Best Selenium Supplement in 2023 – Selenium Supplement Reviews and Ratings

Best Selenium Supplement in 2023 – Selenium Supplement Reviews and Ratings
Selenium is an important vitamin for you to take due to the benefits it provides to the body. It is used to keep the thyroid working properly, which when it is out of whack, can cause weight gain, mood swings and extreme tiredness. The best Selenium supplement is made pure from GMP facilities that ensure product integrity and quality. Our pick, Pure Science Selenium, is one such supplement.

1. Pure Science

Best Overall Selenium Supplement

5/5 Product Rating
Pure Science offers customers the highest dose of Selenium available per capsule that is on Amazon; each one containing 300 micrograms of Selenium to provide users with the most efficacy and potency possible.

People who take this supplement can expect improved coronary health as well as improved blood flow. It also reduces inflammation and promotes antioxidant activity to reduce free radical damage.

This important supplement is manufactured by GMP certified facilities that adhere to the high sourcing and manufacturing standards that Pure Science requires of all their products.

This Selenium from Pure Science has a 2 year potency from the date of manufacturing and it is backed by Pure Science’s money back guarantee if for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as sleep problems, weakness, fatigue, changes in appetite and irritability, you could benefit from adding Selenium to your diet. This is a great choice to get that needed nutrient into your system.

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2. Innate

Best Overall Selenium Supplement – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
This selenium supplement has been crafted from 100% whole food nutrients that make it an excellent source of this mineral that is really hard to beat.

Taking the right amount of selenium each day can help support the healthy functions of your thyroid, heart, prostate and immune system.

It has an all natural blend of both whole foods that include organic vegetables such as spinach, beets and carrots and Organic botanicals that include Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Parsley Leaf, Organic Oregano Leaf, and Organic Rosemary Leaf.

Innate Response Formulas Selenium is packaged in a glass, amber colored bottle for freshness. The purity promise is right on the bottle; letting consumers know that this product contains NO gluten, dairy, soy, magnesium stearate, and also has no herbicides and pesticides.

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3. BRI Nutrition

Best Budget Selenium Supplement

4.8/5 Product Rating
BRI Nutrition provides you with a high quality version of Selenium, sourced from the finest ingredients possible.

Benefits from taking this supplement include improved heart health, a strengthened immune system that helps the body battle infections, and halting free radicals from damaging cells further. It is a good supplement to take to support having a healthier lifestyle and body.

BRI Nutrition Selenium is manufactured in USA based, GMP certified facilities. Every batch of selenium produced is tested for quality and purity.

The company backs their product with a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee. You will get a 180 day supply of selenium in veggie capsules that are easy to swallow. You will love the benefits this quality supplement will provide.

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Selenium Supplement Buying Guide

Selenium Supplement Buying Guide
There are many beneficial properties that you can expect from taking a good quality selenium supplement. Below we have listed many of these benefits so you can decide if adding a selenium supplement to your routine is what you need. Talking to your doctor before making this decision is very important to ensure that you take the right amount.

  • Antioxidant properties – Antioxidants are very important in preventing cell damage and reducing free radical damage. It is a stronger antioxidant than vitamins E, A or C. This supplement combines itself with other proteins that act as antioxidants to provide cellular health.
  • Supports the Thyroid – There is a gland located in the throat that is responsible for producing hormones. There is more selenium in the thyroid per gram than any other tissue in the body. There are studies being conducted to find the link between selenium supplements and reduced inflammation and hypothyroidism. Some of the studies have shown the supplement to be effective at reducing thyroid problems but there is a lot more research to be done before concrete determinations are made.
  • Anti-Aging – Free radicals can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to your health, especially when it comes to aging. Taking a regular selenium supplement reduces the free radical damage. There are new studies going on that are testing selenium’s potency on whether selenium can reduce or slow down mental impairment due to aging.
  • Heart Support – There have been some findings that link heart disease to low levels of selenium. Combined with beta-carotene and vitamin E studies show that normal cholesterol levels can be positively affected. It has also been proven to be a key player in heart health support.
  • Reproductive Support – When it comes to reproductive health in both women and men, selenium is a very important factor. Selenium deficiency can lead to infertility in men. Taking a selenium supplement increases sperm locomotion. It can also impact female reproduction negatively when there is a deficiency and can cause problems with healthy fetal growth and even miscarriages.
  • Metal Detox – Organic selenium has been found to help rid the body of toxic metals such as mercury. There aren’t very many ways to rid the body of toxic metals but by using an organic selenium supplement, you can help the body get rid of some of these toxic metals.
  • Cancer – There has been some correlation between low selenium levels and increasing risks of certain cancers. Studies are just starting and there isn’t enough information to know yet whether selenium could be a way of combating certain types of cancers.

How much selenium should you take?

The requirement the body has for selenium is much lower than it is for other types of supplements. The RDA for selenium is 55 micrograms for an adult. Taking more does not increase the positive effects but it can cause a lot of problems.

Taking small amounts, following the RDA provide a lot of important benefits. It is very difficult to get the amount of selenium you need from food alone although most people rely on diet to get this important supplement. The highest dosage that is considered safe is 400 micrograms per day. It is much safer to stay at or under that amount to reap the positive benefits and avoid the dangers.

Types of Selenium

There are several types of selenium that can be found in supplements. We have listed them below.

  • Selenium sulfide – This type of selenium is a topical product and not usually considered a supplement of selenium. It can relieve flaking of the scalp and itching as well and is often found in shampoos as well as lotions.
  • Sodium Selenite – this inorganic form of selenium is created using a synthetic process. Synthetic versions of supplements are not usually the best forms to purchase.
  • Selenium enriched yeast – This organic form of selenium is produced using fermented yeast.
  • Selenomethionine or Selenocysteine – These two amino acids are naturally occurring and organic and contain selenium

If you are searching for the right selenium supplement for your needs, keep your focus on plant-based whole food supplements rather than anything man-made. Mustard seed derived selenium is considered to have the best form of selenium in it. This type of selenium is very hard to get too much of so it is definitely a better choice when it comes to a selenium supplement.

Choosing the Right Selenium Supplement

There are a few things that you want to look at when you are researching different selenium supplements. We have provided you with some helpful tips that you can use when you start shopping for your selenium.

  • Look for certifications with the companies that you are considering to purchase your selenium supplement from. These certifications ensure the user that the product has gone through the proper testing to make sure that the supplement is high quality, made in GMP facilities, and adhering to the standards that are set by the FDA and other certifying companies.
  • Make sure you know what form it is – There are different forms of selenium. When you are searching for the right one for your, make sure you can decipher the difference.
  • Pay attention to the reviews that other customers leave. It is always a good idea to see what existing customers think about the supplement you are considering. See if there are any problems being reported about the company or the supplement itself.
  • Look at the different forms of selenium available. Look for capsules, tablets or other forms that are easy to swallow and that dissolve quickly. It is always better to find a form of selenium that you will not have a problem ingesting so you will continue to take it and reap the benefits of the supplement. If it is too difficult to take, chances are you will stop trying.


Although the recommended way to get any nutritional boost is from the food you eat, sometimes it’s just not possible to get the nutrients you require from food alone. For this reason there are supplements available that can help people get the proper amounts of different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into their systems.

Choosing the right supplement for your needs is very important for many reasons. You want to have the highest quality supplement you can get so you will be certain to reap the benefits of the supplement. It’s also important so you use the supplement you purchase. If it’s the right one, you know you will be taking it every day. The three top choices above are all good choices that you may want to give a try. You can try one or all three.

They are the type of pure selenium that you want to want to have as part of your daily intake so you reap all the benefits you can. If there is any question as to whether you should take selenium talk to your doctor about why you want to take it and get their recommended dosage that you should take.


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