Best Potty Training Pants in 2023 – Potty Training Pants Reviews and Ratings

Best Potty Training Pants in 2023 – Potty Training Pants Reviews and Ratings

We spent 60 hours over a two week period researching and testing more than 10 different types of potty training pants and found that absorbency, easy to put on and take off, and brand name were the most important factors with consumers who were shopping for potty training pants. Pull-Ups Learning Designs Training Pants for Girls scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick.  These disposable potty training pants offer reliable leak protection that you can count on.  These potty training pants fit just like kid’s underwear which makes it easier for your little one to pull them up and down as needed.

Potty Training Pants Reviews

1. Pull-Ups

Best Overall Potty Training Pants

5/5 Product Rating

Pull-Ups are one of the most popular brands of disposable training pants on the market.  They are reliable, have excellent leak protection, and have fun and engaging designs on them that appeal to toddlers and cause the children to want to wear them.

Although this particular product is specifically for girls, Pull-ups are also available for boys with designs and colors boys love.

The easy open sides of these potty training pants open and refasten just like diapers, so they can be adjusted to fit your little one perfectly.

Pull ups are created by Huggies, a giant in the baby industry so parents can rest assured that their little one is wearing a pair of potty training pants that will keep their clothing dry even if there is an accident.

Pull ups feature beloved Disney characters that your little ones love. The graphics fade when they get wet so you can encourage your little one to keep the graphics on the front by NOT wetting in the training pants.  These great potty training pants are available in 3 sizes: 2T to 3T, 3T to 4T, and 4T to 5T.  Each size is determined by your child’s weight so you will need to know this to ensure the right size is chosen.

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2. Pampers

Best Overall Potty Training Pants – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Pampers is another industry giant when it comes to baby supplies. These Pampers Easy Ups provide exceptional leak protection you can rely on during the potty training period. 

These easy ups for girls, features the loved Dora the Explorer designs that your girls will love wearing.

These potty training pants are not called easy ups for nothing. They are super easy for your child to pull on and take off when needed just like regular big girl underpants. 

They are just right for children that are doing well potty training during the daytime hours but who may still need some extra protection overnight while they are sleeping.

These easy ups are available in many sizes and also have some that feature Hello Kitty designs.  If you are looking for a reliable training pant that your little girl will love wearing, try these Pampers Easy Ups.

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3. Seventh Generation

4.5/5 Product Rating

Seventh Generation potty training pants are the perfect pants for boys and girls starting their potty training journey.  These eco-friendly training pants contain no fragrances, lotions, or chlorine bleaching. 

They fit just like regular big kid underwear.  The front and back of the training pants is easily detectable and the tear away sides make changing them easy in the event of an accident.

The front of the potty training pants feature two of Seventh Generations friends, Ophelia the Orangutan and Ferris the Fox that your child will love.

Sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp is used in the core of the training pains for the ultimate in dryness while still preserving the environment.

Seventh Generation potty training pants are available in many different sizes to grow with your child. If your child has sensitive skin the hypoallergenic properties of these training pants will not cause any undue rashes or skin irritations. The cloth-like feel is very comfortable and easy to put on and pull down when they are ready to go to the bathroom.

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Potty Training Pants Buying Guide

Potty Training Pants Buying Guide

Potty training doesn’t have to be a struggle or frustration for the child and the parents. If a child is ready, potty training can happen in just a couple of days. This doesn’t mean there will never be accidents but the basic principles they will get right away because they are at that stage in their development.

So how do you know when your child is ready for potty training? We have listed several signs that you can watch for below. If your child is exhibiting these signs, chances are he or she is more than ready to give it a go.

Takes off the dirty diapers themselves – One sure sign that your child is starting to be aware of their bodily functions is when they start removing their dirty and/or wet diapers themselves. Allow the child to see how you dispose of the dirty diapers so you don’t find them just lying around anywhere. Praise them for being aware that they are dirty and let them know that they can go in the potty and not have to be in dirty pants at all.

Let’s you know that their diaper is dirty – Right before your child will tell you that have to go to the bathroom they will start letting you know when they already have gone. You can help them learn to recognize that feeling that lets them know that they have to go and show them where to go and what to do when they have that feeling.

Shows interest in seeing their own waste – This might sound terrible but this step indicates an awareness of what is going on and what “pee” and “poo” really is and where it comes from. Try not to make it something bad by saying it’s dirty or stinky so they don’t think it is something to feel bad about or embarrassed by.

Shows interest in Mom and Dad’s potty behavior – Copying their parents is what children do in many different things throughout their early years. From dressing up to pretending to cook or take care of a baby like mom and dad do, children love to mimic their parents. It is how they learn. If your child asks what you are doing don’t tell them it’s not their business. Share with them what you are doing and connect the conversation with their own attempts at pottying encouraging them to copy you in that regard too.

They are dry after naps – This is a great sign that your child is developing longer bladder control which is a big help when it comes to stopping overnight accidents. Being dry after their nap happens before they wake up dry after sleeping overnight. Encourage them to visit the bathroom right after they wake up so they can relieve themselves. It’ll be easier to teach them to use the bathroom after naps and bedtimes since they will more than likely have to go anyway.

Potty Training Pants Buying Guide

Understands commands that involve several steps – There are several things involved when it comes to potty training. They will have to pull the potty training pants down, sit down on the toilet, use the bathroom wipe themselves or get wiped )they will need help with this initially) pull their training pants back up, pull up their pants, and wash their hands. That is a lot of steps for a toddler to remember. When you notice that your child is completing a string of steps or commands without becoming distracted or forgetting one of them, they are ready mentally to start the process of potty training as well.

Can undress themselves – Toddlers learn to undress themselves before they learn to dress themselves but this is all part of the process. Once they can master the ins and outs of pulling off their clothing and putting it on they are that much closer to being able to be diaper-free.

Understands “potty” words – If your child doesn’t understand the right potty-related words it could be really difficult to help them understand what they are supposed to do once they are in the bathroom. Decide what potty words you want to use for your child before potty training begins and use them as you are changing the child’s diaper. As long as you are consistent, the child will begin to understand and associate the words with the actions.

Dealing with number two – Peeing in the big boy or girl potty is a lot easier and quicker to teach your child but going number two is a very different and sometimes difficult thing to teach. Your child needs to understand the signs that indicate what it is they are about to do. Things like going to a more secluded room, squatting, and straining are three common signs that a child is getting ready to use the bathroom. This also means that they are starting to understand what is necessary to successfully relieve themselves. When you notice these signs, immediately take the child to the bathroom and ask that they sit on the potty to go. Once they have been successful it’s time for a celebration. Once they realize they have done a great thing by using the bathroom in the potty, especially if they get a small reward of some kind, it will click soon enough and then they’ll be going as often as they can to get that celebration or reward. Reward based potty training is very successful and is not “bribing” your child at all. Once they get the hang of it, you can start weaning them off the rewards.

Independent – All toddlers get to the “Me” stage where they want to do everything for themselves. This is a key element in successful potty training. The desire to be a big boy or girl will help you encourage their independence to use the bathroom on their own as well.

Types of Potty Training Pants

If your child is showing signs of being ready to start potty training you want to be sure that you have the supplies you need for the best chance of success and ease for you and your child. This means finding quality potty training pants that protect against leaks while being easy for your child to maneuver. There are many different types of potty training pants on the market to choose from. Below, we have listed the many different types that are available for you to consider.

Toddler underwear – Many “brave” parents go straight to big boy or girl underwear when potty training, most often to save money and not have to buy boxes of disposable training pants. Another reason is because there is a belief that if the child is wearing regular toddler underwear they will notice right away when they are wet and/or messy and want to do something about it right away. Disposable training pants have the capability of pulling away dampness which can defeat the purpose of teaching the child NOT to want to be wet.

Potty Training Pants Buying Guide

Cloth Training Pants – If your child is not ready for big boy or girl underwear yet but you don’t want to buy disposable training pants you can opt for cloth training pants. This type of training pants is just like underwear with additional absorbency in the crotch areas to provide some protection from accidents. Cloth training pants can be washed and bleached as needed which does save some money on disposables although it increases the laundry time a bit. Cloth training pants are sometimes paired with plastic pants to take care of full blown accidents but can be uncomfortable for the child to wear. Overall, using cloth pants may be more time intensive but it can shorten the time it takes to fully potty train.

Disposable Training Pants – Some popular disposable training pants include Pull ups by Huggies and Easy ups by Pampers. These two high profile brands are also two of our top-rated selections that are reviewed above and for good reason. If you are looking for an easy, simple to use solution that many parents love, disposable training pants may be just what you’re looking for. For parents that don’t have a lot of time for constant micromanaging whether the child has to use the potty or to do a lot of laundry, this type of potty training pants is perfect. You will have a little more work involved to get the child to recognize when they are wet but there are tons of kids that have successfully learned to use the big boy or girl potty by wearing disposable training pants. These are an excellent choice for overnight use for children that may have already mastered during the day potty training but are still working on overnight. They are also much easier to deal with if you and your child will be out running errands and will not always be right there next to the bathroom.


Potty training for some children can be a breeze simply because they are completely ready. Other children can take a lot longer because they either don’t care yet or they are just not old enough. The main thing to remember is not to push or force your child to potty train if they are clearly not ready. It is very rare to find a child that does not end up coming around, especially if they are not pressured or shamed into it too early.

With all of the different options available for potty training pants it can be challenging to figure out which one is the right choice for your child and you. The purpose of this guide and the reviews of the three top-rated potty training pants we have featured above are to make the whole process much simpler for you and a lot less confusing.

All three of the top-rated selections we have reviewed for you are from excellent companies with great reputations and provide you with the leak protection, ease of use, and cost effectiveness you are looking for. Your children will love the fun designs on the front of the training pants and you will love how easy it is to change them in the event of any accidents and help your children transition from wearing diapers to wearing big boy or girl underwear.

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