Best Places to Eat In NYC

Best Places to Eat In NYC

New York City is alive with nightlife, culture, diversity and of course, its food.  With so much to do and see, it is no wonder that NYC is featured in so many movies, television shows, and books.  If you are planning a trip to NYC or you have just moved there, you will want to know where to get something to eat when you are hungry.

One of the many great things about New York City is that no matter what time it is of the day or night, it is possible to get something to eat.  We have listed 10 of the best places to eat in NYC to give you some great choices to get started with.  These 10 places are on this list because of their dedication to quality food, great service and to providing their guests with an experience they won’t forget.

  1. Ellen’s Stardust DinerNew York City is home to many Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters and hosts the biggest and most popular New Year’s Eve party that is world-renowned. It is also home to the wonderful Ellen’s Stardust Diner which features world famous singing waiters and serves some of the best diner food in the entire country. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals and tourists alike since they opened in 1987. The singing waiters will provide you with a fun atmosphere and experience that you will never forget.  The menu is filled with delicious dishes for all three meals of the day. You can choose from classic sandwiches like The Duke or The Ruby Reuben or maybe you want to sample a classic blue plate special like Mama Mia Meatloaf or Sammy Davis Jr. Chops.  Whatever you choose, you will have a fantastic time eating it and being entertained as well.
  2. Spice SymphonySit down to a meal that features authentic Indian Cuisine with a blend of high quality and sophisticated flavors that make each dish special. Spice Cuisine offers their guests a wide selection of Chinese food with Indian Spices and a delicious Seafood menu as well. You can sit back and relax in a cool and relaxing space that has an appealing modern look that is combined with comfortable, curved banquettes that are placed around the perimeter of the room.  The sky lit area provides guests with a very cozy dining experience that is only part of the appeal.  The food is exceptional, full of flavor and innovative combinations that allow you to discover the different types of Indian cooking at your leisure.  Spice Symphony’s staff is welcoming and friendly; doing everything they can to make your visit special.  Some of the delicious dishes that feature chicken, beef, seafood, and Tandoori, the delicious Indian Barbecue.  Spice Symphony’s staff is welcoming and friendly; doing everything they can to make your visit special.
  3. Gallagher’s SteakhouseDean Poll purchased Gallagher’s Steakhouse years ago with a very specific vision in mind. He wanted to preserve the character that the former restaurant had and return it to its spot as the premier steakhouse in New York. It re-launched in March of 2014 and has been going strong ever since. It is located in a beautiful spot, just steps away from the excitement of Times Square and the Glitter of Broadway. Gallagher’s is known for their USDA prime dry-aged steaks, not to mention incredible specialty meals featuring seafood and other ingredients.  There’s no doubt that when you walk through the doors of Gallagher’s Steakhouse you will experience an authentic New York dining experience that will stay in your mind for years to come.  The staff at Gallagher’s makes every guest feel welcome and they never forget a name.  You will feel warm and welcome from the moment you step inside.  Don’t forget to check out the restaurant’s schedule. The Executive Chef loves to plan special events which make going to Gallagher’s even more memorable.
  4. Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant –Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant has a reputation for providing their guests with exceptional food and has been awarded Best Restaurant and been given recognition by many large names including the New York Times Restaurant Guide, Gourmet Magazine, and many more.  Your dining experience here will be something to remember with dishes to choose from like the Spicy Sliced Beef – Szechuan Style and Jumbo Prawns that are fried crisp and served with a delicious Lime Sauce.  Or how about Braised Duck or Pork Shoulders?  You have to try their popular crab pork meat and special soup dumplings.  With so many choices on the menu at all price points, you don’t have to wait for a super special occasion to enjoy the cuisine. If you have a craving for delicious food with a lot of flavor and flair, get over to Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant and try them. They also provide delivery!
  5. Numero 28 Pizzeria –Numero 28 Pizzeria specializes in Neopolitan pizza that has been baked fast and hot in a brick oven. The result is a crust that is not too thick or too thin with a smoky taste that you will love.  This recipe has been handed down for five generations or pizza makers.  All of the ingredients used in the pizzas are carefully selected to keep their pizza creations unique. The large selection of pizzas offered cater to all tastes and combine flavors that leave a lasting impression in your mind.  The staff is warm and friendly, greeting each guest like they were long-time friends or family.  If you’re not in the mood for pizza, Numero 28 offers a selection of classic Italian dishes including eggplant parmigiana, an assortment of delicious antipasti, lasagna and homemade tiramisu.
  6. Gotham Bar and GrillGotham opened its doors in 1984 on a charming, tree-lined street in Greenwich Village. It was a vision that was shared by four men from varied backgrounds.  These men: Jeff Bliss, Robert Rathe, Jerry Kretchmer, and Rick Rathe wanted to create a downtown restaurant that had the beauty and energy of a Parisian Brasserie.  They wanted Gotham to be lively and approachable and it certainly was.  Gotham Bar and Grill was an immediate sensation and has continued to be. Chef Alfred Portale brings guests food that takes exceptional dining to a new level.   Whether it is lunch or dinner that brings you to Gotham, you will have exquisite dishes to choose from that will thrill the palate and make your dining experience one to remember.  Some of the featured selections include a Gotham Burger or Mushroom Risotto for lunch and Rack of Lamb, 28 Day Dry Aged New York Steak or Maine Lobster for dinner.  Enjoy a dining experience like no other in a place that is dedicated to making your meal special in every way.
  7. Rustic Table – The owners at Rustic Table love food that is farm fresh and that is all that is served there, they chose a cozy little spot for their restaurant that offers light foods that have a delicious Mediterranean twist that you will truly enjoy. You can choose to dine in or take your food with you.  There is an array of exciting choices on the menu at Rustic Table.  Breakfast is served all day long and provides you with choices like their yummy Fisherman’s Breakfast  – a smoked Atlantic Salmon and red onion omelet that is served with a side salad, delicious Ciabatta bread that is sliced and served with homemade Kalamata olive butter and more.  There is also a nice selection of salads and sandwiches for those wanting lunch.   Don’t forget to try their smoothies or mouth-watering pastries too.
  8. Little OwlLittle Owl is a quaint gem of a restaurant that has a heart for their guests. They offer Mediterranean cuisine along with friendly, professional service that makes guests feel welcome whether they are regulars or it is their first time there. There are daily specials that flow with the seasonal offerings available, making each day something to look forward to. The Little Owl classics are also a regular part of the menu, providing regulars the chance to order their favorites again and again.  Chef Joey Campanaro brings seafood from his own fishing trips and also from local venues and has included classics from his childhood that he loved helping his grandmother make.  With lots of appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts, you can come to Little Owl often and still not get to try everything on the menu, but it sure would be fun to try. The Little Owl offers brunch as well and includes a lot of unique twists on the traditional brunch classics.  The restaurant is small, only 28 in the whole restaurant and 4 seats at the bar. It is an intimate, friendly place with food that you will love.
  9. Cull and Pistol Right next to the popular and well known Lobster place Seafood Market is Cull & Pistol Oyster bar. It is the Lobster Place’s first full-time restaurant and it is fast becoming a favorite in Chelsea Market. They provide guests with a fresh dining experience that also has a choice of cocktails, wines and craft beers. The menu at Cull & Pistol is seasonal so they can take advantage of the freshest variety of offerings the Lobster Place Market has to offer.   You can’t leave without trying the steamer clam chowder or the miso glazed Hamachi collars.  There are so many delicious offerings at Cull & Pistol that it is impossible for us to list them all.  You will definitely want to take advantage of the fresh foods on the Raw Bar as well as ordering from their large lunch or dinner menu.  It’s easy to come away from the Cull & Pistol stuffed and satisfied.
  10. Lombardi’s Pizza –In 1905, Lombardi’s Pizza was opened giving it the illustrious distinction of being the first pizzeria in the United States. It is located in the famed Little Italy section of Manhattan and offers guests a smoky-crusted pizza that is baked in a coal over and topped with fresh mozzarella, basil and San Marzano tomato sauce.  When you take a bite of a Lombardi’s Pizza you will never be the same.  Pizzas are available in small (14”) and Large (18”) and are cut in large slices that can be folded over to eat in traditional NY pizza style.  There is a large list of delicious toppings to choose from if you want to create your own masterpiece or try one of their specialties.  Whatever you decide to try at Lombardi’s will change the way you look at pizza and keep you coming back for more.

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