Best Shoe Rack in 2023 – Shoe Rack Reviews and Ratings

Best Shoe Rack in 2023 – Shoe Rack Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 20 hours researching and testing 20 different style and types of shoe racks and found that design, number of shoes the rack can hold, and cost were the most important factors with consumers looking for shoe racks.  The Seville Classics 3-Tier Shoe Rack scored way above the rest in all the categories we looked at and is our overall top pick.  The Seville Classic offers three tiers of space that will hold nine pairs of shoes and can handle weights of up to 30 pounds on each shelf.  The special finish in pretty Espresso, protects the shoe rack from corrosion and makes it super easy to clean.

Shoe Rack Reviews

1. Seville

Best Overall Shoe Rack

5/5 Product Rating

Seville Classic’s shoe rack provides you with style and functionality that will help you keep all your shoes organized. 

This shoe rack is perfect for a mud room and can hold 9 pairs of shoes. Each shelf of the rack can hold up to 30 pounds.  The shelves are made with resin slats that have a wood grain pattern.

The iron frame has an espresso finish to prevent corrosion. This shoe rack is easy to assemble; just pop the shelves into the frame. 

The shelves can be removed and the rack folded away for easy storage.  You will not need any tools to assemble this shoe rack.  The box comes with 1 rack made of iron, 4 caps, 3 shelves, 4 connection pins and 4 leveling feet.

If you need more room, just purchase multiple units and stack them. This attractive, easy-to-assemble unit is perfect for shoes of all sizes and can be used in any room you choose. The finish makes it easy to keep clean.  Comes with a limited one year warranty.

Sarah Lytle

2. Whitmor

Best Overall Shoe Rack – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

Whitmor’s over the door shoe rack provides the space to hold 36 pairs of shoes without taking up valuable floor space.  The white resin rack contains non-slip pads for the door to prevent sliding and scratching.  The bars of the rack can fold up so you can have space for tall boots or shoes.

Whitmor’s over the door shoe rack provides plenty of flexibility so you can create more room wherever you need it.  There are no tools required with this rack and it looks great too. It is the perfect choice for small apartments and dorm rooms.

The glossy, white appearance looks great anywhere and goes with any kind of décor. There is an included hook to aid in hanging the rack and you can have it installed and ready for shoes very quickly.

The company stands behind their products 100% so if you are displeased for any reason or the rack isn’t working properly, just contact customer service and they will happily help.

Sarah Lytle

3. Songmics

4.3/5 Product Rating

This 5 tier shoe rack from Songmics holds 25 pairs of shoes, providing you with a lot of extra storage space. 

This rack is made from durable iron pipes along with high quality connectors, and non-woven fabric that is waterproof for the tiers. This shoe rack will last years with the proper care.

Songmics shoe rack assembles super easy; just snap it together and it can be set up and ready for shoes in minutes.

If you desire you can split this rack up and create a 2 and 3 or even stack two fives on top of each other.  It is a great solution to make more room and storage space.

You can fit this rack into any room in your home to add storage space and order. If you have lots of shoes, this is exactly what you need to bring order to your closet, mud room, or bedroom. Each shelf of this shoe rack holds up to three or four pairs of full-sized shoes.

Sarah Lytle


Shoe Rack Buying Guide

Shoe Rack Buying Guide

Shoe racks are the perfect solution to bring organization to cluttered mud rooms, closets, and bedrooms. Shoe racks come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. You have a lot to choose from when it comes to the amount of shoes each rack can hold. The information below will help you choose the perfect shoe rack or shoe racks for your specific shoe needs.

Before You Start Shopping

There are several things you will want to work out before you start shopping for your shoe rack. We have listed these things below so you can eliminate the shoe racks that will not meet these needs.

How many shoes do you need to store? – Before you can choose the right shoe rack for your home you have to know how many shoes you need space for. Are you looking for something to organize everyone’s shoes in your mudroom or do you want something just for your own shoes? There are shoe racks in all sizes so getting one for every member of your family is certainly doable and will keep everyone’s closets organized. Decide how many racks you want to get and where you want to put them. That will be the biggest factor in determining which shoe rack you purchase.

Will the shoe rack be visible to guests? – If you are looking for a way to organize the shoes in your own personal closet, what the rack looks like becomes less of an issue than if it is in a public place like your coat closet or mud room. Shoe racks come in all kinds of styles so you can organize your shoes and not have to sacrifice style. There are some that have glossy finishes; some are made of wood, of fabric, and much more. If you’re looking for something you can keep out in the open, you may want to consider one of the racks that are easy to clean since shoes can be dirty and muddy. If you are putting a shoe rack in your child’s room make sure to choose one that is durable and heavy duty so it doesn’t break or get bent. Remember that textured shoe racks can hold onto dirt in their crevices and will require a bit more forceful cleaning than smooth finish models.

Shoe Rack Buying Guide

What are the sizes of the shoes you need to store? – As you already know, shoes come in all sizes. If you are selecting a rack for children’s shoes you won’t have to worry about the size of the spaces since most children’s shoes are smaller in size. If you have people in the home with boots or super large shoes then you will need to do some figuring. Some shoe racks have adjustable bars that allow you to change the size shoes that will fit in each individual section. If the racks are open racks, size of the shoes don’t matter as much but you will still need to be mindful of the size of the shoes when figuring out how many can fit on each shelf. If you’re looking for a shoe rack that will fit a variety of sizes, look for one that states you can change the size of the shoe spaces.

Budget – Shoe racks come in all price points from the very cheap to the very expensive. Decide ahead of time what you want to spend on your shoe rack or racks and then eliminate the racks that fall outside of that amount. With all of the different choices available you will be able to find what you are looking for that will fit into your budget as well.

How much space do you need? – When it comes time to purchase a shoe rack it is important to know how much space you have for the rack. Do you want one of the over-the-door models that take up no floor space at all? This is great for small apartments, dorm rooms, and small houses that have very little extra storage space. Do you have plenty of room for any size shoe rack you want so size is not an issue at all? If you have a designated space already in mind, you will want to measure that space to make sure that the shoe racks you look at will fit into that space without a problem.

Convenience and Accessibility – Make sure that wherever you decide to put your shoe rack that it is convenient to everyone who will be using it. If they have to search for it or it is an inconvenience to put the shoes away they will more than likely be tossed in the corner or on the floor with the intention of being put away later. If the shoe rack is for the family, putting it in the mud room as soon as people come in the back door is ideal. If you come in the front and have a coat closet, you may opt for the over the door style that you can hang on the door of the coat closet. Think about who the shoe rack is for and place it accordingly.

Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantees – Depending on the manufacturer, you may get a warranty or guarantee with your shoe rack purchase. If at all possible look at models that offer warranties. The reason for this is because a good warranty shows that the company stands behind their product and will not leave you hanging should something go wrong with it after you get it set up and loaded down with your family’s does. Some companies like Whitmor stand behind their shoe racks 100% and if you are not happy for ANY reason, they will get it taken care of to your satisfaction.

Materials Used for Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are made from a variety of materials. We have listed the most common ones below.

Metal – Many shoe racks are made from iron that has been coated with a powder finish or some other kind of finish that will protect it from rust and corrosion. These metal shoe racks can come in a variety of colors but most seem to be neutral in color so they go well in any room without clashing with the décor.

Shoe Rack Buying Guide

Wood – Wood shoe racks are not as common as the other kinds but they certainly are fancier. If your shoe rack is going to be in a prominent place in your home where others can use it or see it, choosing a wood rack makes a lot of sense. They can be very beautiful and if they are stained and protected with varnish, wet and muddy shoes won’t phase the wood in the least.

Fabric – Some of the over the door shoe racks are made of fabric covered cardboard and are not really made for large heavy shoes. They can make great holders for children’s shoes or slippers and lighter weight shoes.


Shoe racks are a great way to help organize a cluttered closet, mudroom or other space in your home. With all of the variety available you can choose shoe racks that are simple in design and more for function only or spring for one that is more stylish and that can be placed out in the open where guests can see it.

The three top-rated shoe racks we have reviewed above are all great examples of high quality shoe racks that can hold a number of shoes. Any one of them would make an excellent place to store your shoes. If none of these three appeals to you don’t worry, there are plenty more that you can take a look at.

The main thing to remember is to look for quality made shoe racks that are durable, made from premium materials and that will provide the amount of storage you need. Many of the models listed in this review and buying guide have the ability to be stacked so if you need more shoe storage space you can choose to purchase as many as you need to take care of your shoe needs.

Do not base your decision solely on cost alone. Everyone wants a great deal but there is a big difference in a good deal and “cheap”. A cheaply made shoe rack will be much more likely to fall apart quickly and not last the way high quality shoe racks will.

Taking the time to do a little homework, make sure that you know what you need and how many shoes you need space for, as well as the other considerations we’ve pointed out will ensure that you only look for shoe racks that will fit those needs. All of this helpful information will help ensure that you purchase a shoe rack or racks that will help you organize your home and help take care of your shoes.

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