Best Remote Control Car in 2023 – Remote Control Car Reviews and Ratings

Best Remote Control Car in 2023 – Remote Control Car Reviews and Ratings
In terms of their ability to drive, the vast majority of remote control cars are majorly similar, save for some small functionality differences. In terms of their ability to dive well and stay intact while doing so; however, things get a little more tricky. Getting the right remote control car will ensure your car stays on the road for years to come. This review will illustrate the differences between different remote control cars while giving some great examples of some of the best models currently available.
Best Remote Control Car

1. Redcat

Best Overall Remote Control Car

5/5 Product Rating
The Electric Tornado is likely just the remote control car for you if you plan on frequently branching off of typical cement tracks to take on more all-terrain landscapes with your new remote control car. In terms of how its specs stand up to the competition, you’ll find the Electric Tornado stands as being just as impressive as the remote control car we just covered above. However, it does have a few differences, not just in how it looks but in how it operates.

For example, you’ll find the Electric Tornado’s motor to be ever so slightly less powerful than the above truck. It also tends to be more lightweight. This makes it slightly less high-functioning when it comes to city terrains (roads, sidewalks, etc.) where maintaining a high momentum is the name of the game, though it still tends to be well above average in this regard anyways. However, you’ll likely find the car most excels above others of the same quality when in off-road situations. Due to its ability to quickly gain momentum, no other car can stand up to the Electric Tornado when it comes to sharp turns as well as situations which may warrant constant breaking and accelerating. This is achieved through its light weight – which makes accelerating to full speed a breeze – and its traction-laden tires which give an excellent level of control over unstable terrains (grass, soil, gravel, etc.).

Sarah Lytle

2. Traxxas Stampede

Best Overall Remote Control Car – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
While the above car is certainly one of the best cars on the market, it seems to have been built to still hold up well on roads and sidewalks, making it more of an all-purpose remote control car. The Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck; however, is easily your best choice if you know you’ll only be driving on rough terrains. As its monster-truck status might suggest, the Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck’s wheels are disproportionately large when compared to the size of the vehicle, making it excellent when the truck’s largest obstacles are directly below it.

Whether it needs to climb large, inconsistent pieces of gravel, or whether it’s going to be driving over some very rough terrain, you’ll find it to be the best that the world of remote control cars has to offer. This is due to its ability to maintain its momentum under all circumstances, whereas many remote control cars made for all terrains focus on recovering from a loss of momentum. While the latter characteristic is certainly nice to see, not having to recover from anything in the first place could mean the difference between winning or losing a race. Though, on smoother surfaces, you may not see this characteristic come in to play a whole lot, making the truck great specifically for rougher terrains.

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3. Traxxas Rustler

Best Budget Remote Control Car

4.5/5 Product Rating
It’s all well and good for a remote control car manufacturer to refer to their model as a “racing” truck. But can it actually race? In the case of the Traxxas Rustler Racing Truck, it certainly can. Upon looking at its specifications posted online (which you can find through its Amazon page by clicking its name above), you’ll realize rather quickly that the Traxxas Rustler Racing Truck will be able to hold its own in high-speed situations. Of course, this is great even if you don’t plan on racing in the first place, being that this characteristic still goes on to illustrate just how powerful this remote control car truly is. As such, you can be sure that having your new truck get stuck in gravel or on steep slopes will be the furthest thing from a regular occurrence.

The Traxxas Rustler Racing Truck comes with its own propriety six-cell battery built into the unit. The battery in question does a great job of allowing the truck to reach its full potential. Although this may sound like a given in any remote control car, those who have experienced a large range of different models will tell you that a great motor doesn’t always mean a whole lot when a battery can’t keep up. And, speaking of motors, this is another area where the Traxxas Rustler Racing Truck truly shines. Simply put, it takes full advantage of the battery, no more no less. This gives the truck a great set of specifications without leaving it feeling weighed down in the slightest.

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Remote Control Car Buying Guide

Remote Control Car Reviews

What is a Remote Control Car?

Remote Control Car1Despite the high level of quality inherent in each of the above three models, everyone has their own needs and preferences which may not be covered by these cars. If this sounds like you, you may find it very beneficial to branch out and do some shopping on your own terms. While I can’t help you pick out the best car to suit your needs, I can certainly give a few tips you can keep in mind while shopping. So, before finalizing the purchase on the car you’ve had your eyes set on, consider some of the following aspects of picking out a car.

Where does your skill level currently lie?

There are two characteristics which can make a car faster – the ability to overcome obstacles and the ability to recover from a loss of momentum on account of said obstacles. Of course, both of these characteristics are great to see in any remote control car. However, for a variety of reasons which are irrelevant in this context, you’ll likely never see both of these characteristics found in one single car. As such, you’ll have to choose one or the other. Which one is best will come down to where your skill level currently lies.

For example, if you’re new to driving, it’s safe to say that you’re going to have a few crashes here and there. While this is normal, it certainly can’t hurt to have a remote control car which can bounce back quickly. On the other hand, if you’ve been driving for quite some time and know that crashes won’t be an issue, getting a car which can overcome obstacles (rocks, etc.) can give you the extra edge you need to win a race.

How big do your wheels need to be?

Think about where you plan on driving your new remote control car. Picture the surface of the landscape. Do you see any large obstacles which may slow your car’s momentum or even leave your car stuck after you after you attempt to run over the obstacles in question? If so, you likely want your remote control car to come equipped with fairly large wheels. While you needn’t necessarily opt for a monster truck, bigger wheels are always better equipped to handle these situations. Remote Control Car2Not only will they be able to better climb obstacles, they’ll give the car a lower center of gravity, keeping it stable when tackling rapid fluctuations in slope and altitude.

Factors in Ease of Use

We’ve spoken briefly about the difference between beginner and expert-level remote control cars. For further illustration, let’s take a look at all of the factors which may effect a car’s overall ease of use.

  • Wheels – We’ve already touched base on this briefly so I’ll keep it short; bigger wheels make a car easy to drive, assuming you don’t plan on undertaking any advanced maneuvers.
  • Acceleration – When a car can reach its full speed over a very short amount of time, crashing into something isn’t as big a deal, being that you’ll be able to get back to full speed quickly.
  • Traction – It might be cool when your friends skid and screech down the road, but they’re giving up a large level of traction to have a car capable of such feats in the first place. Perhaps its best to forget about these advanced driving techniques if you’re just starting out. The more traction your car’s wheels have, the easier it will be to drive.
  • Weight – If your car weighs more, it has less of a chance of toppling or flipping over. This is especially true when a good portion of the weight is carried closer to the bottom of the car. On the other hand, a higher weight often translates to a poorer acceleration. As such, it helps to find a car whose acceleration is high relative to its overall weight. When all other factors are consistent, a heavier car is often better.

Common Remote Control Car Features

As you can see, whether or not any given car’s list of features is conducive to your overall driving experience will depend on your level of expertise as well as where you plan on driving the car. There are; however, a few features which are always nice to see in a car, no matter who’s driving it or where it’s being driven.

  • A Long Range – Before purchasing a remote control car, take a moment to see how far away you can stand from the car while still being able to operate it. The manufacturer should give some indication of its range.
  • Remote Control Car3

  • A Good Battery – A powerful motor is only a good thing if you know you’ll use it to its fullest potential. A large battery; however, is always good to see in your car. This will allow you to not only take full advantage of your car’s machinery, but will allow you to use it for longer lengths of time.


Outside of acquiring a car that has a great battery and a long range, which features are great and which features are downright detrimental will entirely come down to your specific needs. By keeping all of the aforementioned bits of advice in mind, you can be sure to have the best possible model for you. When shopping, merely keep in mind your skill level as well as the terrain on which your car will be driving. By doing so, shopping will be a breeze and you’ll be off to the races in no time at all.



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