Best Places to Eat In Miami

Best Places to Eat In Miami

Miami is a huge city that has a lot of things to do and see.  The culinary scene of Miami is as diverse as the people who live and visit there.  It is a very popular destination to vacation. With so many tourists coming to Miami, there is a lot of interest in the restaurants that make up this busy city.  We have listed the best places to eat in Miami to give you a good starting point on your culinary explorations.  Each of the restaurants on this list is the best of the best, providing you with a variety of styles, atmospheres and tastes.

Greenstreet Café

Visit: Greenstreet Café

Greenstreet Café was founded 24 years ago by the husband/wife team Sylvano and Maida Bignon. Greenstreet has been Coconut Grove’s place to be seen for a long time and it still holds that distinction 24 years after opening. The feel of the restaurant is casual and laid-back making it the perfect place to meet friends, family or business associates regardless of the time of day or night.  A visit there could very easily involve seeing artists, athletes, politicians and hundreds of others that are there to enjoy the atmosphere, food and service that Greenstreet Café offers. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night menu as well. Their philosophy is serving good food and that is a goal they reach every single day. The menu is huge, offering tons of selections that will please any taste, even pickier eaters. Don’t forget to try the raw bar that offers shrimp cocktail, Blue Point Oysters, smoked salmon dip and much more.

Vero Italian

Visit: Vero Italian

The rustic theme of Vero Italian Restaurant offers guests informal and formal dining options that make it a great choice for every occasion. Choose to dine inside in the dining room or on the covered, outdoor seating area depending on your mood. There is plenty to choose from on Vero Italian’s menu including single serve pizzas, made-from-scratch pasta dishes prepared by Executive Chef Paolo and many other choices. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options as well. If you’re there on business, Vero offers some lighter menu options if you choose. Dinner is one of the favorite times to visit Vero due to the exquisite entrees that are prepared by the chefs from scratch including a large selection of pasta dishes that will fill you up.


Visit: CVI.CHE 105

CVI,CHE 105 is known for its ceviches. This modern seafood place gained recognition because of its hip décor, incredible food and impeccable service and it is still a Miami favorite. The restaurant focuses on the flavors of Peru, providing guests with a dining experience they will truly enjoy. The menu is full of choices that will make deciding on one quite a challenge.  Choose from dishes like Aji De Gallina which features pieces of shredded chicken in a Peruvian yellow pepper cream sauce and that is just the beginning.  You will be able to experience true Peruvian flavors with the entrees on CVI.CHE 105’s menu which will make you want to come back often to this unique and enjoyable place to experience even more of the exquisite cuisine. Don’t forget to check out the premium lounge that is decorated with booths and Inca-style roping to enjoy freshly made cocktails and a relaxing atmosphere with your friends and family.

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

Visit: Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

Executive Chef/Partner Timon Balloo oversees the creation of the food that is served at Sugarcane. Its popularity comes from many things including the well-loved “small plates” that allow people to try many different flavors and tastes. The focus of the restaurant is to make guests feel like they can kick back, eat wonderful food and stay awhile.  It is a place that fosters celebrating with friends and relaxing while sharing all kinds of delicious foods.  The menu contains a wide selection of small, sharable plates that are based on the three kitchen concepts of the raw bar, the traditional kitchen and the open grill. They also have large plate dishes as well including the very popular and well-loved Whole Roasted Chicken with wild mushrooms and truffle fingerling potatoes which is comfort food at its finest. The restaurant is a whopping 4200 square feet and has an outdoor terrace you can enjoy as well as the gallery space. The theme includes historic Miami and has inspirations from the beautiful Colonial Spanish architecture of South America and includes iron work, reclaimed shutters, vintage flea market finds and other welcoming décor.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Visit: Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Michael Schwartz has a very simple approach to the food served in his restaurant: create dishes that are clean, full of flavor and that are based on what is the freshest and in season from only the best sources. This philosophy makes Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink one of the most popular culinary destinations in Miami. Many consider this warm and friendly restaurant a second home and a place that they will bring friends and family time and time again. With the delicious food and sincere, thoughtful service that Michael’s provides it is no wonder that guests feel the way they do. As soon as you walk through the doors you will notice the oysters piled on the raw bar, ready for you to enjoy and the unique open kitchen and food bar that is stacked with all of the fresh ingredients of the day. You can choose a table or cozy booth inside and enjoy the warm glow of the red lantern-lit tables or eat outside in the courtyard if you prefer. The bar offers Happy Hour on the weekdays and there is a delicious Sunday Brunch offered as well with tons of delicious choices.

Lokal Burgers Beer

Visit: Lokal Burgers Beer

Lokal is a great meeting place for friends and family as well as business associates or clients. The atmosphere is great and the food is even better. The focus of Lokal is on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients that have been paired with the raw edginess of the chef.  The owner, Matthew Kuscher, is committed to getting his food from Florida farmers, growers, dairies, and breweries.  They are the first restaurant in the state of Florida to use 100% renewable, clean energy from solar and wind power.  The beef is Florida grass-fed beef and the proteins used for burgers, salads and sandwiches are Floridian clean raised as well. The meats are hand-ground daily, making each delicious burger from scratch. The whole menu at Lokal lives up to its name, providing guests with an approach to quality and taste that is unmatched.

Lulu in the Grove

Visit: Lulu in the Grove

Lulu’s is one of the best restaurants in Miami, offering guests a fun and funky setting that has a sophisticated vibe to it as well. Lulu’s is dedicated to only using fresh, local, organic ingredients for all its dishes.  These fresh and organic ingredients give you, the guest, an authentic culinary experience that you will never forget.  Organic and fresh really make a difference in taste and Lulu’s fosters this difference. The menu is full of dishes like homemade smoked salmon, fresh ground beef burgers and much more.  They use free-range eggs, bake all of their own breads and pastries, make their own mustard and much more.  All of these things that Lulu’s does to ensure exquisite tasting food is what brings guests back in droves. They even infuse their own vodkas and offer organic wine choices as well printing their menus on recycled paper and use eco-friendly plates that have been handmade. The environment is important to them and the happiness and satisfaction of their guests is too.

Zaika Indian Cuisine

Visit: Zaika Indian Cuisine

The Indian dishes at Zaika are traditional Indian dishes that have been reinvented by the Chef with a touch of modernism in the mix while sticking to the basic structure of the traditional methods of preparation. The menu is full of flavorful, unique Indian food that will thrill your taste buds and provide you the opportunity to possibly try something you have never tried before. The philosophy that Zaika operates under is one where they want each and every guest to have a dining experience that is truly unique and that provides them with the chance to taste the best regional Indian Cuisine possible. The menu has selections like the delicious Tandoori Chicken that has been marinated in ginger, garlic, yogurt and spices that have been freshly ground. Or try a host of other dishes featuring lamb, chicken and other delicious foods. You are going to be hooked on Zaika after you experience a meal here.

Blue Collar

Visit: Blue Collar

Blue collar may sound like a simple name but there is nothing simple about the food. They offer an incredible array of delicious entrees, side dishes, ribs and more that will blow you away when you taste them. This small restaurant offers guests a place to come relax in a casual atmosphere while enjoying exceptional food and impeccable, friendly service. Some of the great selections you have to choose from include delicious Jambalaya made with basmati rice and a ton of chicken, wild Florida shrimp, trinity, sausages and more. There is also the Corben, a braised brisket that is served with a dipping jus, Dijon and served with yummy Latkes and applesauce. The mission of Blue Collar is to provide a fabulous culinary experience while making you feel like you are one of their closest friends.

Catch of the Day

Visit: Catch of the Day

At Catch of the Day, the theme is great steaks, great seafood, great atmosphere and just all around GREAT.  The mom and pop feel of the restaurant makes it a very popular place to come hang out with friends, family or even business associates. This is casual dining at its best and after one visit here, you will want to come back again and again. There is a menu full of great food that will please everyone in your dining party, large or small.  All of the dishes are made to order with extreme care and passion for producing exceptional food.  Some of the signature dishes include the Flying Whole Red Snapper and the Catch’s Seafood Paella.  There is also tender, juicy Baby Back Ribs too.  Don’t forget the lighter fare like the Mahi Mahi sandwich, salads or Lobster Bisque. There are also steaks and burgers on the menu too. If you have several friends dining with you, consider ordering several different dishes and sharing so everyone can try several new things.

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