Best Places to Eat In Kansas City

Best Places to Eat In Kansas City

One of the first things a person usually does when they are visiting a new place or moving to a new place is find out where some good restaurants are.  The food that a city offers is always of interest regardless of whether you are on a business trip, on vacation, or relocating. Kansas City offers a lot of different restaurants and cuisines for you to try. We have listed the best places for you to eat in Kansas City below. This great list is diverse and will provide a glimpse of the culinary scene that Kansas City has to offer.

Kate’s Kitchen

Visit: Kate’s Kitchen

At Kate’s Kitchen, the goal is to provide every guest with dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients every single time. Made from scratch is the focus of the staff at Kate’s, along with friendly, welcoming service that makes you feel welcome and special. The menu is full of delicious foods like omelets, breakfast sandwiches, waffles and much more if you’re there for breakfast and if you’re visiting for lunch you can choose from the large selection of salads, wraps, sandwiches, and several selections that are in their “Fitness Corner”. Whatever you choose to order, you can be sure that it has been made from scratch and will be served by the friendliest staff you could ever want to meet.

The Majestic Restaurant and Jazz Club

Visit: The Majestic Restaurant and Jazz Club

The Majestic Restaurant is the place to go to get mouth-watering, dry-aged steaks that are the best you can get anywhere in the US. Along with these incredible steaks you can choose from a menu filled with fresh seafood, delicious chops, and yummy desserts that are homemade as well. The Majestic also offers a great wine list, over one hundred whiskeys or one of their delicious cocktails while you dine. Don’t forget the incredible music that you will get to enjoy while you enjoy your time here. On the weekend, there is a wonderful brunch with live Jazz piano on Sundays. The focus of the Majestic is to offers every guest that comes through the door with world class jazz music, an inviting historic atmosphere, and spectacular food and drinks so your dining experience is special.

Minsky’s Pizza Café & Bar

Visit: Minsky’s Pizza Café & Bar

Minsky’s has been named as Kansas City’s Best Pizza and after you take that first bite you will know why.  Each pizza is made with hand rolled dough that has been topped with juicy, lean meats, herbs, freshly-cut vegetables and topped with 100% fresh, Wisconsin mozzarella. They have two types of dough for you to choose from: the Original and the Honey Whole Wheat that can be ordered as in Thin and Crispy, Original or Deep Dish Pan.  There are plenty of other gourmet delights if you don’t feel like pizza. There are hot sandwiches, pastas, appetizers, calzones that are handmade, and delicious desserts too. If you need gluten-free, ask the friendly service staff about the gluten-free choices. You can dine in and enjoy the friendly, welcoming staff, order to go if you want to take Minsky’s delicious food home with you or you can order delivery too!

Pierponts At Union Station

Visit: Pierponts At Union Station

If you want to plan a romantic dinner for two and you want it to be as special as possible, come to Pierponts at Union Station. Everything from the historic setting of the restaurant to the service and food will help you create a perfect dining experience that will be special to both of you. The menu at Pierponts features fresh seafood and delicious steaks that have been aged perfectly to ensure that incredible flavor.  The seafood is flown in fresh every day and a wine list that features over 300 bottles of wine. The atmosphere is full of turn of the century décor that provides an elegant and casual ambience that inspires relaxation. Pierponts has a beautiful 30 foot bar made of mahogany which is the perfect place to enjoy Happy Hour. You will love the décor and original elements of the building that date back to the early 1900s.

Q39 Barbecue

Visit: Q39 Barbecue

At Q39 Barbecue they put their focus and passion into making the best barbecue in Kansas City. The foods served in this great restaurant are made from scratch in the uniquely designed open kitchen and served to you by knowledgeable and friendly staff in a setting that you will truly enjoy. Q39 was built from the ground up, making sure that it had everything they would need to make great food from scratch. The restaurant has a fun and friendly vibe with a rustic, contemporary charm. The open kitchen is a new concept for most barbecue restaurants featuring a pair of 500 lb. hickory fired smokers made of stainless steel. There is also an oak wood fired grill that is used for open flame grilling of salmon, burgers, vegetables, steaks, pork chops and more.  The kitchen does not have a microwave, further supporting Q39 Barbecue’s dedication to dishes that are made from scratch.

Chuy’s Tex-Mex

Visit: Chuy’s Tex-Mex

The décor of Chuy’s Tex-Mex was thought out by the owners, Mike and John, utilizing hand-carved wooden fish, hub cabs hanging above your head and the popular Elvis shrine. Even at different locations, the décor has a continuity that will keep you feeling like you are “home”. The food at Chuy’s is made up of many different flavors, ingredients, and recipes from The Rio Grande, Austin, New Mexico, the towns bordering Mexico and much more. Chuy’s is committed to serving unique and fresh dishes including a selection of appetizers, soups, salads, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and several specialties too.  You will love all of the fresh ingredients, delicious Tex-Mex recipes and laid back atmosphere that invites you to hang out and have a great meal with friends and family.

Happy Gillis Café

Visit: Happy Gillis Café

With a name like Happy Gillis Café how can you have anything other than a wonderful, happy experience? At Happy Gillis, it is important to support the local farmers and growers, sourcing the freshest, high-quality ingredients that come together to make incredible dishes that you will love eating. The menu is filled with selections that are sure to satisfy any craving such as their warm and toasty biscuits and sausage gravy breakfast or the delicious Cubano sandwich. Happy Gillis is open for breakfast and lunch every day so making this a regular stop is easy.  The owners at Happy Gillis want their guests to feel welcome and relaxed when they come through the door, like you’re hanging out with friends.  It is their goal to be a part of a great community and to create simple, delicious food while doing it.

Jasper’s Restaurant

Visit: Jasper’s Restaurant

Jasper’s Restaurant is Kansas City’s most popular Italian Restaurant and Market. The focus of the restaurant is farm-to-table recipes and ingredients, family style servings and creative Italian food that will please everyone who comes through the door. The menu is full of selections like Caesar salad, fresh seafood, pasta dishes, fresh baked breads, their famous Shrimp Livornese and a large selection of appetizers to start off your meal as well. They have wonderful homemade pastries that you will want to try too.  Jasper’s has the best wine list in Kansas City and includes over 200 different selections from California and Italy that are reasonably priced.  The Jasper’s bar also offers guests a large selection of espressos and Italian grappa drinks. Every time you dine there, the food will have the same incredible taste and quality. The décor of Jasper’s is incredible too with 80 year old doors and many of the original fixtures from the old restaurant. The patio provides guests with a view of Indian Creek.

Town Topic Inc. Sandwich Shop

Visit: Town Topic Inc. Sandwich Shop

Back in 1937, a little diner was opened in Kansas City that sold hamburgers for 5 cents each. It was called Town Topic Inc. Sandwich Shop. 75 years later this little diner has become an icon in Kansas City.  The great atmosphere and food is why this wonderful little place is still going strong.  The restaurant has changed very little since it opened over 75 years ago. They still cook their hamburgers with grilled onions and serve them on a steamed bun.  They also serve the same delicious breakfast foods they have always served. Guests that have been coming to Town Topic for decades know that when they come here they are in for a treat just like they have always had. You will really feel like you stepped back in time when you sit down at the historic counter. Consider trying the incredible old fashioned hamburger or a bowl of homemade chili or maybe you will want to try their delicious breakfasts or even just have a piece of pie and an ice cold coke or cup of coffee. Whatever you decide to try, be prepared to hear some terrific stories from some of the old timers that still frequent this establishment and enjoy your step back in time.

Bristol SeafoodGrill

Visit: Bristol SeafoodGrill

Bristol Seafood Grill is the perfect place to come and enjoy Kansas City’s freshest premium seafood and steaks along with a wine list that is sure to impress. The chefs and cooks work with local ranchers, fishmongers, artisan producers, ranchers and growers to source ingredients that are the freshest available. This attention to detail ensures that your food is great from the first bite to the last. They change the menu every day since they choose their seafood fresh each morning so every time you go to Bristol, you will get to try new dishes that the Chef has created from the freshest seafood around. Some of the delicious favorites that guests love include George Banks Scallops and Maryland-Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes but these exquisite dishes are just the beginning.  Bristol’s reputation for excellent cuisine that is consistently out-of-this-world, as well as a stylish atmosphere and impeccable service continue to keep it at the top of the must visit list in Kansas City.

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