Best Staple Gun in 2023 – Staple Gun Reviews and Ratings

Best Staple Gun in 2023 – Staple Gun Reviews and Ratings
A staple gun may seem like an intimidating piece of equipment, but it really is not. There are various kinds of staple guns on the market, but the top rated ones that we cover here are the most popular because they’re user-friendly, high quality, and come at a price that most consumers can afford. There are various kinds of staple guns on the market, but the top rated ones that we cover here are the most popular because they’re user-friendly, high quality, and come at a price that most consumers can afford.
Best Staple Gun

1. Surebonder

Best Overall Staple Gun

5/5 Product Rating
This fine wire staple gun from Surebonder can help you to tackle a wide variety of jobs quickly and in a professional manner. You get a quick-release magazine that is easy to refill, and because the gun is heavy-duty in construction, you can handle even the toughest roofing projects or just simple at-home upholstery repairs.

The magazine will fit 100 staples, so that means you don’t have to refill as often. The gun also operates on a compressed air between 60 psi and 100 psi. The gun uses narrow crown 18 gauge staples that range from 1/4 to 9/16 inches. You are guaranteed fast and safe performance with this staple gun, because it’s built for speed and power, as well as ease of use.

The sheer variety of tasks that you’ll be able to accomplish with this one tool with be surprising; from laying roof felt to installing installation, you can do it all. You also get the precision that you require for specialty tasks such as finishing cabinet backs, making picture frames, screen door repair, and so much more.

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2. Stanley TRE550

Best Overall Staple Gun – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This brad nail gun from Stanley is a top rated staple gun because it comes from a name that everyone can trust. It’s a heavy duty electric staple nail gun that features remarkable driving power, and its unique dual power level is designed for use with hard or soft materials.

You get a quick-jam clear mechanism that is going to save you both time and hassle, as well as an 8 foot power cord. This gun uses Stanley SharpShooter series or Arrow T-50 heavy duty stapes that come in a range of sizes, so you’ll be able to complete various different tasks with the use of one tool.

Upon purchase, you’ll have everything that you need to get the job done right, and you’re going to find that use of this staple gun is not only precise but also safe and comfortable. Customers love the size and various capabilities of this staple gun, and they’re also surprised by how easy it is to carry on the go. Tackle even the toughest jobs with use of this wonderful staple gun by Stanley tools.

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3. Stanley TR150HL

Best Budget Staple Gun

4.6/5 Product Rating
With its Hi/Lo power lever, you’ll find that this staple gun by Stanley will help you to work with both hard and soft materials. It features heavy duty aircraft aluminum housing that gives you long-lasting durability and performance. You also get an anti-jam mechanism that is going to save you time on the job.

Experience high power and deep penetration with a tool that is still lightweight and comfortable to use. You also will enjoy the easy-slide full-stick staple load, and the gun uses a variety of Stanley SharpShooter and Arrow T-50 series staples. The gun is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that it’s going to stand the test of time.

Customers love this staple gun because it helps them to tackle a number of tasks with ease, and it’s still comfortable in the hand and easy to use. When you want precision and professional performance for all your stapling tasks, look no further than this wonderful staple gun by Stanley.

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Staple Gun Buying Guide

Staple Gun Reviews

What is a Staple Gun?

Staple Gun1If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’re going to find that a staple gun is a handy tool that you can use for plenty of household repair tasks. You can tack the loose corner of fabric on your sofa, install new kitchen seat covers, or even staple sheets of insulation when you own a staple gun at home. A staple gun is also great for crafting and home decoration projects as well.

There are a number of different staple gun models on the market, so what you choose should be about knowing how you’re going to use the gun, and how often. If you’re someone who plans to use the gun a great deal, then it makes sense to invest extra money to buy something that is suitable for heavy duty work and will stand the test of time. Lets take a look at some of the features you want to look out for when buying a high quality staple gun.

Staple Gun Basics

There are basically three categories of staple guns: the manually powered, pneumatic, and the electric. The purpose of these guns is to drive metal fasteners into plastic, wood, and other materials. The staple gun is an indispensable tool in various different industries, and it’s also very handy to have in the home.

Even in the health care field, practitioners use staple guns that are specially designed to close incisions after surgeries. Also, manufacturers who do anything from boat making to food packaging use this fastening tool for various projects and purposes.

Stapler or Staple Gun?

You’ll often find the traditional stapler in offices and classrooms, and these are designed to clip papers together. This kind of stapler is much different than a staple gun. Desktop staplers are designed with strike plates that crimp the ends of staples, but staple guns work through a different process.

A manual staple gun is built with a spring-loaded mechanism, and by squeezing the handle the gun compresses a spring that then recoils. This releases tension bars that then drive the staple. The design of a staple gun is meant to enhance the ability of the tool to insert staples into hard surfaces with a single thrust. Whereas a desk stapler only uses hand pressure to push the fastener through a sheaf of papers.

Manually Powered Staple Guns

A manual staple gun is the perfect tool for most home projects. This kind of gun is easy to use, and easy to find in various different styles. A manual gun is inexpensive, and most require operators to simply squeeze the handle each time that a staple is to be inserted. This kind of gun is best used for smaller jobs that don’t need a significant amount of repetitive squeezing. Some types of manual staple guns include the all-purpose staplers, hammer tackers, carton staplers, and guns for installing cable and wire.

Staple Gun2The list is endless of the various kinds of manual staple guns that you can find on the market. Before you purchase a manual stapler, you want to test a few different models out to make sure that it’s easy to use with one hand. With the other hand, you’re going to need to secure the thing that is being stapled. If you’re shopping online, be sure to read the seller’s description so that you can find something that is truly easy to use.

Electric Staple Guns

An electric staple gun is going to run on battery power or with a plug and electric outlet. Instead of channeling the energy to drive the staple from a squeeze lever, and electric stapler use a trigger that only needs a bit of light pressure to use. Some of these staplers will use tacking nails and staples, and they can adjust to various fastener lengths. Electric staplers are going to be more expensive than the manual kind, but it’s possible to find affordable models online.

What an electric stapler allows you to do is drive multiple staples per minute, but you still need to squeeze the trigger to drive the staples. You also get more uniform stapling with an electric stapler because there is no varying pressure behind the stapler. Some users complain about electric staplers because a misplaced staple could possibly cause injury. This is the case with any kind of stapler, but electric guns do have a safety trigger that will not fire unless the gun is in the proper position. You can find various styles of electric stapler on the market, and these are geared towards different kinds of uses. There are countless kinds of jobs that can be executed with an electric stapler, so it comes down to knowing how you intend to use it most of the time.

Pneumatic Staple Guns

A pneumatic staple gun is great for industrial and professional use, and it works with the power of compressed air to drive the staples. You can either drive staples, tacks, or nails with this kind of staple gun, and they’re not intended for simple household tasks. This kind of gun is much larger than the others, and it’s ideal for very demanding jobs.

You’ll find that furniture manufacturers use this kind of gun, as well as professional carpet and floor installation workers. This kind of staple gun is also used by electricians and construction workers. This model of stapler is very versatile and gives you ample power to tackle heavy duty fastening jobs, like affixing roofing felt and carpet installation. Many of these tools can accommodate continuous rounds, known as magazines, so that you need not spend extra time reloading. You need to use an external power source for these, and that makes the handheld unit lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s also more comfortable to use this kind of stapler for long periods. Many pneumatic staplers with have safety functions that will prevent misfiring.

Buying the Right Staple Gun for Your Needs

The most important thing you want to consider is how well your staple gun matches the intended use of it. This will guide you towards making the right purchase. You want to make sure that the gun is easy to operate and has the necessary capacity to handle the size and style of fastener that your job requires.

More Considerations

Keep in mind that most stapling tools have warranties, but some offer more complete warranties than others. You’re going to see that less expensive staplers will offer a short-term warranty, or something that is more limited than with expensive power tools. An expensive model can even sometimes offer you a lifetime of repairs. When grappling between two different staplers, definitely go with the one that has the better warranty.

Staple Gun3Safety must always be a consideration with your purchase, because manual staple guns shoot sharp objects with remarkable force. You want to consider purchasing protective eyewear and gloves in case your gun should misfire. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to wear loose or oversized clothing when operating a staple gun, because you could find yourself accidentally stapled to your project.


A stapling gun is a handy tool that allows you to accomplish all kinds of tasks around the house, and you don’t need to be a professional to use one. There are so many different kinds of staple guns on the market, and the one that you choose should be based upon your unique needs.

Ask yourself what kinds of tasks you’ll be performing with the gun, and how often you’re going to use it. In our buyer’s guide we discussed the various kinds of guns that you will encounter, and many of these come at an affordable price.

Keep in mind that the more expensive guns are going to be made from better quality materials, so you want to consider getting one of these if you use the staple gun a lot and want it to stand the test of time. No matter which staple gun you purchase, you’re going to be amazed at how easy it is to use, and with the newest safety technology, you run little risk of misfiring and causing injury.


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