Best Scrub Brush in 2023 – Scrub Brush Reviews and Ratings

Best Scrub Brush in 2023 – Scrub Brush Reviews and Ratings

We spent 30 hours researching and testing over 12 different kinds of scrub brushes and found that performance, durability, and ergonomic handles were the most important factors consumers looked for when shopping for scrub brushes. OXO Good Grips Heavy Duty Scrub Brush scored high marks above the other scrub brushes and is our overall top pick.  The comfortable body of this scrub brush features a cushioned grip for the most comfort while you are scrubbing. The stiff bristles on the outside won’t splay and become malformed so you get the same effective cleaning surface every time you use it.

– Sarah Lytle


MEIBEI Floor Scrub Brush with Adjustable Long Handle-54 inch, Stiff Bristle Grout Brush Tub and Tile Brush for Cleaning Bathroom, Patio, Kitchen, Wall and Deck

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as of May 7, 2023 11:24 pm

If you’re looking for a high quality brush for scrubbing your floors, check out the MEIBEI floor scrub brush.

This scrub brush features everything you want in a scrub brush for the floor including a stainless steel handle that is removable and can extend from 31” to 47.3”.

The polypropylene bristles are stain resistant and avoid scratching the surfaces you are scrubbing.  These high-performing bristles will remove debris or heavy dirt from any rough surfaces you are scrubbing.

One of the great features of this scrub brush is that you can install as many as three more poles to reach high areas that need scrubbing or for scrubbing floors so you do not have to get on your knees or strain your back.

The ergonomic design of this brush makes using it much easier on your body and since the handle and head of the brush are threaded you will not have trouble with them loosening up while you work.  You can use this scrub brush wet or dry.

The MEIBEI floor scrub brush is perfect for cleaning the garage, sidewalk, kitchen, and bathroom as well as any other area that needs scrubbing.  Consumers who purchase this scrub brush will get a 1 year reimbursement or replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

– Sarah Lytle

Scrub Brush Buying Guide

Before you purchase

Before you start shopping around for a scrub brush there are some things that you should think about. We have listed these considerations below.

How will you use it? – Scrub brushes can be used for a multitude of purposes but you should think about what you will be using it for most often. Do you want something that will scrub the floor, walls, and ceiling or are you looking for something that will scrub the bathroom fixtures? If you think about what you needs are you will be able to zero in on what type of scrub brush will work the best for your needs.

How many brushes? – In some ways you can never have enough scrub brushes. You can choose one for small jobs or you want to find a long handled scrub brush for cleaning the tile floors and walls in your bathroom, it helps to know how many brushes you will need.

Handle Lengths and Types

Handle length is one of the most important factors to think about when looking at scrub brushes. Scrub brush handles can range from as short as 6: to as long as 20” or more depending on the style scrub brush it is. Some scrub brushes don’t have real handles at all but just have a spot for your hand to grip as you use it.

Think about the jobs that you will be using the scrub brush for and then look for brushes that have handles that will accommodate those tasks. Think about the handle types as well. Most scrub brushes on the market have plastic handles that have ergonomic spots on the brush for your hand or fingers to grip. You can find scrub brushes with wooden handles and even stainless steel handles like one of our top rated choices.

Look for handles that are easy on the hands when it comes to using them and if you decide to get a scrub brush that has the capacity for long handles, look for handles that will accommodate your goals while being easy to grip.

Bristle Types

There are several different kinds of bristles that scrub brush manufacturing companies use. When you want to find scrub brushes that will last awhile, look for bristles that are well-seated into the base of the brush and that have the right amount of stiffness to be able to tackle touch cleaning jobs. No one likes using a scrub brush that has mashed or splayed bristles. When the bristles are splayed out they will not clean very well and you’ll just find yourself frustrated.

When you are looking at the different scrub brushes on the market, keep two things in mind: how soft or hard the bristles are. Also pay attention to recovery strength which is the ability the brush has to maintain its shape even after even after repeated uses and tough jobs.

Scrub Brush Buying Guide

Bristle softness determines how coarse or tough the bristles of your scrub brush are. If you are cleaning a lot of delicate surfaces you could get a scrub brush with soft bristles that will not scratch or mess up delicate finishes.

Understanding the different softnesses that bristles can have and adjusting the brushes you need that will accommodate with your cleaning jobs is the best way to go about choosing the right brushes.

There are two different types of bristles that a scrub brush may have. We’ve listed them below.

Vegetable Fiber Bristles – This type of brush bristles are made from stalks or roots of different plants. Vegetable bristles are usually very coarse which makes them well suited to tough cleaning jobs. Common plants that are used for vegetable fiber bristles are Tampico agave fibers, Palmetto palm fibers, and Indian Palmyra palms. The most common is a mix of Palmyra and Tampico that have a texture that is medium-stiff. Vegetable fiber bristles are best suited for all purpose scrub brushes, floor scrubbers and other styles as well.

Synthetic Bristles – These man-made bristles are made of chemical compounds and plastics and offer the biggest recovery strength of all the bristle types. Since these are man-made bristles special things can be added to them such as high heat capability, acid and solvent resistant bristles, and moisture resistant bristles. Some of the common materials used for synthetic bristles include nylon, polyester, and Teflon. Scrub brushes that feature synthetic bristles are good for scrubbing toilets, all-purpose scrub brushes, and floor scrubbers.

Types of Scrub Brushes

There are several different kinds of scrub brushes that you can choose from. Take a look at the list below of the most common scrub brushes you can find on the market.

Basic scrub brush with handle – If you only want to purchase one scrub brush, make sure this is the one you purchase. The basic handled scrub brush will be able to properly clean 98% of all the things you would need a brush for. The long handle allows you to reach the hard-to-get-to areas of your home that you want to scrub. The long handle that comes with the brush allows you to clean the bedroom closet, the walls and any other scrubbing job you want to get done.

Palm Scrub Brush – If you already have a handled brush you may or may not feel you need this type of scrub brush. Many people like having a scrub brush that doesn’t have a handle because they are very easy to use. Some palm scrub brushes have the ability to dispense dish soap but this is not a must have.

Flat Scrub Brush – A flat scrub brush can also be called a scrubby. These flat brushes are great for cleaning out the sinks or scrubbing a tough pan although you should have a separate brush for the dishes and one for cleaning the sink and other appliances. Look for a flat scrub brush that fits your hand well which will make your scrubbing tasks much easier on your hands.

Bottle Brush – Even if you don’t have a baby, a bottle brush can come in handy for cleaning water bottles and other small areas. Bottle brushes are most often used for cleaning glasses, bottles, and other dishes and don’t hold much value for scrubbing other areas of the kitchen or house.

Vegetable Brush – This type of brush is a popular kitchen staple although it does not have anything to do with cleaning your home. You CAN scrub your vegetables does including potatoes, radishes, carrots and other vegetables. You don’t want to clean your veggies with the same brush you clean your sinks out with so make sure that they you get a dedicated brush for cleaning veggies and other brushes dedicated for just cleaning.

Caring for Your Scrub Brushes

After using your scrub brushes make sure that you rinse them out with hot water and dish liquid. If you’re washing the scrub brushes for the bathroom, make sure to wash them separately and keep them separate from the rest of the cleaning brushes to avoid cross contamination. It is best to air dry scrub brushes after washing them so they can dry naturally.


There are many uses for scrub brushes in a home from cleaning the bathroom to scrubbing floors or even cleaning vegetables. The scrub brushes featured in this article and buying guide are designed for cleaning the various areas of the home. The right scrub brushes can take a difficult cleaning job and make it much easier and less tiresome on the body.

The three top rated scrub brushes featured above are all excellent examples of high quality scrub brushes that will help you get the cleaning jobs done in an efficient manner. The right scrub brushes can remove stuck on dirt and grime so your home’s surfaces and floors look sparkling clean.

If none of the featured scrub brushes are what you are looking for you can look at the alternate list or take the information provided for you in the buying guide and sort through the various choices on your own. The information provided will help you look at bristle material, handle length, and other factors that can determine which type of scrub brush you decide on.

Many people have more than just one scrub brush in their homes due to all of the different jobs they can do but this is a personal preference. Having many different types of scrub brushes will definitely make things a lot easier for you, but you will have to remember what types of brushes you have, the styles you want to add to your cleaning tools, and the cost of these additional brushes.

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