Best Motorcycle Rain Suit in 2023 – Motorcycle Rain Suit Reviews and Ratings

Best Motorcycle Rain Suit in 2023 – Motorcycle Rain Suit Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 64 hours researching and test over 10 different types and brands of motorcycle rain suits and found that range of sizes, reliability, and comfort were the most important factors consumers looked for when shopping for motorcycle rain suits.  Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. This comfortable rain suit is made from Frogg Toggs non-woven fabric that offers users wind resistance and waterproof features. This breathable rain suit does not trap the heat from your body inside so you can enjoy the benefits of rain protection even in the warm months.

Motorcycle Rain Suit Reviews

1. Frogg Toggs

Best Overall Motorcycle Rain Suit

5/5 Product Rating

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit offers riders the ability to enjoy their motorcycles even in rainy weather. The non-woven fabric used to create this suit features a design that is wind-resistant and waterproof.

It is made to be breathable so your body heat is not trapped inside the suit causing you to feel sweaty and uncomfortable. This enables riders to wear the suit even in the heat of summer.

The jacket features a removable hood that is adjustable and the front zipper comes with a snap-down flap that will prevent moisture from getting into the suit via the zipper. The elastic, adjustable waist and leg openings in the pants allow each user to adjust them to fit properly.

Riders who purchase this quality rain suit will receive a jacket and pants. The jacket style resembles a parka in design with elastic cuffs and an open waist. You can purchase this suit in a range of sizes from small to 3X. The pants are black and the jacket is offered in a variety of great colors including dark green black, royal blue, and stone.

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2. Nelson Rigg

Best Overall Motorcycle Rain Suit – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Nelson Rigg’s Stormrider rain suit for motorcycle riders includes 2 pieces, a jacket and pants.  This bright yellow and black suit provides plenty of visibility as well as protection from the rain.

It is 100% waterproof and features a jacket with self-fastening storm flap, a full length zipper, and two large pockets on the outside for carrying your belongings.  The cooling vents under the arms help keep airflow going so you don’t sweat excessively when wearing it.

The corduroy collar and hood is soft and comfortable even in a cold rain. The cuffs are adjustable and the elasticized waist prevents moisture from getting in.  The pants that go with this two-piece set had boot stirrups, elastic in the waist band, cuffs at the bottom and zipper gussets that are oversized. 

The reflective stripes on the pants and jacket allow for great visibility for the rider even when riding at night. Consumers who purchase this quality rain suit are covered by the company’s 2 year warranty against defects and problems with the suit.

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3. RoadDog

4.5/5 Product Rating

The RoadDog stay-dry motorcycle rain suit is just what you need to stay comfortable and dry when riding in the rain. 

This suit has features that include a UV resistant nylon material that is long lasting and durable along with double interlocked seams that have been heat sealed to ensure waterproofness.

The heat resistant leg inserts protect against damage from engine and exhaust heat. The Velcro pockets will keep your belongs safe during your ride and the elastic shock cord ensures a secure fit for any rider.

This unisex, 2-piece rain suit has bright, reflective stripping so you can wear it safely at night and be seen easily.  It is available in sizes that range from x-small to 3X and comes in two colors.

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Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide

Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide

There are several things you need to be aware of before you purchase a motorcycle rain suit. Below we have listed these considerations so you know what you need to know before spending your hard-earned money.

1 piece or two – Rain suits are available in 2-piece units and 1 piece units. The two piece designs are designed to keep you protected from the elements while still offering the convenience of removing one or the other once you get to your destination. If you want failsafe protection from the rain, you will want to choose the one piece design. Both types of rain suits are worn over your regular clothing and are not designed to be worn as standalone clothing. No rain suit covers your boots and gloves so make sure those are waterproof or water resistant to have 100% coverage.

Color Options – Many of the rain suits on the market are offered in a variety of color choices. Keep in mind that in the rain, visibility can be compromised and people may not be able to see a motorcyclist as well so choose a suit that is easy to see. You want to stand out as much as possible so look for reflective striping, super bright colors and other features that will help other motorists see you even in the rain.

Extra Features – Look for rain suits that have additional features such as waterproof zippers, storm flaps, adjustable waist bands and cuffs, and more. You want those common entry points to have additional protection so rain can’t get it. Make sure the seams are strong, heat-sealed if possible, and choose a size that fits you properly so there are no gaps or bagging.

Construction and Materials

All motorcycle rain suits are not created the same so it is important to do your homework when it comes to comparing one suit against another. When it comes to motorcycle rain suits, you get what you pay for so if you choose the cheapest one you can find, chances are you will not have the kind of rain protection you want.

Higher priced gear will generally be made stronger with a lot of waterproof features that keep you dry when you are riding. There are some materials and design elements that are better than others. We’ve listed these below for you to be aware of.

Textiles that are breathable and waterproof – textiles that are breathable and waterproof are made with tiny pores that are larger than water vapor but smaller than drops of water. This allows moisture to evaporate from inside the suit while keeping the rain drops out. One of the most popular and well-known breathable textiles is Gore-Tex. Other companies are following Gore-Tex’s example and are coming up with their own designs. Some of the most notable are RockTex, DriPore, Hypertex, Drystar and others.

Sealed Seams – When seams are stitched together it can leave miniscule holes in the fabric where rain can get in. If the seams are taped or sealed with heat or other chemicals it will make the seam waterproof, eliminating the chance of water seeping in during your ride.

PVC – PVC is a common polymer that is waterproof and simple to work with. Many motorcycle rain suits are made from this material. It is not very breathable unfortunately which can increase perspiration when you have it on.

Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide

DWR – These letters stand for Durable Water Repellent. The majority of rain gear is treated with DWR to keep water buildup from occurring on the outside of the rain suit. A lot of extra water building up on the outside of your suit can weigh it down and cause it to stick to you which is very uncomfortable. The purpose of the DWR is that it will bead the water so it comes off the rain suit easily. DWR can wear off but there are sprays available that you can use to apply a new coating of this helpful repellent.

Heat-Resistant Panels – Look for a rain suit that features panels on the inside of the calf area of the pants. These panels will prevent melting that can occur from the heat of the engine and exhaust.

Storm Flap – The zipper areas of a rain suit is a place where water can get in if it is not protected properly. Suits that offer storm flaps or rain gutters covers the zippers completely or has a gutter that carries any water that comes in away and out the bottom of the jacket.

Breathability and Proper Venting

Whenever you are wearing a suit like these rain suits you want to have as much breathability as possible in the fabric and design so you do not sweat excessively. Without this breathability you can end up soaked from sweat rather than the rain you are riding in.

Look for quality rain suits that are made with textiles that are breathable and waterproof like Gore-Tex for the best results and comfort. Look for venting in all of the hot areas of your body such as under the arms, the back and other high sweat areas. This may increase the cost of the suit but it is well worth it.


Whenever you are riding in the rain, visibility becomes a major issue. Sometimes motorcyclists have trouble with other motorists noticing them on clear days; the rain makes this problem even worse. You want to choose a rain suit that is bright and reflective so other motorists notice you.

Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide

At first they may only see the bright neon yellow striping but at least they will notice the color and then see that someone is there. Intense colors are very hard for other drivers to miss so don’t skimp on this feature and find a suit that has plenty of bright reflective color.

Proper Fit and Sizing

Rain suits are designed to be worn over your regular clothing. This can cause a few problems with finding the right size. If you are ordering your suit online you will not be able to try it on so you will want to take your measurements with your normal riding gear on and then look for a comparable size.

If you wear a variety of clothing when you ride, take your measurements with the riding gear that is the largest which will ensure that your rain suit will fit no matter what you are wearing.

Another important factor to look at is adjustability and how easy it is to move in your rain suit. You want your rain suit to fit snugly to prevent rain from getting in through gaps and sags. It also prevents the suit pants or jacket from flapping in the wind from being too large.


Having a proper, quality motorcycle rain suit is a must have for riding in any kind of rain or damp weather. Taking a ride and ending up soaked to the skin is not enjoyable and can make wherever you were going uncomfortable and even embarrassing if you show up looking like a drowned rat.

With so many different types and styles of rain suits on the market, it is very easy to get confused as to which one is the right one for your needs. The three top-rated rain suits we have featured above are excellent choices for those looking for a well-made, durable rain suit.

The information we have provided in the buying guide will help you sort through all the choices easily so you can eliminate the ones that do not meet your needs or preferences. Once you have purchased your rain suit you will be able to enjoy riding regardless of whether it rains or not.

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