to travel to the Caribbean. When you want to add a touch of luxury to your life, and give your skin that sun-kissed glow that looks and feels so wonderful, then it’s time to own this tremendous tanning oil from Hawaiian Tropic.

Linda Krantz

Tanning Oil Buying Guide

Tanning Oil Reviews

What is a Tanning Oil?

Tanning Oil1Tanning oils are popular among beachgoers, sunbathers, and those who like tanning salons. There are oils that come with various different SPF ratings, and this provides you coverage while still encouraging a good tan. You’re going to see that there are various different kinds of tanning oils on the market, and these include indoor tanning oils, tanning oils of the traditional sort, and sunscreens. These are going to give you different levels of protection from UV rays. You can find tanning oils from several different brands such as Banana Boat, California Tan, Hawaiian Tropic, and Australian Gold.

These manufacturers all provide different styles of tanning oils and lotions, and they come in liquid, spray, and roll-on form. You can get scented tanning oils, dry tanning oils, and oils that provide various levels of darkness. Once you know the kind of tanning oil that you’re looking for, you can browse online, or visit your local department store, convenience store, and vendors such as eBay.

Tanning Oil vs. Sunscreen

Most people don’t understand the difference between tanning oil and sunscreen. You use each of these for different reasons, and you should choose one of these based upon how you’re going to use it, either indoors or outdoors. If you pick the wrong kind of product then you aren’t going to get the results that you want, and you may even get burned.

  • Sunscreen: You use sunscreen outdoors and this will give you protection from the sun’s harmful rays. These are classified by sun protection factor, or SPF, and they come at various different levels. The higher the level of SPF the better your protection is from getting sun damage. If you buy an SPF that is too low for your skin tone, then you can get a painful sunburn and this will cause great damage to your skin.
  • Tanning Oils: You basically use tanning oils indoors or at tanning salons, and these are used to accelerate and maximize your tan. You can also use these oils outdoors, but this should be done with caution as they do not provide ample protection from the rays of the sun. Many people make the mistake of using tanning oils outside hoping to enhance their tan, but they end up getting burned because tanning oils don’t have a high enough SPF. If you use a tanning oil correctly, they can help you to enhance your all-over tan without having to lounge in the sun for long periods of time.

Sunscreen Ranges from 15 to over 75

Sunscreen has a large range of SPFs to choose from, and you use these outdoors to protect your skin from UV rays. You need to be sure that you purchase the correct product so that you don’t do any damage to your skin. You want to use a tanning oil if you’re planning to add a base tan to your skin. These are also great to use at the tanning salon. If you are going to have a prolonged exposure to the sun then you definitely want to make sure that you’re using sunscreen.


Tanning Oil2If you choose to go with a tanning oil, then this is going to optimize your tan when you go to the tanning salon, and will give you more color and depth. There are several products on the market that can help you to achieve a deep, rich tan, and the top rated tanning oils are among these. You need to decide if you want to go with a tanning oil or lotion, as these will give you different consistencies, then you need to decide which brand you’d like to go with.

Indoor Oils

Indoor tanning oils come in many different varieties, and it’s possible to simply go with the original oil which is simply poured on the skin and rubbed-in for the desired effect. You can also go with a spray-on formula, which will come in an aerosol can which you spray on and then rub in. If you want an oil that will not leave a residue on your hands, then you can go with a dry tanning oil. This will help to prevent that slick feeling on your hands after rubbing the product into your skin.

When you’re tanning at an indoor facility, then you may want to opt for a dry oil because it can be easily cleaned off of the tanning bed after use. You can find several manufacturers of indoor tanning oils, and each of these provides a variety of products that will give you various levels of tanning, such as Dark, Extreme Dark, and Bronze Couture. You want to determine how tan you’d like your skin to get before you purchase your indoor tanning oil.

Indoor Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions will give you a number of bronzing options, like 30x, 45x, and 100x. These numbers represent the level of acceleration for a deeper, darker tan in on time. If you want a lighter tan, then you should select the lowest rating. But if you want a seriously dark tan, then you should select the 100x lotion. These can come in a normal lotion formulation, or you can get a spray-on version as well. This is going to allow you the option of how you can apply the lotion to your skin. No matter which formulation you choose, you’re still going to need to rub the product in for the maximum effect. There are a number of different brands that sell tanning lotions, and the price can range from moderate to high dependent upon the manufacturer that you choose.

Scented Oil

You can find various formulas of scented tanning oils, and the most popular fragrance is coconut, for obvious reasons. If you don’t want a scented oil, then you can definitely find formulas that do not have a fragrance. Coconut is so popular because it makes people feel like they’re in the tropics, and they carry the delicious aroma of summertime. There are several manufacturers that make scented tanning oils, and they also come in different varieties such as pina colada and banana.

Other Options

Tanning Oil3People are always considering how to protect their skin from the sun, but no one considers how to protect their hair from the sun. There are a now a number of different tanning oil manufacturers like Clarins, which offer buyers tanning oils that can be sprayed all over, and this includes the hair. This kind of oil is going to help to protect the follicles of your hair while you’re outdoors and under the damaging rays of the sun. This kind of oil is designed to help keep your hair moisturized and refreshed while you’re outdoors. This is going to help to prevent your hair from drying out, or becoming brittle.


The top rated tanning oils are the ones that are going to give you that bronzed glow that makes it look like you’ve been lying on the beach in Hawaii. They feel great on the skin because they’re moisturizing, and they also increase the darkness of your skin at the same time. When it comes to finding the right tanning oil for you, it’s best to look for something that is easy to apply without being too sticky. You can also get a tanning oil that is going to smell delicious, with wonderful fragrances such as coconut or banana. Give yourself that sun-kissed look that is so healthy and radiant, without having to expose your skin to the damaging rays of the sun. With so many options out there, it can be daunting when it comes time to find the right tanning oil for you, but when you go with one of the top rated oils you’re going to get a product that you can depend upon.


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