Best Tactical Pens for Defense and Survival (2023)

We review the highest rated best tactical pens for th year. We'll make sure you're getting the one that fits your needs. Our #1 pick will surprise you.
Best Tactical Pens for Defense and Survival (2023)


The best tactical pen is more of a multi-tool than just a pen. Its size, shape, and appearance make it more of a pen with its primary purpose being to write, apparently. However, within seconds, it can transform into a subtle, powerful, easy to carry and small self- defense weapon.

The power of the best tactical pens mainly come from its very sharp points that are hidden in its light tip, while its other parts weigh more as they are made of high-grade steel. This weight gives you an unyielding striking power, so strong that it can be used to break a glass with it. The tactical pen is transformed into a very useful weapon only when the situation calls for it.

A tactical pen is covert, and most of the models don’t have the resemblances of a weapon. The uniqueness of the tactical pen is that it is only the owner knows of its ability to turn into a weapon in a life threatening situation. To other people, it is just a pen.


Soke Takayuki Kubota invented a simple keychain weapon called a Kubotan in the late 60s. When combined with some very basic locks and pressure point strikes this weapon called a Kubotan is extremely efficient at turning even the hardest criminal to jelly. Many people realized that this Kubotan is made up of some small keychain attachments which are usually blunt at one end and sharpened to a dull point on the other.

Some of the remarkable features of the Kubotan include:

  •         They fit snugly inside small pockets without any form of difficulties, making it very discreet and easy to conceal.
  •         Whether it is being used rightly or wrongly, the pain inflicted by the Kubotan is indelible.
  •         Affordability is one of its greatest attributes because it is relatively affordable.
  •         The techniques of a Kubotan are relatively easy to learn.

While practicing with a Kubotan, we learned that in survival and combat, even the simplest objects could be surprisingly potent means of self-defense.

To successfully become a creative survivalist, you have to think outside the box and break down the preconceived notions of what it means to compete and combat.

Based on this analysis, we discovered that a weapon could be anything ranging from a keychain to a tactical pen, a pencil, a railroad spike, a drill bit or a coffee mug. The object you weaponized is not important, how you use it is all that matters. Anything can be employed as a deadly weapon, but nobody can deny that some objects make better weapons than the others.


As the day goes by, the streets are getting more, and it is just common sense to be well prepared in case of any attack on your person. Straightforward and easy tips abound to get you out of dangerous situations or help you avoid one.

If you ever find yourself in a tensed situation, you can simply make use of verbal self-defense to ease the tension. Do your best to stay away from the direct attack. Physical self-defense does not involve the use weapons, but it involves techniques from martial arts, or the use of legal weapons like pepper spray, or the use of improvised tools like a tactical pen or an umbrella.

Even if you’re already a highly trained martial artist, whose hands and feet are weapons unto themselves, having a tactical pen is always a welcomed advantage. And that’s why you should carry a tactical pen.

The choice is always there to run, of course. A tactical pen is a piece of that can save your life one day or at least, provide you with the avenue to jot things down. It is a deadly survival weapon in the right set of hands and just harmless writing equipment to a novice.

It typically features a heavy duty machined metal construction and is fitted with pressurized ink cartridges. It fits easily in your pocket or shirt, or on your belt, using a clip. It is not just a mean weapon that can inflict injuries on anyone that is dumb enough to get on the wrong side of it. It is also one of our greatest inventions as humans.


There are many things you can do with the best tactical pens but its main use are precise – it’s a device for self-defense and writing.

Some other lesser known uses of tactical pens are:

  • Glass breaking.

The pointed end of the best tactical pen is just perfect for breaking glass panes. Simply grip the pen firmly in a gloved hand, stand back against the same wall the glass is off to one side and swing your arm from the elbow like a pendulum, slamming the pointed metal tip into the corner of a pane. It makes the glass shatter easily.

  • Collection of DNA.

These lovely little self-defense tools come with an inbuilt device for tracking an assailant with the power of science. Some of these tactical pens have a crown studded end cap that is perfect for scraping, jabbing, scratching and stabbing an attacker, leaving blood or flesh that can be analyzed by a lab behind.


  • Most people don’t usually know what tactical pens are, so they tend to overlook them and let you carry them almost anywhere.
  • They are usually difficult to pry from a tight grip because they fit snugly in the palm of your hand.
  • You can use them to casually write checks and sign documents on the fly or jot down notes about your most recent survival adventures.
  • They are insignificant in size, so they are a well-concealed weapon in your pocket and are extracted quickly without a lot of movement.
  • They are perfect for attacking people’s pressure points and also twisting uncomfortably against bones.
  • You tend to have the upper hand with an element of surprise as people rarely see a tactical pen attack coming.
  • Tactical pens are amazingly efficient if you need to break a glass enclosure.

Here are some general ways in which you can use your tactical pen.

a.)     Slashing

This is self-explanatory. The best tactical pen may be used as a knife or sword; swung in a striking motion, down being the strongest move. Even with the absence of a blade, the tactical pen still do real damage when you launch an attack, especially with a solid over the shoulder swing.

b.)     Pressure Point Striking

For this method, some background knowledge and practice are required. It entails knowing how to use the tactical pen to target natural human weak spots. These pressure points can be debilitating when pinched or pressed, and if done right, it doesn’t take much force to pull off.

A mastery of this act gives you an incredible advantage against less knowledgeable attackers. As the tactical pen is a close quarter’s weapon, you can’t do much damage at more than arm’s length. Nevertheless, close range is how you get access to an assailant’s pressure points.

c.)     Stabbing

The best target locations might not be so visible in this type of mechanism. Aim for the eyes, and if you hit the mark, the fight will come to an abrupt end. Another vulnerable location is the Adams’ apple. It is very hard to keep fighting if you can’t see or breathe properly.

Anybody can use a tactical pen, but there is a significant difference between randomly slashing with it and mastering the art of using it. This is why you need to ensure you buy the best tactical pen.

Tactical pens are not meant to be a primary weapon; they are the ideal last resort weapon. Make sure also, that it is legal to bear arms wherever you’re going to with it.

While it is a pen, it does not look like the conventional pen and might raise suspicions. There may be grave consequences attached to having it on your person in certain places. Always bear in mind that regular pens cannot perform adequately, the defense work of a tactical pen.

Standard pens don’t have the strength or durability to perform as those engineered by weapons manufacturers. Tactical pens are considered non-lethal; this does not mean that they can’t kill. It only means that they are not designed to kill. If you need a smooth, flawless ink pen to write your memoirs with, never rely on a tactical pen.


You can make use of a tactical pen like a stick, or like a sword. It is important that you strike hard, with a good grip. You can also use the tactical pen as a knife by simply turning it upside down and jabbing your attacker with it.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you don’t want to kill your attacker. You just want to get out of the situation. A tactical pen inflicts enough pain, and its effects may be lethal in some situations.

It is forged from hardened metal which is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip. The non-writing end of the pen has attached to it, a hardened tip. This is the primary weapon of the tactical pen as it is designed to penetrate and injure, to puncture and incapacitate.

The moment you purchase a tactical pen, it’s assumed that you know how to wield it as a weapon. The use of a tactical pen as a weapon is not illegal, but if you end up in a trial because of it, the lawyers will sure know how to use it against you. For your safety, it’s also better not to board a flight with a tactical pen on your person.

You may pass the security system with it as nobody notices it. The controllers can find it and take it away from your possession or worse still; you can get arrested for having a potential weapon on a commercial airplane.

Finding a good tactical pen that possesses all its functional abilities may be a challenge as you can find tactical pens that don’t write well but act as weapons or some that write nicely but are useless when it comes to protecting you. In all, making a good choice of a tactical pen as a weapon is crucial.



The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is easily one of the best tactical pens in the market. With its rugged features, this tactical pen might be just the tactical pen for you. It has a steel, machined body and a stainless steel pocket clip which makes it easy to carry about.

The pen has a “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridge and works in all conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

A surprising fact about this pen is that it can write upside down in wet conditions. It also has a reliable push-button mechanism which activates its ball point. It has an integrated glass breaker tip that is made of tempered steel.

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen writes amazingly well in all positions. The pen is surprisingly lightweight for its bulky look and is quite durable at the same time.

It fits conveniently inside any pen holder in a canvas bag/ pouch, pocket or Molle slot. This pen is a heavy duty, durable and powerful tactical pen that doesn’t steer away from its primary purpose which is writing.

What We Liked

  • Its ink cartridge works in all conditions.
  • It is very strong and made from durable materials.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Very lightweight and long lasting.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not get through the security system when you want to board an airplane.
  • The plastic inside the cap wears out faster than the rest of the pen and the cap may start to get loose because of that.
  • The glass breaker positioning is bad, and it should be placed elsewhere on the pen as it rips the inner pocket, denim or wherever it catches onto.
  • Avoid dropping the pen because the roller ball does not work afterward.
  • Nevertheless, this is a fantastic tactical pen that writes well and gives you adequate protection if used right.



Under Control Tactical Pen for self-defense is a heavy duty tactical pen that comes with a LED flashlight. It is constructed with black aluminum. It has a good size and is robust and solid. The pen features an inbuilt DNA catch crown and also an integrated glass breaker.

It has a sharp jagged end cap which works amazingly for self-defense. It also features a handy belt clip for easy access. You can as well use the cap of this pen as a mini light; it is not strong, but it provides sufficient illumination. It is easy to use and has a good weight.

What We Liked

  •         This tactical pen is very easy to use.
  •         It feels very comfortable and has a good grip.
  •         The pen writes smoothly.
  •         It features LED light and a DNA catcher.

What We Didn’t Like

  •         Its glass breaker comes off on its own with too much ease.
  •         The ink cartridge could be of better quality
  •         The pen is rather bulky and long.



The 5.11 Double Duty 1.5 Tactical Pen excellently combines writing with self-defense. It has a very solid and durable construction. This tactical pen has an aggressive matte black finish. It accepts standard ink cartridges and you can find its refills in any stationery shop near you.

It has a good grip to go with it, courtesy of the palm swell design of the body on the cap end. The cap end features a flat thumb platform design covered in textured TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) which enforces more power while using it on an aggressor. It has a great sized steel clip and the design is sleek; the pen is neither heavy nor fat nor over built. The flat end cap gives a good thumb purchase and a more powerful striking balance when used in defense. The pen writes from any angle, in any weather conditions, through any liquid and fits snugly in pen pockets.

What We Liked

  •         It is very durable.
  •         It has a good grip and sleek design.
  •         It features TPR which is vital in attacks.

What We Didn’t Like

  •         Both ends of the pen screw into the center in the same direction, making it difficult to tighten them.
  •         The pen can’t pass through a TSA security check.



Do you have zero tolerance for low-quality products? Look no further! It’s time for you to try the Zero Tolerance Tactical Pen Knife which features a rugged machined aluminum body and comes with many qualities on its side. It has a good, well thought-out construction and design. It has an O-ring seal that seals securely and keeps moisture at bay. It has an inbuilt glass breaker tip which is easy and ready to use. It is also equipped with a ‘Rite in the Rain’ pressurized ink cartridge which ensures a smooth flow for the ink. It has the ability to write in extreme weather conditions and also upside down. It can take refills from other pen cartridges.

 What We Liked

  •         It fits easily in your pocket, just like an ordinary pen.
  •         It is sturdy and has a strong tip.
  •         The pen feels very comfortable.

What We Didn’t Like

  •         It is a bit difficult to remove the pen cap.
  •         It requires careful handling as the glass breaking end might poke you.
  •         It is quite expensive.


PKTP-BK Tactical Pen & Writing Instrument

If you truly desire an unbreakable tactical pen, go for the PKTP-BK Tactical Pen and Writing Instrument.

This pen has an advanced ergonomic bezel cutting pattern design to give a rock solid and secure grip. You can use this care freely even with your gloves on. Its ribbed body enhances the anti-roll and anti-slip abilities of the pen. It has the right weight and is of the perfect length.

There is good material distance on both ends of the pen. It is sophisticated and elegant.

It is very precise and unforgiving when used for protection. It features an indestructible alloy body and has sharp angles and edges which make this pen highly efficient on capturing the DNA of your potential attacker. It has the ability to rotate the bezel against the body clockwise to expose the ink tip.

The pen writes very smoothly and you can refill using other ink cartridges. It has a long lasting stainless steel nose cone. The rear tips are strongly embedded to enhance impact strength and also ensure force multiplication. Its front and rear tips are made of non-corrosive stainless steel.

What We Liked

  •         It has a secure grip.
  •         It is sophisticated and elegant.
  •         It features a DNA catcher.

What We Didn’t Like

  •         It is quite costly.
  •         It does not come with a clip so attachment is not easy.



Having seen what the best tactical pen offers, its features and uses and some outstanding types, we have no doubt that you can confidently make a well informed decision on a tactical pen that fits your needs.

Our number one pick is the UNDER CONTROL BEST TACTICAL PEN with its LED flashlight, DNA catcher, comfortable grip and smooth ink flow. You can’t go wrong when you purchase this tactical pen.

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