Best Swimming Goggles in 2023 – Swimming Goggles Reviews and Ratings

Best Swimming Goggles in 2023 – Swimming Goggles Reviews and Ratings
In this review, we’ll take a look
at just what it is that makes
one pair of swimming goggles different
from the other and even give three
examples of the best possible goggles
you can get your hands on.
Best Swimming Goggle

1. Dom Marzen

Best Overall Swimming Goggles

5/5 Product Rating
The Dom Marzen Swimming Goggles fit extremely well, have a very nice lens and are free from fogging and leaking when we tested them. These adjustable swimming goggles have a one piece design made from silicone. They fit very well on different head sizes. I tested these with myself and my children; we both loved them. Compared to other swimming googles, the Dom Marzen’s gave a much better view and did not fog.

They have a tinted lens that is nice for bright sunny days at the pool. I also appreciated the double strap so they don’t slip while you wear them. If you are looking for an all around great pair of swimming goggles, we highly recommend the Free Swim Goggles from Dom Marzen.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Kayenne

Best Overall Swimming Goggles – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Kayennes are a pair of swimming goggles which seem to put most of their effort into providing you with a pair of goggles that give you a great degree of visibility, no matter current lighting conditions or the fogginess of the water in which you may happen to be swimming. It is this one feature that most sets these goggles apart from others. For example, the goggles themselves are built with oversized lenses in relation to their frame. This gives you a large degree of visibility, ensuring you don’t experience a degree of tunnel vision due to the frames being within your field of view, as is usually the case with other goggles. This feature is something you’ll notice the second you put the goggles on, and will likely change how you see swimming goggles forever. All of the other products just won’t feel the same.

One feature that may take quite a bit of time to become apparent is the actual material that the goggle’s lenses are made of. Without getting into the science of goggle lens construction, I’ll say that the material used is extremely resistant to scratches of any sort. This keeps the great visibility they initially offer extending long into the future. As such, you may consider this as being more of a frugal purchase, being that you won’t need to replace the goggles for quite some time. They are also very resistant to fog, which is a huge plus and is a solution to a problem we’ve all experienced at some point or another.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. U-FIT

4.7/5 Product Rating
If you head on over to the U-FIT’s Amazon page through clicking on its name above, the first thing you’ll notice is its high rating. Sitting at four and a half stars, you can be sure you’re getting a pair of goggles which have proven their worth time and time again. What’s more, the U-FIT goggles have received over five hundred reviews. This means that, despite over five hundred people having had a chance to say bad things about the product, it just doesn’t happen to any large degree. With such a high rating from such a vast sample size, there’s no guesswork involved in this purchase.

You’ll love the large degree of consumer protection you’re getting in this model. In fact, the U-FIT offers all of its customers a money-back guarantee that lasts for life. Not only does this protect against manufacturing defects (in which case they will simply replace your product), but it can be used for any reason at all. Don’t like the color on the inside of the strap? That’s as good a reason as U-FIT needs to give you your money back. This is quite simply the safest goggle purchase you can make.

The goggles themselves come with U.V. protection. Now, while this isn’t exactly unheard of, many goggles with this trait will often have a very poor level of visibility due to the goggles lenses slightly resembling sunglasses (sunglasses being the last thing you need when under water), though this is not the case here. The U-FIT also offers a high degree of visibility outside of its U.V. protection, this is apparent through its lenses which will never fog up and are very resistant to scratches, scuffs and cracks of any sort, not only letting you see better, but keeping your goggles preserved all the while.

Jonathan Maxwell

4. Aegend

Best Budget Swimming Goggles

4.6/5 Product Rating
Now, there’s no denying that the two previously listed goggles are great. However, if you just can’t justify spending twenty dollars on some swimming goggles, the Aegend Clear is likely just what you need. Despite coming in at a little over half price of the two above products, the Aegend Clear goggles will offer you a large degree of practicality, ensuring you’ll never be disappointed with your purchase, no matter where or when you swim. In fact, outside of having a slightly lower level of visibility, you’ll find these goggles to be quite similar to the above two.

For example, the Aegend Clear goggles still place a very large emphasis on visibility. While a large portion of goggles in their price range may not always offer crystal clear vision for the wearer, this is not the case here. You’ll also find both the lenses and the frame to be very resistant to any sort of damage. As such, you’ll likely never have to worry about leaks, cracks or scratches of any sort. Not only does this prove to be very convenient, it makes the purchase even more cost-effective in the long run, making it perfect for if you’re trying to save a bit of money.

Jonathan Maxwell

Swimming Goggles Buying Guide

Swimming Goggle Reviews

What is a Swimming Goggles?

Swimming Goggles1If you’re looking for a more specialized list of features that the above goggles just can’t seem to provide, you can always shop around for yourself. While the above three swimming goggles could be considered as being the best of the bunch, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a quality set that is more likely to meet your needs. If you keep the below considerations in mind while shopping, you’re sure to come out with a great set.

During which time of day will you be swimming?

Believe it or not, the sun is at its most dangerous when you’re around the water. Though, with today’s technology, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you know you’ll be doing lots of swimming outside during the day, getting a pair of swimming goggles which offer some U.V. protection is always an excellent choice. Not only will this keep your eyes safe in the long run, it can even improve your visibility when swimming. Much like if you go into a dark room after looking at a light source, diving under the water after getting the sun in your eyes might not give you a great sense of what’s around you.

On the other hand, lots of U.V. protection can actually hurt your level of visibility if you’re swimming in the late evening. You wouldn’t wear sunglasses indoors, so why wear them at night under the water? Although U.V. protection won’t hurt your visibility that much, you really need every advantage you can get when it comes to swimming at night. If you swim in the dark, having a set of goggles without said protection should be considered essential.

Do you need a nose plug?

Although many children’s swimming goggles will often come with built-in nose plugs, adults aren’t always so lucky. However, with a bit of searching, you may be able to find such a pair of goggles. However, if you don’t need a nose plug, you might be better off staying away from such goggles. The fact of the matter is that using a pair of such goggles will require you have more material strapped to your face. This can make things rather uncomfortable and can actually go so far as to decrease your overall level of visibility. Not to mention, you’ll probably be paying a premium for such a feature.

Do you need a snorkel?

Swimming Goggles2No matter which type of goggles you choose to go with, you’ll likely find them to be perfectly compatible with your snorkel of choice. This is because you can simply stick the snorkel in question in between your head and your goggles’ strap. However, if you’d actually like to be comfortable while using your snorkel, buying goggles with one built in might be a better idea. Even if you have your own snorkel already, the fact that one has been included ensures the goggles you have will be compatible and comfortable with any snorkel.

Types of Swimming Goggles

  • Casual Goggles – Now, “casual goggles” might not be an official term. However, if your goggles haven’t been made with professional Olympic swimmers in mind, you can be sure they fit into the casual category. It’s important to remember that just because Olympians aren’t using your goggles, does not mean they aren’t any good. In fact, this particular category of goggles will always prove to be the most comfortable option through having a perfect fit on your face. And, unless you’re having a swimming race for dear life, you won’t notice any difference. For recreational swimming, casual goggles are what you want.
  • Competition Goggles – These are the type of goggles you’d expect to see being worn by Michael Phelps. These are made specifically with the competitor in mind. While these are the best for winning races, they’re not very comfortable at all. Typically, these will fit extremely tight around your eyes. This is because the goggles are meant to make you more aerodynamic. Being that a recreational swim is not impacted by how aerodynamic your goggles are, you’ll likely only want these if you plan on competing. If you do plan on competing, it doesn’t get much better than competition goggles.

Common Swimming Goggles Features

Whether you need a nose plug, are a competitor or plan on swimming at night, the amount of variables found in swimming goggles which can make or break your experience with a product are huge. However, there are a few characteristics that are always good to see in a pair of goggles, no matter your personal preference.

  • Damage Resistance – This is a feature you should be able to find in any good product, not just swimming goggles. Of course, the less likely your goggles’ lenses are to incur scratches, the better your visibility will be and the less often you’ll have to replace them. This offers a more enjoyable swimming experience as well as increased savings later on down the road.
  • Padding – Unless you plan on grabbing some competition goggles, padding should be seen as necessary, as you won’t have a whole lot of fun swimming without it. If you’re shopping online, take a look to see if the edge of the frame closest to the face has any extra material added to it. If you’re shopping in person, try giving the goggles a little squeeze. The more padding, the better.
  • Swimming Goggles3

  • Fog Resistance – Why deal with fogged up goggles if you don’t have to? Not only is fog resistance a convenient feature to have at your disposal, it says a great deal about the quality of the goggles. If a set of goggles doesn’t have fog resistance, they likely aren’t worth your money to begin with.


When it comes to goggles, the very most important thing you can look for is a great deal of visibility. This is something we can all appreciate. Outside of this one factor; however, the choices are limitless. Through keeping all of the above factors in mind, you’ll be able to walk away with the best possible goggles to suit your situation, no matter what that may be.



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