Best Oil Diffuser in 2023 – Oil Diffuser Reviews and Ratings

Best Oil Diffuser in 2023 – Oil Diffuser Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 27 hours researching and testing 20 different kinds of oil diffusers and found that ease of use, materials and designs, and cost were most important. The VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. The look and design of this oil diffuser is both functional and visually appealing and fits most décor. You can fit 300 ml of liquid that will provide up to 10 hours of run time before you have to refill it again. The wood grain look is warm and inviting and fits well in any room you want to use it in. There are 7 colors available to choose from.
Oil Diffuser Review

1. VicTsing

Best Overall Oil Diffuser

5/5 Product Rating
The VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser is the top pick because it is both functional and provides an aesthetic appeal that will fit most home decors. The unit holds 300 ml of liquid providing enough to run for many hours between refills. It is large enough to accommodate bedrooms, living rooms and offices. The wood grain is very attractive with a light around the center than can rotate to different colors are be set on a specific color. There are seven different colors you can choose from and you may also decide if you want the light to be bright or dim, giving you essentially 14 different color options.

Included with the diffuser is a measuring cup which will help you pour the right amount of water into the unit without overfilling. Drops of essential oils can then be added for the effect you are looking for. The design is very compact and does not take up a lot of space on your table or counter. It contains a wood grain look that is very modern and natural. The unit is portable and would be easy to move to different rooms depending on your needs.

To operate the unit simply remove the top of the diffuser and add the water and oils. Then set the mist to either constant or intermittent. 300ml capacity will allow you to run the unit for up to 10 hours with a constant mist which will produce about 30 ml of mist an hour. It features an auto shut off which will turn the unit off when the water has been expelled. The unit is only 6.6X6.5X5.7 inches in size and only weighs 14 ounces. The motor uses 2.4 megahertz of ultra-sonic power giving you a very quiet diffuser. Using purified water will provide the best results. The mist can be adjusted from continuous, 6 hours, 3 hours or 1 hour settings. When the time has ended the unit will shut off. You are able to set the unit to one single color of to have the colors rotate. It comes with a one year warranty.

Sarah Lytle

2. Quooz Lull

Best Overall Oil Diffuser – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
The Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a top pick because of its larger capacity and sleek design. This unit can accommodate up to 200 milliliters of water and operate for 8 to 10 hours. It is designed to create a spa like effect. There is a light that can be turned off or set to your preferred brightness. The light also comes with a ‘breathing’ mode which slowly fades to assist with meditation or breathing therapies. The base simply lifts off and the base is filled with water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and you can find yourself enjoying the benefits of essential therapy.

The Quooz Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser uses ultrasound therapy. The unit does not have heat and focuses on lulling you into a relaxed state. It is heathy and safe to use in any environment. It does not use much energy and is a compact design that does not take up much space. This unit is large enough to use in a standard size room and can set the mood for your day or night. If the unit runs low of water it will automatically shut off. The unit is also easy to clean.

Sarah Lytle

3. URPower

Best Budget Oil Diffuser

4.3/5 Product Rating
The URPower Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier is a top pick because it has a design that will go with nearly any décor and the unit includes features that make it easy to use. The oil diffuser will hold 100 milliliters of liquid and comes with a cup for the right amount of water. It emits a cool mist which when essential oils are added creates a pleasant and healthy environment. This unit is the right size for a small room or bedroom. It is virtually silent and is able to change to seven different colors. You may set it on one chosen colors or have the unit rotate through the different color options.

The URPower essential oil diffuser also includes an auto shut off which will turn the unit off once the water tank is empty. Adding a few drops of an essential oil gives a great scent without being overpowering. The mist level can be set on continuous or intermittent. This unit is an upgraded model that provides a more powerful mist than the previous version. The diffuser is made from a hard plastic and will last around 4 to 6 hours.

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Oil Diffuser Buying Guide

Best Oil Diffuser

What is an Oil Diffuser?

When looking for an oil diffuser there are a number of factors which will determine which is the best oil diffuser for your needs.

Oil Diffuser1What the difference between a humidifier and an oil diffuser? Humidifiers and oil diffusers may be used interchangeably but the unit are not the same. Humidifiers are designed to increase the humidity in the air. They are useful during winter months or in dry climates when the air gets very dry. Adding humidity can help you sleep and add other health benefits. They can be designed as room humidifiers or whole house units. They are commonly called humidifiers, vaporizers and provide regular intervals of mists of water into the air, increasing the humidity.

Oil diffusers on the other hand are designed for smaller personal spaces such as a bedroom, office or even massage room. They are focused on their look as well as the benefits. Instead of a square box that holds a lot of water, these are designed aesthetically with smaller water tanks that need to be changed more frequently. With each change of water, you are also able to change the oils that are used. Oil diffusers use mists of water to dispense the oils into the air and produce a variety of wellness benefits.

Where do you want to use the unit? The diffuser needs to be large enough and powerful enough to cover the area you want. Diffusers come in different sizes and that will determine whether it will be able to provide essential oil benefits in a small or larger space.

Diffuser Capacity? Larger diffusers can accept more oil, which means the unit will have to be changed less often. How many hours will the unit run on either continuous or intermittent settings before needing to be refilled. If you want to run it all night you want a diffuser that has a capacity of at least eight hours. Larger capacity diffusers also require more oil, since the oil is diluted with water. Pure undiluted oils will require smaller amounts than those that are not pure.

What material do you want the oil diffuser to be made of? An oil diffuser can be designed for practical and/or aesthetic purposes. Common material that is used include ceramic, plastic, wood, glass and metals. Since they do not require a lot of power, the units can have very attractive designs that not only enhance the scent pf the room, but also fit into your existing décor.

Features to Consider

Do you want a timer? A timer allows you to run the diffuser for a specific amount of time. Essential oils are expensive and running a diffuser all night can use up valuable oils. Being able to set a timer for 30 minutes, an hour, or a few hours, will help preserve your oils and still give you benefits without having to watch the clock.

Flow of Air. Diffusers can run a constant flow of air or they may provide the option to adjust the flow intermittently. Having short bursts of essential oils can still provide the benefits and keeps the scent soft and subtle, where running it full force may lead to a stronger scent in the room. The tank will need to be changed more frequently but less oil can be used if it is run constantly. Larger rooms may require continuous application. The ability to adjust the air flow will help you find the right balance.

Oil Diffuser2Auto shut off feature can extend the life of the motor. When the unit runs out of water or oil it will shut off automatically. When a unit continues to run when there is no more water the motor can burn out.

Diffuser maintenance. How easy is the unit to clean and how often must it be cleaned? Diffusers will have different maintenance needs. The more intricate the parts the more difficult it will be to clean. Many have simple yet attractive designs that keep maintenance and cleaning at a minimum.

How do you add essential oils? Does the unit need to be turned off? Is there easy access to the water tank? What is the process of adding oils and even combining different oils to get the health benefits you are looking for?

Are there color options available? Those who are looking for the natural benefits of essential oils also understand the benefits of colors and their impact on mood. As such, many essential oil diffusers provide options to adjust the color of the unit depending on what effect you are looking for. Most that are able to adjust the color will feature soft muted colors in reds, oranges, blues, green and pinks to help set the mood of the room through both scent and visually aesthetics.


Everyone can enjoy the benefits of essential oils through an oil diffuser. They are nearly silent in operation and allow you to breathe cleaner fresher air to improve your mood, relive stress, and encourage natural healing depending on your selection of oils. This is a simple all natural way to improve the quality of the air you breathe.



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