Best Tablecloth in 2023 – Tablecloth Reviews and Ratings

Best Tablecloth in 2023 – Tablecloth Reviews and Ratings
Your dining room table is the center of family dinner parties, holiday get together and even every day family dinners. Because of this, many people put a lot of importance on choosing the right tablecloth for their tables. We looked at the 20 most popular tablecloths on the market and considered their material, size options, durability, patterns and colors, care required, and customer opinions. The three tablecloths we have reviewed below are head and shoulders above the rest in all of those categories. Any one of them will provide an elegant and stylish table that you can impress your friend and family with.
Best Tablecloth

1. Stars Crochet

Best Overall Tablecloth

5/5 Product Rating
If you love lace and all things Victorian, you will love this beautiful Stars Crochet Vintage Lace Tablecloth. It is available is white and ivory and has a number of sizes available including

  • 60” x 60”
  • 60” x 90”
  • 60” x 105”
  • 60” x 120”
  • 60” x 140”

This beautiful vintage style tablecloth is made from a combination of 80% cotton and 20% polyester giving is the softness of the cotton along with the durability and longevity of the polyester.

There is no ironing required with this elegant tablecloth.

It can be used alone or over the top of a darker, brightly colored tablecloth so the color shines through the lace for a different look altogether.

If you are looking for something that brings back the old, vintage style, Victorian dinner parties, this is it.

Sarah Lytle

2. Mahogany Tree of Life

Best Overall Tablecloth – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
This 100% cotton tablecloth from the Tree of Life collection is a beautiful, dark jacquard weave that has a unique tree design that works for all seasons.

The fabric is durable and long lasting and is easy to care for as well.

The charcoal gray background is accented with the light gray pattern. It has blossoms, apples, and birds in a pleasing design that is on a jacquard weave that has plenty of weight to it.

This is not a fragile tablecloth and works great for dinner parties, holiday feasts and your nightly dinners too.

This tablecloth will fit an oval or rectangle table that measures up to 50” x 106”.

It is machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on low heat safely. It is available in bright blue as well for a brighter look.

Sarah Lytle

3. Lenox Laurel

Best Budget Tablecloth

4.5/5 Product Rating
Lenox is a well known brand name of fine things as this beautiful Laurel Leaf tablecloth illustrates. Measuring 144” x 70”, this tablecloth works well for an oblong or rectangular table.

The crisscross design that this tablecloth features is a beautiful laurel leaf garlands that have a slight shimmer to them.

This tablecloth is made from a combination of 70% cotton and 30% polyester for a softness and sheen that is truly awe-inspiring when set for a holiday feast or dinner party.

Available in Platinum, cranberry, gold, green, ivory, platinum and white so there is definitely a color that will complement your décor.

The Laurel Leaf pattern is also available in matching runners, placemats and napkins that can be purchased separately.

This elegant tablecloth is also available in a variety of sizes as well to fit many different table sizes. Maintenance is easy, as this beautiful tablecloth can be machine washed in cold water with other similar colors. It can be dried in the dryer on a low to medium heat and is color fast and resistant to wrinkling to get it back into “like new” condition.

Sarah Lytle

Tablecloth Buying Guide

Tablecloth Reviews

Standard Tablecloth Sizes

Tablecloth1There are many different shapes and standard sizes that are readily available in most tablecloths. When you are looking for a tablecloth you will more than likely be choosing from these shapes and sizes.

  • Square – 54”, 72”, 90”
  • Round – 70”, 78”, 90”, 108”, 120”, 132”
  • Oblong or Rectangular – 52” x 70”, 60” x 84”, 60” x 102”, 60” x 144”
  • Oval – 60” x 84”, 60” x 102”

Selecting a Tablecloth Material

There are several different types of materials that are used to make tablecloths. Each type of material has it up and down sides. When you are shopping for tablecloths, keep in mind your personal preferences, style, frequency of gatherings and more. This will help you choose a tablecloth that you will enjoy using. We have listed the most common ones below.

  • Linen – This material is elegant and classy and is the perfect choice for special gatherings and events as well as dinner parties. Linen is much more difficult to clean and will need to be professionally cleaned. Linen is cool to the touch and smooth, with almost a silky feel to it. They hang off the table beautifully.
  • Cotton – Cotton is one of the most popular materials that are used for tablecloths. They are attractive, have a lot of style options and are easily cleaned. Almost all cotton tablecloths are machine washable. If you have children, you may want to avoid cotton due to the fact that it is prone to staining. If you want a good alternative that is stain free look into the laminated cotton materials.
  • Polyester – This inexpensive option is available in many different styles and patterns. If you like to change the look of your table seasonally, polyester tablecloths may be just the thing. It’s also great for kids’ tables. A polyester table cloth is lighter in weight cotton or linen and doesn’t have the same beautiful, elegant drape. They are still a great choice.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl tablecloths are not for use for fancy dinner parties or holiday gatherings. They are perfect for outdoor gatherings of any kind and are easily wiped off if spills occur. If you have a lot of cookouts and picnics, having a few vinyl tablecloths on hand will take care of your outdoor tables.

The Best Fabrics for a Great Tablecloth


  • Cotton, Wool, Silk and Linen – These are the natural fiber tablecloths. Cotton is a durable choice that is multipurpose and does well in many uses. They can be washed in the washer easily but are prone to staining.

    Poly-blends are good if you have to wash the tablecloth a lot more often. Linen, wool and silk tablecloths are a lot more expensive and much more fragile as well. They are not recommended for daily use and care should be taken to use them at all as actual dining tablecloths due to the fact that they stain easily.

    A stain on one of these elegant fabrics can ruin it for good. Some suggestions for a luxury tablecloth that doesn’t have the high maintenance or cost are damask or sateen cloths that are made of polyester or cotton. They are so pretty that unless you tell your guests, they won’t even know the tablecloths are not high end.

  • Nylon, Polyester and Spandex – It used to be that the synthetic tablecloths looked cheap and fake but not anymore. Polyester has fast become a household name in tablecloths and they are resistant to wrinkling and are very easy to clean.

    Polyester can be made in many different styles and colors. Nylon is much less common because it is much thinner and is nit s attractive as other materials are. There are even tablecloths that are made from a stretchy spandex material. These are custom made tablecloths that are made to fit your table specifically.

    They have a contoured shape that is very different from other materials. This type of tablecloth is much more expensive and there is less selection than other materials offer. They do have an interesting look to them that works well for presentation tables.

  • Recycled, Water-repellent, Canvas – If you are looking for an outdoor tablecloth, canvas materials are a great choice. They are strong, thick and have a coating on them that resists stains, dirt and water.

    They are not particularly attractive but they are very functional and do their job well. Canvas tablecloths are not easy to find. Water repellent tablecloths are much easier to find and don’t cost much more than polyester tablecloths.

    They are very good for use as vendor tablecloths. Some of these water repellent tablecloths are made from recycled plastics. The recycled fabric is a lot more expensive than polyester but if you have need for this kind of tablecloths; this is the way to go.

  • Vinyl, Paper and Plastic – These are the cheapest kind of tablecloths and are meant to be used and then thrown away. They are most often used for children’s birthday parties and other outdoor get togethers.

    Tablecloth3Disposable tablecloths are found in many different patterns, themes and colors and are perfect for events where you need to cover a lot of tables such as company picnics or cookouts. These are not tablecloths that you should expect to use more than once because they are easy to tear and stain.

    Vinyl is tough and durable and resistant to water as well and in many cases can be used more than once although if they are not folded carefully they won’t look very good the second time around.


The perfect tablecloth can really make a dinner party set up look elegant and beautiful. There are hundreds of colors and styles of tablecloths available to choose from in an array of different fabrics.

Many people purchase several different tablecloths for different holidays, dinner parties and other events. They may also have one special tablecloth that is on the table all the time in between actual dinners.

With all of these choices, you may feel overwhelmed but with the right information, there is no need to struggle. You can find the perfect tablecloth by keeping your needs and preferences in mind as well as your décor and color schemes in your dining room.

Tablecloths are a great way to give your dinner table a finished look that will wow friends and family and make even ordinary dinners feel like something special.


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  2. Stars Crochet –

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