Best Sewing Scissors in 2023 – Sewing Scissors Reviews and Ratings

Best Sewing Scissors in 2023 – Sewing Scissors Reviews and Ratings

We spent 35 hours researching and testing over 12 different types of sewing scissors and found that comfort, size, and performance were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for sewing scissors. Clear Cuts Precision Cutting Blades for Sewing scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. These super sharp scissors features titanium bonded blades that can cut through thread and fabric seamlessly making them a great choice for dressmakers and sewing enthusiasts.  There are three scissors in this set, one small pair, one medium, and one large pair.  All of these scissors have comfortable, soft-grip handles so they are easy to hold even for long sewing tasks.

Sewing Scissors Reviews

1. Clear Cuts

Best Overall Sewing Scissors

5/5 Product Rating

Clear Cuts titanium blade sewing scissors are high quality scissors that can handle any sewing task you need to do. 

The three scissor set features three convenient sizes that are perfect for cutting fabric, thread, trim, and many other sewing projects.

In this convenient 3-pack set you will receive sewing scissors in small (5 ½”), medium (8 ½”), and large (10”) to handle all sizes of sewing jobs that you may have.

These titanium scissors are much more durable than stainless steel and are three times harder.  The ergonomic handles and light weight make them easy to hold and use even when you are cutting a lot of fabric. 

They keep their sharpness even on long cuts and will stay that way even with heavy use.  These great sewing scissors are rust resistant and will last for many years with the proper care.  One of the most popular things about them is that they are so affordable.

Sarah Lytle

2. Singer

Best Overall Sewing Scissors – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Singer is a household name when it comes to sewing supplies. The quality of these 8 ½” sewing scissors is a good example as to why they are such a popular and well-liked company.  

These sharp, heavy duty scissors can easily cut through many layers of fabric for all kinds of sewing projects.  The tempered blades have been ground on either side so they are super sharp and have a longer life.

These scissors are made from premium stainless steel and feature a comfort-grip handle that is rubberized for easy use, even on jobs that take a while.

The blades of these Singer sewing scissors have been hand-tested and inspected individually to ensure they meet Singer’s quality standards. These Singer professional sewing scissors come with a lifetime guarantee.

Sarah Lytle

3. Durevole

4.3/5 Product Rating

These Durevole sewing scissors provide you with the kind of quality and performance you need to tackle your sewing tasks. In this convenient 3 pack you will get 1 – 8” dressmaker sewing scissors, 1- 4” embroidery scissors, and 1- 4” thread cutting scissors.  Durevole sewing scissors are high quality scissors that are sharper and better than Clear Cuts while still being affordable.

All three of these sewing scissors are durable and long lasting and made from premium materials that can easily handle heavy sewing tasks with ease. The comfortable handles allow for ease of use even when you are cutting a lot of fabric and doing multiple sewing tasks on a regular basis.

Users will get a precise cut with all three of these scissors and is a great set for beginners or experienced sewers. They make a great gift too.

Sarah Lytle


Sewing Scissors Buying Guide

Sewing Scissors Buying Guide

What is the Difference between Sewing Scissors and Shears

Before we get started helping you find the best pair of sewing scissors for your needs it is helpful to know the difference between scissors and shears; one of the more common mix-ups that can occur. Shears and sewing scissors ARE different but there are uses for each of them that make having both a great idea.

The main thing that distinguishes shears from scissors is the shape of the handles and the length of the blades. Most scissors have blades that are 6” or shorter although there are some longer ones.

Shears are usually 7” and longer. The handles on scissors are equal in shape whereas shears have one small handle and one larger one that fit two fingers or more. The two different sizes of handles on the shears allow users to cut better and easier, and are also more comfortable to hold.

Types of Sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors is an essential tool for sewers but not all sewing scissors are created the same. There are some that are higher quality than others and some that you shouldn’t waste your money on.  Below we have listed the four different types of sewing scissors on the market so you know what is available and what the differences are with each style.

  • Fabric Scissors – Fabric scissors usually have long blades and handles that are angled. These scissors make it much easier to cut out patterns. The point on the tip of fabric scissor blades is very convenient for notching curves and clipping.  The blades on a pair of fabric scissors have knife edges. This means that the top blade cuts at an angle that allows them to cut through any fabric you are cutting much easier, even multiple layers. 
  • Pinking Scissors – Pinking shears are very different from sewing scissors but they are included in the different styles of scissors available and designed for sewing enthusiasts. The blades of pinking shears are created with serrated edges in a zigzag design that creates a zigzag edge that will prevent the fabric from fraying or unraveling. Accuracy in cutting is important when using pinking shears. 

Sewing Scissors Buying Guide

  • Tailor Scissors – Tailor scissors are shorter in length than regular sewing scissors. The smaller length is good for putting in a sewing bag and taking on trips. A good pair of tailor scissors is a really good purchase for those taking sewing classes or who are part of a quilting club. 
  • Embroidery Scissors – These small scissors are compact, lightweight and easy-to-use and are perfect for cutting thread, buttonholes, and applique work. The fit easily on your fingers and make small, quick, very precise cuts.


Considerations to Think about before Purchase

There are several things you want to think about before you purchase a pair of sewing scissors. We have listed these considerations and tips below.

  • Budget – It is very wise to spend as much money as you can afford on your sewing scissors. Even high end sewing scissors are not THAT expensive so spending as much as you need for a high quality pair will serve you well for a long time to come. There is nothing wrong with setting a budget but when it comes to scissors, a budget can cause you to have to purchase a lower-grade pair of scissors. Keep in mind that purchasing a high quality pair of scissors will provide you with a product that will last you a lifetime with proper care so if you spread the cost over a lifetime, you will not be spending much at all. 
  • Suggestions from others – Asking other sewers for their suggestions is a great way to find out which brands and styles they prefer. Be sure to ask those who do a lot of sewing to get the best suggestions. 
  • Frequency of Use – How often will you be using the scissors? Once a week? Several times per day? How often the sewing scissors are used plays a part in the durability you need.  If you only take them out once in a while for a quick sewing repair, you don’t need to worry about getting a high quality pair as much as you will if you do regular daily sewing. 
  • How will you protect your scissors? – After you purchase a high quality pair of sewing scissors how do you plan to keep them protected? Many scissors come with cases but if they don’t you can purchase one separately that will protect them from moisture and other potential threats that can affect their performance. It also prevents the kids from grabbing them and using them to cut a variety of things that you wouldn’t want them to be used for. 
  • Purchase from a sewing specialty store – When purchasing your sewing scissors it is much better to purchase them from a store that specializes in sewing supplies. There are many of them online to choose from. This will ensure that you get sewing scissors that are designed for sewing and not just multipurpose scissors. 

Sewing Scissors Buying Guide

  • Left or Right-handed? – Scissors are made for one hand or the other so keep this in mind when you are looking for the right pair of sewing scissors for your needs. If you try to use scissors with the wrong hand you run the high risk of ruining the fabric you are cutting. 
  • Ergonomic handle – The best quality scissors come with handles that are designed for comfort and effectiveness. This is especially important if you do a lot of sewing. Soft scissors have soft grip handles that are smooth and super comfortable to work with. 
  • Type of sewing you do – What kind of sewing do you do the most? Are you a quilter? Crafter? Do you make clothing?  Do alterations?  The type of sewing you engage in plays a big part of choosing the right sewing scissors.  
  • Materials – Sewing scissors are made from mainly two types of materials: carbon and stainless steel.  Stainless steel is the more popular choice among serious sewers due to its durability and strength. 
  • Brand importance – there are three main brands that manufacture sewing scissors. All three of them produce high quality sewing scissors that will last a long time with the right care. When searching for the best brand, read customer comments along with looking at other factors like warranties, customer service availability, and other things that will give you an idea of the company’s practices.


Top Sewing Scissor Brands

There are three main brands of scissors that are known for quality and premium products that are great additions to your sewing kits.  Below we have listed all three brands along with the differences between them so you can decide which brand you would prefer.

Fiskars- Fiskars offers sewers a broad range of prices from inexpensive to high priced on a wide assortment of scissors and other cutting tools that cover everything from general sewing to embroidery and quilting. They are leaders in the sewing industry, known for high quality supplies that will last even with heavy use.  Fiskars does have an inexpensive line but they are not designed for sewers as much as they are kid’s crafts and other paper cutting.

Gingher – Another great brand in the sewing supply industry is Gingher.  These high quality sewing scissors and other cutting tools offer high performance and are very traditional in design and style. The Gingher line of sewing tools is much more limited than Fiskars that offer a large assortment of styles.  The Gingher line is focused on quilting, embroidery, and sewing almost exclusively so there is not as many products to sort through.  They are worth the higher cost and will be an excellent investment.  One of the brand’s trademarks is the silver or gold handles their cutting supplies have. Gingher’s scissors come in several lengths and have bent handle styles as well.  They do offer plastic handled models that offer users a grip that is more comfortable and softer as well. Don’t forget to check out Gingher’s small scissor line for embroidery and needlework.

Sewing Scissors Buying Guide

Kai – Kai’s line of high quality scissors are designed for quilting and sewing almost exclusively. These Japanese-made scissors are made from high quality vanadium that makes steel super strong, and stainless steel. Kai’s selection is also limited, like Gingher’s is but every product is great quality.  Kai offers two different levels of performance that customers can choose from:

5000 Series – This includes shears and scissors that offer ergonomic handles including bent handle designs that are very comfortable to use. 

7000 Professional Series – The 7000 series is designed for advanced and experienced sewers that sew professionally.  The scissors in this series can be as much as 12” in length and prices can be higher than both Fiskar and Gingher styles.



Regardless of whether you are brand new to sewing or you’re an experienced professional high quality sewing scissors are an important investment that will last you a lifetime.  It is always best to choose the highest quality scissors you can find so they are durable and long lasting.  Make sure these tools can be re-sharpened so you can maintain their sharpness. The three top-rated sewing scissors we have featured above are all high quality scissors that are made from quality stainless steel and will stand up to heavy use without bending or breaking.  All three selections are an excellent choice for the beginning or experienced sewer who is looking for the right pair of scissors to add to their swing kit.

If you want even more great info on these three selections take a look at the customer comments where they have shared their own experiences with these great products.  If you are looking for a fast solution and don’t want to spend a lot of time looking, you can choose one of these three choices and be very happy with the outcome.

The information you have learned from the buying guide will help you sort through the different sewing scissors online and eliminate the ones that do not match up with your needs.  All of this new knowledge will allow you to make a confident decision on the right pair or pairs of sewing scissors that will be a great match for your sewing needs and frequency.

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