Best Sandwich Maker in 2023 – Sandwich Maker Reviews and Ratings

Best Sandwich Maker in 2023 – Sandwich Maker Reviews and Ratings

We spent 45 hours researching and testing more than 12 different types and brands of sandwich makers and found that performance, ease of use, and capacity were the most important factors with consumers who were shopping for sandwich makers. Hamilton Beach 25460A Medium Sandwich Maker scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. Making delicious hot sandwiches is easy with the Hamilton Beach medium-sized sandwich maker. You can easily make everything from yummy grilled cheese to Reubens to hot ham n’ cheese using fresh ingredients from your fridge.  The café-style lid evenly presses the sandwiches so you can decide how thin or thick you want them.

Sandwich Maker Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach

Best Overall Sandwich Maker

5/5 Product Rating

Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular kitchen appliance companies in the industry, known for quality products that last. 

This medium-sized sandwich maker is a great example of the quality products this company offers.  The café-style lid allows users to press sandwiches of all different sizes evenly and easily. You can have your sandwich as thin or thick as you like.

This easy-to-use sandwich maker features preheat and power lights so you know with a glance whether it is ready to use. The spacious 10×8 cooking surface can handle making 2 or 3 sandwiches at one time. The nonstick surface allows for quick and easy removal of your sandwiches.

One of the great features of this sandwich maker is its ability to do other things besides make sandwiches.  You can make quesadillas, pizza and even bruschetta. The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker can be stored upright, making it easy to store inside a cabinet or on a shelf without taking up too much room. 

Thanks to the top and bottom heating capability you do not have to flip your sandwiches during the cooking process.  Preheating takes just 6 minutes; when the light turns green, the sandwich press is ready to use.

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2. Proctor Silex

Best Overall Sandwich Maker – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

Another popular brand in the kitchen appliance industry is Proctor Silex. This sandwich toaster makes grilling sandwiches simple and easy.  You can make delicious pizza pockets or grilled cheese in minutes without having to worry about flipping them over in the middle of the cooking process.  Once the cooking is done you’ll have a toasted sandwich with warmed fillings and sealed edges that everyone will love.

This versatile sandwich maker can also handle making French toast, omelets, and even desserts like fruit pies. This sandwich maker from Proctor Silex is made to fit perfectly in small spaces like apartment kitchens and dorm rooms.  It can be stored safely, upright, taking up little room in your cabinets.

The easy-to-clean, non-stick plates make cleaning up a breeze. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp rag once they have cooled down. These sandwich makers have undergone extensive testing for durability and longevity so you can be confident you are purchasing a product that will last.

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4.4/5 Product Rating

This unique sandwich maker can also cook waffles and grill food too making it a real bargain.  The 750 watt sandwich maker features 120v of power that heats up fast and works fast so you can have delicious meals anytime you want without it taking a long time. This makes this sandwich maker the perfect gift for college students and single people.

The LED indicator lights tell you when the sandwich maker is ready to use. These LED lights never have to be replaced and will last the lifetime of the sandwich maker. 

This fun appliance is super easy to clean and feature detachable non-stick plates for easy cleaning.  The non-skid feet keep the unit in place and prevent it from sliding around on the counter while you are using it.

The cool-touch handle is another safety feature this sandwich maker has that will prevent your fingers or hands from getting burned during the cooking process.  This Ovente 3-in-1 sandwich maker allows users to create delicious meals in minutes so you can spend less time preparing and more time on the things you enjoy.

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Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

There are two basic types of sandwich makers on the market:

  • Panini Press – This type of sandwich maker is used for a variety of sandwiches. It has plates on the top and bottom that heat the food when they are closed. You can make all kinds of foods with the Panini press including pancakes, burgers, grilled cheese, and much more. 
  • 4 Triangle Sandwich Maker – This is a common kitchen appliance that has four triangular square plates. The closedown handle shuts the sandwich maker so the food can cook.  It is a great appliance for making grilled sandwiches of all kinds as well as other types of snacks. 

Features to Look for in a Sandwich Maker

There are several features you want to watch for when you start browsing through the different sandwich makers on the market. We have listed the most important ones below.

  • Removable PlatesAlmost every sandwich maker of any kind will feature removable plates. This is a very important feature since it allows the sandwich maker to be cleaned properly which will reduce the chances of bacteria growing from food particles stuck under the plates. The plates are the only part of the sandwich maker that you will be washing in a sink since putting the entire until in water will ruin it and damage all the electrical parts. 
  • Power – The smaller a sandwich maker is the less power it will use. There are some models that heat up fast and can handle several sandwiches at once and these will take up more power to run. The average wattage for a sandwich maker will be around 750 watts.  A sandwich maker is not going to take up an excess amount of power so you can use it to replace using the oven sometimes and save on your power bill each month. 
  • Size – How many slices of bread can the sandwich maker handle? Larger units can handle up to 8 slices of bread and are great for large families. If you have a small family, it’s just you, or you are part of a couple, a smaller sandwich maker will work just fine. 
  • Plate surfaces and shapes – It is always to your benefit to choose sandwich makers that have nonstick plates. This makes cleaning super easy since the nonstick surface will keep the food, including melted cheese, from sticking to the plate’s surface.  Make sure that all the plates your sandwich maker comes with have nonstick coating if at all possible.  Most plates come in square or triangle shapes.  Some plates have bread shaped compartments while others have flat surfaces that can handle any sized bread, even sub rolls. 
  • Adjustable Settings – Not many sandwich makers come with adjustable heat settings so if you can find one and it is from a reputable company, grab it. With the adjustable heat setting feature you can choose how crispy or hot your sandwich is.  The majority of sandwich makers currently on the market have indicator lights in red and green so you can tell when the unit is ready to use and when the power is on. 
  • Functions – Some sandwich makers can do other things like waffle making, grilling, toasting and other functions in addition to sandwich making. If you want to do more than make sandwiches with your sandwich makers look for those that advertise being able to cook other types of food on them.  Some can handle burgers, kebabs, omelets and other foods that are very popular. 
  • Floating Hinges – The top or cover of a sandwich maker is typically pulled closed but when it features a floating lid this means it can be arranged in such a way that it doesn’t unevenly press or crush the food you are cooking. These floating lids are a great choice for those wanting to cook a variety of sandwiches on the sandwich maker. Another benefit to a floating lid is that if you want to make something like pizza, you can adjust the top so it does not touch any of the toppings. 
  • Ergonomic handles – Having easy to reach and use handles on your sandwich maker will make it a lot easier to use especially when the lid is open. For taller people this isn’t normally a problem but for those who are not tall or for kids who want to use the sandwich maker the hard to reach handles can be a potential hazard.  (Note: children should not use the sandwich maker without adult supervision)  The lower profile designs are much simpler and easier to maneuver and use which keeps everyone much safer. 

Sandwich Maker Buying Guide

  • Warranties – A good warranty is always a positive feature to look for. Companies that stand behind their products typically offer sound warranties that provide the consumer with peace of mind that they have purchased a quality product.  Warranties can range anywhere from 30 days to several years depending on the company. Make sure you understand what the warranty covers and how to prevent accidently voiding the warranty by not registering upon purchase or not performing required maintenance.  Make sure you note the day you purchased the sandwich maker and keep receipts or copies of your payment proof so you have them in the event you need to contact customer support regarding a problem. 
  • Customer comments – One great way to learn a lot about any sandwich maker you are considering is to read comments from customers that have purchased the sandwich maker you are interested in and are using it in their homes. This is information you can’t get from a sales page or description.  Most customers that leave reviews on the products they purchase will tell you how the product performs, how easy it is to use and clean, if there are any problems with it or difficulties that are not mentioned in the description, and other very important information that can help you determine if that particular model is the right one for you.   It is better to look for sandwich makers that have a 4 or above star rating and lots of comments from customers that are positive. Keep in mind that not all customer reviews are legitimate but if the majority of the comments are positive and the item has a high star rating you can safely assume it is accurate. 



Sandwich makers are one of the best inventions ever for anyone who loves hot sandwiches.  These unique and easy-to-use appliances are affordable and can make the ordinary sandwich a new, fun creation.  Whether you love grilled cheese with fresh new fillings or a pizza pocket, the sandwich maker will take your sandwich making to a whole new level.  If you have never used a sandwich maker before you will really enjoy all the different kinds of sandwiches you can create.

The three top-rated sandwich makers we have featured above are all high quality sandwich makers that have the features you want including ease of use, plenty of space for multiple sandwiches, sleek design, and much more.  All three of these sandwich makers are worth considering for anyone looking to purchase one and eliminates having to sort through the many sandwich makers on the market. 

The information we have covered in the buying guide will make understanding the descriptions and what each sandwich maker offers much easier. If you are not interested in any one of the three sandwich makers we have featured, don’t worry, you can use all the tips and information you have learned in the guide to sort through the different sandwich makers available and choose the one that will meet all your sandwich making needs.

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