Best Parchment Paper in 2023 – Parchment Paper Reviews and Ratings

Best Parchment Paper in 2023 – Parchment Paper Reviews and Ratings
Parchment paper is a baker’s must have whether you are professional or you just bake for enjoyment. This heavy duty paper is sold in rolls and also in pre-cut forms like rounds, squares and rectangles in a number of different sizes. It is very popular as a means of preventing food from sticking to baking pans and cookie sheets. It is moisture resistant, grease resistant and makes clean up a breeze.The best parchment paper is thick and durable so it won’t tear during use. Our pick, Kirkland Signature Non Stick Parchment Paper, is the perfect parchment paper for all of your cooking needs.

1. Kirkland

Best Overall Parchment Paper

5/5 Product Rating
A best seller in the parchment paper industry, Kirkland Signature Non stick parchment paper will take care of all your cooking and baking needs.

Easily used as a liner for baking, but you can also use it to cook with and avoid messy cleanups that can take hours. This roll of parchment paper has 205 sq ft of ready-to-use, non-sticky paper that will enable you to do so many jobs in the kitchen you will wonder why you didn’t always have it on hand.

It is the perfect parchment paper for lining baking pans and cookie sheets so the food slides right off. This convenient roll is easy to use and stores easily in a cupboard. If you do a lot of baking or messy cooking, this parchment paper will change the way you look at the mess that is sometimes left after a big meal.

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2. Boolik

Best Overall Parchment Paper – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
If you’re looking for the answer to fast cleanup for baking and cooking, look no further than Boolik’s EasyRoll parchment paper. It is the perfect way to cook, bake, prepare sushi, wrap food and much more.

This parchment is made fro, 100% safe material that is durable and FDA approved. There are extra silicone layers in this sturdy parchment paper that makes it completely non-stick.

It comes in a strong, thick box with a sharp cutter that allows cooks and bakers to cut off the size parchment they need, even with one hand. Foods will just slide right off after they are done and clean up couldn’t be easier; just toss the used parchment paper into the trash and most of the cleanup is done.

You will have 33 feet of useful and well made parchment paper that is 15” wide so it will fit all your pans accurately. This parchment is 100% risk free. This company’s friendly customer service guarantees your satisfaction or they will happily refund your money.

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3. Beyond

Best Budget Parchment Paper

4.5/5 Product Rating
Cooking and baking can sometimes be messy and food can stick. If you want to simplify your clean up time, get Beyond Gourmet’s Pre-cut, half-size parchment paper and do away with having to spend time scrubbing baked on food off your pans. You won’t need to use oil or grease when you use these parchment paper sheets.

The natural, unbleached paper that this parchment is made from has been FDA approved and is BPA and chlorine free. These pre-cut sheets fit perfectly in a 12” x 16” baking sheet or pan and they are disposable for quick and efficient cleanup. You can use them to cook or bake in an oven up to 450 degrees and they are safe for the microwave and freezer too.

The non-stick surface releases food easily with no sticking. It is the perfect “tool” to use to make pastries, cakes, cookies, pizza and much more. Do not use this parchment paper for grilling or broiling.

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Parchment Paper Buying Guide

Parchment Paper Reviews
The major use for parchment paper is to line baking pans so the food you are baking doesn’t stick to the pan. You won’t have to grease your pans when you use parchment paper and you will be amazed at how easy it is to clean up. Cooking cakes and cookies has never been so easy for you. The parchment paper lined sheets and pans allow the food to just slip right off.

Using parchment paper allows cooks to pick up a whole batch of cookies from the pan and just slide them onto a wire rack without having to get your fingers burned. You can even use parchment to make disposable pastry bags and it is perfect for cooking foods en papillote. This is an envelope that is made from the parchment and the food and seasonings are put inside the envelope and cooked that way.

We’re just getting started telling you all the different ways parchment paper can be a useful item for you to keep in your kitchen at all times. We’ve listed some of the most common uses for it below:

  • Lining cookies sheets, cake pans, baking dishes – If you love to bake cookies you will love how easy parchment paper makes this fun baking activity. It is perfect for baking cookies of all kinds, even down to the most delicate of cookies. You can use the same parchment for several batches of cookies if you are baking more than one batch at a time. You can also line basked pasta dishes, lasagna pans and cake pans for delicious dishes without the nightmare of baked on foods to worry about later. A quick tip is to lightly spray the cookie sheet with non stick cooking spray before you place the parchment on the pan. This helps the parchment stay in place.
  • Use as a “bowl” when mixing dry ingredients – Parchment paper can be placed on a counter and you can sift the dry ingredients for your recipe right onto the parchment. Once you are done, just lift up the parchment carefully and pour it right into your bowl to add the wet ingredients. Doing this eliminates another dish to wash and keeps everything in one place.
  • Store Leftovers Efficiently – Parchment paper is the perfect way to store leftovers so they are ready to be reheated and enjoyed the second time around. Just place a piece of parchment between chicken, pizza slices, burgers or any individual foods. You can also use it to separate patties and other foods during the freezing process so you can keep them separate.
  • Wrap baked goods neatly – Use parchment to carefully wrap up your baked goods and then tie them with twine for a neat and simply elegant food gift.
  • Great for Unique Dinners – Place vegetables and meat inside a parchment paper envelope, put oil on the top and wrap up tightly then bake in the oven after laying the envelopes on a cookie sheet. No clean up really, just toss the envelopes away and rinse the baking sheet off.
  • Make Unique Placemats for the Kids – Parchment paper makes perfect placemats for the kids that contain the mess and make clean up super simple; just toss them away when dinner is over.
  • Preserve the Cleanliness of Your Microwave – Cover your dishes with a piece of parchment when microwaving so there is far less splatter. You will be thankful you did when you see how much cleaner your microwave is.
  • Fun and Easy Snack Cones – Make fun French fry cones at home with parchment paper. Roll the parchment into a cone and secure with tape, then fill with delicious hot fries. After you’re done just toss the cones away.
  • Can replace cupcake papers if needed – If you find yourself unexpectedly without muffin cup inserts, parchment can be cut into 5” squares and then after spraying the muffin pan, press the squares down into each cup. To avoid folds in your cupcakes or muffins, press the parchment firmly against all sides of the cup.
  • Doubles as a cooling space – If you’re cooking large batches of cookies and run out of cooling racks, spread parchment paper onto your counters and slide the cookies onto the sheets of parchment to cook without worry of them sticking.


Parchment paper can be a real lifesaver when it comes to saving yourself a big mess after cooking and baking. Whether it’s cookies you are baking or several lasagnas, using parchment paper can shave tons of time off of your clean up processes afterwards. It makes a big difference in how easy your cookies, cakes, breads and many other foods come out of the dishes or slide off the baking sheets.

Even though there are not drastic differences in parchment paper from one company to the next, there are some brands out there that are flimsy and that tear easily which only add to your messes. You want to look for parchment paper that is durable, thicker and easy to use.

All three of the top rated choices we have featured here for you are from excellent companies that know that parchment paper should be thicker and non stick to be the most useful for baking and cooking applications. Any one of them is an excellent choice to add to your kitchen to cover a multitude of kitchen cooking and baking tasks.

The information that we have provided for you has shown you just how useful parchment paper can be in your own kitchen. You will be able to sort through the different choices and choose the right one for your needs that you will not be able to live without. Once you have used a good quality parchment paper you will never go back to greasing pans again.


  1. Beyond Gourmet –
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