Best Quesadilla Maker in 2023 – Quesadilla Maker Reviews and Ratings

Best Quesadilla Maker in 2023 – Quesadilla Maker Reviews and Ratings

We spent 40 hours researching and testing more than 10 different brands and styles of quesadilla makers and found that ease of use, performance, and quality of materials were the most important factors for consumers who were looking for quesadilla makers. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. The Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker has a nonstick surface that is easy to clean and prevents food from sticking to it during cooking.  The locking lid allows you to make delicious quesadillas without the mess.  It heats up quickly so you can make fast snacks and meals.

Quesadilla Maker Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach

Best Overall Quesadilla Maker

5/5 Product Rating

Hamilton Beach’s quesadilla maker allows users to create delicious quesadillas quickly and efficiently with minimal mess. The easy to use appliance is small and compact making it a great choice for teaching kids how to make them.  The measurements of this quesadilla maker are 10 ½” x 9 ½” x 4.

The non-stick surface allows for fast food release and makes cleanup a breeze.  All you have to do is wipe the surfaces off with a cloth and the food comes right off. 

Other features include a locking lid, preheat indicator light, power indicator light and a light weight of only 4 ½ pounds.  You’ll be able to have 6 quesadilla triangles ready to eat in only about 5 minutes.

This appliance stores upright so it will not take up needed space unnecessarily. The maker can be a little more difficult to clean if the quesadillas overflow so take care not to overstuff.  You will enjoy using the durable quesadilla maker any time of day and night.

Sarah Lytle

2. George Foreman

Best Overall Quesadilla Maker – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

George Foreman is a well-known brand made famous by the George Foreman Grill. This quality name is on this electric quesadilla maker that measures 12 x 12 ½ x 5 and weighs only 2 ½ pounds. 

Although the pockets are a little shallower on this appliance than other models, this quesadilla maker cooks evenly, a popular feature of this unit.

The 10” cooking surface provides plenty of space to cook a good-sized quesadilla for meals or snacks any time of day or night in around five minutes!

Other features of the George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker include six pockets, non-stick grill plates, slip-resistant grip, and ready and power indicator lights.  

Sarah Lytle

3. Nostalgia

4.5/5 Product Rating

Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla maker may not be as popular as George Foreman or Hamilton Beach but the light weight, excellent construction and ease of use makes it one of the three top-rated quesadilla makers on the market.  

Measurements of this quesadilla maker are 11” x 10 x 4 ½ providing plenty of room to make great tasting quesadillas for snacks or meals.

Other features include two positions that allow for thin or thick quesadillas, a non-stick surface,  convenient drip tray that is removable, and the ability to cook up to 6 triangles of quesadillas in as little as 3-7 minutes depending on how much filling is inside.  The unit heats up quickly and is easy for almost anyone to use, even children if they are supervised by adults.

Sarah Lytle


Quesadilla Maker Buying Guide

Quesadilla Maker Buying Guide

There are four main areas to look when it comes to choosing the right quesadilla maker. Below we have listed these four important factors and provided some insight into each area. This knowledge will help you use what you have learned to sort through the different models available easily and without confusion or stress.

Easy to Use – The phrase “easy to use” refers to the user’s experience with the product. It covers whether the product was simple to operate, easy to turn off and on, and other parts of the operating procedure. You want to choose a quesadilla maker that is easy to use for everyone who will be using it, children included.

This is a specific appliance that has one particular use which doesn’t make it very practical but if you like quesadillas a lot having a quesadilla maker can be a real treat for you. How easy it is to store is an important thing to think about. Depending on how much you like Mexican food, you could use your quesadilla maker a few times per week or you could end up using it only a few times per year.

When you are not using it you want to choose a model that will be easy to keep in a cabinet without taking up a lot of room. Most quesadilla makers can be stored upright which takes up a lot less space. Another easy to use feature that many quesadillas have is ready indicator lights and on/off switches.

These appliances can become very hot during use so these indicator lights are an important feature that will let you know the quesadilla maker is working and that it is heated and ready to go. Not all quesadilla makers have on/off switches so it is important to have these indicator lights so you do not leave the quesadilla maker on accidentally.

Materials and Construction – One of the most important details to consider when looking for the best quesadilla maker is the materials used and the quality of the construction. No one ever wants to purchase a product that falls apart in a short amount of time or that does not perform properly.

That is why how a product is made as well as what materials were used to make it. Both of these factors are what determine a good quality quesadilla maker from one that would just be a waste of your money. With kitchen appliances being one of the biggest causes of house fires, it is not surprising to find out that the reason for these malfunctioning appliances that result in fires is substandard construction.

The best material for quesadilla makers is metal, the best being steel for the majority of the parts. Since steel gets really hot when heated look for quesadilla makers that have cool-grip handles that don’t heat up. Also look for locking mechanisms that keep the maker locked when cooking so no one gets burned with hot fillings. Another important materials feature is nonstick surfaces and/or plates. The nonstick material makes food release easy and clean up a breeze. Make sure the nonstick coating is high quality or it can flake off or bubble.

Quesadilla Maker Buying Guide

Performance – A quesadilla maker that is well built will provide excellent performance when it comes to making delicious, crispy quesadillas that please your family and friends. Performance also measures whether the product you are considering lives up to its promises.

Read customer comments to find out how the quesadilla is doing in the areas of crispiness, sealed edges, deep pockets so the quesadillas are not too thin, and the right size so you can create excellent quesadillas that are big enough for a big snack or a regular sized meal. Most quesadilla makers have a certain amount of space for the fillings.

One of the biggest complaints some makers have is that the pockets are not deep enough. You don’t want to overstuff them and have all the fillings overflow out and pour over the sides of the appliance and cause a huge mess that is hard to clean up.

Maintenance – You want to purchase a quesadilla maker that takes very little maintenance. Look for features like easy cleaning due to nonstick plates, which should be the only messy part of your maker. Overflows can happen and probably will so make sure the outside of the quesadilla maker has minimal crevices and gaps for the overflowing fillings to go into. A removable drip tray is another great feature that helps eliminate any messes. If the nonstick plates are dishwasher safe this is another plus although it is a rare feature to find. Most are wipe-clean only which is still easy to maintain especially if you don’t have a lot of overflows.
Customer opinions – In addition to these four main factors involved in finding a high quality quesadilla, finding out what other customers think of the product that have already purchased and used it. These comments are where the truth always comes out.

You can find out how heavy the product is, how easy it is to use, how hot it gets, if there are any weak components, if anything breaks within the first few uses, and in some cases how long the device lasts. Customers that have both good and bad experiences with a product will usually leave comments to let others know how well it works and whether it is worth purchasing. Read the customer comments with realistic expectations.

Not every person is going to like every product so when reading less than favorable comments, pay attention to what it is they dislike. Is it performance related or do they just wish they bought one that was bigger. Not being big enough for one person does not equal being a substandard product.

Brand Names are important – A quesadilla maker from a reputable, well-respected company is much better than risking a no-name appliance. Pay attention to how long the company has been around, what kind of reputation they have, and what star rating the product has as well. Choosing a brand name over a no name will turn out well in almost every case.

Quesadilla Maker Buying Guide

Warranties – When choosing a high quality appliance like a quesadilla maker, it is always a good idea to look for models that offer a warranty. The better the brand the better the warranty will be in most cases. Most well-known companies stand behind their products and show the customers this by offering good warranties on all of their products. Make sure you understand what the warranty covers and how not to accidentally void it.


Preparing a quesadilla in the frying pan may be easy for some people but others that may not cook very often could have a frustrating time trying to make one this way. A dedicated quesadilla maker will make the process of making quesadillas much simpler and even fun.

A quesadilla maker will provide you with professional looking quesadillas that are delicious, crispy, and addictive. Finding user-friendly appliances can make a hug difference in how often you use them and how enjoyable it is for you or others when they are used.

The three top-rated quesadilla makers featured above offer user-friendly features, easy to clean performance and many other great features that make this a fantastic appliance to own. If you are looking for a fast solution when it comes to the right quesadilla maker without having to worry about sorting through the choices, any one of the featured appliances above will fit the bill and provide a high quality quesadilla maker the whole family will love.

The information you have learned from the buying guide about the four important factors involved when looking for a quesadilla maker will help you identify high quality models easily. This helps you avoid purchasing the wrong item and having to mess with returning it, etc. When you can glance at the description of an appliance and look for info on those four important elements you are already way ahead of the game.

Remember to pay attention to performance, materials and construction, ease of use, and the maintenance it requires as well as what kind of comments customers are making about it and the warranties available from the company, if any. These elements are the foundation of a high quality quesadilla maker that you can count on and enjoy using time and time again.

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