Best Salad Spinner in 2023 – Salad Spinner Reviews and Ratings

Best Salad Spinner in 2023 – Salad Spinner Reviews and Ratings
We all know that cleaning salad by hand is a total drag. Who wants to rinse each leaf and then dry them with a paper towel? It can be seriously tedious work, and that’s why owning a salad spinner is the best way to get the salad clean in half the time and by using less paper. A spinner is a simple product that makes cleaning salad easier than ever, and these top rated salad spinner’s feature high performance designs that get the job done.
Best Salad Spinner

1. OXO

Best Overall Salad Spinner

5/5 Product Rating
This top rated salad spinner features easy, one-hand operation with a patented pump mechanism that has a brake button that makes it incredibly easy to use. There’s a clear lid that allows you to see inside and then it comes apart for easy cleaning. The soft, non-slip knob will lock for the most convenient storage, while the non-slip base will keep the stainless steel bowl steady on your countertop.

It’s also possible to use the basket and the stainless steel bowl separately. With an ample bowl capacity, basket capacity, and dishwasher safe construction, you’re going to find that this salad spinner is easy to use and maintain. The bowl is also BPA free so it’s safe to use by the whole family. All in all, this is a top rated salad spinner because it helps you to clean salad in a flash, so that you can enjoy a healthy meal any time.

When you buy nutritious salad greens from the farmer’s market, it definitely hasn’t been cleaned. That’s why you need a salad spinner of this caliber to get those greens clean for a delicious salad meal or side dish that the whole family can enjoy.

Sarah Lytle

2. OXO 1045421

Best Overall Salad Spinner – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This amazing salad spinner features wonderful one-handed operation with knobs that lock down for easy storage. There’s a non-slip ring on the bottom that makes it safe and secure whenever you’re spinning your salad greens. You can even use the bowl and strainer basket separately so that the bowl is a multi-tasker. The spinner is not only easy to use but it’s also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

What makes one salad spinner stand out from the rest is when it’s versatile, and this spinner, like the other top rated models, allows you to not only clean salad greens but also to use it as a serving bowl. This makes the bowl versatile because it helps you to do numerous things in the kitchen with one piece of equipment. You’re going to see that use of this spinner is a lifesaver if you’re someone that loves salad, and who enjoys serving it to your family.

This spinner is made from durable materials that are sure to stand the test of time. Not only is this spinner easy to use but it also looks great in any kitchen. Get the quality salad spinning experience that you deserve with this wonderful spinner by OXO.

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3. Good Grips

Best Budget Salad Spinner

4.5/5 Product Rating
The Good Grips salad spinner makes it easier than ever to clean salad greens so that you’re ready to enjoy your favorite salad recipes any time. The spinner features easy one-handed operation and the patented pump mechanism and brake button make it simple to start or stop the spinning mechanism at your leisure.

There’s also a soft, non-slip knob that locks down for easy storage and a non-slip ring and wide base that will keep the bowl steady on your countertop. The basket can also be used separately as a colander so that you can rinse vegetables as well. The bowl is elegant and clear, making it ideal for serving salad once you have rinsed and tossed it.

You get ample space within the bowl to serve a very large salad, and the flat lid also allows for convenient stacking when the spinner is not in use. This is a tremendous salad spinner that customers love because it’s not only easy to use but it looks great in any kitchen.

Sarah Lytle

Salad Spinner Buying Guide

Salad Spinner Reviews

What is a Salad Spinner?

Salad Spinner1When you need to wash your salad greens, the easiest and quickest way is with a salad spinner. A spinner is basically a plastic bowl that has a removable plastic strainer and a special top, and this closes when you activate the spinner. The device spins the salad within the bowl and effortlessly dries it. If you’re someone that loves eating salad, then you know how hard it is to wash salad by hand then dry it with a towel. Once you clean salad in this way you instantly understand why a salad spinner is so important. A salad spinner is a handy gadget that makes this process so much easier, and you can rinse other salad ingredients at the same time as well so that you’re good to go with one process.

Even if you’ve never used a salad spinner before you’re going to be amazed by how easy it is. Just put the strainer basket in the bowl, and put the greens inside. Now you want to add enough water so that you can thoroughly rinse the greens. Next, remove the stainer from the salad bowl to draw off the water. Rinse the bowl again with clean water and repeat this process until you’re sure that it’s completely clean.

After washing and draining the greens several times, put the strainer into the bowl and fix the top of the bowl closed so that you can begin spinning. The spinning is the fun part of the process, and when you’re done the excess water is going to collect at the bottom of the bowl. If you clean the bowl out, you can even remove the greens from the strainer and serve them in that bowl. The process is easy and fun, and you’ll find that the spinner is lightweight and quite easy to store.

Choosing the Right Salad Spinner

When it comes to choosing the right salad spinner, there are some things that you should consider. You want to find a model that is sturdy and has a tight fitting lid that spins with ease. You also want to look for a solid base so that the spinner won’t tip over when you’re spinning. These are the most important features of a quality salad spinner, but you also want to look for something that is big enough to hold, wash, and then dry your greens so that there’s enough salad for the entire family. That prevents you from having to put greens into the spinner in batches.

Something else that you want to consider is hygiene. Most salad spinners are quite easy to operate, but some can be frustrating to clean. That means that you want to find a spinner that is both easy to use and clean. You’ll find that salad spinners come in a number of sizes to choose from, as well as various different designs. They all work on the same principle, using centrifugal force, however some designs vary slightly and you should pay attention to these details.

Salad Spinner2There are some spinners that you’ll find that have knob-lids for manual spinning, while others are going to use a pump action with a cylinder that pops up from the lid. This kind of model is going to use your hand, so that you press down on the cylinder to create the spinning motion. These pump-action spinners will also have a brake which is in the form of a button on the lid. When it’s time for the spinning to stop you just press the button and you’re all done. Lastly, keep in mind that a spinner can also be used to store the salad in the fridge. Many salad spinners are dishwasher safe, but it’s still smart to read the included manual before you attempt to wash them in the dishwasher.

Salad Spinner Features

There are numerous features that will help you to decide which is the best salad spinner. Start by looking for a design on the handle or turning mechanism that is easy to use and not too complicated. You need an inner bowl that is sturdy enough, and also has openings that aren’t too large but also not so small that the water cannot escape. Optional features that you should look out for include non-slip base, a tight fitting lid, and weighted bowl. When you get a good quality salad bowl it can then be used as a storage container as well. You want the appearance of the spinner to look nice in your kitchen, while also keeping your eyes out for the material you’re most interested in, such as plastic or stainless steel. The material that it’s made from is going to govern the spinner’s aesthetic appeal.

Keep in mind that design is going to affect functionality of the spinner, and that’s why the design is such an important feature. If the model has a handle to spin the bowl, or a grip cord that is to be pulled from the mechanism, you’re going to get a solid product, but it’s going to require more effort than other designs. One cool kind of spinner to look for will come with a large button-like cylinder on top, and pushing the cylinder will spin the bowl. It’s even possible to find an electric spinner that has a small motor that will automatically spin the bowl without any effort required.

Aside from the spinning mechanism, you need to pay attention to the inner bowl. This is where you’re going to place the greens and vegetables, and the bowl should be easy to place inside the larger bowl, as well as easy to take out and clean.

Multi-Tasking Spinners

Always take into account the outer design of the bowl as well, as you’re going to be using the spinner regularly and want to make sure that it looks good on your countertop. The most basic spinner is going to be made from plastic, but you can choose between something that is transparent or opaque. There are some fancier models that have an outer bowl made of clear glass and these effortlessly function as serving dishes.

Salad Spinner3A stainless steel salad spinner is not only incredibly durable, but it has an elegant appearance that looks great in modern kitchens. Always look out for a spinner that has a nice grip on the bottom so that you can effectively use it on slippery countertops.


Owning a salad spinner is the easiest way to clean salad greens with ease, so that you can serve fresh salad without having to use a pile of paper towels. There are tons of spinners on the market, and the one that you choose should suit your individual tastes and needs. You will help yourself to find the right salad spinner if you ask yourself key questions about what you’re looking for and how much salad you’ll be preparing.

If you plan on making some big salads at home then it’s a smart choice to get an extra large spinner that is going to give you all the volume that you need. Are you planning to have leftovers? Find a salad spinner that you can seal then store in your fridge. With so many options out there, it really comes down to knowing what it is that you need. No matter which spinner you choose, you’re going to see that owning a salad spinner is a wonderful way to clean and serve your salad with ease.

Almost all salad spinners are incredibly affordable, and made from durable materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Choose something that suits your tastes and your budget, so that way you can have a handy kitchen tool that also looks right with your home kitchen decor.



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