Best Point and Shoot Camera in 2023 – Point and Shoot Camera Reviews and Ratings

Best Point and Shoot Camera in 2023 – Point and Shoot Camera Reviews and Ratings

With the increasing demand for portable and budgeted cameras, we compiled this buying guide to pick some of the best point and shoot cameras under $200. We tested several cameras from top companies and asked for their recommendations. After evaluating quality, durability, and performance along with observing experts and customers reviews, we selected our top picks. If you are looking for an ultimate camera in a limited budget, we suggest you Samsung WB350F

1. Samsung

Best Overall Point and Shoot Camera

5/5 Product Rating

The Samsung WB350F is a little device with an enormous range of capabilities. Featuring 23 –483 mm lens with built-in 21 times optical zoom, it captures amazing distance shots at a resolution of 16.3 megapixels. If you are looking for even more, the camera has an additional 5 times digital zoom which makes it easier to extend your frame while you are focusing on a small object.

One of the exclusive features of this camera is its software which efficiently functions with both Wi-Fi and NFC. Also, you will find an exciting social media upload option to share your snaps with your friends within seconds. In addition to that, it offers other connection options as well including emailing via camera, photo beam, mobile connection, and remote viewfinder and PC auto backup. Once you turn on the backup, your photos will remain protected.

Coming towards the favorite among all features, this little point, and shoot camera can record in 1080p which is exceptional. However, you will be requiring a micro SD card separately for storage. Finally, it comes with a limited 1-year warranty. Overall, Samsung WB350F makes for a best 21st-century camera under $200.

Darius Spieth

2. Canon SX410

Best Value Point and Shoot Camera

4.8/5 Product Rating

Canon Power Shot SX410 comes with a comparatively larger size and operates on the Canon DIGIC 4+ Image Processor. With 20.0 megapixel, this camera takes excellent shots and superior processing to give you enhanced frames per second.

Talking about FPS, we found SX410 IS economy mode which lets the camera save energy ultimately providing you sufficient time to setup a shot. The camera uses up to date lens of 24mm wide angle which offers 40 times optical zoom along with an additional 4 times digital zoom. While using this amazing point and shoot camera, you don’t need to worry about the right focus as it offers multiple autofocus options including face identification, live view, contrast indicator etc. These options effectively function around the 9-point system.

As far as lighting is concerned, Canon Power Shot SX410 IS offers ISO range between 100-1600 which works well for most settings. Finally, it features 3-inch LCD screen comprises of 230,000 dots of resolution for a clear and crisp image and 730p video recording. A perfect camera to take along on holidays and capture some enthralling moments.

Darius Spieth

3. Sony

Best WiFi Point and Shoot Camera

4.7/5 Product Rating

Speaking of best point and shoot cameras under $200, we couldn’t leave Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 off out list. The camera features 18.2 megapixels Exmor R CMOS sensor and BIONZ processing engine to enhance the quality and detail of photos while cutting off the noise.

The perfect combination of this sensor and processing offer high-resolution images which play a life-saving role in low light settings. The lens has 10 times optical zoom and 20 times sharp image with digital zoom which gives an inclusive focal length of 25-250mm. Offering a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 60 frames per second, it gives fanatically smooth and clear video recording.

Whenever you want to transfer your photos, you can use either the included USB 2.0 port or transfer wirelessly to your smartphone or PC using the Wi-Fi connection or NFC 3 capture option. As far as the dimensions of the camera are concerned, it measures 8.6 x 7.1 x 5.1 inches which are small enough to be easily fit in your pocket or purse.

Overall, the camera shoot is quick and effective. We appreciate the noise reducing feature and high image quality at minimal cost.

Darius Spieth

4. Canon ELPH 190

4.5/5 Product Rating

Canon has a long track record of bringing into high-end cameras for various budget and experience level and therefore we have selected Canon Power Shot ELPH 190 IS in our top picks. It delivers crisp image quality at an extremely affordable price.

The camera offers great ease of use. Using 10x zoom capabilities and optical image stabilizer, you can come up with each and every clear shot. We really like smart auto function which chooses the appropriate settings automatically thus making your job easier. Once you have your sharp and good-looking photos, you can quickly transfer them to your device of choice. Additionally, the Canon Power Shot ELPH 190 IS is fortified with some fun settings that you will surely love such as Monochrome filters, Toy camera, HD video etc.

All these features help you make your photo more creative. The point and shoot camera is available in three colors: black, blue and red. It is small enough to fit in your pocket conveniently. Generally, a perfect camera especially for amateur photographers who are looking for a highly portable and easy to use the device without compromising on quality.

Darius Spieth

5. Nikon

4.4/5 Product Rating

In the category of under $200 point and shoot cameras, you will be amazed to see the specifications of Nikon CoolPix A10. Featuring 5X optical zoom and NIKKOR glass lens, the camera clearly captures fine details no matter how long the distance is.

The point and shoot camera come with an ergonomic design resembling customary SLR cameras. The fanatic looking camera fits perfectly in your hand. Additionally, there are other smart features that make it stand out among others. These include high-quality filters such as Portrait or Party mode in which the camera automatically adjust the setting to capture a perfect image in the present environment. Also, you will find photos effects through which you can add artistic edits in your photos.

Nikon CoolPix A10 features an appropriate size 2.7 inch LCD display which makes it easier to capture some incredible shots and navigate settings in the direct available light. It’s a great device for filming documentaries and records videos at 720p. Offering great value for money, it guarantees you sharp and detailed images and videos. Highly commend it, if you are looking for professional photography in a limited budget.

Darius Spieth


Best Point and Shoot Camera under $200 Buying Guide

Photographer with Point and Shoot Camera

What is A Point and Shoot Camera?

A point and shoot camera is comparatively smaller and non-professional camera that you can use for quick everyday mesmeric shots. These are compact and pocket size cameras that are perfect for taking along on vacations and road trips as they weigh almost nothing and still give you quality snaps and videos. With the included software, features such as focus, exposure, and contrast are automatically performed. Some are even capable of taking a selfie without requiring any stick which makes for a handy device. Not everybody is a professional photographer but operating these cameras will make your job much at ease.

What to Look For in a Point and Shoot Camera

The brand is one of the primary factors that you must consider in a camera. You can read the reviews online to have a better understanding about various brands and which one stands out in terms of both performance and budget. While choosing a specific brand, make sure you are satisfied with the interface of the camera. You should look for a brand based on practical approach as every camera brand comes with some pros and limitations.


Holding Point and Shoot Camera

For most of you, this can be another significant factor when you are looking for in best cameras under $200. You can consider a camera offering you at least 730p resolution for video recording and have minimum 10MP lens. Any figure above this will give you a professional quality image which is essential to capture a clear crystal image.


If the image is not stable, it is not worth looking at. Many cameras come with image stabilization feature which plays an imperative role specifically when you are driving a vehicle or your hands are shaky enough that does not let you take a flawless photo. Here, stabilization option will fix this out to give you a vibrant image that’s all you need.


When talking about zoom, optical zoom should be better than any other. The zoom-in performance primarily depends on the lens which determines precision and enriched photo quality. It’s not necessary to be expensive and complex to use. The best point and shoot cameras under $200 will still give you superior output.

Personal Considerations When Choosing a Point and Shoot Camera

It is always recommended to do some research before spending your precious money on a certain product. For people who are a hobbyist or seeking fundamentals of photography, below we have listed few considerations that will help you in making your best personal selection.

Size and Portability

Canon Point and Shoot Camera

Size and portability are crucial consideration particularly when you are looking for a camera on a limited budget. Compact point and shoot cameras are a preferable choice for amateurs and travelers. You can fittingly place them into your pocket or handbag and take them out quickly whenever you want. On the other hand, large size cameras can be a bit challenging when it comes to quick storage. Though, they might have high-class features and great performance.


The more photos and videos you capture, the more storage you will need. There are many cameras under $200 that does not come with built-in memory. However, they do offer you an option of expansion with the use of micro SD card. Keep in mind the compatibility and storage capacity and more importantly high-resolution photos that take-up a lot of storage space. So, be ready to spend some extra bucks on it.


Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer or videographer, there are situations when compact point and shoot cameras come in handy. They can produce as good results as high-end and expensive cameras specifically in daylight. The most convincing reason to purchase a small camera like these is the price point which offers you a greater amount of zoom power that is effective in multiple situations. They feature small sensor and does not require expensive lenses. Their compact size is a huge plus where bigger cameras are not permitted such as Disney world to capture memorable moments of your life. After reading our top picks and important considerations, you will be able to make an informed and wise decision. The best point and shoot cameras under $200 can actually compete with high-end models in image quality. As soon as you get used to using them, you will start producing beautiful snaps.

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