Best Pliers Set in 2023 – Pliers Set Reviews and Ratings

Best Pliers Set in 2023 – Pliers Set Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 41 hours researching and testing 20 different types of plier sets and found that long lasting construction, durability, and variety of pliers in the set were most important. IRWIN vise-grip plier set scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. These well-known pliers feature non-slip handles that are comfortable to hold. The anti-pinch grip reduces hand fatigue during use. The ratcheting action allows adjustment of the pliers even when they are in an open position. These pliers come with a kit bag to keep everything organized and protected. They have a lifetime guarantee as well.


Best Overall Pliers Set

5/5 Product Rating
IRWIN is a well known name in high quality tools. These Groovelock pliers have a lot of features that make this the top pick when it comes to pliers sets.

These pliers are non-slip and feature anti-pinch ProTouch Grips that reduces the hand fatigue and provides plenty of comfort when you are using them. These Groovelock Pliers have the press-in-slide method for adjusting the pliers.

Groovelock features a ratcheting action that allows the pliers to be adjusted even when they are in the open position. Included in this pliers set are the most commonly used pliers:

  • 8” groovelock pliers
  • 10” groovelock pliers
  • 12” groovelock pliers
  • 10” adjustable wrench
  • 8” long nose pliers
  • 8” linesman’s pliers
  • 6” diagonal cutting pliers
  • 6” slip joint pliers

There is a kit bag that comes with this set as well to keep everything together and easy to grab when you need it. The all purpose jaw of the pliers can grip around square, hex and flat shapes equally well. These long lasting pliers are crafted from metal injection molding so they are durable and strong too. IRWIN stands behind their pliers by offering consumers a lifetime guarantee on the set.

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2. Channellock

Best Overall Pliers Set – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
If you’re looking for a convenient set of pliers for your tool box, take a look at these Channellock pliers. There are 5 pliers in the set that come in a convenient tool roll that makes it super easy to grab and take the tools on the go. Including in this set are:

  • 9 ½” 420 and 10” 430 pliers that are tongue and groove
  • 8” long nose pliers
  • 7” side cutter pliers
  • 6” slip joint pliers

The Permalock fastener prevents nut and bolt failure in the tools and keeps them in great condition for years. The edge is a patented, reinforced edge that resists stress breaking when using them on various projects. The teeth of the tongue and groove pliers have been laser heat treated so the grip is strong and longer lasting.

All of the pliers in this set are made from high carbon steel to ensure exceptional performance. The electronic coating provides superior rust resistance. The blue handles on all the pliers is a Channellock trademark, making them easy to spot and grab from the tool bag or box. If you want a set of pliers that will stand up to regular use, choose these USA made Channellock pliers.

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4.7/5 Product Rating
This six piece set of pliers from Tekton enables DIY-ers and professionals to be ready for any job that requires the use of pliers. Construction is from corrosion-resistant alloy steel, making them long lasting and durable. They feature nut and bolt fasteners that allow the tension to be adjusted and maintained throughout the life of the tool.

The non slip grips make these pliers easy to hold onto and use, even on hot days when your hands get sweaty. The bright red handles make them easy to spot in your tool box so you can grab what you need quickly. Included in this set is:

  • Slip joint pliers (2)
  • Groovejoint pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • Lineman’s pliers
  • Long nose pliers

Each of these pliers is designed to take care of different repairs and tasks so you have whatever you need when you need it. These high quality tools are the perfect addition to your tool box or bag.

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Pliers Set Buying Guide

Pliers Set Reviews

Types of Pliers

There are two basic designs for pliers:

  • fixed – This type of pliers is connected at the pivot by a rivet that allows the pliers to be opened a specific amount only
  • Adjustable – Another name for adjustable pliers is the slip joint pliers. This style offers users at least two different widths to open up to, sometimes more. This allows them to be used for a wider range of repairs and tasks.

Uses for Pliers

There are 9 different types of pliers on the market. Many of the pliers sets available have at least one of each type. If the set is smaller it may only have what is considered a crucial tool to have in the tool box. Some of the different types are specialized pliers that should only be used for that task. Others are more all around and general purpose pliers. Some of the different types of pliers can duplicate the different uses.

Pliers are used around the house and garage for a number of tasks including tightening and loosening bolts and nuts, taking nails out of wood, installing wire, shaping wire and much more. Remember that not all pliers are designed for electrical jobs. The handles need to be insulated so users are protected from shocks if they are being used for electrical repairs or other wire work.

If you’re handling a heavy duty job, make sure that you use a pair of pliers that can handle the tough jobs. Don’t use lightweight pliers for heavy jobs or they can break. If you’re going to be turning nuts, find another tool to handle the job such as a wrench.

Below we have listed the 9 different types of pliers and what they are good for. We have also listed a little bit about their characteristics as well.

  • Channel pliers – Channel pliers are also known as groove-joint or angle nose pliers. They are very good for working on projects that contain larger objects like pipes. They usually have adjustable, sliding jaws with one half of the jaw being curved and the other half straight. They come in a number of sizes for your convenience and work great to handle your evening tasks.
  • Crimper/Stripper – This combination pliers has both the functions of a stripper and crimper. They are perfect and much needed tools for anyone that does a lot of electrical work. Depending on the brand they may feature sheaving holes that are designed to cut screws.
  • Cutting – Cutting pliers are used to cut through bolts, wires and more. They are good for removing small nails due to the super sharp blades they have. They are also known as wire cutters. Side cutting pliers can have long noses that are curved or short noses. Some sets have both types. End cutters can also be used to cut bolts, rivets and wires.
  • Electrician – This type of pliers is most often used by electricians and those that work with electrical wire a lot. The double-sided cutting edges that these pliers have make them good for cutting all types of wire.
  • Fence – Fence pliers are used to pull staples from fencing and feature two wire cutters and not just one. They have a strong, heavy head that can even be used for hammering.
  • Locking – locking pliers have similar functions of a regular wrench. They can be used for pulling and twisting and you won’t lose your grip on the handle. These types of pliers have also been called vise grips. One of the features of locking pliers is a knurl screw that allows the pliers to be locked into position and a release that will disengage the lock easily. Locking pliers can either have a long nose or curved jaw and serrated jaws to give the user a better grip. These pliers are known for their increased leverage and torque.
  • Needle Nose – Needle nose pliers are designed to work in tight spaces due to their long, slender jaws that can slide into a small space. They are the type of pliers that are most often used in jewelry and craft work and repair or where detail work needs to be done. Needle-nose pliers are great for a wide range of jobs that include cutting small gauge wire, twisting wire in craft applications and many more precise jobs. The pointed tips of needle-nose pliers are great for getting into narrow spaces where a regular pair of pliers won’t fit.
  • Slip-Joint – slip joint pliers are good for working with smaller objects. They have excellent gripping and tightening applications and usually come in 6” and 8” lengths. Many pliers sets have one of each size. The jaws on slip joint pliers can be opened to two different widths for convenience and versatility. They have two curved jaws.
  • Wire Stripper – These pliers are used to strip off the plastic outer coating of wires without damaging the wire underneath. They feature stops that can be adjusted to different wire widths so there is no wire damage incurred.

Things You Shouldn’t Do with Pliers

  • Pliers shouldn’t be used to turn nuts in place of wrenches.
  • If you are working on plumbing fixtures that are polished, you will want to place a rag between the pliers jaws and the fixture. Pliers can easily scratch the surface of polished fixtures and the rag will help minimize this.
  • Never use them to play around. Those who watched the three stooges will know what this means. Tools are not toys and no matter what the TV portrays, doing so could cause serious injury.
  • Don’t twist the pliers sideways. Doing this can place too much stress on the joint and that could loosen or break it altogether.


Pliers are a much needed tool for your tool bag or box. They have plenty of uses that you could encounter on a regular basis in the home and garage as well as on the jobsite. There are many different pliers that are included in a pliers set. The purpose of having a good quality multi-set of pliers is so that you can have a variety to choose from that will encompass many different jobs.

The three top rated pliers sets featured above have several different types of pliers included in each set so you have a variety of choices when you do jobs or projects around the home or workshop. It’s also easier to buy a set that already has the different pliers in it rather than having to individually purchase each type.

It’s important to have good quality tools in your tool box. The information in this guide is to provide you with the knowledge you need to sort through the different choices and make a decision on a long lasting, durable set that you will have for a long time.


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