Best Tackle Bag in 2023 – Tackle Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Tackle Bag in 2023 – Tackle Bag Reviews and Ratings
The best fishing tackle bags on the market have tons of pockets that can hold all your fishing gear and more. They are designed to make it simpler to transport your gear from the car to your fishing hole. Our top pick, the Piscifun Sports Fishing Tackle Bag, is a great example of a high-quality tackle bag that has room for everything you will ever need for your trip.

1. Piscifun

Best Overall Tackle Bag

5/5 Product Rating
The unique design of this bag makes it the perfect fishing tackle bag. It is easy and comfortable to carry and has several pockets that can hold your various types of fishing gear.

The zippered, mesh pocket has a slim design, and there are two pockets that have Velcro closures. The main pocket is padded to protect its contents. You can hook your favorite carabineers to the three, plastic attachment loops that are conveniently located on the bag.

With this many pockets, you won’t have to worry about running out of room for supplies and gear. This attractive and functional bag also comes in many attractive colors including orange, black, green, blue, brown, khaki brown, and army yellow/green.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Wild River

Best Overall Tackle Bag – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
This beautiful tackle backpack offers fishing enthusiasts plenty of room to store all their important fishing gear.

Some of the features of this great bag include a lower compartment that can hold up to 4 fishing trays and a large upper storage area that features a removable divider.

This divider can disconnect from the backpack and allow you to carry larger items such as your lunch and drinks.

Other great features include a large front pocket cover that can be folded down to make a work surface, shoulder straps that are padded and adjustable and a sternum strap for comfort and fit making this bag comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The clear, internal pockets are perfect for licenses and maps which keeps these items dry but still visible. This tackle bag can carry 4, #3600 trays or 2, #3600 trays when the divider is in place. This bag does not automatically come with trays but you have the option of purchasing them when you purchase the bag.

The rugged pads on the bottom protect the fishing tackle bag from wear and tear from the rough ground and keeps the bag usable for years. The bright, lime green bag is the perfect gift for the avid fishing enthusiast.

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3. Plano

Best Budget Tackle Bag

4.5/5 Product Rating
Plano is the most well-known and trusted name in fishing supplies. This tackle box provides plenty of fixed compartments for all your fishing gear.

It has two cantilever trays, each of which has between 14 and 25 compartments which are great for lures and other small items. The brass latch is strong and durable and will therefore keep all your contents safely inside.

The handle on the Plano tackle box is collapsible which allows it to easily be stored. It is also strong and sturdy assuring that you can easily carry it to your fishing spot. There are even two storage areas on top for additional supplies.

With this box, you can carry everything you need for a day of fishing in an easy and organized way which will make your fishing experience even more enjoyable. The sturdiness and ease of use make this a great tackle box for a beginning fishing enthusiast. The dark blue and gray, hard-plastic case will last a long time with proper care.

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Tackle Bag Buying Guide

Tackle Bag Buying Guide

Things to consider

You want to be certain that the tackle bag or box you choose is a good fit for the kind of fishing you do most often. There are several different styles of fishing: fly fishing, deep-sea fishing and trout fishing are just a few of them. Each type of fishing does well with a specific kind of tackle bag. Keep in mind that you may need more than one bag depending on where you are going, how long you will be fishing and what type of fishing you will be doing.

When you start researching different tackle bags, make sure to look for high-quality products that have strong, reinforced seams, durable zippers, and heavyweight fabrics that will last a long time. If you are interested in adding trays to your bag, don’t forget to look for those that are worm-proof which will prevent your plastic worm lures from melting to the plastic trays.

Other features to look for include a strong, secure lock and waterproof seals that will enable your tackle bag to last a long time.

Types of Tackle Boxes

There are two basic types of tackle boxes to choose from, hard or soft. The hard tackle boxes are usually made of molded plastic and can have a variety of styles which we describe below. Soft bags are lighter and more convenient to carry. They are often made from rip-stop nylon for added durability. We have listed some helpful information below on the different styles which will help you decide which type of tackle bag is the best for you.

Hard Tackle Boxes

Molded plastic tackle box – This type of tackle box is very durable and although it is not a “bag” per se, it is a good choice for carrying a lot of fishing supplies. In addition, it can make a great seat with its flat top and hard-molded plastic design.

  1. Racked tackle box – These large tackle boxes have a series of trays that pull out so you can see all your gear at once and choose which piece you want to use. They are particularly great for organizing and protecting fishing lures. They are particularly well suited for boats since their large size makes them difficult to carry.
  2. Satchel Style – These inexpensive tackle boxes are very portable and lightweight but strong. They are good for the beginning fishing enthusiast and look a lot like briefcases. Their design makes them easy to carry over your shoulder, similar to a cross-body style bag.
  3. Tray Style – This is the most common type of tackle box and the most popular too. The box itself is shaped like a tool box. There are several fold-out trays inside that hold lures, bobbers, etc. When the trays are opened, you have access to a large storage compartment in the bottom of the box. Make sure the trays are worm proof so that your plastic worms don’t melt together in the heat. Also, look for rugged handles, tough and long lasting hinges, and secure locks.
  4. Drawer Style – Some of the molded tackle boxes have pull out drawers rather than trays. Whether you choose this style or not is personal preference. Some people like drawers better than trays. Again, make sure the trays are worm-proof to prevent melting.
  5. Hip Roof Style – This tackle box has two sides that fold out, revealing its contents in a cascading fashion. Some designs of this style of tackle box are very large and can hold as many as 100 lures. This style includes latches to keep the box closed so it does not open accidentally. Make sure the handles on this box are sturdy and strong enough to carry what might become a very heavy box when full.

Soft Tackle Boxes

Soft tackle bags are known for being much lighter and easier to carry than the hard, molded plastic style. They often have waterproof shells and can accommodate trays for storing lures and other supplies. Some tackle bags can hold as many as 6 trays. Some tackle bags have extra storage pockets and carabiner loops for carrying additional supplies.

When you are looking at soft-sided tackle bags, look for features such as padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, strong handles for carrying, and reinforced stitching so the seams don’t pull apart. Also, look for soft bags that have plenty of pockets and places for you to carry valuables, lures, blister packs, spinners and more. The more you can comfortably carry in your bag, the better prepared you will be on your fishing trips.


Keeping all your fishing lures and supplies organized is important so as not to find yourself with a pile of tangled supplies. With the many great choices for tackle bags on the market, there is no reason to ever feel disorganized again.

All three of the tackle bags featured here provide everything you need to go fishing and help you to keep all your gear handy and easy to grab. The size of tackle box you need depends on how often you go fishing, how much gear you have, and whether you are fishing from a boat or from land.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you understand the differences between styles of tackle bags so you can easily sort through them and eliminate those that don’t meet your needs. The tackle bags featured here will work well for any age fishing enthusiast and will help make carrying your fishing gear convenient and easy.

Having the correct information will prevent you from spending money on a tackle bag that doesn’t fit your needs. Now that you have read this guide, you are armed with the information needed to confidently choose the best tackle bag for you. Here’s to a future filled with years of fishing fun!


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