Best Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023 – Portable DVD Player for Car Reviews and Ratings

Best Portable DVD Player for Car in 2023 – Portable DVD Player for Car Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 30 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of portable DVD players for the car and found that screen size, supported formats, and resolution were most important. The Sylvania Portable DVD player scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. Features include a swivel screen that features a widescreen TFT LDC display in color, and works with a variety of formats. It also has a USB and SD memory card slot for playing MP3 music or looking at photos. It comes with a carry bag, vehicle power adapter and AC power adapter.

1. Sylvania SDVD9805

Best Overall Portable DVD Player for Car

5/5 Product Rating
This is yet another high performance portable DVD player from Sylvania. It features a nice 9” screen, and it’s designed to function as a twin dual screen player, so that you can play the same or separate movies at the same time.

There is a USB and SD card reader which allows you to play all of your downloaded media on your two screens. You also get convenient mounting straps so that you can easily mount the DVD screens on your seat backs. You also get a number of wonderful accessories that make your overall enjoyment of your DVD players more amplified.

You’re going to see that it’s easier than ever to use these players to watch all your favorite movies, listen to great music, and even share photos. The two screens have identical specifications, and they’re both easy to install and use. When there is no movie playing, the second screen will automatically close so that it saves its battery life. If you have a big family that likes to watch movies in the car, then you’re going to see that it’s much better to have two screens instead of just one.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Philips

Best Overall Portable DVD Player for Car – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This color LCD DVD player from Philips comes from an electronics name that all of us can trust, and it’s designed to bring images to life, while also allowing you to share your favorite photos, watch your favorite movies, and listen to the latest songs, all with tremendous quality, color, and vibrancy.

This DVD Player comes with a number of convenient in-car accessories that help to enhance your enjoyment in the vehicle. You can even power the portable DVD player using the cigarette charger in your vehicle, so that it never is at a risk of running out of life. The DVD player is compatible with a number of different forms of media, and the dual screens allow you to display the same videos and images onto both portable players, or you can choose to play different media on each player.

All you have to do is plug in the players and mount the screens on the headrests in your car. The smart DVD player remembers where you left off when you’re watching a movie, and it can continue to play from the very same scene once you press play again; even after a power failure.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Sylvania SDVD7027

Best Budget Portable DVD Player for Car

4.5/5 Product Rating
Sylvania is one of the leaders in portable DVD players, and this swivel screen DVD player in gold proves why they’re leading the pack. This is a 7” portable DVD player, and it features a widescreen color TFT LCD display, while being versatile enough to work with a number of different formats.

There is a handy USB and SD memory card slot for playing MP3 music or showing photos, while also being able to play video and so much more. This purchase comes with an AC power adapter, vehicle power adapter, carry bag, and remote control, so that you’ll have everything that you need to get started.

You also get a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, built-in stereo speakers, and car mount straps. You’re going to be amazed at how easy and fun it can be for your passengers to watch a movie while you ride, and this portable DVD player makes it easier than ever.

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Portable DVD Player for Car Buying Guide

Portable DVD Player for Car Reviews

What is a Portable DVD Player for Car

Portable DVD Player for Car1As the prices have gone down, portable DVD players have gained in popularity. These DVD players are a fantastic way to entertain small children during long car trips, and they can make any long car ride much more easy for parents and adults as well. When you’re on the market for a portable DVD player, there are a number of things that you want to consider before you make a purchase. For instance, there are a host of different mounting options for a car DVD player, and you need to decide which is the right option for you and your family. Once you consider the mounting options, then you need to think about the features that you’re most interested in. This would include the size of the DVD player, the type of screen, the length of the battery life and so much more. You can also get added features with the latest models on the market, such as GPS and DIVX file compatibility.

There are many choices that face you when you seek to buy a portable DVD player, but you need to only consider the features that are suited to your particular needs. Where you buy the device depends upon what kind of DVD player you have assessed is right for you. It’s easy as pie to install the DVD player yourself, and in fact, most of them are designed to make it easy for you to do so. However, in the rare case that professional installation is required, then you’re going to need to make the purchase at an electronics store that offers you free installation at the same time.

Types of Car DVD Players

When you go to purchase a DVD player for your car, you may be amazed by all the choices that you have. There are many types of DVD players that you need to consider, such as headrest DVD players, flip-down players, in-dash players, and rearview mirror DVD players. What you choose is going to depend upon the difficulty of installation that you’re willing to tackle and the size of the screen that you want.

  • Flip-Down DVD Players: With a flip-down DVD player, you’ll be getting one of the most popular models of DVD player on the market. This style of player is going to be attached to the roof of your car in front of the passenger’s seat, and this placement is beneficial because it makes it easy for viewers to watch without straining to see or feeling uncomfortable in any way. You’re going to need to consider how you will attach the DVD player to the vehicle’s roof, and this is going to depend upon the model that you buy and the kind of car that you have.
  • Portable DVD Player for Car2

  • Headrest DVD Players: This kind of DVD player is going to be located on the back of the driver’s or passenger’s headrest; or both. This is a convenient way for viewers to watch the movie without having to twist their neck in any way. Usually the screen of the player will flip out so that the user can simply pop the DVD in. The only downside to this type of player is that it is more exposed than the other types, and there’s really no way to cover it when it’s not in use.
  • Rearview Mirror DVD Players: With a rearview mirror DVD player, you get easy installation and a discreet placement. Sometimes all you really have to do is attach the screen to your rearview mirror and you’re set. Some newer models of vehicle even come with a DVD player already attached to the rearview mirror. It functions as a half mirror and half screen, and you can turn the screen on and off so that it’s only a mirror when it needs to be. The only problem, of course, is that this kind of DVD leads to driver distraction, and this could be dangerous.
  • In-Dash DVD Players: This kind of DVD player is a great choice if your car doesn’t have a lot of room behind the seats. You simply hook the player onto the front of the dashboard in a box that you will need to install. This kind of player can also be a hazard as it is distracting to the driver. If you do want an in-dash player, then you’re going to be able to choose between single din and double din systems.

    1. Double Din Systems: With a double din DVD player, you get a screen, player, and amplifier. The amplifier is usually installed into the dashboard of the car. When you install this kind of DVD player, you may have to do a bit of rewiring, and you may have to remodel the dash should the player be either too big or too small. That’s why you need to be sure to check the dimensions before you purchase the DVD player.
    2. Single Din Systems: With a single din system, you mount it in the dashboard just like the double din system, but you’re going to see that it only takes up half of the space. With your purchase you get a screen, an amplifier, as well as a player. You install this the same way that you do with a double din system.

Considerations When Shopping for a Portable DVD Player

When you’re on the market for a portable DVD player for your vehicle, there are a number of factors that you must make sure that you keep in mind. For instance, you need to take into account the different formats the DVD player can work with, as well as the type of screen that it has, and the power source. There are some DVD players that come with bonus features that make them even more enjoyable to use.

  • Format Compatibility: There are only certain things that each DVD player can play. For instance, some players are compatible with DVD-Rs in addition to purchased DVDs. You may also want to be able to play audio formats, and this includes CDs and mp3s.
  • Screens: Portable DVD players come in a number of different sizes. You want to look for a DVD player that is big enough so that you can see clearly but can still fit in the intended place in your car. To enhance your viewing experience, you want to keep your eye out for a high resolution screen.
  • Battery Life: You want to keep your eyes peeled for a DVD player that uses battery power and comes with a long battery life. This will allow you to watch movies without having to use your car’s power source at all times.
  • Portable DVD Player for Car3

  • Extra Features: It’s smart to get a portable DVD player that offers you as many features as possible, and this includes GPS, audio inputs and outputs, and so much more. Sure, these features are going to cost you a bit more money, but it really is worth it in the long run.


Portable DVD players are a wonderful way to keep people entertained during long car rides, and they’re particularly great for small kids who have a short attention span. When you know that you’re ready to buy a portable DVD player, then you can go ahead and purchase one of the top rated models with confidence. However, if you’re interested in something else to suit your needs, then our buyer’s guide was written to help you to understand what is out there so that you can make the right choice.



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