Best Pinking Shears in 2023 – Pinking Shears Reviews and Ratings

Best Pinking Shears in 2023 – Pinking Shears Reviews and Ratings

We spent 30 hours researching and testing over 10 different brands and styles of pinking shears and found that durability, comfort, and performance were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for pinking shears.  P.LOTOR 9 Professional Stainless Steel Pinking Shears scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. These 5 ounce pinking shears feature 9.3” blades that are made from quality stainless steel that is durable and long lasting. The edge retention is excellent and provides precise cutting even on jobs that take an extended amount of time. The ergonomic handle with soft grip works for both right-handed and left-handed sewers.

Pinking Shears Reviews


Best Overall Pinking Shears

5/5 Product Rating

If you like high quality products and don’t like to waste money on substandard supplies the P. Lotor 9 professional pinking shears made of stainless steel is just what you want. 

These pinking shears fit well in hands that are average-sized and are not clunky and cumbersome.  Weighing only 5 ounces, you can work on fabric for a long time without the scissors weighing you down.

The 9.3” blades are durable and long lasting with an edge retention that will cut all the fabric you need for a long time to come.  The serrated pinking shears are comfortable and feature a soft grip that is easy on the hands.  The ergonomic handle is easy to handle and use and works equally well for left or right-handers.

One of the many great features of these pinking shears is the ball bearing joint.  This increases precision and allows for smooth cutting action.

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Best Overall Pinking Shears – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

The ZXUY pinking shears are designed to provide exceptional performance and feature double-ground edges that allow the user to make precise cuts. 

The stainless steel blades are durable and strong and have good edge retention so they last a long time.

The handles of these pinking shears are ergonomically designed with a firm hold grip that fits most hands. The plastic used in the construction of these pinking shears makes them lightweight as well as durable.

If you don’t have a ton of arm strength you’ll like the lighter weight because they will be easier for you to use.

The ZXUY professional pinking shears measure 7 ¼” long which is a good size for most cutting jobs. They are also a good choice for quilting and pinking muslin.  This choice of pinking shears is more of a budget choice so they are not as high quality as the other selections but since budge-friendly is very important to many people, they are very popular with consumers.

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3. Rovtop

4.5/5 Product Rating

If you want to find a pair of pinking shears that offers both affordability and performance, Rovtop is your brand. 

They are super user-friendly but can be a bit stiff when you first start using them. After you make a few cuts they loosen up and become easier to use.

Rovtop pinking shears are designed to be used every day and come with a pair of scissors and a seam ripper. 

The wavy edge design offers a lacework look that is great for dressmaking tasks.  You can cut all kinds of fabric and linings with these pinking shears.

The blade of the Rovtop pinking shears measures 9.2” and is made from stainless steel that has been hardened for durability and long lasting performance. The quality materials used in construction guarantees that users will be able to easily cut through multiple layers of fabric.

The handle of these pinking shears is made of ABS and features an ergonomic design that provides comfort and control when cutting.

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Pinking Shears Buying Guide

Pinking Shears Buying Guide

Pinking shears are a specific kind of scissors that feature long blades with serrated teeth in a zigzag pattern. When using these shears, the fabric will have a zigzag pattern as well. This zigzag design prevents the fabric from fraying or unraveling. Most pinking shears will run from 5.2” to 10 ½”. 7 ½” is the most common and preferred length.

Pinking shears are not a must-have tool for your sewing kit, but they are very helpful to have around. Many people use them to create decorative edges for craft jars and other items. They also are great for making decorative edges on fabric projects where you want to add some artistic touches. If you do a lot of clothing projects and craft projects you will definitely benefit from a pair of quality pinking shears.

Don’t confuse pinking shears with regular scissors that have a scalloped edge that are for paper crafts. There are many scalloped edge scissors available but they are not designed for fabric and will not work for making clothing at all.

Considerations to Think about before Purchase

There are several things you want to consider before you purchase a pair of pinking shears. We have listed these things below so you are prepared once you start browsing through the different brands and styles available.

Cost – If you want to get a high quality pair of oinking shears that will last you for years, you will not want to search for the cheapest pair you can find. Pinking shears come in many different price points so there is a pair for every budget but you should try to get the best pair of pinking shears you can afford. They will last decades with the proper care so you are making an investment. Even high end pinking shears are not super expensive and should be within a good budget.

Comfort – One of the important factors for choosing a pair of pinking shears is how comfortable they are to use. Look for models that have ergonomic handles that are rounded. This will allow them to fit in most hands without rubbing or pinching. Rubber, soft grip coatings are also great for making the scissors more comfortable to use. One of the best ways to ensure you choose a comfortable pair of pinking shears is to get the right size for your hand. If you have small hands don’t choose a large pair of pinking shears.

Quality of the Blade – If your pinking shears have low quality blades you won’t get much in the way of performance from them and could very well end up ruining projects you are working on. Look for shears that have blades made from premium stainless steel and look for good edge retention. This will ensure they last. Shears that are made with quality blades will produce a precise cut every time.

Weight – The weight of the pinking shears you choose is another crucial factor in how good the shears are. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of hand and arm strength. Look for lightweight shears that are made of titanium or another lightweight metal. Plastic handles are also great for lessening the overall weight of the shears and making them easier to use.

Brand – Buying a pair of scissors with a reputable brand name is another way to ensure that you get a high quality pair of pinking shears. There are three main brands that are well known in the sewing world. Each one offers quality pinking shears. These companies are Kai, Fiskars, and Gingher.

Pinking Shears Buying Guide

Customer Comments – One of the best ways to gain some inside knowledge about the pinking shears you are considering is to read comments from other customers that have purchased and are using the shears. Customer comments can give insight into how comfortable the shears are to use and hold, how heavy they feel, how well they cut, and other important information that sales pages and product descriptions can’t give you.

A Few Pinking Shear Extras

How to Keep Your Pinking Shears in Great Condition

If you want your pinking shears to last once you have purchased the pair you want, there are a few things you should do. When the blades need sharpening, use a piece of sandpaper or a sharpening wheel. Do not use aluminum foil because it does not work and can damage the edges.

Lubrication is another important factor in maintaining your shears. You should regularly use a few drops of oil on the area between the blades and then open and close the shears a few times. Make sure you wipe off the excess oil with a cloth.

If for some reason there is ever any rust on your pinking shears you can use steel wool and some dish soap to clean them. If there is a lot of rust, use vinegar and then scrub them.

Pinking Shears Buying Guide

Sharpening your Pinking Shears

There is an easy way to tell when your pinking shears need sharpening. Check for lap lines. When using shears you will see a shiny metal layer on the bottom, followed by the lap line and then another layer of metal with a dark color on the surface of the cutting area. If you do not see this the shears are not working properly and you need to sharpen them.

If you take the time to choose a quality pair of pinking shears it is doubtful you will have to sharpen them for a couple of years but eventually you will need to. For regular maintenance, sharpen your pinking shears once a year. If you use the shears a LOT you may need to do it more often but if they are high quality, once a year should be just fine. If you are not sure how to sharpen your shears you can look online for instructions or you can take it to a professional that is familiar with sharpening pinking shears.


A good quality pair of pinking shears is an excellent addition to any sewing kit especially if you make a lot of clothing or you are heavily into crafts. It is also great for tailors who do alterations. Even though they are not considered an essential item to have they can certainly make your sewing projects and tasks much easier.

Having premium quality pinking shears on hand when you need them will make your sewing tasks much more precise, easier to complete, and will be a good investment worth your time and money. Looking for the perfect pair of pinking shears does not have to be complicated or confusing.

The goal of this buying guide you have read and the reviews we have included of three top-rated pinking shears is to take the confusion and guesswork out of the process and provide you with a pair of pinking shears you will love using.

All three of the top rated brands we have introduced to you would make an excellent addition to your supplies and provides you with the kind of performance, quality, ease of use, and longevity you are looking for. The information you have learned from the guide will enable you to make a confident decision on a pair of shears whether you choose one of the top-rated models above or you sort through the ones available and choose the pair that appeals to you.

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