Best Poker Table in 2023 – Poker Table Reviews and Ratings

Best Poker Table in 2023 – Poker Table Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 50 hours researching and testing over 15 different types and kinds of poker tables and found that space available, cost, and size were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for poker tables.  HOMCOM Deluxe Foldable Table Top scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. This professional style poker table top is foldable and provides plenty of room for as many as 8 players at a time.  The octagonal shape is appealing and looks great in a home, man-cave, or den and the foldable design makes it easy to store when you are not using it.

Poker Table Reviews


Best Overall Poker Table

5/5 Product Rating

This professional-style foldable table top poker table features solid wood construction and a green felt surface that feels and looks just like the real casino tables. 

The octagonal shape accommodates up to 8 players and measures 48” x 48”.  The molded chip trays and cup holders make the game even more fun and accommodate a cold soda or beer while you are playing the game.

The folding design makes set up and take down easy so you can remove the table when you are not playing. It also makes it easy to take on the road with you thanks to the convenient carrying bag. You can even take this great table top on camping trips, tailgating parties, and much more.

The HOMCOM table top is perfect for Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Poker, and Mahjong as well as any other type of card game. This table will transform your game night into something really special and authentic feeling.  The steel frame provides plenty of stability and durability as does the HDPE lumber used to make the table top.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Giantex

Best Overall Poker Table – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating

Giantex portable table top features a three-fold design that makes it easy to set up and easy to store.  The large play top allows 8 players to play comfortably, making it the perfect table for a regular card game night no matter what your game of choice is.  There is no assembly required with this table top as it comes already together.

The built-in cup holders and racks for your poker chips complete the scene for the most authentic poker game experience you can have.  The handle makes it easy to take with you to a friend’s house, camping, tailgating, or anywhere you want to play.

Each play area features five pre-drilled slots and a card position.  There is plenty of room in the center so all players can reach the cards easily.  You can use this table for many card games including Craps, Blackjack, and Poker.  It is the perfect table to take your poker games to the next level.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Giantex

4.5/5 Product Rating

Another great Giantex poker product is this 48” folding poker table top that features an appealing octagonal design that works on any table.

Up to 8 players can play at this table comfortably.  The foldable design makes this table top easy to transport anywhere you want to play as well as storing conveniently.

The built-in cup holders and chip racks are at each playing area so every player can have a drink and their chips in a convenient, contained way.

The dark green felt and black accents make this attractive table the perfect way to take your poker games to the next level. This is the perfect table for regular poker games or blackjack games.

Jonathan Maxwell


Poker Table Buying Guide

Poker Table Buying Guide

There are three important factors you should consider before you invest in a poker table. We have listed these three considerations below.

  • How often will you play? – The type of poker table you choose depends on how often you will be playing. If you play poker every week without fail and often have poker marathons, getting a real poker table would be a good idea. If you play once in a while, switch homes for your poker games each week, or like to play on camping trips, tailgating events and holidays, a poker table top is just the thing for your needs.
  • Choosing your table online – Look at the product description of any poker table you are considering. You want to make sure that they have the features you are looking for so read the description carefully and take a look at the customer comments to see if they have provided any additional information. Make note of the features you are looking for and check to be certain that each poker table or table top you are looking for has these features.
  • Consider your space – Where will you be playing poker? If you are looking for a table top, make note of the space you are using and the size of the table you will be covering with your table top poker table. Don’t forget to account for chairs in your space as well. Many poker tables come with chairs while the table tops will not.

Types of Poker Tables

There are many different types of poker tables on the market to choose from. We have listed the different kinds below so you can learn about each one and see the differences between them.

  • Roll up Poker Table Toppers – This table topper is usually blue and has a rubber backing that will stick to any surface you lay it on. The roll up toppers measure 70” x 35” and is water-resistant. You can place these toppers on oblong tables and then when the game is over you can roll them up and store them conveniently where they won’t get ruined. One drawback to this type of poker table top is that they can curl up around the edges and not lay flat.
  • Folding Poker Table Top – Table top poker tables that fold up are a popular option for those weekly poker games. Most are octagonal shaped and measure 48” and fit up to 8 people. The green felt featured on these tables gives them a real, poker table feel. Most foldable table top poker tables have chip trays and cup holders as well. They fold up and fit into the included carrying case making transport easy. There are oval models available that can be ordered that even have a padded rail that are a little more expensive.
  • Poker Table Buying Guide

  • Collapsible Poker Table – A collapsible poker table does not need any other table supporting it and is a standalone table that you can use anywhere. They are smaller than professional poker tables and can fit up to 10 players at a table. If you are the house dealer (or someone else is) you may prefer just 9 people with the middle position as the dealer spot. The padded arm rests and lightly padded felt tops make these tables feel almost like the real thing.
  • Professional Poker Table – This is the most expensive of all the options but you are getting your money’s worth since you will have a table that will probably last a lifetime. If the felt wears out you can replace it easily. The typical measurements of a professional poker table measure approximately 96” x 48” and can fit 10 players and a dealer without crowding anyone. These tables are lower to the ground and are very sturdy and durable. Professional poker tables usually come with options like cup holders, tip tray, rake slot, and dealer tray that will add to the price but also add to the table’s appeal too.

What to Look before Buying a Poker Table

There are several things you should look for before your purchase a poker table of any kind. In order for you to ensure that you choose the right one, you want to consider these things.

  • Playing Frequency – Knowing how often you will be playing will be an important factor in the kind of table that you choose. If you rarely play then using the kitchen table is just fine. If you will be playing weekly, then consider getting a foldable table or a folding table top.
  • Size of the playing space – Get a measurement of the room you will be playing poker in. This will help you determine what size table or table topper you have space for. If you are getting a table topper that folds up, measure the table you will be placing the topper on. Don’t forget to allow space for chairs, moving around and extra seating.
  • Group Size – How many players do you host on your game nights? Most poker tables can accommodate up to 8 players. Some of the folding table models can accommodate 9 or 10 players. Make sure that the table or topper is sturdy and durable so it can stand up to frequent use. Most folding poker table tops are pretty durable and if they are stored properly when not in use and are not used for things other than card games they will last a long time.
  • Poker Table Buying Guide

  • Felt Surface – The quality of the felt on your table is something you should consider when purchasing a poker table. You want the felt to be as high quality as possible because that will enhance the game when the cards glide smoothly across the felt. High end felt is carved out of the cloth and is made by polyester and olefin. Velveteen felt is a usual choice for lower end tables or roll ups.
  • Table shape & Size – Poker tables come in a variety of shapes. The most common shapes are octagonal and oval. Some may be round. Look at the room you are placing the table or topper to determine which shape will work best for your space. If you are setting up a designated poker space you may want to consider a higher end table that looks great and features padded arm rests and other features that will make the space feel like an authentic casino.



Poker is a very popular game that many people enjoy on a formal or informal basis. While most people that play do not intend to go pro, you still want to have a space that gives you the atmosphere of a casino which makes the game better for everyone. With so many different options to choose from you can create a poker game space that you and every one of your card game guests will love.

The three top rated poker tables we have featured above are all table top models which is one of the most popular poker table styles you can get. People prefer these because most don’t have room in their homes for a full sized poker table to be left up all the time. These foldable, convenient table tops have a lot of great features but can be folded up and put away when the game is not being played.

Another advantage to these three top selections is that you can put them in their carrying bags and take them anywhere you want to go. They are very portable and allow you and your friends to play poker on hunting or fishing trips, tailgating gatherings, or anywhere else you want to play.

The information you have learned about poker tables in this buying guide and through the reviews featured above have provided you with the knowledge you need to determine your needs and choose the right poker table for your game nights.

The right knowledge will prevent you from choosing a table that is not of good quality, or one that does not meet your needs for playing frequency or space. A poker table, even the table top designs, is an investment so you should take care to use the information you have learned in this guide to make the most of the money you spend. The right poker table will provide you with hours of entertainment and enjoyable time with friends.

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