Best Workout Headbands in 2023 – Workout Headbands Reviews and Ratings

Best Workout Headbands in 2023 – Workout Headbands Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 18 hours researching and testing 15 different types of running headbands and found that absorbency, non-slip capability, and color choices were most important. RiptGear Headbands scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. The polyester/spandex material is super soft to the touch, making them really comfortable to wear no matter what the occasion. The 4” wide width was great because they don’t slip and you can fold them over if needed.

workout headband reviews

1. RiptGear

Best Overall Workout Headband

5/5 Product Rating
Just because you use a headband to work out doesn’t mean you can’t still look great while you’re doing it.These colorful headbands from RiptGear prove that you can use a headband for exercise and look stylish at the same time. The comfort level of these headbands is unmatched. They are made from a combination of Polyester and spandex but have a extremely soft feel. Not slippery but more like a very soft cotton. After wearing the headbands all day I forgot that it was on they were so comfortable.

I hand tested these headbands for two weeks before writing the review. I wanted to make sure I put them through multiple workouts and multiple washes before giving my final opinion. These really do stay in place. They claim that due to their unique brushing process they don’t need to add silicone to the inside of the headband to make it stay in place. They are also about 4 inches wide so there’s plenty of area to hold your hair in place. Out of the 15 headbands we tested 9 of them slipped off my head, however these stayed in place perfectly. Those of you with fine hair will enjoy these headbands.

The folks at RiptGear were kind enough to send us some samples of a lot of their prints. Take a look. We are really impressed with the quality and brilliant colored designs. They sell them in singles and in two packs. Here are some of the singles.

yoga headbands

And here are some of the two packs. They come with a solid color and a striped color.
striped workout headbands

Sarah Lytle

Workout Headband Buying Guide

Workout Headband Reviews

What is a Headband?

Headband1Headbands are worn by women and men for a multitude of reasons. For men they are functional and are typically worn for work outs to keep the sweat out of the eyes. Women and girls wear headbands both for functionality, like work outs, and also for style. They are designed in such a way now that they can even be worn for dressy occasions.

When it comes to looking for the perfect headband, you want to consider certain things such as how they are made, how they fit, the materials used to make them and the different choices or colors or patterns. Once you know what to look for making the choice that will work for your needs and preferences, and sorting through the tons of choices out there becomes much easier.


There are all types of headbands on the market that can be worn for a multitude of occasions. What determines the type of headband you choose is based on several different factors such as age, what you will be doing while wearing the headband, if you have a preference for specific types or materials and a few other factors.

  • Leather
  • Knitted
  • Soft or hard plastic
  • Ribbons
  • Wire with jewels or embellishments
  • Terry cloth
  • Poly blend
  • Patterned
  • Solid colored
  • Elastic

Things to Remember when Buying it

  • Match the headband to the outfit – while it isn’t important for a headband to match the workout outfit you choose to wear for a particular workout, when you feel like you match and look nice, even during your workouts, it can have a positive effect on how you work out. When you feel good, you will find that you will automatically workout harder and longer than if you’re feeling down about yourself.
  • Choose the Right Style for the Occasion – Whether it’s working out or cleaning the house or running errands, it can be to your benefit to look neat and organized. Any number of headbands can help keep unruly hair in place as well as just looking finished and styled.

    It is important to choose the right type of headband for whatever you will be doing. It wouldn’t be comfortable to choose a hard plastic headband or a wire one with embellishments for a strenuous workout.By choosing a headband that fits the activity, you will always feel comfortable with wearing one.

  • Alter your hairstyle –Just because you’re wearing a headband doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair too. Things like braiding your hair, wearing a pony tail and other hair styles can all look terrific with the right headband.
  • Stand out with Contrasting hair color –You will look even more attractive if you take the time to match the headband colors and styles to your hair color and even skin tone. An example of this would be if you’re blonde, you would want to choose more pastel colors; if you’re a redhead, rust, browns, moss greens, etc look fantastic. Try not to get colors that will clash with your own writing.
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  • Practice Wearing Your headband before your workout or occasion – If you’re not used to wearing headbands, practice putting it on the way you will when you’re getting ready to exercise and you won’t have to lose valuable workout time fussing with it to get it right.
  • Age appropriate is preferred –Even though the headband with the ladybugs all over it may look fun and quirky, it is better to display a more professional look and style. You can choose prints and even exciting colors, but remember the objective is not to try and look like a little kid so save the lollipop or puppy dog patterns for the kids and choose bold stripes, solid colors or a more understated pattern.


Headbands are chosen based on many factors. These include things like what you want to wear them for, what your face shape it, hair color, hair length and more. Just like with any accessory, some headbands look better with different face shapes and sizes.

If you have a wider face, you will be able to balance that by choosing a narrow band or if you have purchased a wide one, folding it in half. This balances out any wideness you may have in your face.

If you love the padded, puffy headbands, you will look much more attractive if you have a smaller face. These types of headbands are great but a puffy, padded headband can add inches to a fuller face while it can also add width and fullness to an overly thin one. If you love the decorative headbands, there are some that have side bows, flowers, pearls and other embellishments.

In addition to the above information, the type of hair you have also plays a part in the type of headband that will work best for you. If you have thick hair, a regular headband of fabric may have a harder time staying put than one with mini teeth that work much like a hair comb does. If you have a lot of fluffy hair, the wide soft bands are perfect. Elastics are great for straight hair and short hair works well with any type of headband, especially the thin ones.


When it comes to finding the right hair bands, take everything you’re learning here and apply it to the choices you see online and in person. You will be able to sort through the ones that hold no interest for you and can create a headband wardrobe that you will really enjoy going through and wearing.

  • Does it Fit Correctly? Making sure the headband isn’t too small or large may sound simple but you would be surprised all how important it is. A properly fitting headband will prevent any interruptions in your workout schedule and not distract you by requiring you to constantly readjusting the headband.
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  • Is it Good quality? – Everyone wants a deal but sometimes buying cheap means losing quality. If you spend a little extra for the excellent, handmade quality you love, you can be confident that you are buying something worthwhile that will last.
  • Style – Remember to match the headband to what you’re wearing. Looking for manufacturers that offer bright patterns and colors for you to choose from.
  • Materials –what your headband is made of is important, especially when they offer fabric that provides sweat control by wicking it away. It doesn’t mean that you have to deal with a soaking wet headband either. Some of the high quality bands like our top rated choices, do not allow the wetness to get to them


Any one of the three top rated headbands are perfect for those who care about style AND function. With bright colors and simple designs to choose from, you are assured to find the right headband accessory to wear for any occasion you want to wear it for.

The information in this buyer’s guide can help you make a choice faster and with more confidence without worry that you are just throwing away money on something that won’t do what you want it to. When you have the right knowledge, you can spend your money on quality and not worry about being disappointed.

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